Reason Morning Links: Gabrielle Giffords Returns to Raise the Debt Ceiling, Egyptian Military Turns on Protestors, a Cop Gets Punished for Beating Someone


  • How sweet: "Scores of Democrats initially held back from voting, to force Republicans to register their positions first. Then, as the time for voting wound down, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Democrat of Arizona, returned to the floor for the first time since being shot in January and voted for the bill to jubilant applause and embraces from her colleagues. It provided an unexpected, unifying ending to a fierce standoff in the House." 
  • Los Vegas PD finds one of its own guilty for beating a videographer. 
  • Believing it to be cursed, Kyrgyzstan tears down its Statue of Liberty. 
  • Egyptian Army rousts protestors from Tahrir Square. 
  • New Jersey scofflaw Matthew LaCorte and his Ron Paul sign receive pro bono support from the ACLU. 
  • Jonathan Chait fantasizes about the debt deal destroying the GOP. 
  • D.B. Cooper is America's Princess Anastasia.

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