We Weren't the Ones We Were Waiting For: Have Hipsters Abandoned Obama?


Look at this fucking hipster.

The New York Observer marks the end of an era: Hipsters no longer love Obama as much as their vinyl collections. Cynicism is back. Apathy is in. Obama is so played out, etc. etc. David Freedlander's sketchbook-esque feature has it all: Urban Dictionary definitions, weird art projects, hypothetical organic kale farmers, ironic exclamation marks. And memories—sweet, nostalgic memories, of that one glorious time when America's twee ones really, truly believed:

Among Obaminators, some moments from the run-up to the election live on memory. They are like this generation's Woodstock, with those who remember what it was like outnumbering those who actually experienced it.

At a spring benefit at the Hope Lounge in Williamsburg, the hip-hop artist Toothpick performed, slam poetry was slammed, and a stenciling station was set-up outside. Nearly 300 people paid $10 to get in the door, all of which went to the campaign. Colette Whitney and James Johnson, a biracial married couple, performed what audience members remembered as a song-and-dance vaudevillian number that went, "We're Ready/Right Now/To Fight For/ Obama."

"It was an exciting time," recalled Ari Herstand, a singer-songwriter who performed there and who said that the long campaign's numerous benefit concerts gave his music career a boost. "Everyone was totally amped up and energized. Spirits were high. There was this electrifying energy that night, and in general—everyone was excited to be a part of this movement."

But that's all over now. No more mass art projects. No more poetry slams. No more hope-and-hype pre-release buzz. It's the sophomore slump that every once-hot act fears. Herstand, the singer-songwriter, tells the Observer that for Obama's second outing, "It's hard to get everyone to rally back around him this time. We see mild victories here and there, but it's not the complete overhaul we were expecting." 

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  1. $10! Sweet Smoking Feathery Jesus, talk about a commitment to the cause! They must have had to give up their designer cappuccinos for entire *hours*.

    Hipsters drink that, right?

    1. No, they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon.

      1. Does that have anything to do with Blue Velvet?

      2. If only Obama had chosen Pabst at the beer summit.

        Hipsters drink both Pabst and cappuccino. Kinda like inner-city blacks drinking Crown Royal with Milwaukee’s Best chasers.

        1. Dirty Hipster |8.25.11 @ 6:02PM|#
          If only Obama had chosen Pabst at the beer summit.

          Hipsters drink both Pabst and cappuccino.


          They *Serve* it, FOOL.

          They don’t drink the shit. They need to save that money for the blowcaine and used-clothes bins.

  2. Remember, “We ignore politics most of the time.”

  3. This is so yesterday’s morning links.

  4. everyone was excited to be a part of this movement.

    Idiots. Reminds me of this Einstein quote:

    He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.

    1. Yet Bert thought Stalin was just dreamy.

    2. No shit? That is a great quote. I assume it was about the Nazis.

      And what also strikes me, having actually been at the inauguration, the high water mark of this nonsense, is how pathetic it all was. Woodstock may have been a bunch of dirty hippies in a field, but at least people did some fun drugs and got laid. WTF did the Obamabots do?

      1. They got two new words to get their wives off while they were fucking.

        1. Quantitative and easing?

      2. WTF did the Obamabots do?

        Themselves, ultimately. Good and hard.

    3. “There was this electrifying energy that night, and in general?everyone was excited to be a part of this movement.”

      It’s called mass hysteria. It’s a mental disorder.

  5. “”It was an exciting time,” recalled Ari Herstand, a singer-songwriter who performed there and who said that the long campaign’s numerous benefit concerts gave his music career a boost. “Everyone was totally amped up and energized. Spirits were high. There was this electrifying energy that night, and in general?everyone was excited to be a part of this movement.””

    Fucking hype, how does it work?

    1. …a strong stomach.

  6. It’s always been completely antithetical to the hipster ethos to join mass movements.
    I mean, nobody likes the White Stripes.
    Er, wait …

    1. To be fair, there are a lot of hispters who work really hard to find new music that no one likes or has heard of to be into.

      1. most of which is garbage.

        1. Actually, the music is the only good thing about them.

          The bands that came out of the hood in the last 10 yrs are mostly pretty good.

          TV on the Radio
          Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
          Bloc Party
          Firey Furnaces

          And those are mostly older ones.

