Nick Gillespie on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher This Friday, 10PM ET


I'll be on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday at 10PM ET, talking about Reason, The Declaration of Independents, and more with guests Ben Affleck, Donna Brazile, and John Turturro. The episode will be re-broadcast at 11PM ET and several more times during the rest of the week.

For more info about the show, go here.

Way, way back in 1997, I interviewed Maher, who was then hosting Comedy Central's Politically Incorrect, for what I believe was the very first Soundbite interview in Reason's Citings section (which replaced Trends). Here's that brief exchange:

Soundbite: Politics Makes Strange Guest Star Combinations

 & Brian Doherty from the January 1997 issue

Since its debut in 1993, Politically Incorrect has consistently been the top-rated show on the Comedy Central cable channel. This January, the unconventional talk show that pairs celebrities and policy wonks moves to ABC, where it will air after Nightline. Senior Editor Nick Gillespie and Assistant Editor Brian Doherty talked with PI's host and creator, Bill Maher.

Q: How do you define political incorrectness?

A: Basically, just honesty. It is like saying your kid is ugly, if he's ugly. It doesn't mean conservative or liberal. It means saying things that are true, that people are thinking but no one is saying.

Q: What's your most politically incorrect belief?

A: I'm for drug legalization. To me, there is no greater contradiction to the traditional doctrine about liberty than that. How can you be for personal liberty and then tell me what mood I can be in? There certainly shouldn't be any restrictions on what people do as long as they are not hurting somebody else–especially what they do with their own mind.

Q: What is your one belief people least want to hear?

A: My favorite cause is animals. When Christopher Reeve had his accident, we did a show that was respectful and tasteful. I certainly in no way tried to suggest that I was glad it happened. But I took it as animal abuse, you know. Most people go, "Are you kidding? Horseback riding is horseback riding." Well, you know, at one point, people said the same thing about slavery: "What do you mean, it's slavery? Of course we own them." If you try to make a horse jump over something that it doesn't want to jump over, I think it really should throw you off its back. You wouldn't want to go around with a monkey or something on your back all the time.

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  1. NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The ultimate example of “Don’t Feed the Troll”!

      Bill Maher is the Morton Downey jr. of the dimwitted left.

      1. This fucking moron once called himself a libertarian. He doesn’t even understand the definition of libertarianism. In his world, libertarian = progressive. Idiot.

        1. Bill Maher’s only a libertarian when it’s time for hookers and blow.

          The rest of the time, he’s a statist.

          1. In other words, Maher is a libertine.

  2. “libertarian summit”

  3. You’ve got a couple days yet, Nick. Make sure your middle finger extensor muscles are nice and limber for the audience.

    1. I am picturing them chanting KOCHTOPUS!!1!!1!!!!1!

  4. But I took it as animal abuse, you know. Most people go, “Are you kidding? Horseback riding is horseback riding.”

    I totally agree – horseback riding is barbarous.

    I instead advocate for turning horses into glue. Behind walls. No lookie, no knowie.

    1. They hold the Jell-O together.

      1. They don’t make Jello out of horses. It is made from cow hides too inferior for flea market motorcycle jackets and rent-to-own furniture upholstery.

      2. They hold the Jell-O together.

        and the horses.

    2. Jesus Christ, could Maher be a bigger, more self satisfied jackass. And the horse thing – he can fuckng blow me for being such and imbecile. Now this next is serious: Nick, if you don’t kick Maher’s ass and expose him as the dimwitted ass hat he is, if you don’t face him down on his many completely idiotic conceits, then, well, I will have to say fuck you permanently. I have dreamed of having Tom Woods on there. If anyone can hand Maher his ass, it’s Tom Woods. If anyone can expose the absurdity of his pretensions about being an intellectual, he could. It’s up to you Nick. This is no time to stand on ceremony or to play nice. You better not. Maher is one of the bad guys. Just as bad as the scum from Dubya’s side. Do not sleep with the enemy. That’s all.

      1. Oh my god Tom Woods would ROCK on real time

    3. Give ’em hell, The Jacket. Give ’em hell.

      Maher does make a point regarding horses and breaking horses. You can build a relationship with a horse out of a mutual respect rather than abusive disrespect or whatever. I don’t know how it works, but the documentary “Buck” looks like it might be worth watching.

      Maher’s wrong if he thinks horseback riding is animal abuse. it depends on the trainer or owner, yo.

  5. Please punch Affleck in the face for me. For having to exist in the same room as him, I hope they pay you handsomely. Although John Turturro seems like an interesting person to meet.

