Declaration of Independents

Reasoners on the Dial: Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch on Chicago's WGN 720 AM Tonite, 11pm CT


Matt Welch and I will appear on WGN 720 AM's Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg tonight starting around 11pm CT (or whenever the Cubs lose their ball game tonight).

We'll be talking about Ron Paul, libertarian politics, and, yes, The Declaration of Independents, our new book that wowed George Will, Forbes, Barron's, and others. Go here for more info on the show tonight—and to listen live online.

And go here for more info on the book.

Read our latest op-ed, published over the weekend in The Arizona Republic.

And if you live in the hog-butchering, broad-shouldered city of Chicago, come hear Matt and me talk at one of two joints tomorrow. One's a lunch gig and the other is a happy hour talk. Details here.