          1. What the fuck is this shit?

  7. “Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern; one is apt to grow old fashioned quite suddenly.” Oscar Wilde

  8. Losing the hipsters sounds like a win to me.

    1. It’s easy to lose a hipster.
      Turn into the drive-thru at any Starbucks.

      1. +100 I always laugh when Bill O’Reilly used to go on about Starbucks drinking elite back in the oughts. At the time I was living in rural Texas. None of my hipster acquaintances in the bigger cities would have been caught dead in a Starbucks. Meanwhile, the Starbucks in places like Temple, Texas were a license to print money.

        1. Meanwhile, the Starbucks in places like Temple, Texas were a license to print money.

          Why wasn’t I informed…..?

  9. I was unenthusiastic about Obama before it was cool.

    1. Being over Obama is so 2010.

  10. Blipsters are pass? dude.

  11. Hipster; the act of denying the value of things (usually music or art but can also be food or clothing or any other consumer good) that are so obviously valuable even the casual observer understands its value.

  12. I just want to know what the fuck is a stencil station? I mean, I obviously know what a stencil is, but what do hipsters do with them, group tattoos? Try and raise money painting addresses on curbs? Science, I am glad I am not hip.

    1. Me too. Here is what I have concluded it means to be hip. It means you deny the obvious and embrace stupid shit for the sole reason that only your select group likes it. So for example, instead of admitting the obvious that say the Rolling Stones were a great band, you deny that because too many people do that, and instead claim that some second rate crap band like the Pixies were really better. Apply the same reasoning to food, clothing, art or anything else, and you have hipsterdom.

      1. I think you forgot the part about smelling bad.

      2. the Pixies

        Ugh, don’t even mention them. Please.

        1. That was just for you Warty. And yeah, I have met tons of hipster doofuses who would claim the Pixies were better than the Stones or Zeppelin. There is no way any sane person could believe such shit. They just want to belong and feel special so desperately that they will do or say anything no matter how stupid.

          1. Damn straight. They all sucked.

            1. Led Zep and the Stones sucked? What are you, some sort of hipster?

              1. You’re all wrong.

                A real hipster would cite The Stooges as the greatest rock band of the last half century.


                they have a point almost

      3. Dude don’t be dissing the Pixies! Everything off Doolittle is fantastic. Though I like the Rolling Stones too.

      4. It means you deny the obvious and embrace stupid shit for the sole reason that only your select group likes it.

        How is this different from any other post-50’s social movement(i.e. punk, grunge, rap, etc…)?

        I kinda feel sorry for hipsters… people give them a bad rap but they’re just as unoriginal as the asshats who followed every other youth movement. The only thing wrong with hipsters, relatively speaking, is that modern culture seems to be running out of ideas and has turned to mash-ups and parodies.

        1. They want to be a non-conformist, like everybody else.

          1. Alternatively: I wanna be a rebel, like everybody else.

          2. The hipsters do? Jesus.. I remember hearing a version of ‘non-conformist, like everyone else’ used to describe bat cavers in the mid 80’s… the degree of cultural relativism on this thread is astounding… “the pixies suck, but the STONES man!”… holy fucking shit.. they both suck. Do you really think rock and roll is complicated music?

          3. So non-conformist that they all wear what appear to be uniforms, shop in the same places, listen to the same shitty music, ad nauseum.

            Funny how that works.

      5. Well, not exactly, see hipsters are people who aspire to be ahead of the trend. So they latch onto obscure wierd shit in the hopes that it will be a phenomenon and then they can tell everyone how cool they were for knowing about it first.

        Then they have to jump off the bandwagon before it becomes mass market, because status signalling is all about separating yourself from the masses. You have to stop liking that cool new thing and constantly be moving on to some OTHER new thing in order to stay ahead of the curve.

        Naturally, this leads to hipsters championing all sorts of fringe bullshit and then abandoning it the second it becomes popular. It also leads to hipster eventually turning against that “cool” thing once it “sells out” so they can stay even further ahead of the curve by hating on it before hating on it starts to become popular.

        Note that Obama follows the same trend. The hipsters actually jumped off his bandwagon way before he got elected. Now that his popular support is dropping they’re staying ahead of the curve by hating on him before everyone else does it too.
        Note that they’ve already set things up to say they were never really on the bandwagon because they jumped off it before he was elected.

