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Do Video Games Prevent Violent Crime?


New game from ID Software to feature even better looking brown and gray color scheme.

It's common enough to blame youth violent crime on the increasing popularity of violent video games. But the massive declines in violent crime since the emergence of realistic violent games suggests that, at minimum, games haven't caused more crime. And if anything, the opposite may be true. Erik Kain notes that large drops in the violent crimes have coincided with the rise of video game culture:

The fact that crime has been dropping for the past twenty years (along with things like teen pregnancy, etc. as I noted above) while more and more young people consume more and more video games should put a lie to the notion that video games actually increase crime and violence. I did a little Googling and found this paper by Adam Thierer [pdf] which doesn't exactly support the idea that more video game consumption has directly contributed to less crime, but certainly suggests that it's a possibility.

Kain also points to Gerald Jones's book Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe, and suggests that video games may provide a sort of role-playing outlet for children to safely act out violent impulses:

 Maybe playing video games or getting into these role-playing situations where you can be the villain, the monster, the criminal, or even the hero, the special-ops troop, and so forth is an important way to develop another kind of empathy – an empathy with the person we could be or would like to be, or at least to explore that part of ourselves that we will never become – maybe so that we never become it.

I think you have to pair this idea with the multiple studies showing that access to pornography in specific and violent entertainment in general reduces the prevalence of rape. Violent entertainment seems to contain violent impulses, not unleash them. 

More on the effects of porn availability on rape from Steve Chapman here. Read Jacob Sullum on the Supreme Court's recent decision to strike down laws restricting the sale of violent games to minors here.

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  1. Much simpler than all that psychobabble argle-bargle about empathy and shit.

    Every hour you spend playing video games is an hour that can’t be spent committing crimes.

    1. Also, you need a certain level of cardio to really get violent. So maybe video games and Burger King are the best crime fighting duo in our society.

      1. Does this mean that Kinect is dangerous?

      2. Clearly somebody needs to combine a combination Pizza Hut-Taco Bell with an arcade.

        1. I’ll get right on it.

          1. Chuck, more people throw down at your kiddie dives than at most biker bars.

    2. Or, RC, in my case, the more time playing World of Warcraft is less time chasing skirts, at least according to Mrs. Resto Druid FTW.

      1. Bullshit.

        For the two or so years I played I witnessed more infidelity, break ups and hookups in Azeroth then I have in the real world my entire life.

    3. I think Video Games get guilt by association.

      It is true that youth violence is down but it is almost always guaranteed that all school shootings and riots (ie London/Paris ect) are perpetrated by youths that play Video games.

      Video games do not cause the violence but that shrinking subset of violent youths will always be drawn to the what video games offer….Sociopath bobby is not going to be a hard core sims player…but he will be a hard core CoD player.

  2. Well, if Diablo III takes any longer to come out, I will become very violent. Hear me, Blizzard?

    1. Hey, have you heard about it being on-line only? Is that something to be concerned about?

      1. They’re not doing that online-all-the-time DRM garbage are they?

        Because in that case, why not go find a cracked version instead of paying Blizzard $60 for the privilege of being inconvenienced?

        1. Yes, they are.

      2. I hear the point they’re stuck on now is an auction feature that lets you sell in-game equipment for real dollars. I couldn’t see how they could implement something like that without making it a subscription based game.

      3. Only if you’re a solider stationed in the middle of nowhere. And hey, screw our servicemen, amirite?

      4. You won’t be able to play it unless you’re logged in, apparently. Even single-player.…..o-iii.aspx

        1. Well, I already have that situation (almost) because I use Steam, so I’m not overly worried.

          1. But isn’t the thing with Steam that you only have to be online once to authenticate? You don’t need to constantly be on, do you?

            I don’t play any multi-player, obviously.

            1. I’ve never tried to play a Steam game without an Internet connection, so I can’t say for sure.

              I have seen people booted from Team Fortress 2 servers for lacking a Steam account.

              1. My net went out for half a day recently. Steam games do not run if you can’t connect to Steam.

              2. You can play steam games online without having an active connection, although you have to enable an option to do so. Look around in the settings for “offline mode” and enable it.

                1. I’m pretty sure you can only switch to offline mode, after you’ve authenticated and got your game running. I too thought it worked the way you say, and believe me, I tried. The possibility that I’m incompetent is still in the running.

