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  1. Shit Payne, even I could draw better than that.

    1. You’re a troublemaker and a tinhorn. Now if you’re so good, go for your gun.

      1. You’re a troublemaker and a tinhorn tiresome narcissist.

    2. No you can’t.

  2. Apparently Obama doesn’t know the rules of golf either, since he’s grounding his wedge in the bunker.

    1. He doesn’t know the rules of the Constitution either.

      1. As opposed to our brave constitution-warriors in uniform, what with their indefinite detention, wire-tapping, torture, fighting undeclared wars, etc etc…

        1. Actually, except for Libya (a completely different discussion), the wars were declared. President requested, Congress approved.

    2. Rules are for the little people.

    3. He’s also got his feet buried in the sand, ankle high. What’s that about?

      1. He’s probably been standing there for awhile.

        1. Payne can’t draw feet. Payne is actually Rob Liefeld.

          1. Hee hee, the thought occured to me, but nothing will cause me to look down my nose at a draughtsman faster than realizing that he or she can’t draw feet.

            Me? I’m awesome at drawing feet.

          2. Then where are all of the little pouches?

            1. Good point…had Liefeld drawn it, the golf club would be impossibly large, have all sorts of compartments and…possibly also pouches.

              1. Don’t forget the 18-pack abs.

                1. Basically, Liefeld just sucks at drawing people.

    4. Apparently Obama doesn’t know the rules of golf either,

      The “rules” in golf and government are whatever Obama says they are.

    5. How do you know it’s a bunker?

      1. You know who else had a bunker?

        1. Fort Bragg.

        2. Meathead?

  3. Here we see President Obama contemplate lancing a pimple on the Jolly Green Giant’s forehead.

    1. Not to mention, the POTUS is clearly experimenting with sartorial and comportment-related flamboyance here.

      1. The Flava-flav clock with the plaid golf pants is too much, right?

    2. Didn’t we already have a Jolly Green Giant thread?

      1. If you’re accusing me of plagiarism…

  4. To build on what FoE said, based on the ‘thumbnail’ of the cartoon, I got my hopes up for a cartoon that somehow involved a tiny ‘Economy’ flag sticking out of the crown of the head of Frankenstein’s Monster. I was a little disappointed then in the actual cartoon.

    1. To build on what FoE said…

      The foolish person who built his house on the sand.*

      * In this scenario, the house represents Art’s comment, the sand represents my comment, and the sand wedge represents Art.

      1. Well, better to build it on your comments than the Caucasian Indian’s. Yeesh.

        1. Caucasian? And here I’d been thinking he was an albino.

  5. At least golf is something he is somewhat good at and has experience doing.

  6. Is the coloring in this cartoon digital or watercolor?

  7. Whoever designed that green is one sadistic bastard.

    1. Ha ha, yeah…the whole is literally about 1 foot from a sandtrap. And all the grass is biased toward the bunker.

      1. The green is the economy and the bunker is all the barriers congress has put in its way …….

        1. the green is the economy and the bunker is all the barriers EPA, DOJ, Owebama Care, Nancy Pelosi has put in the way…

  8. RACIST!!!

  9. “It would be some consolation for the feebleness of our selves and our works if all things should perish as slowly as they come into being; but as it is, increases are of sluggish growth, but the way to ruin is rapid.” ~Lucius Anneaus Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, n. 91

    The Seneca Effect: why decline is faster than growth

    It is hard to think that we are going to see a gentle downward slope of the economy. Rather, we may see a decline so fast that we can only call it collapse.

    ~DOOM, the Society for Secular Armageddonism

    1. Hmmm…use Payne’s drawing, minus voice bubble, and this post as caption and you have something even more wonderfully pretentious than a New Yorker cartoon.

    2. shut the fuck up white indian.


      (Messianic ideologies are fun!)

  10. Tiger Woods looks unhappy.

    1. that’s because he’s POTUS now

      1. The interns aren’t as hot as the models he’s used to.

  11. Dressing up the President like this is straight up RACIST and I am going to go post this over at Kos.

  12. The bullseye on Obama’s chest is an undisguised call to violence. The image of Obama as a golfer is a thinly veiled racist dogwhistle.

  13. Keywords: Industrial Revolution, Malthusian trap, Time-Varying Vector Autoregression, Uni?ed Growth Theory

    Malthus Was Right:
    New Evidence from a Time-Varying VAR

    Alexander Rathke and Samad Sarferaz
    February 2010
    Institute for Empirical Research in Economics
    University of Zurich
    Working Paper No. 477

    1. Malthus is FINALLY going to be right? Cool for him!

      1. He’s already been wrong for centuries.

        1. just be careful, stopped clocks and all.