        1. So what you’re saying is that if hipsters applied themselves, they’d be great at shorting stocks?

          1. Or going long, for that matter.

        2. Where do you live, Hazel, that gives you such insight?

      6. some second rate crap band like the Pixies

        You’re dead to me.

        You can like both bands for their own merits, ya know, even though I’m kinda sick of the Stones at this point, ‘cept for Some Girls.

        1. I feel you on The Pixies. No need to bring them into a discussion about hipsters.

          1. I caught their Doolittle 20th anniversary tour a couple years back at DAR Const. Hall and I don’t recall seeing a single hipster-like entity there. A LOT of fairly normal 20/30 somethings and even a bunch old dudes, like me, rocking out.

    2. I think it’s a way to say you’re an artist without having to have any actual artistic abilities.

      1. Everybody has some artistic ability. But tell me you’re an “artist” after you sell something, not while you’re begging for money.

        1. Everybody has some artistic ability.

          My wife used to believe that as well, until she met me. I can’t write, I can’t sing, I can’t draw, I can’t paint.

          Unless we’re going to broaden “art” so wide that it encompases my artfully arranging my dumps by careful movement of my rear during the act of defecation, I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

          1. Gojira, you may be interested in filing a grant application with us.

            Even more funding may be available if this is live “performance art”.

          2. I can’t write, I can’t sing, I can’t draw, I can’t paint.

            “You’re a modern art masterpiece!”

          3. my artfully arranging my dumps by careful movement of my rear during the act of defecation

            So, you work in the film industry, then? What’s that like?

          4. OK, so maybe there’s *someone*.
            I stand by the point.

  13. My burning, innate passion is to express my unique individualism — by looking exactly like that dude over there.

  14. And now Steve Jobs gone too, how are they going to survive?

    1. Any true hipster sucks on big, stiff Linux.
      Mac AIN’T hipster.

      1. Huh. The Apple Store in my town is Hipster Central. A shrine, if you will, to their entire anti-establishment, disassociated, faux-artsy sensibilities and dorkiness.

      2. Are you joking? Apple shit is the most important hipster accessory.

      3. Jamie, you’re just saying that because you’re an Apple-using hipster. Be honest.

        1. You all are confusing “hipster” with standard, run-of-the-mill liberal. Liberals like Mac because its (former) CEO wore jeans and shit, and kinda reminded them of Chomsky. True geeky hipsters love PCs because they can really, really, really fuck with them.

          1. Of course, I’m talking about the Missoula, Montana brand of hipster, which is dismissive of liberals as sheeple, and loves geek/nerd culture. Your hipsters may vary.

            1. sounds like I need to move to missoula.

            2. Missoula hipsters sound like decent folk.

            3. I know the kind of people you’re talking about. I wouldn’t call them hipsters.

  15. Have Hipsters abandoned OBAMA?

    WE SURE HAVE !!!!

    AT LEAST GWB (for good and for bad) had balls and did things.

    This guys folds like an ‘old broken beach chair’

  16. this stepped-on coke will restore my capacity for obama-enthusing as surely as it will restore my capacity for luring fat girls from hauppauge into condomless toilet stall intercourse in time for their last train home.

    1. You got a newsletter?

    2. fat girls from hauppauge??

      Hey!!! If she’s gotta pretty face and doesn’t use her teeth…

      1. All kidding aside…I don’t think I could get my “PEE-PEE” up for this exercise. I don’t know what’s worst…The fat chick or the smell of a grand-central station toilet stall.

  17. Back in My Day, “Hipsters” would’ve been identified using a different word: “Dorks.”

    1. Let us not forget who Weigel voted for.

      1. Oh, he’s far from being the only one with some way, waaaaaay serious ‘splainin’ to do.

  18. but it’s not the complete overhaul we were expecting.

    A government tailored to the desires of hipsters would be a nightmare impossibility.

    I am sooo glad I payed very little attention to politics at that age….the complete lack of cynicism is barf worthy.

    Is wishing the voting age was raised to 30 anti-libertarian?

    1. Nothing in libertarian doctrine requires democracy, AFAICT.

      1. Nothing in libertarian doctrine requires democracy, AFAICT.

        I disagree..but i will admit that what i believe is required for it to function is not doctrine.