        2. Sounds like the fact I didn’t get my hopes up about the game will pay off. Another title to add to the No Thank You list.

      5. I could see concerns if you are stuck with an unreliable ISP, and dropped connections frequently boot you out of the game. While it’s hard to measure how much piracy impacts software developers, I would guess it’s a lot.

        Online all the time is not going to keep me from buying D3. If it ever comes out. Before I die.

        1. Online all the time isn’t going to stop a single person from pirating it, either.

          1. True. I don’t think any force in the verse could stop piracy. All I’m saying is I can see why developers are going after different DRM technologies. If it preserves even some of their sales base it’s likely worth it, given the high fixed cost, low variable cost model.

    2. Friggin play skyrim already.

      also tourchlight…

      and third Minecraft has made all these type of games obsolete.

    3. Well, if Diablo III takes any longer to come out, I will become very violent.

      Real violent or virtual? How often to you experience these violent episodes? Does masturbation help?

  3. Enough about that. Time for an open thread on video games.

    I pre-ordered Deus Ex at lunch today, because I wanted the explosives upgrades. Well, mostly the grenade launcher.

    Partway through Dragon Age II right now. Graphics are a little muddy, but combat is nice (as simple or complex as you would like), the RPGing is a little simpler (bug/feature, your choice). But mostly, I think they do a good job of mixing in story-telling with gameplay.

    1. I keep hearing mixed things about that game. If it doesn’t suck, I may get it, though my real anticipation is reserved for the next elder Scrolls game.

      1. Skyrim is by far the biggest game coming out this year (for me, as well as most RPG fans).

        This has been a brutally slow summer for games. I’ve been playing Oblivion with about 50 mods added to it, Fallout 3 with about 20 mods, and Minecraft. I’m done with BLOPS for the most part and am looking forward to BF3 (I got to play the Alpha, and it was in better shape than I could have hoped for).

        Oh, and there’s a sequel for River City Ransom. I don’t know if RCR 2 will make it to the states, but God I hope so.

        1. Yep definitely started to get excited about Skyrim. I hope they fixed some of the problems with Oblivion, which was both better and worse than Morrowind in different areas.

          1. I am going to build a new system specifically for Skyrim. It’s kinda past due anyways, but that Q6700 has served me admirably for it’s age.

          2. The idea behind the Oblivion level system sounds solid, but in practice it lead you to creating a nonsense character so you could level up and not gimp yourself. That was definitely the aspect of the game I liked least. At least on the PC you can download an XP leveling mod (and I did and completely love the game this way), but on consoles you just have to make this ludicrous character build.

            That and the ugly fucking people, and of course Bethesda’s knack for making glitchy, bug infested games. The funny thing is I’m willing to overlook the technical problems their games have, because scope of the worlds and detail they put into them are just amazing.

            This just also reminded me of Old Republic – Bioware’s Star Wars MMORPG which is coming out. I’ve seen some trailers and they do look amazing. And the idea that my buddies and I can run around wrecking shit on other people’s planets?? A lot of potential there.

            1. I know a lot of people that will be jumping the WoW and LOTRO ships once Old Republic comes out. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people in the world if that isn’t near perfect at release.

              I myself am looking forward to Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. TSW just keeps looking better the more they release.

              1. Knights of the Old Republic is one of my favorite games, ever, so I’m hoping The Old Republic doesn’t suck. I’m not much interesting in MMOs, so that’s a pre-strike against it for me.

              2. I play GW myself, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting into that in November too.

            2. Interviews indicate the leveling and enemy strength levels related to the areas they are in will function more like Fallout 3 than Oblivion. Which is fantastic, because even though I had a hard time getting into Fallout 3 (post apocalyptic settings are so fucking depressing!) the improvements over Oblivion in those areas were dramatic.

              The character models and movement animations in the previews for Skyrim also appear to be a massive improvement. Also, it’s set in fucking Skyrim, the grim nordic realm of eternal ice. And fighting dragons is central to the plot. You really cannot get more metal than that.

              1. the grim nordic realm of eternal ice

                I’m not staring at snow for hours on end. So much for Skyrrim

            3. I have The Witcher 2, but it fucking monsters the shit out of my laptop, and my laptop is pretty powerful. So I’m basically using this as an excuse to buy a new desktop with a very good graphics card that I hook up to my 50″ plasma pretty much exclusively for games.

