"You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up."


Republican Rep. Allen West writes a not-so-kind note to his fellow Florida representative, Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The subject line of the email? "Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz." 


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  1. what’s he trying to say here? why the innuendo?

    1. The stupid will be strong with this one.

  2. [The legislation] slashes Medicaid and critical investments essential to winning the future in favor of protecting tax breaks for Big Oil, millionaires, and companies who ship American jobs overseas. -Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

    He sounds spot on.

    1. Yes, nothing is more “vile” that factually accurate statements.

      1. And nothing is more factually accurate than a naked assertion.

      2. The bill doesn’t slash Medicaid. It says nothing about Medicaid. It just fails to exempt it, unlike a handful of things: Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ benefits and interest on debt.

        All I see is a bald-faced lie followed by a noxious assertion about “critical investments essential to winning the future” — really, does anyone want to cut those? — followed by a laundry list of Democratic bogeymen.

  3. I don’t know if she’s the “MOST” in Congress.

    1. Yeah, I say bullcorn. Has he not heard of Waxman, Pelosi, or other such scum?

      1. Not to mention their counterparts in his own party.

    2. Yeah, there is pretty tough competition for the top spot in that category.

  4. Before I looked I guessed Jackson-Lee or Rangel or somesuch. Depressing there are so many more guesses.

    1. you’re just jealous of their deft hand with the race card. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

    2. Hey, isn’t the fifth hurricane this year named “Friedchickeneesha?” What more does SJ-L want??

      1. Socialization of the weather? The weather disproportionately affects some people at the expense of others. Why should Florida suffer hurricanes when South Dakota doesn’t? We should really equalize this.

        1. It could happen! I’m totally cereal!

        2. 115 in Minneapolis a while back. We’re getting more equal.

          1. it only FELT like 115 – the mercury never got anywhere near there.

          2. Washington state is experiencing record cold temperatures.

            1. but we’re basking in schadenfreude 🙂

  5. Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

    I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior??which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

    You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

    1. Just random cutting and pasting, now?
      How low will you sink?

  6. It’s well past time for MTV/C-SPAN to combine their efforts and give America the Real World: DC series that it so desperately needs.

    1. We put 435 of the most incredibly stupid people on the planet in one house to see what would happen. This is the DC world.

      1. I’m not sure they’re much stupider than the people in the house next door or at the other end of the street.

        1. I’m not sure they’re much stupider than the people in the house next door or at the other end of the street.

          Most people can balance their budget.

          1. Look up, Josh! That’s a joke above your head.

          2. The 435 seem to have the edge on the 100 and the 1 in that regard.

        2. The Mall being the neighborhood, he means.

      2. It’s two houses, dude. Bicameral, remember?

        1. If you take both houses it’s 535 people, so he’s actually right. 435 is one house.

          1. Good point. Still, I’d like to include both houses. Why let the Senate off the hook?

            1. We have to save some material for next season.

            2. 537 dude. You forgot the President/vP.

              I hesitate to throw throw the SCOTUS in with the other two branches, as every once in a while they show glimmars of intelligence…

      3. That should be 434 + Ron Paul

    2. Debbie: This is the story…

      Ron Paul: Of 10 Politicians…

      Shelia Jackson Lee: Forced to live in a house…

      Paul Ryan: From different parties…

      Pelosi: To see what happens when politicians stop being fake…

      Cantor: And start being real.

      Sander: The Real World, D.C.

      1. In tonight’s episode, Michelle pledges to cure Barney out of his t3h GAYALiTY and a catfight ensues! Juicy juicy drama!

        1. In next week episode, Ron makes a speech about gold, but no one will listen!!!

          Oh, wait, that’s every week.

          1. You, ma’am, are not a member of the House. Michelle Bachmann.

      2. Thread winner.

        1. Thank you good sir. Now, where do I pick up my internet(s)?

          1. In fairness, you forgot to include Barney Frank or Jared Polis–every “Real World” series has a token gay character.

      3. I just want to know who hooks up 😉

        1. Please, you know they will all slut themselves out to every lobbyist who comes by to visit. The game will be who can do more.

          1. Dude, the best episode was when the reps from the Bradley Campaign and the NRA came to the house. I’m pretty sure the entire screen was blurred out for at least half that episode.

            I hear they show it uncensored on the first season DVDs. Goldy want.

        2. I just want to know who hooks up 😉

          Ron Paul and Barney Frank.

          An odd couple for the 21st century.

    3. Fun fact: Reason HQ overlooks the former Real World D.C. house.

      1. Is that where you guys stash the interns?

        1. More important: is Riggs staying up so late partying with them that he can’t get the Morning Links out in a timely fashion?