        1. I’d say that libertarianism is, practically speaking, not consistent with unchecked or barely checked democratic rule, but it’s hard to imagine a successful libertarian system without a significant democratic element.

      2. Slow down.

        There’s a libertarian doctrine? Why didn’t I get a copy.

        1. It comes with your Koch subsidy check.

  19. Did hipsters actually VOTE for Obama? Or is voting too establishment?

    1. Before Obama i was living in Portland with house mates and some hipster dude who was visiting one of my roommates saw i was watching Chomsky on C-span and he pointed at the the screen and said “communist”

      They are probably more diverse then is being let on.

  20. So for example, instead of admitting the obvious that say the Rolling Stones were a great band, you deny that because too many people do that, and instead claim that some second rate crap band like the Pixies were really better.

    That’s what a hipster would say. It hasn’t been OK to like the Pixies for at least twenty years.

    See, the hipster was way into the Pixies when he was 12, because he was trapped in small-town homo-hating racist smallness and surrounded by Camaro-detailing crackaz who loved the Stones, and their redneck distortion field kept the young hipster from perceiving how real as fuck the Stones were, and he overreacted to that by becoming all whiteboy college-rockist and loving, e.g., the Pixies, but now that he’s gone to actual non-rock college and learned about the anti-individualistic communal-storytelling tradition of the African blah fuckity blah, he only listens to records that have sold at least five million copies, which the Stones have, so they’re fine, even though rednecks love them.

    But George Strait isn’t, because they do.

    It’s complicated.

    1. All good points. And yeah it really is. It must suck going through life like that. It is so much easier just saying “hey that sounds pretty good” and going with it.

    2. As you can tell, my hipster knowledge is about 20 years dated. In my day the hipster bands were The Pixies, Byork, Paul Westerberg (who I actually kind of like) and Bob Mould and his shitty band Husker Du.

      1. He was also in Sugar, who were pretty good.
        Now excuse me while I comb my hair over my face and listen to my Jesus & Mary Chain mixtape.

      2. You’re seriously mistaking hipster music for popular college music of the late-80’s, early 90’s.

        Granted, the hipster-equiv black-clad English major back then was really into them, at least at my college station they were, but so were a lot of so-called normal people.

        Although, there is no excuse for liking Bjork. Not even ironically.

        1. I’d love to see a modern video of her freaking out from a TSA grope at an American airport….

        2. Modern Hipster Music

          This is, by far, the worst music purchase I have ever made (I did it exclusively because the album cover is great), yet hipsters fucking love it.

          It is absolute proof that if you owned a casio at some point in the 80s, you too can land a major record deal and sell albums. The shit is terrible.

      3. All I can tell from this thread is that your taste in music sucks.

        1. Actually, that’s not fair. You might like great music. But you also seem to hate great music, which is your problem, not mine.

    3. redneck distortion field kept the young hipster…

      I think you might be mistaking The Stones for Led Zeppelin. The Stones and The Who generally pass through that shit unscathed. Years later, and one viewing of Gimme Shelter hence, the whole authenticity thing becomes screwed-up all over again, leading to late-night discussions about art-school kids forming Appalachian/bluegrass roots bands.

      1. Nope, he’s mistaking the stones for Guns n Roses.

        You can drive in to any trailer park from plain states on eastward, and there will be a redneck with a mullet wearing a GnR shirt from 89 and listening to Appetite for Destruction.

        Ditto Skynyrd.

  21. And to think, the suckers who vote for charlatans like Obama think they’re the “pragmatic” ones. That’s just too funny.

    1. I can fly! I CAN FLY!

  22. I think it was the S&P downgrade that did it. That scared them all. They’re not all entirely obtuse about the entitlement programs. And it’s a lot harder to be a stubborn partisan if you are starting to have doubts about whether your own side’s program is viable, and whether they’ve been entirely straight about entitlements in the past.
    I guessing a few of those east-coard, younger, single, post-graduate elites are starting to realize that they’re not.

    1. east coast even.

  23. What the hell is a poetry slam, anyway?

    1. I know, it sounds like an awesome time. Even better if it was a poet slam.

      But its not what it sounds like.

    2. Real hipsters hate poetry slams.
      I’ve been told so by an authentic hipster poet.

      The cool people have poetry READINGS.