              1. The Witcher 2 was fairly pretty, but something makes me suspect the framerate issues in that game were related to code optimization problems as much as they were hardware demands. I also felt like that game was one third the length of the first one. The combat and alchemy systems were more involving in the first one as well.

              2. SLI config FTW Epi.

        2. I’ve been playing Oblivion with the FCOM package, some of the mods included are pretty stupid though. And I’ve had to banish a few mages with the console for their offensively retarded robes. …Still don’t know what specific mod is responsible for it.

          Disappointed that Skyrim only has 150 dungeons/mines/caves though. That tells me to be prepared for a half-ass disappointment, a la Gran Turismo 5 or GTA 4.

          BF3 is the biggest upcoming game though I wager.

      2. My impression is that Dragon Age II is very much love it or hate it. I’ve not seen a lot of mixed reactions.

        They made a lot of changes to the Combat System. Think Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2 scale changes.

        1. The changes were even more drastic than ME1 to ME2 changes. It’s almost not an RPG anymore, at least in the sense of stats-juggling and character building. The game focuses almost exclusively on story decisions and tactics. ME3 is apparently going to go the opposite direction, at least a little, and allow more character customization than in the second game.

          1. Also more weapon customization. ME1 was overkill on weapon variations, but ME2 felt barebones.

            1. I’m a Mass Effect fan, so looking forward to the next edition.

              1. Also, given the third one is all about building an army, my decisions in the last two had better mean something. I didn’t save the Krogan and the Rachni for free, is all I’m saying.

      3. though my real anticipation is reserved for the next elder Scrolls game.

        Screw that get Witcher 2..

        …And a $2000 Gaming PC to play it.

    2. Pretty much the entire reason I wrote this post was to encourage an open thread about video games.

      Human Revolution looks strong so far:…..-pc-gamer/

      Summer travel has kept me away from my Xbox, so I’m still slowly playing through Crysis II and L.A. Noire.

      1. IMO, Origins wasn’t that great and all I’ve heard about DA2 was that it wasn’t as good as Origins. Sounds like it’s worth skipping.

        1. Oops, this should be @ RC.

          1. I had fun with origins, and I have an OCD streak when it comes to sequels and whatnot, so I picked up DA2.

            Partly because I had completely exhausted my game inventory, and it looked like the best of the lot.

            Oddly, I had started LA Noire and was enjoying it, but I wasn’t getting that good compulsive vibe from it, and when I put it down for a week or so felt no urge to pick it up again.

      2. “Pretty much the entire reason I wrote this post was to encourage an open thread about video games.”

        So my hopes of coming here to discuss the impact of video games on violent crime was just a fool’s errand, Peter?

      3. Crysis 2 impressed me (PS3), despite it seemingly getting a lot of flack online. Decent story and gameplay, dope detailed world and solid graphics.

      4. L.A. Noire turned out to be a huge disappointment.

        By the end the plot was such a convoluted mess I’m still not quite sure what was going on, which is as good an explanation as any as to why noir movies are not 30 to 40 hours long.

      5. Thanks for using my company’s in the header! 😀

      6. L.A. Noire really turned me off when I learned that it really doesn’t matter how well you interrogate. Also, the whole thing sounds a bit too much like an interactive book, and not a video game.

      7. What the hell?? Suderman,get back to writing copy!! I can’t believe Megan tolerates this nonsense!!

    3. Dragon Age 2 is awful. You should destroy your computer immediately.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way.

        1. Is there anything that EA doesn’t ruin?

          1. Are you suggesting that Blizzard is ruined forever?

            1. I think you’re thinking of Activision.

              1. Sorry, I’ve got Diablo on the mind.

                1. Better than Diablo in your soul.

          2. EA bought DICE and the Battlefield games are still worth playing in my opinion.

            1. I love them too – but go read BF3 forums and listen to the whiners complain that BF3 will be like BC2 which means it’s not a “true” BF game.

              Then go punch yourself in the eye for subjecting yourself to the torture. 😉

            2. The Battlefield games are far better than anything in the Call of Duty line will ever be.

              That being said, EA is kind of becoming the school yard bully. They completely ruined the Command and Conquer line with C&C4;.

