Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Debt Deal Gimmicks on Freedom Watch


On Tuesday, July 26, Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman appeared on Freedom Watch to discuss the budgeting gimmicks in the proposed debt plans. Approximately five minutes. 

Read more from Suderman on debt deal gimmickry here

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  1. Obama lied, the freeman’s republic died.

    Holy fucking shit. That’s heartbreaking to an unconscionable degree.

  2. Just because the Judge is SHOUTING liberty at us, doesn’t mean you have to shout as well, Peter.

    1. You sadly misunderstand the Fox Business channel.

      1. Fuck off, troll.

        He got Steve Smith’d so hard, yesterday. Be gentle. 😉
        SugarFree|7.27.11 @ 12:46PM|#

        You me’d that up, dude.
        Chupacabra|7.27.11 @ 1:41PM|#

        In the future, just stick with “Fuck off, troll.”

        It’s much more effective.

        1. I see the STEVE SMITH posts. STEVE SMITH remind Vlad of ex wife. I tell ex wife STEP OFF TO VLAD OR VLAD PULL CARD!

  3. Blah Blah Blah health care

  4. If I negotiate budget, I tell them, BITCHES TO RECOGNIZE! YOU STEP TO VLAD YOU GET HORNS!

    Budget deal to fixed in no time with Vlad in charge!!!

    Vote to like!

  5. My budget plan is to cut all discretionary spending. Discretionary spending is everything that is not defense social security or medicare.

    Defense will be cut 50%.

    Medicare will be cut 20% and will be allowed to grow at 1 half of the inflation rate each year

    Social security will be cut by 20% and will be allowed to grow at negative the rate of inflation.

    I will cap the debt at 13 trillion dollars. For every dollar above 13 trillion that the US owes 100 current or former Bureaucrats will be executed. after the first 10,000 bureaucrats have been killed the next dollar over will include the execution of 10 current and/or former members of congress.

    The debt limit will be decreased by 1 trillion dollars each year debt is below 500 billion. afterward debt will be allowed to increase at one quarter the rate of inflation.

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