          1. He was on it today.

  7. You mean there are people in positions of power that treat the phrase “winning the future” as if it has any actual meaning?

  8. “Say it to my FACE!” He wrote angrily in his email.

    What a pussy.

    1. In his defense, that was too many characters for Twitter.

  9. This is exactly the kind of overboard rhetoric that preceded the shooting of Gabby Giffords. I hope Mr. West has a clear conscience.

    1. …said Debbie Wasserman Shultz after she was taken into custody after she opened fire on a black, Jewish, poor orphanage while quoting passages from The Declaration of Independents.

      1. Laugh all you want, but you can’t deny that this incendiary rhetoric is bee on the pail.

        1. If mere words are enough to push people over the edge, it’s their fucking fault for not exercising self-control, you schmuck.

        2. Yes, we can deny it.

          As a matter of fact, we ARE denying it.

          Sucks, doesn’t it, when someone actually doesn’t play along with your stupid, baseless assertion?

        3. I lol’d

    2. Bullshit, Hobie. Giffords’ shooting had NOTHING to do with the kind of vile rhetoric one can find on both Fox News and MSNBC.

      Now shut the fuck up, you prick.

      1. Oh for Christ sake, how much more obvious does the troll have to be? There isn’t even a worm on that hook!

        1. But it’s a big shiny thing! I must bite it!

          1. But it’s a big shiny thing! I must bite it!

            Is that what he told you?

            1. Seriously, rather, you just love you some gay jokes.

              Someone reads too much slash and has too little man, methinks.

              1. That one begged for a joke!
                Gold Man

                1. I think that a good ol’ “That’s what she said!” would have sufficed but its easy to Monday morning quarterback.

          2. Bite my Shiny Metal Ass!

    3. I hope Mr. West has a clear conscience.

      Some might consider any unpleasantness a public service.


        1. I’m sure West’s conscience is much clearer now that he’s gotten the truth out there.

    4. Why shouldn’t he?
      Did he pull a trigger?

      In the real world, grown men take responsibility for their own actions.
      West insulted Schultz, and that’s the end of it, no matter how much you hope for a new schizophrenic mass murderer to stand up.

    5. Congratulations, you are the biggest ass I’ve encountered all month. Keep up the good work.

  10. This reads like a comment on a World of Warcraft realm forum.

    1. I look forward to the point where it devolves into youtube comments and we can finally accord the state the respect it really deserves.

  11. in which she responded — without naming him — to the Tea Party freshman’s support for “Cut, Cap, and Balance” legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

    In her defense if she said this on the floor I think there are rules against naming fellow house representatives.

    1. They don’t use names, but usually specify who they’re talking about by mentioning “the gentleman from Florida” or something like that.

      1. Which is of course Congress speak for “hey asshole.”

  12. West is the hothead who barely ducked court-martial with a procedural maneuver.

    After attacking a woman the cowardly Teabaggers will canonize him.

    1. Are you sure she was a woman?

    2. Nah

      He is just a freshman noob.

      It is actually kind of nice.

      “Fuck the house rules!! I am going to freak out horribly and to the detriment of my political career!!”

      In all honesty I think this sort of people would run the country better then the current leadership.

      And it does not matter if they are lefties or tea pirates.

      Novice politicians make better representatives then expert politicians regardless of their politics.

      1. I’m sick of the tight grins of agony these pricks (and prickettes) display when discussing their “esteemed colleagues”.

        I wanna see fistfights on C-SPAN.

        1. Bring back beating each other with canes!

          1. Beating with canes would take too long.

            1. Burr v. Hamilton.

      2. My animals think they taste better too

        1. My cats like the taste of the new and improved Jiffy peanut butter that I spread on my vag. Nothing like seeing 30 cats fighting for position!

            1. Who am I kidding? There aren’t any cats that would come within a hundred miles of me.

    3. Shrike is obviously a racist for attacking a black man.

      1. It’s only racist if Team Red says it.

        1. Alleging racism is for losers.

          Obama, to his credit know this. It took Herman Cain about a month before he called John Stewart a racist.

          One is fit to be President – the other is a pizza guy.

          1. Why would you pick either of them?

          2. And one would have been a pizza boy in a different time, according to Bill Clinton.

          3. “alleging racism is for losers”

            How often has the term “racist” been misused?

            Hint: The answer is “shitloads”.

          4. Alleging racism is for losers.

            So you’re saying that black men who allege racism are losers?

            That’s racist!

          5. It’s funny how you say alleging racism is for losers, and then go on to mention Herman Cain instead of the millions upon millions of your own lefty comrades who have turned alleging racism into a sport.