    3. Get offa my lawn|8.25.11 @ 5:49PM|#
      What the hell is a poetry slam, anyway?


      I’ll prove it to you


      And consider that this example is *less* pretentious and crappy than 99% of it.

  24. Oh great, just what we need: a mass hipster movement that votes for Obama for irony.

    1. It would be far more ironic for a hipster to write in Sarah Palin.

  25. Didn’t Nostradamus talk about hipsters in one of his quatrains?

    [Looks it up. . . .]

    Ah, yes:

    B?tes farouches de faim fleuves tranner;
    Plus part du champ encore Hister sera,
    En caige de fer le grand sera treisner,
    Quand rien enfant de Germain observa.

    Which clearly means “Beasts wild with hunger will cross the rivers,
    The greater part of the battle will be against the hipsters.
    They will cause great men to be dragged into a case of irony,
    When the sons of the germane obey no law.”

  26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no9fpKVXxCc

    Does anybody have a relative or ex-wife that they are still on speaking terms who has an ex college roommate they stay in contact with who watches that guy? Cause I’d like to know if he still gets a thrill…or if the thrill is gone.

  27. My original long comment on the earlier link, repeated simply because i’m just an attention-needy, vain doofus with an overblown sense of my own importance just like all the goofs around me… maybe. Maybe because I think the actual piece is a grand-distortion of reality, and that the real thing they’re talking was much more laughable *at the time* than is the current “lackluster excitement” of those for whom political “excitement” amounted to something less productive than a Dance Recital to Stop Global Warming.

    GILMORE|8.24.11 @ 3:42PM|#
    Brooklyn’s pretentious 20-somethings are finding Obama less cool every day.

    Look… I’ve lived in Williamsburg since ~1999. First off, the characterization made in the article… here =

    They passed around Obama speeches like they were bootlegged concert tapes. They carried around dog-eared copies of The Audacity of Hope. They quoted the 2004 convention address like it was poetry

    …is probably written by someone who is themselves 20-something and is maybe 3 years fresh out of college, and has never voted in their life either, and has a completely distorted and overblown perception of the importance of their (and their peers) opinion on anything.

    More clearly put = no, no one was bootlegging Obama speeches. Nor did anyone ever actually connect any actual *policies* they cared about to the Obama campaign. The local support amongst the Hipsterati extended completely to, “dude, like, he’s black, and bush sucks…and… you know… yeah”

    What I’m saying is, this is an article written by some kid on how *important the hipster vote must have been for obama*… (why, how again? … well… I mean….uhm….)

    ….and how, whoa, it really must be a sign something’s seriously fucked up because, like, *we’re* not even interested anymore?! (as though a brief, passing moment of political interest amongst Brooklyite hipsters was a veritable *revolution*? are these people otherwise a key-demographic that politicians desperately seek the approval of??)

    “”I mean, Obama must be in a lot of trouble *for us to have gone right back to our vapid, self-involved, oblivious lives?!?“”

    You see what I’m saying? Puh-leeease.

    I would consider the actual “radical politicisation” of the Brooklyn Hipster to have probably netted the following =

    – a bunch of silly “fundraising” parties that mostly funded the beer, the DJ’s cab fare, and an 8-ball for the “fundraiser”s buddies… indistinguishable from similar events they’d be going to every weekend regardless

    – and maybe a few dozen people who volunteered to help the campaign, but got drunk and overslept every time there was an occasion to participate.

    The idea of actually *voting* for someone rather than just…hating on Bush? – the only political act they’ve ever even contemplated?

    Whoa man! Serious stuff! It’s like the 60s and shit! We have the power!1 Whoo hooo!!…

    and what happened??

    Zilch, zippo, nada, niente.

    I was at a bar on the primary election night, and mentioned it to a roomful of people… they were like, “Whatever, it’s NY… its not like it actually matters…of course Hilary will win the primary *here*…”

    Like almost anything involving the hip-set kids-these-days… the rumours of their political naissance is pretty wildly overstated. Most often *by themselves*, as noted.

    I mean, come the fuck on =

    The next election is going to be a tough one that invites a question few campaign officials thought would ever be asked: Can Mr. Obama afford to lose the hipsters?



