Cartel Thugs Butcher Another Mexican Journalist


Veracruz journalist Yolanda Orda was found beheaded yesterday after having gone missing over the weekend. According to the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Orda was investigating the murder of her editor at Notiver, Miguel Ángel López Velasco, who along with his wife and son, was shot to death in his home late last month: 

Ordaz received anonymous threats telling her she "would be next" if she continued to investigate her boss' death. EFE reports that Ordaz's body was found beheaded next to a message whose contents have not been disclosed.

Orda is the seventh Mexican journalist to be murdered this year, and roughly the 70th journalist to have been murdered in Mexico since 2000.  

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  1. See, there is too much money in illegal drugs to re-legalize them. Let the slaughter continue!

    1. Blame everyone but the murderous thugs in 3…2…1…

      1. TUS, let’s keep jailin’ and executin’ those murderers and terrists without considering whether we are enabling them. More jails! More electric chairs! The small government conservative way!

    2. I wish we would legalize drugs so these kids could find real work instead of this silly drug dealing. If we legalize drugs most of the folks will become honest law abiding citizens and our troubles will be over. Some will sell Amway.

  2. Cartel Thugs Butcher Another Mexican Journalist

    It has become the national passtime ever since the Mexican government has been doing something that agrees with Bill O’Reilly.

  3. OM, pinhead or patriot?

    1. who cares, they’re brown

      1. Stupid much?

  4. meh…journalists, lawyers…70 sounds like a good start.

    1. We’re talking about real journalists who continue so investigate the truth after their editors and friends have already been murdered, not U.S. anchors and op-ed columnists talking out their assess…

      stfu and have show some respect, she had bigger balls than you can dream of having

      1. Forgive the typos, but jeez man “70 is a good start”??? wtf? these people aren’t wallstreet shills, nanny state advocates or party hacks, they are investigative heros risking their fuckin lives to tell you the truth…

      2. Humor, how does it work?

        Q: What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

        A: A good start.

        This is called a joke.

        1. It’s funny when it’s about a generalized lawyers, like a blonde joke, tasteless when in relation to a real murdered person who took a risk.

          I doubt her family, friends or colleagues would find it funny jackass.

          She was selfless person and they cut off her fuckin head.

          1. Lighten up, Francis. You better get used to macabre and “inappropriate” humor if you want to hang here.

            Don’t lose your head. You don’t want to be like the journalist.

            1. i dont want to “hang” here. you idiot americans wont think its so funny when your neighborhoods are battle fields, give it time.

              1. You abject moron, this site is for people whose philosophy includes wanting the drug war ended, completely, and abhor the violence it causes. How fucking stupid are you? Clearly very fucking stupid.

                1. you abhor it so much you laugh at its victims. awesome, thank you for that

                  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                2. How fucking stupid are you? Clearly very fucking stupid.

                  Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you frame an argument.

              2. Dude, we invented neighborhoods that are battlefields.

                1. black gang members shooting each other over drug territory isnt the same as your country becoming a violent 3rd world hell

                  1. The only part of that it recently became is violent.

            2. Don’t lose your head. You don’t want to be like the journalist.

              Now that’s sophisticated humor!

        2. You stupid americans think everything is a fuckin joke. how about you go do her job funnyman?

          1. In all seriousness, the commenters here may not be the most sensitive folks you’ll find on the net, but pretty much every single one of us wants to end the drug war (not to mention just about every other war) and, in the process, end the obscene violence going on a the border.

            You’ll find lots of websites where people will be much more respectful to Ms. Orda–while at the same time refusing to challenge the status quo that led to her death and will without a doubt lead to scores of other, similar deaths.

        3. I know that ladies family, i google her name and i find you making jokes, think before you say stupid shit.

          1. Fuck off, we don’t fucking care who you know. We’ll make whatever fucking jokes we please. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad.

            1. die in a fire bitch

              1. Hey buddy, getting a little upset? Need a time out, big guy?


                1. im not your “buddy” my name martrina i’m 14, and i know her family, and you are not funny. when someone you know gets a call like that please let us know so we laugh about it.

                  1. Jesus Christ. Calm down, little lady.

                    Gallows humor (Galgenhumor in German), is the type of humor that still manages to be funny in the face of, and in response to, a perfectly hopeless situation.[1] It arises from stressful, traumatic, or life-threatening situations; often in circumstances such that death is perceived as impending and unavoidable.