            How’s that for cognitive dissonance?
            Or is it simply one more example of that wonderful liberal hypocrisy that is part of your genetic make-up?
            You know, like the one where liberals learned to stop worrying and love the wars and corporate bailouts?

          6. One is fit to be President – the other is a pizza guy.

            I sure do hope Godfather’s is still hiring after 2012. You’re right! I think I have the right skill set to take on the challenge of being a pizza delivery guy. Who the fuck am I kidding. Michelle always gets my ambitions up way too high when all I really want to do is light up a doob and play hackeysack on the street.

          7. On the other hand, alleging sexism is for winners.

            1. It’s okay when we do it, shrike.

              PS meeting at your mom’s this weekend.

              1. I WILL BE THERE

          8. Well, at least we now know Sheila Jackson Lee (D) from Texas is a loser.

    4. If he had punched her out, I’d be with you.

      Verbally attacking a professional politician is fair game regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap, or whatever. It may or may not be an asshole move, but honestly it’s sexist to act like attacking a woman politician is somehow wrong simply because she is a woman.

    5. Are you sure you understand the word “attack”? Words were exchanged, insults were exchanged. In addition to your other character flaws, are you really that big of a pussy?

      1. Mom! He attacked me!

      2. shriek really is that big of a pussy.

        1. It’s only an attack when Team Red does it!

          1. It’s only an attack when Team Red does it!

            1. Is not!

              1. Is too!

  13. I doubt either of them is even the most vile representative from the State of Florida. (It’s a big state.)

    1. Casey Anthony is in Ohio now.

      Since Warty is INCIFing me, I’ll let you make the obvious joke in the silence of your hearts.

      1. The amount of hot chicks in Ohio has now doubled?

        1. She was pretty hot and is probably certifiably crazy to boot. Guaranteed some dumb shmuck in Ohio is getting ridden like a bronco as we speak, with no idea what he’s getting himself into. (pun not intended)

          1. So, what you’re saying is that you’re jealous of that guy.

            1. Of course. No need to wear a rubber, she’s got the birth control thing down to a science. At least, everything but the timing of it.

              1. She believes in a right to late-late-late term abortions.

              2. ….she’s got the birth control thing down to a science

                Yeah but her method is so complicated…..you have to talk to the cops, the press…..the horrible female lawyer on TV. Probably easier to just get oral!

                1. It’s the loophole after the GOP defunds public abortion funding: public defender and a book deal. Hell, you could probably make a profit!

                2. Her method is complicated for her. It’s a cakewalk for the guy, dude! Stop thinking with your head, and think with your other head!

                  1. But I’m a sensitive man what about…sniff…her needs?

                    1. I’m sure you wouldn’t have satisfied her needs in the first place, so don’t worry about it. Or get her some Miller High Life.

                    2. High Life, a bottle of ketchup, and some Cabbage Patch Kids.

          2. Wait a minute, isn’t Warty in Ohio?

            Has anyone seen him post today?

            Would Warty be the bronco that bumps bodies with a baby basher?

            1. So in 2 years, Warty’s spawn will be on trial for killing their mother. That’s what happens when you inject anabolic steroids in-vitro and jam out to terrible metal in your infancy.

              1. She would never last that long. Warty’s spawn would chew its way out of her womb and emerge in full rawk mullet.

            2. Would Warty be the bronco that bumps bodies with a baby basher?

              Alliteration is so pedestrian, dude.

              1. All know that alliteration is awesome.

                You’re just jealous because you didn’t do it first.

                1. Alliteration is terribly un-metal, unless you’re Beowulf. Then it’s awesome.

                  Also, the skank is way out of my skankleague. Maybe I should stalk her anyway.

                  1. Alliteration is dumb, just like all of you. Especially Bingo.

                    You could at least semi-stalk her, Warty. You’re in the same state after all. It’s almost like it’s your duty.

                    1. Hey now! I actually agree with you about alliteration. It is a cheap means of applying form to a quip without having to put any effort into it. The best means are rarely noticed without you having to take a phrase apart first.

                  2. Alliteration is old-timey and that’s what I strive for.

          3. I bet Casey Anthony fucks like she just got out of prison…oh wait.

            1. Fuck, you are all sick bastards
              RIP Caylee

              1. I know what it’s like to lose a baby. I’m a rather (heh!) large girl and I didn’t know I was pregnant… I accidently flushed it when I took a shit. 🙁

                1. I found a baby in my poop once too. Last time I ever ordered the 99c chili at Wendy’s, I’ll tell you that much.

              2. rather|7.19.11 @ 8:58PM|#

                Fuck, you are all sick bastards
                RIP Caylee

                Despicable? Like waving a dead baby in people’s faces to gain the moral high ground?