    At a spring benefit at the Hope Lounge in Williamsburg, the hip-hop artist Toothpick performed, slam poetry was slammed, and a stenciling station was set-up outside

    Please understand = these guys weren’t like Abbie Hoffman at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

    They weren’t even like an oversealous parent-fan at a kiddy soccer-match

    It was maybe more like some dude who mentions his friend’s band is playing down the street tomorrow night, and how awesome they are, and how you should tell all your friends, and like, they’re going to be like *huge* and shit…!

    And when you do go to the show? The door charge is exhorbitant. They suck. And that dude isn’t even there. When you ask him WTF happened, he’s like, “aw, man, there was this awesome roof party… a buddy was in from out of town… there was this chick there who does like, rope-routines, burlesque style, while dressed like Rainbow-Brite…it was sweet. What band again?”

    I really do think that’s probably the closest analogy.

    Or maybe like a blog that some teenager started in a blaze of glory…and never got past post #2.

    If the article wasn’t actually *serious*, it would be fucking hilarious.

    A dash of na?vet?… …helped too

    You don’t say. Dash? …

    I do think the article is actually just a bad joke. Or I pray it is. If they’re *serious*, it’s appalling.

    1. It was, like, a bad joke. Duh!

      1. …..the parties were still fun though….

    2. Actually, they WERE bootlegging Obama speeches. In 2004, after his keynote speech at the DNC.

      I had a hipster rave at me about his DNC keynote speech at a party. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t watch it live.

  28. What you got I gotta give it to your momma. What you got I gotta give it to your papa.

    Give it away now…

  29. Damn kids. I was apathetic before they were a gleam in Urban Outfitter’s eye.


  30. primary hipster information sources =


    created by the writer of the original “hipster handbook”

    also, the bible =


    1. Actually, this whole post here *should* have been written by Moynihan…



      This particular Michael Moynihan has never written a book about Norwegian death metal and isn’t a member of Blood Axis. That’s a very different Michael Moynihan (the one who claimed he wasn’t a Holocaust denier because he’d “prefer it to be true”). Our Michael Moynihan, while married to a Swede and also from Boston, is a former political journalist and senior editor at Reason magazine, a soporific television talking head, and a frequent contributor to all sorts of journals your dad likes to rest across his chest while snoring like a chainsaw in the living room. He is now our managing editor. He is also diabetic. Deal with it.gif.

      Read the rest at Vice Magazine: EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH – Vice Magazine

      His noted piece, which i haven’t yet read.


      1. He is also diabetic. Deal with it.


        Since when is being diabetic an in your face statement of solidarity?

        Sugerfree we are needed your advice on this.

  31. Libertarian gamer doofuses deride hipsters.

  32. Libertarian gamer doofuses deride hipsters.

  33. I knew the day would come when the folks who thought they were voting for the Messiah realized they’d elected a career Chicago politician. I’m amazed it took this long.

    1. of the type that loves the violence and force he can impose on Americans and foreigners: Endless foreign intervention and militarism, domestic surveillance and intimidation, Homeland “Security” for jobs and population control, hyper-expensive corporate and union bailouts, handouts to the masses to keep the protests down.

      Some have caught on, but a lot of elitist members of the “Intellectual Class that Matters” still provide moral support for his statist policies.

  34. “…then I realized I was an idiot and a rube for believing in Obama, and all the people who’ve told me so for the past 3 years were right. But if I admitted that, it would mean losing face. So I blamed Obama.”

  35. …Country Joe McDonald will drop out of the Obama 2012 campaign! Well, it’s one, two, three…..

  36. “every once-hot act”

    Even I had more moves than Barry.

    1. Especially that one where she tucks her ankles behind her ears!

  37. Hipster fail. They didn’t hate Obama before hating Obama was cool.

  38. From the article:

    “I kind of lost my passion for it all, to be honest with you,” she said. Since the election, she has been audited, and a shaky economy and lack of support for galleries like hers “has made me totally uninterested. I am no longer excited about doing these things.”

    Guess the IRS never got the memo.

  39. It’s tough to grow up and realize that politics is mostly a nasty smash-and-grab operation.

    No, kids, they really don’t give a shit about you.

  40. Has anyone ever seen emo obama and anthony kiedis in the same place?

  41. Has anyone ever seen emo obama and anthony kiedis in the same place?

  42. Has anyone ever seen emo obama and anthony kiedis in the same place?

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