              1. EA ruined one of my favorite (and now considered hella lame-for good reason) studios – Maxis. Among many others. But not many to Maxis’ extent.

                Oh, how long I’ve longed for a Sim City 5…

                1. So that’s why every Sim City after 2000 sucked more than the previous one… (Why, oh why did I keep buying them?)

              2. Meh, to be fair I feel like the C&C franchise had run out of relevent ideas 5 years ago. The previews for BF3 look awesome; I’ll not fret over some forum kid’s anxieties.

                1. Don’t, it is awesome.

    4. The new Deus Ex looks like a blasted JRPG. That first trailer killed any anticipation I had for it.

      1. I actually like JRPGs, for their sheer predictability. That’s why I love me some Tales of Vesperia.

        1. I had a lot of fun with Versperia until I realized I had all of the passive upgrades turned off. I apparently played through 95% of the game with a huge handicap. No wonder I died so much…

    5. Okay, I just saw a teaser video for Deus Ex a few days ago, and the premise turned me off. “Teh evul corporashuns want to kill you with cyborg parts!” It really annoyed me.

      1. To be fair, I believe that’s intended as in-universe propaganda, not necessarily the developer’s POV, if I’m thinking of the same trailer. Earlier trailers took the opposite POV.

      2. Deus Ex (the good one, not that shitty sequel I almost forgot), always had the anti-corporation angle(Like almost anything from the 90s), but to its credit, the game pretty much calls out secret societies, governments, corporations, and any other stultifying bureaucratic organization. There is a lot of grey area in that world, and in the end you had to make a choice that wasn’t necessarily clear cut. But yeah, the whole “Corporations ARE EVUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL” plot boilerplate needs to be buried for a couple of generations, simply because its so fucking boring.

    6. Playing through the second half of Divinity 2 DKS right now. Oddly enough, when I was playing through it, I was thinking “you know what would be awesome? A combination TBS/flight-sim in this setting.” And then they announced something that sounded like that yesterday.

    7. I’ve recently discovered Russian gaming. The STALKER series is outstanding, though a little hardcore for your average gamer.

      1. Stalker is an absolute blast. Loved the first one, am working through Clear Sky now. (I’m not an early adopter; what can I say?) The Russian aesthetic is different enough—and very blackly humorous—to make it interesting.

        1. If I was Ukrainian, I would be annoyed right now.

          1. Just because they can tell each other apart, doesn’t mean the rest of us can.

            Point taken, though.

          2. Yeah, you’re right STALKER is a Ukrainian game.

        2. It’s even better with the Complete 2009 mod. I was little put off by how much easier it was though after playing through vanilla. I skipped Clear Sky and went straight to COP but will probably come back around to CS after I finish it.

        3. ^^THIS^^

    8. I just want Battlefield 3 to come out already. Everything since Battlefield 2 just feels like a cocktease.

      Also for RPGs I would recommend The Witcher. It’s a little clunky in parts and rough around the edges but the story, characters, and atmosphere are much better than most RPGs out there. I have heard The Witcher 2 is even better but I haven’t found the time to play it.

      1. I preferred the first installment myself. See comments upthread. They’re both worth playing though.

        1. Note I said since Battlefield 2 ;). BF 1942 was also fantastic and I dearly would love to see a remake of that.

          1. I think BF 1942 was a game of the times.

            Everyone sucking at it was a huge portion of the appeal.

            Now every asshole in the world figured out how to be a dead on ace pilot with bombing so as to make it no longer fun.

            BF: Vietnam had the same problem with the choppers.

            Nerfing attempts have been unsuccessful.

        2. Also, who doesn’t love Geralt? I mean, how many women did he bang?

      2. How have I missed Witcher 2? The trailers look great.

        [Adds Witcher 2 to list]

      3. I was wild about BC2 and didn’t play it so much as abuse it. Maps were still a bit too cramped for vehicles and EVERYONE was a damn sniper, but still a lot of fun.

        1. Oh, and BF3 will piss on MW3.

    9. Anyone play any of the Half-Life mods anymore such as Day of Defeat, etc.? I do occasionally being the frag monster I am. 😉

      I tried the latest edition of Civilization… it sucked, not enought emphasis on warmongering. Also, I liked AoE III… in fact, the wife and I play once in a while and my Redcoats stomp her Germans EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

      1. Of course, WoW is my heroin-like addiction. I suggest ALL of you go out this instant and buy it. Look me up on the Echo Isles Server, Keithustus.…..s/advanced

        Sorry for the ghey copy and paste link, I have no clue what code they use for these forums.