                1. Q: Why does her dad wrap dead babies in duct tape?

                  A: So they don’t pop when he fucks them.

                  1. Oh wait, I didn’t lose a baby. My uteris just fell out 🙁

    2. Is Jewee McJewstein still in the House, or did he retire to Tampa?

      1. Thaaat’s nice.

        1. You’re right. I should apologize. For too long, Jewish people have had to bear the horrible stereotype that once they retire, they move to Florida, and elect their children to steal from the taxpayers of Florida to fund their retirement.

          Sorry Jews. Sorry.

          1. What’s a nice Jewish wine?

            “I don’t wanna go to Flooorida… I wanna go shooooppping…”

            1. McJewstein? An Irish Jew? Now I’ve heard everything!

  14. Wow… MediaMorons isn’t even on this story yet. How curious.

    1. Its not a media event.

      All MM does is post vid of some media asshole lying and then a link to a real news article proving that he lied.

      They don’t do that much.

      1. Funny, they only post vid of non-liberals… they should post every TV appearance of, say, Paulie Krugnuts.

        Or of you, if you ever got on TV.

        1. 99% of the media lies come from the right.

          Misinforming half-wits is a proud tradition of Fat Rush and the Roger Ailes team.

          1. Who’s the new King of the Rednecks?

            1. 99 percent??

              You really are a Team Blue prick, shrike.

              1. Its true. Traditional news is sourced by people cursed with journalism degrees who want to get the story right – NYT, ABC, NBC, etc.

                The uneducated swine like Beck, Limpy, and Handity-job don’t give a fuck about “journalistic integrity”.

                Its actually a money-making feature for them – to their credit.

                Reason is also cursed with J.I.

                I have never found a lie here in 3-4 years. I called Suderman on one once and he corrected me. I was wrong.

                1. people cursed with journalism degrees

                  Truer words never spoken.

                  Have a little empathy you cheap leftist fuck!

                  1. Haha! Good one! Click above for cheap leftist fucks at good prices!

          2. 115% of shriek’s sockpuppet’s stats are produced ex recto.

            1. It’s numbers like 99% that make it 105% obvious that shriek is a sockpuppet, as if you needed any other proof.

              1. Every time some Team Blue spokeshead/God forbid, actually in public office schmuck[ette] opens their fuckin’ Cool Whip-holes, they fucking lie.

                shrike is just too dense to tell the ratio correctly.

                1. Both parties are statist – the Dems just don’t try to hide it so much.

                  I got over it a long time ago. I realize this place is filled with mopey idealistic fucks who think SS/Medicare/Pentagon might go away in their lifetime.

                  Me? I know I will die far in advance of such.

                  1. Woah. Woah. Back up. Read that again. That was pretty good.

                    Remember when you called Obama a quant? That is when you lost me, man. Before that, you’re schtick was prime rib, though. A little of the old shrike is poking through in that last post. Got a little tear in the eye.

                    1. Dems tend to be data freaks (quants) – into the nuance like Clinton, Obama and Carter.

                      GOPers tend to be lazy Big Picture guys like Reagan and the Bushes.

                    2. Who could possibly be more of a Big Picture guy than a messiah?

                    3. I wish they still sold Billy Beer.

                2. shrike is too busy playing a character to care about reality.

                  1. Funny how he bitches about statism, yet thinks Obama is a good president.

                    What a maroon.

                    1. oh shit – you were brain dead 2001-09.

                      Bush rated a 9 on the statism meter – twice Obama rating.

                    2. Don’t you think that is a little unfair to Obama? Without the crises that Bush handed him, Obama’s policies were forced upon him. He would likely be a 2 or possibly 1 on the statism scale if you take that into account.

                    3. With the crises, not without the crises. Cheap beer and posting on line never mix.

                    4. I was completely party ambivalent until 2003.


                      Medicare Welfare Part D
                      Iraq Boondoggle for HAL, BP etc
                      PATRIOT Spy on America Act
                      American Dream Downpayment Act
                      Surplus to $1.3 trillion deficit
                      Firing all US Attorneys prosecuting crime

                      get it?

                      Libya is a spike mark.
                      The worst Obama policy is a health mandate – which won’t bankrupt us like the Bushpigs did.

                    5. Until-

                      Medicare Welfare Part D
                      Iraq Boondoggle for HAL, BP etc
                      PATRIOT Spy on America Act
                      American Dream Downpayment Act
                      Surplus to $1.3 trillion deficit
                      Firing all US Attorneys prosecuting crime

                      get it?