                    No one is laughing at the dead lady.

                    1. It’s not as funny when you have to explain.

                    2. Well, it wasn’t a terribly well-executed joke. Executed, get it? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZ

                    3. That sounds like me when I started giggling during my wedding ceremony. I can now explain to my wife what I thought was so funny.

                  2. 14? Pictures? Woo-hoo!!!!

                    1. You have quite a potty mouth for a 14 tear old.

                    2. Warty, you really butchered that one!

            2. Fuck off, we don’t fucking care who you know. We’ll make whatever fucking jokes we please. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad

              Who says libertarians are crude, amoral adolescents?

        4. It’s not a joke if no one laughs. Then it’s just a random, asshole thing to say.

          1. Hey, someone laughed! Official joke status has been achieved.

            1. Lighten up, Francis. Grow a thicker skin, because otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time here.

              1. i dont care about “ehere” and your stupid political club, i was saying think before you crack jokes about a dead woman, cause surprise someone her knew her or her family could be reading. you guys are sick assholes. i hope someone u love dies violently so i can laugh with some gallow humor in your face dumbass

                1. cause surprise someone her knew her or her family could be reading.

                  So stop reading, you hysterical little fucking tramp. No one cares about your hurt feelings.

                  1. Warty, I’m thinking we may be being trolled. I doubt very much a real teenager would be this persistent.

                    1. Mexican teenagers work way harder then stupid lazy Americans, dude.

                2. This is totally weak. I saw a fair number of comments, come in to take a look, and it’s mostly hysterical whining from somebody no one has ever heard of.

                  The correct question should have been, “Are you single?”

              2. Could you at least spell it “Frances” out of respect for my delicate femininity?

                1. Yolanda was good person and a hero and will be missed. fuck all of you.

                  1. On a serious note. I do think it is a tragedy. The drug war is a tragedy. Humans slaughtering each other over stupid shit is tragedy.

                    If I have offended you, go away.

                    May Yolanda rest in peace.

                2. I could call you Psycho if you want, but that’s because I’m in a generous mood today.

                  1. For anyone who isn’t a heartless jackass like Episiarch, you can donate to her family at it would help a great deal to heal the wounds this event has caused.

                    Thank You

            2. Thank you. I’ll be in town all week. Tell your friends.

              1. I called it two minutes before you admitted to it. Good job, though. I would call that quality trolling.

                1. Yeah, excellent work. This doesn’t feel like one of our regular trolls. I hope it comes back.

                  1. thanx, but if i had thought farther ahead I would have used the 14 year old neice line or something similar earlier, gathered more sympathy,and then BAM hit you with a +25 point pie in the face gotcha.

                    I’m still working on it

                    after all, i’m only a 12 year old mormon forced to engage in plural marriage, my husband only lets me on the ‘puter after he passes out from the exhaustion of beating me 🙁

                    this is my only fun 🙁

                    1. I’m going to give you the advice Jerry gave George: always exit on a high note.

                  2. Jeebus knows we could use a better class of troll here.

                    1. Jeebus knows we could use a better class of troll here.

                      Concern troll is concerned.

              2. That was some quality trolling, right there. Thank you for making my afternoon Reason session worthwhile.

            3. “The thinking man looks at the world and sees a comedy. The feeling man looks at the world and sees a tragedy.”


    2. B.

      Successfully riled up the commentariat, made concern trolls weep, however, the troll lacked subtlety necessary for an A.

      Good effort.

  5. Kinda puts the whole phone hacking thing into perspective huh?

    1. hire that man as an editor!

  6. Just more blood on the hands of US politicians.

    1. Yeah, because they did the beheading.

      1. I’m sure you’ll be persuaded when the dog’s owner says “Hey, I didn’t bite anyone.”

        Isn’t there something about foreseeable circumstances aren’t unintended or something like that? Some kind of iron rule?

        1. So the U.S. government is supposed to have the cartels on a leash? Analogy fail.

          1. No, it means that you don’t get to escape culpability for a situation you’ve gone a long way toward creating by arguing you weren’t the proximate cause. Analogies are only analogs.

            1. Interesting visual though. It makes a certain kind of sense that the US gov’t would be into domination/submission games and humiliation fetishes.