  14. Why is Carson Kressley in black face?

  15. Does anyone else remember the good old days back in ’09, when comedians and cartoonists were terrified to caricaturize Obama in any manner for fear of racism charges?

    Now, he has morphed into some hideously deformed troll. Brings a happy tear to my eye.

  16. Meeting Minutes

    ? Moving forward, the only acceptable term to collectively define people is the market.

    ? Everything is to be perceived as property, and only as property. Everything. Children, yourself, ideas, dreams, emotions, feelings, squirrels, parties, democracy, rivers, people, time, cameras, logic, economies, air, history, love, pollution, terrorism, hangnails, songs, exegesis, reason, communities, birds, bloodlust, firelight, orgasm, teen spirit, team spirit. Everything. If it isn’t pwned, it doesn’t exist. The law of identity is A=A=pwned.

    ? People who want to control everything are bad. People who want to own everything are fair and square.

    ? Freedom would be maximized if I owned the whole world, and all living beings had to contract with me in a mutually beneficial agreement (Win-Win) to live. And drink water. And breathe.

    1. yaaaaaaaaaawn

  17. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? ~Mt. 16:26 (Thomas Jefferson excluded this verse from his Jefferson Bible. Please make a note of it.)

    A living entity that regarded its means of survival as evil, would not survive. ~Ayn Rand (Galt’s Brief)

    “As humans became hunter-gatherers, the simple hierarchical model that served so many other primates ceased to suffice. We needed to become egalitarian to survive, and in order to do that, we needed bigger brains relative to our bodies….We evolved as band-animals. Our egalitarianism defines us; it is probably the single most defining trait in humanity. We evolved as egalitarian band-animals in the Pleistocene. Egalitarianism is our natural state, and our birthright.

    Thesis #7: Humans are best adapted to band life.
    by Jason Godesky | 22 September 2005

    1. Why do you look up to this crackpot Godesky so much White Trash?

      1. Oh yeah, also, quoting the bible to libertarians is a futile venture. But really you should just kill yourself.

        1. ELIMUNASHUNI….oh, I just can’t get sarcastic re: Pale Excuse for a Human Being. He’s so tiresome and useless and worn out (already) that I really do wish he’d off himself.


      2. Clearly it’s his lack of an internal locus of control 🙁

        Sad, really….

      3. ‘Humans are best adapted to band life’? Bullshit. You know why the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and OMD broke up (the first time)? Because constantly touring with someone, even a close friend, will almost always result in mutual loathing and acrimony.

        1. And then women get involved.

          1. silly me, here i thought it was egos…

            1. There is always a Yoko!

  18. He would be playing better if Bush hadn’t broken his clubs.

  19. you should just kill yourself

    I really do wish he’d off himself

    Premise Ten: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.

    ~Derrick Jensen, Endgame…..emises.htm

    Now, were Columbus and his fellow European exploiters simply “greedy” men whose “ethics” were such as to allow for mass slaughter and genocide? I shall argue that Columbus was a Mb>w?tiko, that he was mentally ill or insane, the carrier of a terribly contagious psychological disease, the w?tiko psychosis. The Native people he described were, on the other hand, sane people with a healthy state of mind. Sanity or healthy normality among humans and other living creatures involves a respect for other forms of life and other individuals, as I have described earlier. I believe that is the way people have lived (and should live).

    The w?tiko psychosis, and the problems it creates, have inspired many resistance movements and efforts at reform or revolution. Unfortunately, most of these efforts have failed because they have never diagnosed the w?tiko as an insane person whose disease is extremely contagious.

    ~Jack D. Forbes

    1. Thanks, Pavlov’s Dog!

    2. I don’t want to destroy life idiot. I want you to destroy your own, and I encourage it.

      As someone with a respect for individual liberty, I simply can’t take your life unless it’s in self defense. It’s what us sane people call “morals” or some such.

  20. In short, domestication, for humans, is a kind of brain damage. One of the most recognizable signs of domestication is a reduction in brain size…It takes an exceptionally stupid specimen of its species to calmly accept captivity and enslavement to another. Over sufficient generational iterations, cranial capacity is greatly reduced, as only the most stupid are calm enough in such a situation to efficiently reproduce. What comes of that process is a population of calm, docile, stupid creatures that are far easier to control than their wild ancestors.