                      Of course I get it. In this galaxy, the Huts don’t play quid pro quo nice nice with the emperor and Darth Vader but sit on top the two, stick the Death Star up where the double stars of Vega VI don’t shine when the Empire starts talking about stocking up on the lithium crystals to counter their debt risk owed to the Huts.

                      See, if you spoke our language more often, Shrike, we could communicate better.

                    6. Didn’t vote for Bush, never liked the motherfucker.

                      OR his old man.

                      Try again, shrike.

                    7. And that list you just posted?

                      How many Democrats helped pass those, shrike?

                      Sure you still wanna cheerlead for Obama?

                      Oh, and I didn’t vote for McCain, Dole (I did like his VP choice, though), and likely won’t vote for another Republican for president. Ever. Not unless one comes along who leaves the social-conservative bullshit aside.

                      Which, unfortunately, won’t be Herman Cain. And I had such hopes for him. Sad.

                      But, back to you and your liberalism…

          3. 99% of the media lies come from the right.

            There’s a string that comes out of your back isn’t there Talkie Tina. Tony pulls it?

          4. 99% of my farts smell like Barney Frank for what it’s worth.

            1. There’s a Santorum joke in there somewhere. Whether or not Rick has anything to do with it is another matter.

          5. Amazingly, shrike’s sensitivity for politicians disappears when given the opportunity to spout about TeamRED bushpigs and Christfags.

            Dangerous. Rhetoric.

            1. Dangerous rhetoric only comes from the right.

              1. If you want a friend in this town, buy a 357.

              2. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!

              3. Thass right! You tell ’em, muthafucka!

                1. You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies! I hate white people – all of them! Every last iota of a cracker, I hate ’em.

                  1. MMMmmmmm…..crackers!

                  2. I’m pretty much ambivalent about race. Don’t care most days except when discrimination is blatant.

                    1. Meant to be contrasted with the loud mouths you have only heard of because of the brain dead shit they have said that gets them press attention, just in case the point being made wasn’t obvious.

                    2. …it’s okay to say stupid shit like that?

              4. Don’t forget us dastardly libertarians. Oh wait you think we belong to the right.


                1. “Don’t forget us dastardly libertarians. Oh wait you think we belong to the right.”


          6. It’s now official: We can ignore every word shriek writes and not miss a thing.

            1. I incifed him ages ago.

              Now I can enjoy intelligent comments, … like the ones Warty makes.

  15. If Debbie’s not careful someone is going to kick her in the balls. Fist-fights would definitely make C-SPAN worth watching, bring politics back to the good old days.

    1. DC’s gun ban doesn’t apply to flintlock pistols, does it? Proper debates among the political class should be done at 50 yards, high noon.

      1. And if the gun ban is in effect then they’ll have to settle for sabers.

          1. I don’t understand that site. Why would I want to get rid of my guns?

            1. You never will understand it. Only leftists understand it.

              1. Only the subset of leftists who don’t even trust themselves around sharp objects, you mean. Shit, I can muster up some left hate any time of day, but there’s no way that even close to a majority of them in this country are that retarded. Well, a majority of the politicians and activists, maybe, but not ordinary people.

                1. I’ve met many liberals, and most of them are that stupid.

                  Met a lot of right-wingers who fall into that category, too.

                  1. It’s a British website.

          2. Hey you found a website from 1996.

            1. It’s the idea that counts… as in “why anyone would go that far”.

              Thankfully, we don’t go quite that irrational here in America… not yet, anyway.

        1. They can do it with poorly-sharpened pencils for all I care. Those cherry blossoms in DC could use a little more red come the springtime.

    2. If C-SPAN covered asian politics you can have all the melees you want

    3. I’m pretty sure caning was a significant part of deliberation in 19th century congress. Truly email has reduced us to barbarians.

  16. It seems to be my day for threadjacks:
    Sheriff’s review board: Fatal shooting of David Turner within policy. http://www.bakersfield.com/new…..gn=synapse

    Money quotes:

    A surveillance video released by the Sheriff’s Department shows Turner walking through the parking lot of the convenience store with two other individuals, stopping as deputies drove up and walking over to them to be searched.

    After the search Turner picks up the bags he set down and turns to walk away. One deputy follows him and can be seen striking Turner while the other deputy moves to keep the other individuals — who included Turner’s 19-year-old son, according to reports — back from the confrontation.

    But the video cuts out just before the fatal shotting, omitting a crucial six-second segment.

    [Kern County Sheriff] Youngblood said the video was on a motion sensor and the camera shut off for a brief time until additional motion triggered it to start recording again.

    I’m sure we’re all stunned.

    1. But the video cuts out just before the fatal shotting, omitting a crucial six-second segment.

      How can this not cause legal action?