          2. The U.S. government’s war on a peaceful act, drug use, is what has escalated the entire situation to this point.

      2. Yes, if you believe in cause and effect.

      3. The ATF probably sold them the knives/machetes/whatever.

        1. And the DEA sharpened them!

    2. How can they notice more blood with all they have on their hands already?

      1. Brilliant analysis!

  7. If only we had the wisdom to get out of the recreational drug banning business before we create criminal cartels with wealth and power that cannot be contained….

    1. Basically. As good as it would be to end the drug war, thinking that will make the cartels go away is like expecting lung cancer to go away after you quit smoking. There are always other crimes they can turn to — kidnapping, extortion, etc.

      1. Yeah, but after prohibition the mafia slowly withered away. Sure it’s still there, but nowhere near the levels it was or committing the acts of violence it once did.

  8. I wish the NAACP would send their memo from yesterday about the racism of the Drug War to Latino-American groups in the U.S.

    Wherever I went in Mexico, Mexicans blamed the violence within Mexico on demand from the United States–it’s time for Mexican-American groups to protest our Drug War here in the U.S. on human rights grounds–just like NAACP is starting to do.

    It’s absolutely shameful what we let happen in Mexico in the name of saving people from the ravages of the drug trade.

    1. Re: Ken Shultz,

      Wherever I went in Mexico, Mexicans blamed the violence within Mexico on demand from the United States

      You’re absolutely right when saying that most Mexicans blame the violence on what is in the end the totally wrong thing – consumption, – just like Americans blame the drug trafficking on the wrong thing – profit seeking, or trafficking: take your pick.

      Whenever I participated in Mexican discussion forums (a while ago, because I stopped after moving from California to Texas,) my compatriots, with a few exceptions, always placed the blame on American permissiveness, on not “doing enough” to reduce drug consumption. Their power of assesment is always wanting.

      Clueless people abound in all countries and they tend uniformly to lay the blame on the wrong things, all the time.

      1. Maybe Mexico should attack us. we’ll then invade and spend lots of money training them how to build schools and run oil businesses.

        1. Who will play in the Peter Sellers role?

          1. Re: fish,
            Peter Sellers will, three times.

  9. Not our fault! Gringo’s fault!

    1. Nobody is fucking saying that, you fecal fragment. Murderers are culpable for murder. But turning a blind eye to the policies that make murder profitable is reprehensible too. Honestly, are you that stupid? No. You’re a despicable troll that will do anything to distract discussion away from the root causes of this situation: namely the misguided and thoroughly discredited policies of prohibition.

      1. Yeah, cause just think how many Canadian reporters have been killed by the Canuck Drug Cartels feed the illegal drug demands of the US….oh wait……

        1. It is indisputable that the U.S. war on drugs is directly responsible for all those American gangs of drug-cartel beheaders roaming New York and L.A. and Cleveland and Omaha where the streets run red with the blood of their victims. Culture has nothing to do with it. It’s not our fault!

  10. That woman was brave but foolish. How much longer will this evil shit continue before enough people realize legalization is the only way to crush these drug-dealing thugs?

    1. You’re only foolish if your mad gamble doesn’t work out.

      I can’t imagine the kind of guts she must have had.

    2. I’m going to guess a very long time. Too many people profit from the status quo.

  11. But,were these thugs also members[ro former members] of the Mexican police or military.That’s the rub.You have know idea who is on what side.Of course the US keeps sending military supplies that end up in cartel hands or used by the corrupt cops and soldiers.

  12. Too much violence in this world…

  13. Goddamnit, I wanna know:

    Did anything else happen?

    1. Yes. We fucked your sister. She is 13, no? Old enough for libertarians like us! We are not murderers..we are freedom fighters!

  14. Nah, blame the NRA. After all it was American firearms that are used in the violence. OOPS, wrong player, they were courtesy the ATFE; provided by the US Government itself.

  15. And I thought only islamists beheaded people anymore. I was racist. And it was wrong.

  16. And to think these are the same charming folks that Libertarians want to open the borders to…eh? What’s that? Oh, I’m sure if you legalized drugs these people would go straight and never injure another law abiding citizen.

    1. You assume they have any trouble getting over the border in the first place.

      And yes, I do want them here. My house is a mess.

      1. Do you have a daughter? How old?

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