    1. Donna Brazile will be there and you want Nick to punch Affleck?

      1. You’ve got two (I think) fists.

  6. Sorry Nick, even for you, I can’t watch that weekly circle jerk of self-righteous hate-filled cretins.

    Unless you plan on dressing him down for calling himself a libertarian all these years, when he’s just another garden variety authoritarian.

    1. He likes sex and drugs…that sorta makes Maher a libertarian…right?…RIGHT?!

      1. If those were the requirements it seems like we’d have a lot more of Hollywood. And America.

      2. however maher doesnt luv SOMALIA more than massachusettsss

      3. He’s a Democrat who wants to smoke pot.

  7. All I ask if that if he self-identifies as a libertarian, crotchpunch him as hard as you can. That irritates me no end.

    1. That fad is so 80s/90s. Gillespie won’t even do it – it would undermine his Independent cred.

      Mark Cuban was on Real Time last Friday and he used to call himself a libertarian. Guess what? That show punched conservatives harder than any of Maher’s other shows and Cuban was joining right in with Bill and Dan Savage.

      Besides, Maher is fine with libertarians – its conservatives he has no use for.

      1. Cuban’s an Objectivist, so no shit he hates conservatives.

        1. Thanks, Dick. I like Ayn Rand and Cuban and also hate conservatives.

          I didn’t know that was called Objectivism – but I wasn’t enough of a Rand nerd to glom onto her pop philosophy. I read Atlas and the FH then stopped.

          1. Interesting. I wonder how much Hayek you read before you stopped.

            1. Von Mises was a drag, man. Too many words.

            2. I put The Road to Serfdom down once he revealed himself as a christfag.

  8. Last Friday I accidentally watched a bit of Bill Maher’s show on HBO and realized that he perfectly embodies everything I despise about the Left. He’s intolerant, closed-minded, and hateful. And he is certain that he, himself, is the direct opposite of these things.

    1. i think you could exchange barbara walters and bill maher between “the view” and “real time” and no one would know the difference, except maybe that “real time” became less bitchy.

    2. Grizzly you nailed it. Even the name of his show is smug. Hey folks, it’s time to get “real”.

    3. Not mention smug, self righteous and self satisfied – all attributes which he hates about the religious right. I’ll be honest, I used to watch Bill religulously. He detested Dubya and his ilk as much as I did, though he was frequently a jackass on other stuff. But when Hopey came in, good Christ, it’s like his true, head up his ass self came out. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t find his smugness nearly as repellent during the Dubya era, but that would make sense. Smugness is less repellent when you are right. That he is such a total imbecile about Obama and guns and actual, individual liberty makes that smugness much less tolerable.

  9. Something tells me he will be the preinterview and not actually on the panel. I have bothered Nick via Twitter to go on this show. They need SOMEONE who is not a wuss to stand up to the people on this show for their idiocy.

  10. Nick Gillespie:

    You will become the Hero of Libertania if you put the smack down on Maher for claiming to be libertarian. That dude is so full of shit that he has to carry around his own personal septic tank.

    The pessimist in me says that Nick will remain polite to his host, and let him straw man Nick with all the regular SOMALIA!!!ROOAADDZZZ!! talking points.

    The optimist in me says that Nick destroys the panel piece by piece until the audience walks out because they have nothing left to clap like trained seals for any longer.


    1. You will become the Hero of Libertania if you put the smack down on Maher for claiming to be libertarian.

      I am pretty sure Nick’s flavor of libertarian prohibits him from doing that.

      Nick is not a litmus test kind of guy.

    2. I watched Real Time the other day when Andrew Breitbart was a guest, and he asked Maher if he was still a libertarian. Maher said he wasn’t anymore. This is when Maher was extolling the virtues of socialism.

      I’m half worried that Maher will focus on issues libertarians and progressives agree on, and Nick will go with the flow.

      I think Maher would be scared to talk about health care, since he knows Nick would kick his ass. He only talks about health care when he knows everyone will agree with him.

      1. I’m half worried

        Why are you even 1/1000th worried? It’s just a friggin’ TV show, man!

  11. That’s good. About time Maher gets a real libertarian guest for his usual parade of statists to argue with in place of some right-wing strawman. Maher used to be much better as a libertarian, but he has really turned into a leftist cliche, but every once in a while he will surprise me with some libertarian sound bites that would piss off his fans.

  12. Is the show live? If not, when do they tape it?

    1. Seriously. They tape in L.A., so I’m tempted to go and be the one (drunk) guy loudly clapping everytime the Jacket speaketh and loudly booing Ben Affleck…. then again, I think I might not be the only person loudly booing Ben Affleck.

      1. Were you that 9/11 Truther they kicked out of his audience once?

        That guy was loud.