      1. Motion sensor camera shuts off when man swings bag like a tomahawk.

        Motion sensor camera starts up when lifeless body is still.

        Is this really gonna be their story? I mean, really?

        1. This is like Nork photoshopping or something. I mean what are the chances? Right?

        2. I had the same thought. This is the best they could come up with? I’m sure they’ll be releasing the medical records of the deputy’s scalp wounds to clear all this up, right?

        3. You people just can’t stop criticizing the government can you?

        4. Maybe the camera was really slow to start up again after shutting off while the guy was standing still talking to the cops.

      2. this has to be a joke. how the fuck do you lose the video at the perfect time unless you meant to?

        1. It happens all the time with tape recorders

          1. Bastard blamed me but no one last missing 18 and ? minutes, if you know what I mean

        2. This is their way of saying “fuck you, little people, you can’t do shit to us”.

      3. Legal action against whom? The camera manufacturer? You don’t have any proof that the video was doctored (even though I’m 99.9% sure it was).

        1. If I were his family, I’d fucking hire someone to find proof, or to testify that the likelihood of this happening without tampering is astronomical. I mean, fuck, dude…if they can get away with this, what can’t they get away with?

        2. Lega against the police department, obviously.

        3. At least the lady form this morning got her tripod back.

          Fuck, this is depressing.

        4. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ? That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ? That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    2. Clich? Bandit|7.12.11 @ 3:24PM|#

      5 bucks says the video is blank/was malfunctioning/is lost.

      ClicheBandit would be five dollars richer if anyone on this blog had been dumb enough to take him up on it.

    3. Did the video show Turner striking the police officer with the Bag ‘O beer?

      1. Apparently not… just the bit where the cop hits him in the leg with his baton, which perfectly matches what his kid said happened, but IIRC was not mentioned by the police in their original account.*

        * As always, reporting inaccuracies by journalists are possible (or really, to be expected) so take that with a grain of salt.

    4. Jesus fucking Christ. The video cuts out? Really?

    5. I present this as case-in-point to the “calm down and let’s just wait ’til the facts come out” crowd that I don’t need to fucking wait for the “facts” to come out.

  17. Sheriff’s Department version, also from same article. “Shotting” is in the original.

    Turner, 56, was shot early July 10 at the Fastrip on Niles Street and Mount Vernon Avenue. Deputies had responded to the Fastrip for reports of juveniles asking adults to buy alcohol for them, the sheriff’s department has reported.

    Youngblood said Monday that deputies had detained Turner at the scene and searched him. Turner at first complied, but became increasingly agitated.

    Turner stopped complying and walked away from the deputies, Youngblood said. A deputy, trying to stop Turner, struck him in the leg with a baton.

    Turner then raised a bag he was carrying that contained two 24-ounce cans of beer and swung it “tomahawk-style” down on Deputy Aaron Nadal’s head, Youngblood said. Nadal went into a defensive position and Turner again began raising the bag — which weighed more than three pounds — to strike Nadal.

    Kraft pulled his gun and fired twice, hitting Turner. Turner was taken to Kern Medical Center and died about two hours later.

    The whole ordeal, from the baton strike to the shooting, lasted about five seconds, Youngblood said.

    Carry on, nothing to see here…

    1. While three pounds can be pretty devastating if swung “tomahawk style” (racist?), I fail to see how that could possibly reach an “imminent threat” level.

      That, and the fact that they were making an unlawful detention.

      And the 6 second blackout on the tape. How does a motion sensor not pick up a man swinging a bag like a tomahawk, yet it comes back on when his body is in a lifeless heap?

      Bullshit story by cops is bullshit.

      1. And where’s dunphy to defend these corrupt scumbags?

        1. You mean, “where’s dunphy to have an actual cop to vent at”?

          1. No, dunphy was pretty adamant in his defense of the officers, assuming the cops’ story is true.

      2. The missing camera footage stinks to high heaven, but you do have to keep in mind that in the split second you have to defend yourself you don’t know the exact nature of the object about to smack your skull.

        When you attack someone with a dangerous-looking weapon, even one that’s not really dangerous, you’ve forfeited the right to complain if they kill you during your attack.

        1. Is the “attack with a dangerous-looking weapon” on the tape anywhere? Because if not, your assertion is moot.

          1. Who cares if it’s moot?

            1. The dead guy?

              1. The opinions of a dead person are among the mootest of things. So your claim of mootness is itself moot.

                1. And in the world a heart of darkness
                  A fire zone
                  Where ex-ballers shrugs off a cop
                  Then bleed for it . . .
                  . . . his blood still cries
                  From the ground

                  Nothing is moot where a brother is concerned.