  4. I haven’t liked any games since Master of Orion II, you bloody punks!

    1. Master Of Magic. That is all.

  5. I haven’t liked any games since Master of Orion II, you bloody punks!

    1. THis button is stuck! Gah I’m an old man.

      1. It’s been downhill since Colossal Cave Adventure.

        1. Interestingly enough you can play Zork I in Black Ops. I actually hooked up a keyboard to my XBOX to give it a go. It’s funny what you still remember from a text game you played 25 years ago.

          1. I still have fun memories of Hunt The Wumpus.

                  1. ASCII Star Trek.

                    1. Impulse has DigDug and / or Pac Man for $5. I haven’t seen any other classic arcade games, except for their “80 classic arcade games” CD that has wretched graphics – much worse than the original games.

                    2. MAME. Download it. Then download any arcade game rom from 1979 – ????.

                    3. MAME.

                      Thx, I didn’t know about that.

                    4. ASCII Star Trek.

                      Hell, I played the text-based Star Trek in high school. We had a big honking, room-sized HP 3000 to play games and print out biorhythms on, which pissed the sysadmin off to no end.

                    5. Oh, now we’re talking old school!!! Moving to next quadrant – cue scrolling asterisks…. I think I learned coding typing that damn thing in.

            1. Elite

              The first FPS ever!!!!

              1. Re: Joshua Corning,


                Not just a game, a lifestyle.

            2. Tempest. I loved Tempest. I know it’s demented and assinine, but I can’t help myself.

          2. Fuck a torch, I got an RPG for that Grue!

    2. Shit, I’m replaying the X-Com franchise.

  6. Man I have mentioned that Gerard Jones book in so many comments on so many sites with articles like this. I’m glad somebody finally read it!

  7. Do Video Games Prevent Violent Crime?

    Absolutely. I’m always a mellow, peaceful and good-mannered guy after I blow the heads from a few motherfuckers in CoD:Black Ops.

    1. It’s either do it in CoD or do it IRL. Which would everybody prefer?

      1. Re: T,

        It’s either do it in CoD or do it IRL. Which would everybody prefer?

        And I’ve been tempted… Oooohh, have I been!

        Humanity can thank Sony.

  8. Do Video Games Prevent Violent Crime?


    Do Video Games Cause Violent Crime?

    Again, No.

    1. But, but, it must be one or the other. You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because everything you say is a lie. You lie. You tell the truth. But you cannot for. Illogical! Illogical! Please explain.

  9. Suder-man, your alt text wins very hard.

    1. Halo: Reach Forge has a map color palette called Next Gen.

      It’s all browns.

    2. What is that shot from, the new Duke Nukem game?

      1. Due out in 2037?

        1. DNF was finally released. So I’m nominating Diablo III for the vaporware crown.

      2. I want to say it’s this upcoming Rage game.

        Y’know, Borderlands without the cel-shading, humor, and RPG aspects.

        1. I’m really trying to give Rage a reasonable chance, but that’s the way I keep looking at it too: Borderlands without the things I love about Borderlands.

          I am incredibly excited to find out more about Borderlands 2 when the gamescom news hits next week!

          1. Really not the same genera.

            Rage is an FPS with RPG elements

            While borderlands is more of an multi-player RPG with FPS elements.


            Completely different.

        2. I want to say it’s this upcoming Rage game.

          It is the Rage game….and unlike Borderlands it is a true FPS.

  10. Fairy tales Video Games are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons Super Mutants exist, but because they tell us that they can be beaten orbital strike’d into oblivion.

    GK Chesterton Dr. Gordon Freeman

  11. New Counter-Strike announced.…..early-2012

    I can’t wait to get some hats.
    Also, to watch the CoD kids cry.

    1. Oh shit! On console too!

  12. Any thought on Europa Universalis III? (Obviously, I’m not an early adapter).

    1. Is that one of those games from that one Swedish developer that have like impossible interfaces and massive learning curves? I have Supreme Ruler 2020 somewhere and the few times I’ve tried playing I give up since I don’t even know how to invade my neighbors.