        1. Uh gotta go! Grape juice and oatmeal raisin cookie time at the group home.

          1. The last few posts Shrike has been good…dare i say even the last few days.

            I say give Shrike a chance to redeem himself.

            1. I think the knee-jerk libertoids are then ones who will need to redeem themselves.

              Nick will have to face the likes of Maher and other progressives in trying to explain why he thinks the freedom to choose involves letting people die because they can’t afford health care.

              But don’t worry, he can always came back and post H&R comments about how ignorant the left is.

              1. I support right to life including loss of life due to one’s own willful negligence. I once was almost an hero, who are you to stop me?

    2. It’s live.

  13. Bill Maher has another show? What happened to Politically Incorrect?

    1. Its the same set-up except they can let the F-bombs fly on HBO.

      Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter have been on the last two weeks as the “right-wingers” – they always try to get some good smack-talk going.

      Breitbart is a frequent guest – but he is just an asshole.

      PJ O’Rourke is good.

      1. You must love Bill Maher–he’s a Hayekian classical liberal just like you.

        1. Well, you fucking conservatives can’t claim Hayek – that’s for goddamn sure.

          1. You are seriously entertaining.

          2. Unlike Bill Maher.

          3. In The Road to Serfdom Hayek does make a pretty serious case for conservatism essentially saying that you cannot know all the benefits of older institutions, systems and tradition because they were not created by committee by emerged from the hard knocks of history.

            In the literal sense he believes unless it is broke do not fix it which is in my opinion very conservative.

            1. Well, you fucking conservatives can’t claim Hayek

              I should also point out that Thatcher and Reagan most definitely claimed Hayek.

              Maybe they should not have but what they should have done and what they did are two different things.

      1. Well, that’s what we tell Maher.

  14. Ugh, I can’t stand Maher. Being a statist, lefty asshole and cursing out people you don’t like doesn’t mean you have anything interesting to say.

  15. Maher is not smart, nor a man of good character. Your appearance better pay well, or you’re making a mistake.

  16. My take on Maher is that he claims whatever position is most contrary to his guests in the most inflammatory language. An attention hound. No more, no less. I may be wrong as I haven’t had the stomach to watch him in 3 or 4 years.

  17. You wouldn’t want to go around with a monkey or something on your back all the time.

    That’s a pretty unbelievably low level of self-awareness from Maher – and it seems to have worsened.

  18. The worst thing about Maher isn’t the windbag himself — he’s benignly terrible, a whore for offensiveness without puepose — but rather his face-fucking echo chamber of an audience.

    The singularly terrible part of every clip I see of that show is the self-satisfied wrist clapping of the crowd after every fumbled thought Maher farts out.

    1. *puepose = purpose (or porpoise, if you wish)

    2. To be honest, this is kinda what makes it for me to listen to George Carlin albums.

      I never minded George Carlin’s leftism. It always seemed to be an honest take on what he saw and he said enough anti-statist material to keep me interested. (Contrast this with the just plain un-fucking-bearable Bill Hicks.)

      But his audience never gave a good belly-laugh. It was always just constant clapping. Have a fucking belly-laugh every once in a while you fucking assholes.

      1. – makes it difficult for me

      2. Not as bad as Maher’s audience, but still….

      3. Really? Bill Hicks? I don’t agree with Hicks’ views but I love Bill Hicks because unlike the excrement that is Bill Maher, Bill Hicks was fucking hilarious.

  19. You groupies are off the chart! Marvelous! Are you here every day?

  20. Please someone post an bootleg copy on youtuub. In iRack, far from HBO…

  21. Can you ask Maher why he’s such an angry little prick?

  22. does he really sit in a highchair?

  23. Mahrs religious environmentalism showed back then with the horse comment.

  24. Dam Nick, you kicked my ass.

  25. Nick – You are a verbal bully. Maybe some points were well made… But you strike as idealist who has no ability to build consensus which is essentially, worthless in a real world scenario. Also, please get a tailor and stop with bad clothes and a dyed hair. You are 48 not 28. J

  26. Damn guys, your bff looked like a complete tool on tv tonight. How does that make you feel? Let your hate flow through me.

  27. gillespie came off like an elitist prick on the bill maher show. what an asshole.

  28. I googled “asshole on HBO real time” and got a link to this post. Nick didn’t do the movement any favors last night. His comment “you must be proud” in response to the panelist who just said he was “the mayor of the poorest city” was the pinnacle of prickdom.

  29. can’t take the heat, eh webmaster?

  30. What an ignorant interrupting asshole. That mayor should have taken that little twig out back and snapped him.

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