                2. dead guy’s family, okay?

                3. I hope you are proud of yourself, Tulpa. You’re devil advocacy evoked Bono. It may very well be the real deal. Look at the earnestness there! Anyone else you know capable of that depth of sincerity without falling on the floor laughing. I know I can’t.

                  1. Do African children still die when he claps his hands?

                    1. Every time.

                      Just his way of showing The Guild they picked the wrong rock star to be their leader.

                    2. “The Edge” can kiss my dick. MUCH better guitarists out there.

                    3. Are there people out there claiming that he’s anything above average?

                    4. Yes… The Edge, by calling himself such a stupid fucking name.

        2. A paper bag with two beer cans in it is a “dangerous-looking weapon” now? If you swing it with any real force the contents will just rip the bag open.

          And last I checked they ran after him while his back was turned and struck him with a baton.

        3. Correct, the cops attacked the citizen from behind with a deadly weapon. They had no right to self defense, only retreat.

        4. And? The coverup is worse than the crime, as they say. A reasonable person would assume that, at a minimum, they have something to hide. And obstruction of justice/tampering with evidence is not something you do in the heat of the moment, it’s deliberate, and since it was probably not done by the officers who shot the guy, suggests organizational conspiracy. If we had a DOJ worth two shits, this would be a federal investigation, the whole fucking PD would be sidelined and the investigators would be looking at hard time.

        5. When you attack someone with a dangerous-looking weapon, even one that’s not really dangerous, you’ve forfeited the right to complain if they kill you during your attack.

          So, when the cop attacked Turner with a baton he forfeited his right to complain about the man defending himself with a can of beer, right?

          1. No, no, silly. Civilians have no right to retaliate if they are struck by a police officer who is performing his duty.

            As a civilian, you must comply with law enforcement personnel at all times, and any and all noncompliance can be met with force up to and including the taking of your life.

            Remember, law enforcement’s “new professionalism” virtually guarantees that misapplication of force will never occur.

            Just stop resisting.

      3. I have to disagree with you on this. Getting clobbered with two cans of beer could easily kill you, so it certainly qualifies as imminent mortal danger.

        1. With a normal person, you are correct.

          However, we are talking about a cop with a vastly thicker skull.

        2. So you would think the cop needed medical attention, right? They could just release those files and make the suspicion go away.

      4. He was defending himself after being attacked from behind by a government thug. Of course the prick sucking pig Dumpy will come on and defend it as a righteous shoot.

      5. It is my fondest wish that every cop develop testicular cancer.

        1. I go with rectal

  18. Mr. West’s flame-fu is not strong.

  19. Whoever linked to that Britfaggot anti-weaponry website a few comments above, that was ball-numbingly hilarious. What a bunch of subjugated, cowardly, subservient, degenerate serfs these people are.

    1. “The maximum prison sentence for carrying a knife is 4 years.”

      “Pointing a toy gun at someone could lead to 10 years in prison”

      “Asking someone to look after a gun could cost you 10 years in prison.”

      So it turns out the slippery slope for gun control is very, very real.

      1. “Pointing a toy gun at someone could lead to 10 years in prison”

        This in a country where rape will get you two years max. If they bother to prosecute you at all, that is.

  20. Parker Spitzer/In the Arena/In the Arena with Black Gay Guy is discussing the debt debate and it’s so fucking depressing without Nick Gillespie on.

  21. Anyway… West got it right.

  22. So you have a knife, real or imitation gun you want to get rid of?

    Here is how:

    Find your gun, an empty shoe box, black bag, brown tape, and a pair of scissors

    Place the gun inside the black bag …

    Wrap it up and then tape. Try to make sure it doesn’t look too much like a gun…

    Place the wrapped and taped imitation gun in the shoe box…

    Secure the box lid…

    Then take it down to your local police station and hand it in!

    1. That method is too anti-environmental for liberals.

    2. I hope this is a sick joke:
      A few years ago some English serf discovered someone had dumped a hand gun in his back yard. He picked it up, took it down to the local police station and turned it in.

      They convicted him of carrying a firearm without a license and I think they even sentenced him to jail.

      In trying to prevent a Bolshevik revolution, the Labour and Tory parties have done an excellent job of turning Britains into obedient little slaves.

        1. The only appropriate response to the Pixies, thank you.

  23. You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Still less vile than your average Senator, though?

  24. I don’t always suck political dick but when I do, I prefer Team Blue.

  25. How much do you want to bet that there is more going on than meets the eye, here?

    Something tells me that West and Wasserman-Schultz maybe had a fling that ended badly.