    Wolves & Dogs
    by Jason Godesky | 13 November 2006

    1. This guy has no understanding of evolution, biology, or neural development. Fucking science, how does it work?

      1. From a source used in that article: “Dr Groves believes this reduction may have taken place as the
        relationship between humans and dogs intensified and the animals allowed
        for the diminishing of certain human brain functions like smell and

        Brain size is not uniformly reduced with domestication, said Dr Groves.
        The forebrain and the corpus callosum shrink the most while the midbrain
        and the medulla are least affected; in humans, however, the midbrain and
        the olfactory bulbs are strongly reduced.”

        Nice job you fucking idiot. The parts of the human brain that reduced were those related to smell and hearing; other parts grew. It’s adaptation, not “domestication”. You fucking idiot.

        1. From…..-holocene:

          “First, was the change global or local in scope? The samples here cover several far-flung geographic areas, but they do not cover all regions of the world. Beals, Smith and Dodd [6] reviewed the global evidence for endocranial volume and showed a decline in the available terminal Pleistocene to Holocene skeletal sample. The Late Pleistocene skeletal sample was in that case strongly biased toward Europe, an area that in contemporary humans has a relatively large average endocranial volume.”

          Well well well – Europe, the ORIGINAL domesticated population, has “larger than average” brain size than other, less-recently domesticated peoples. OOPS!

  21. That moronic moron of a motherfucker ran me into a ditch too!

  22. I don’t want to destroy life idiot. I want you to destroy your own, and I encourage it. As someone with a respect for individual liberty, I simply can’t take your life unless it’s in self defense. It’s what us sane people call “morals” or some such.

    Are you beginning to see who is White Indian? I am the man who has earned the thing you did not fight for, the thing you have renounced, betrayed, corrupted, yet were unable fully to destroy and are now hiding as your guilty secret, spending your life in apologies to every professional cannibal, lest it be discovered that somewhere within you, you still long to say what I am now saying to the hearing of the whole of mankind: I am proud of my own value and of the fact that I wish to live.

    1. Value is subjective; By your “rewilding” philosophy you inherently have none to our “propertarian” society. If you are proud of nothing that’s fine, just know that you have no value to our society and will continue to be merely a leech and mooch until you change your views.

    2. “I am proud … of the fact that I wish to live.”

      Pigs wish to live. Are they proud?

    3. No, you’re a child who, like all anarcho-primitivists, conjures up some idealized version of a tribal/hunter-gatherer society, selectively uses some out-dated and/or wrong anthropology/archaeology, then projects that idealized vision on the Pleistocene. In fact, anarcho-primitivism is nothing but a side-effect of the post-modern world, completely invented by urban dwellers in the West.

      And how is that re-wilding “life-destruction” by using the internet going?

      1. And then comes onto a website like Reason to constantly tell us how good a hunter-gatherer lifestyle is.

        I think WI has some kind of guilt arising from not living the ideals espoused and therefore needs to project it onto us.

        White Indian can live the happy hippy hunter lifestyle any time he wants. The fact he isn’t is telling.

  23. Value is subjective; By your “freedom” philosophy you inherently have none to our “Statist” society. If you are proud of nothing that’s fine, just know that you have no value to our agricultural City-Statist society and will continue to be merely a leech and mooch until you CHANGE your views.


    How’s that working out for you now, anon?

    1. Your straw man arguments have no impact on what the truth is.

    2. Argument also makes no sense. Socialist societies attempt to make value objective and not subjective; see F. A. Hayek’s “The Fatal Conceit.”

      I also get to see the value I provide in our society with the money that I earn. I’m going to assume that since you spend every waking hour spouting your tribal nonsense that you don’t actually have a job, and like American Indians that you try to mimic, have quite a fondness for liquor.

      Yeah, I know, I resorted to a logical fallacy. But come on, someone had to make the drunkard reference to White Indian.

  24. I wonder whether problems with the U.S. economy are really _that_ minor.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know s**t about golf, however. 🙂

  25. Why are there so many large ridges in the sand trap? It looks like a Klingon forehead.

  26. This cartoon makes the absurd assumption that government is attempting to hit the ball toward the hole.

    In practice government leaves the ball in the sand for your children and grandchildren to deal with.

  27. “My pants too tight”

    That sounds like Ebonics… RACIST!!

  28. White Indian is what my wife calls my penis. Pretty cool.

    1. It used to be cool…

      Not so much, anymore.

      1. Hmm… If we all referred to WI as ‘Rice Bingham’s Penis’…

        Then it would be cool again.

  29. Or if the cartoon want say the goverment just put the burden to the public?

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