      1. Looks like ’em. Have you been here yet?

    2. Dude, I love me some EUIII. Have you gotten Divine Wind yet? That, plus the latest patch, has made it fucking impossible to do the HRE, which is pissing me off.

  13. Bit of a tangent, but the non consensual video ad for Space Marine playing encourages me to ask it: Anyone here play 40K? I’m dangerously close to trying to dive into it.

    1. I used to play the tabletop version a while back, and my one foray into the video game translation was a PSone era game. It was not done well. They’ve had time to improve it though, and Space Marines are pretty kick ass.

    2. I’m not a tabletop player, as I have way too many other demands on my time. The Dawn of War series are pretty excellent though and worth playing. I will probably try out Space Marine even though 3rd person shooter is kinda outside Relic’s expertise area and it looks like a straight Gears of War knock off. Blasting Orc gits into ludicrous gibs is about as good as it gets.

      1. The Dawn of War series are pretty excellent though and worth playing.

        So much this. Lots of fun mods, too.

    3. It’s disturbingly expensive ($60 rulebook? $50 units?) but I’m equally intrigued by the hobby and strategy aspects. Plus, I’m a fan of collecting hobbies that will never get me laid.

      DoW 2 got alot of criticism, but I did like the campaign and the RPG item collection/outfitting aspects. Retribution, imo, took it a step further. I wish they’d just give me back my Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights, damnit.

      1. Bring money. Lots of money.

        40k is a lot of fun but you need money, money, some more money, and a lot of time (to paint everything). Granted I played mostly when in the college days where money was in short supply but Games Workshop seems to go out of their way to make stuff as unaffordable as possible.

      2. Well, that’s what they made eBay for… And unlike video games, the models keep their value a hell of a lot better…

    4. I used to play the original Warhammer. Had myself a badass undead army lead by vamps.

  14. What prevents crime is a lack of victims. Arm yourselves!

    Unless you count victimless crimes, in which case, nevermind.

  15. Anybody play League of Legends? Anybody?

    1. If the community is anything like DotA (Biggest group of dickbags I’ve ever come across), no thank you.

      1. My experience is that the community is a bunch of dickbags.

  16. I want a post apocalyptic FPS that is not set in a desert.

    Seriously if the world ended would you head to the middle of the western desert or would you go to a nice green forest next to a large body of water?

    1. What, the Redneck Rampage add-on to Fallout 3 wasn’t enough for you?

      1. Fallout 3 is not an FPS.

    2. Isn’t STALKER pretty much that?

    3. Look into the STALKER series. You’ll be glad you did.

  17. I think i am now getting old…

    I enjoy reading about video games more then i enjoy actually playing them anymore.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Nope. Although I have become a bit more cynical about new games/franchises. Done with CoD and that bs.

      1. The last CoD I bought was Modern Warfare. Everything since is pure rehash.

        1. I was never much of a gamer (well, actually for brief periods I was), but I definitely enjoy reading about games.

  18. What this thread needs is a smackdown over 360 v. PS3 v. PC.


    1. I only use the Phantom.
      You’ve probably never heard of it.
      /hops on fixie
      /pedals into sunset

      1. I have.
        /returns to typing poetry on Mac, emailing mom for help with the rent

    2. The biggest publishers are now regularly crapping on PC versions, either porting them badly or just not making them, but it’s still my go to system for the “hardcore” games. I have a Wii for the family friendly stuff though.

    3. PC – the hardware isn’t seven years old, the software isn’t limited to the originally issued content.

      Of course it costs almost as much as a new console every year, and mods might make your games crash, but strictly from a gaming standpoint? You can’t beat it.

      I still have an XBOX 360, a PS3, and a Wii. But I’m sort of a gaming fiend.

    4. PC is still the superior machince for the games that I most like to play (turn-based strategy and role-playing).
      Sadly, other than King’s Bounty, the TBS market has been pretty crummy lately
      On the role-playing side, I wish we could get back to ‘true’ turn-based combat like we had in, say, Wizardry 1-8, (man, Sir-Tech was awesome), Ultima 5 (it’s my all-time favorite, yet I’ve never played any of the others), Fallouts 1-2, or any of the ‘Gold Box’ games.