    1. If I see one fucking word from SF on this subject, I blame you.

    2. You just hate powerful wymyn!

  26. Why didn’t he say it to her face? What an immature jackass.

    1. Have you seen her face?

  27. Why should he say it to her face?

    1. Exactly. She didn’t make her remarks to his face.

    2. fucking joke tags……

      1. Much as I despise Cheney, his “go fuck yerself” statement was on-target.

  28. Steve Smith and ward?


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    Attention Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Secretary of State and the Governor of Texas:

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    Texas, please take notice that any Official Certification or Nomination submitted by DNC and
    or by anyone for Barack Hussein Obama (II) aka Barry Soetoro; does not automatically or constitutionally qualify him to be placed on any state ballot to be elected or reelected to any public office by law, according to the U.S. Constitution’s Article. II, ? 1(5) and 8 USC 1481
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    (5a) The U.S. Congress as Texas has no autonomous right of naturalization to alter the fact of a place of birth or too make a foreigner’s child “a natural-born citizen” as described in clause 4, section 1 of Article II of the U.S. Constitution that denies Obama his eligibility to be elected.

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    (11) When the U.S. Chief Supreme Court Justice John Marshall cited Vattel, “born on the soil of parents who are its citizens.” that means on American soil, by two American citizens who do at minimum reside in America with no intent to leave and return to another nation’s jurisdiction, allegiance and citizenship, as did Barack Hussein Obama Sr. and Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s adopted father did. (12) For the chief author of the 14th Amendment, John Bingham, also cited Vattel, quote “about which there has never been doubt,” the meaning of “natural born Citizen” as he informed George Washington to include it in the U.S. Constitution, that was confirmed and has been upheld in multiple federal cases in America’s jurisprudence history, for We the People.

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  30. Life without politics.

    What would that be like?

  31. Excuse me, maybe I meant, “life without politicians…”?

    1. Just like the poor, the politician will always be with us.

      There will always be those that attempt to live by organizing us against them.

  32. Re: David Turner….

    I think “within policy” is consistent with Dunphy’s position.

    Right, Wrong? Not so much. Just, “Within Policy”.

    Nothing to see here.

  33. DWS is my Congressthing–she is a collectivist, statist piece of crap.

    Allan West is better on most policy positions, but he is also a nut, who kowtows to Christianist wackos routinely. Also, Google up his abortive effort to get crazy Joyce Kaufman as his chief aide (JK is a local talk radio nutjob, who is constantly telling us that Muslims are about to impose Sharia law on the US–all “less than 1% of the US population” of them.)

    A pox on both of them.

    1. Muslims have done a number on the UK, where they’re only 3% of the population. Never underestimate the ability of multiculti fuckheads to give away the store.

      1. They deserve it for embracing decadence (self destruction). I lost all respect for them for the pussy whipping New Labour inflicted upon and they took like a gimp. I wish nothing less than the most stereotypical fatwa spewing clerics to take over their parliament, and have them all, English ‘men’ too, wearing burkas. It would be a huge cultural improvement and may go a long way to scrub the Blair sissiness that blights their collective soul.

  34. After reading most of the comments, it seems to me that most haven’t seen the video of Wasserman-Schultz (W-S) that West is addressing.

    Her tactic to jab at West in her statement is markedly passive-aggressive. That’s why he is responding to her the way he is. The left is very skilled at pushing buttons via passive-aggressiveness.

    So reading this statement from West WITHOUT hearing what W-S has said makes West’s comments sounds harsh. But that’s what the left WANTS you to think. Remember look at the whole thing and context and you’ll see that W-S is employing those passive-aggressive skills quite adeptly.

    here’s her statement:

  35. I’m not familiar with West, but I’ve not liked Wasserman-Schultz since I saw Hannity & Colmes interview her as one of their “experts” following the Biden-Palin vice presidential debate. She opens with whining that all Palin was capable of was spouting GOP talking points, and then rapidly devolved into a laundry list of Democratic talking points. Nothing she’s done since has changed my attitude of her.
    Kathleen is correct that DWS’s assault on West was passive-aggressive at best. She really didn’t need to single him out in order to make her point, but she couldn’t resist the opportunity to smear him some.
    Granted, though, it’s the nature of politics, and West is showing some thin skin by his response. However, I do give him points for sending his comments in a semi-private e-mail, rather than dishing his barbs on the floor of the House like she did. I also find it fascinating that the liberal media doesn’t seem to have a problem with broadcasting his comments that were sent semi-privately, but want the head of Rupert Murdoch because people that worked for him invaded the private communications of others to garner headlines (Ann Coulter has an interesting column on the Murdoch scandal at http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-07-20.html).

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