      1. Tell me about it; I haven’t been able to find a decent 4X TBS game released in the last, what, 5 years?

    5. smackdown over 360 v. PS3 v. PC.

      Bungie’s Marathon was first on the Mac…

      it has been downhill ever since.

    6. I’ve moved towards console play, just because, but I acknowledge the superiority of the PC. After all, the Xbox 360 games have to keep within its limitations, they can’t push the envelope the way a PC game can.

    7. Is there an FPS where PC players can go up against console players?

      I would really like kick the shit out of console players using a mouse.

      1. I would really like kick the shit out of console players using a mouse.

        Any 14yrold kid is still gonna whoop your ass with their controller. Admit you’re too old for FPS games and move on.

        1. No I jump on Team Fortress every blue moon and almost always score in the upper 50% and that is without any real practice and not knowing the ins and outs of the maps and choke points, best strategies for the classes etc.

          Also my buddy has CoD and do not do terrible even though i really do not know any of the maps and that is on the console.

          Also 14 years nearly always suck.

          It is the 16 to 25 year olds who tear you a new asshole.

          1. My fav class was, is, and will always be the sniper. 😀

        2. Keyboard and mouse dominates controllers, without a doubt.

          1. Aiming with a mouse is so easy I feel like I’m on welfare. Console FPS ftw.

            1. That’s my point. They don’t have console/PC crossover because the lowliest PC players could be any console players. The mouse/keyboard advantage is huge.

      2. Uh, Portal 2?

    8. All 3 are good. Wii blows. I mainly use PS3, since I never have to worry about specs or being able to play the game like I do with comp. I can’t justify buying a 360 just for Gaylo, which is probably my favorite game to play, alas.

  19. Civ5 sucks. They still have the “the world eventually turns to desert” bullshit.

    DoW2:Ret is the only other game I’m playing that’s remotely recent.

    1. Civ4 disappointed me greatly.

      I finally got around to getting a huge tech advantage and played passed the Alpha Centari portion…i used nukes and i was completely unable to dominate just for shits and giggles.

      Totally lame.

      After the initial run through they need to allow you to turn all the governors off and adjust larger aspects of the game.

      1. I thought Civ 4 was the perfect blend of 2 and 3, but I had no interest in 5. It looks dumbed down quite a bit.

      2. turn all the governors off

        But how will you retain control of all the star systems? Wait, wrong franchise.

      3. Civ 3 had a fantastic editor. Civ 4 ditched it in favor of long ass convoluted python files that had to all be in sync with each other since they referenced each other. A huge pain in the fuckin ass.

    2. I think Civ5 is better than Civ4, but it’s still not as awesome as Civ3 was, or Civ2 for that matter. But I think I’ll get drunk and play it tonight regardless.

      1. Civ 4 made winning war to hard. However, real men play Europa Universalis.

        1. Civ 4 made winning war to hard

          yeah…that is why I wanted more adjustments.

          Sure have the defaults set to be as hard as it was but let players screw around with it after an initial run through.

          Repeated play of Civ4 was way too constraining and it always felt like I was fighting against rubber band ai and game play.

          “Hey I learned your damn game now let me fucking rock!!!”

  20. I dunno, kinda crazy when you think about it.

  21. Doesn’t anyone play Monopoly anymore??

    1. Libertarians don’t play Monopoly, they live it.

      1. Scrabble? I don’t think I’ve played chess in about 5 years, though.

  22. You can’t just comare the overall level of violence now and back then. You have to compare the current level of violence to the CBO’s predicted level of violence using this statistical model.

    And as we see here, over 2 million additional violent attacks were created or saved by video games.

  23. Is there a relationship between violent-game-playing and libertarianism? Is it a form of escapism, a means of dealing with the unpleasant reality of libertarian marginalization, a cathartic exercise for frustrated anarchists? In other words, amongst libertarians (and zitty teenage boys), are violence fantasies preferable to the real world?

  24. My daughter reports that her son seems far less inclined to “mild violence” after exposure to video gmes of this sort. How violent were Batman, Superman et al? As i recall, I failed to kill anybody (except a few democrats) after exposure to them.

  25. This sounds like a good reason to ban violent games — otherwise future recruits to the armed services may be emasculated!

  26. They’ve had time to improve it though, and Space Marines are pretty kick ass.

  27. Dead Rising 2 Off the records, kick zombie assssssss

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