Should Fat Kids Be Removed From Their Unfit Families For Their Own Good?



In a commentary (sub required) in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a lawyer and a doctor are arguing that child protective services should perhaps be allowed to take fat kids away from their unfit parents. The rationale for involving the authorities is: 

Many biological, psychosocial, and behavioral factors affect energy balance and, therefore, childhood weight gain, with parents playing an important mediating role. Ubiquitous junk food marketing, lack of opportunities for physically active recreation, and other aspects of modern society promote unhealthful lifestyles in children. Inadequate or unskilled parental supervision can leave children vulnerable to these obesigenic environmental influences. Emotional distress and depression, or other psychological problems arising from abuse and neglect, may exacerbate this situation by leading to disordered eating and withdrawal from sports and other social activities.

Even relatively mild parenting deficiencies, such as having excessive junk food in the home or failing to model a physically active lifestyle, may contribute to a child's weight problem. 

And it's not just feeding kids too many calories. Letting them watch too much television, play too many video games, or, in the case of my parents, letting me read a book a night, can also contribute to being a porky child. As comprehensive health care reform (aka socialized medicine) advances, can proposals for licensing parents be too far behind?


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  1. Interstate commerce, bitchez.

  2. Hey, it’s all about the interstate commerce, bitchez.

  3. Doesn’t the government already have power to take kids away from their parents using public schools? Seriously, I draw the line at the humiliating and intimidating PE rituals that we allow schools to run.

    1. humiliating PE? spoken like a wimp

      1. We spent about two weeks each year doing square dancing. That was cruel and unusual punishment.

        Dodgeball kicked ass.

        1. i loved PE when we played dodgeball, Bball, Vball, or crab-ball…which was soccer w a medicine ball while scampering on all fours

          1. The scampering on all fours was the part you liked best wasn’t it?

  4. “Obesigenic”. Cute.

    1. My favorite is “psychosocial” — as if sociological doesn’t mean exactly the same thing.

      1. I suppose it’s to emphasize that it is referring to an individual’s psychological relationship with society, rather than society itself.

  5. Ugh. People who make arguments like this are either evil or have no clue how incredibly awful the child protective services system can be for children. As far as I can tell, unless a child is being actively abused (and I mean rape or real physical harm), staying their fucked up parents is still preferable to being a ward of the state.

    1. I’m sure being passed from foster home to foster home will cure whatever is driving a kid to overeat.

      1. Indeed it does, Charles Manson always stayed thin.

      2. Especially if it’s from hyperinsulinemia. Too high blood insulin level causes the body to store fat, even when the other tissues aren’t getting enough.

        Think they’ll do the expensive test for that?

    2. Even then, it better be pretty regular rape and abuse, because its a statistical likelihood they’ll suffer one or the other in custody.

    3. Why is it an either/or?

      1. I always use “or” inclusively.

        1. Which is kinda weird, because “and” is inclusive, and “or” is exclusive.

          If I say you can have pie or cake, I mean you have to choose. If you can have both, I would say you can have pie and cake, with the implication that you can have just one if you want.

          1. Would you like something to eat or drink? (inclusive or)

            Do you want coffee or tea with your cake? (exclusive or)

            There is a place in the world for both meanings of “or”.

            1. “There is a place in the world for both meanings of “or”.”

              …or not.

            2. The second example could be either inclusive or exclusive depending on intonation.

              1. Not if you’ve studied Boolean algebra.

                1. I actually have, and neither of those sentences is in the format of Boolean algebra. Any attempt to convert them to such would require a knowledge of social custom, which is my point.

                  1. Then you didn’t grasp how it meld with De Morgan’s laws.


              2. Nope, not in any normal human context

                1. OK, but surely “Do you want milk or sugar with your coffee?” can be inclusive.

                  Intonation does affect whether it sounds inclusive or exclusive.

                2. Nope, not in any normal human context

                  If I ask this while I’m carrying a tray with a kettle, a cup, tea bags and instant coffee packets on it past you while you’re eating cake, I’m probably asking if you want me to leave the tray with you. ie, I don’t care which one you want, just whether you want something on the tray. The intonation would be

                  “Do you want COFFEE OR TEA with your cake?”


                  “Do you want COFFEE or TEA with your cake?”

                  1. You’re trying to hard.

                    At a typical restaraunt, the waitress asks you what you want to drink and you tell her; then she brings what you asked for.

                    At a buffent restaraunt or the restaraunt of a busy business hotel, the waitress walks around with a pot regular or decaf and asks you which you’re drinking. When you say tea, you can expect that it will be 10 minutes before someone comes by with a pot of hot water and a box of tea bags.

                  2. Or if you really want to be a pedantic pain in the ass you can just answer “yes” to “do you want coffee or tea?” since the question they really meant to ask was “which one of coffee or tea or neither do you want?”

            3. That’s why we have something called xor.

            4. I think the OP’s use of the word “either” implies the exclusive “or”.

          2. It works both ways. I spent a lot of time studying traditional logic and or is usually inclusive in such systems (i.e “x or y” is valid if at least one of x,y is valid), and such usage has carried over into my everyday language. If I want to use an exclusive or, I try to work an “either” in somewhere.

            1. xor needs to be regularly used in language.

              1. The tag says 2 minutes but I swear it was more like 30 seconds.

              2. either-or does the trick.

              3. I’m all for it. How do you propose “xor” be pronounced? Zor, Khor, exor?

                1. It’s possible to pronounce it “Ksor” with practice, a skill which is also helpful for pronouncing Cthulhu properly.

                  1. No worse that zdravstvuitye

                2. either

              4. “”xor needs to be regularly used in language.””

                LOL, good one.

            2. We just need to incorporate “xor” into the vernacular.

    4. these people have a pathological faith in the ability of government. And then combine that with the complete inability to understand that sometimes there is no ideal solution to a problem and you get some pretty scary ideas.

      1. No, they have a pathological narcissism, that makes them believe that the world should be shaped to reflect their own inner perception of perfection. Some of the worst physicians out there are the worst bullies imaginable.

        1. They do what you to live the life they think is best and want to use the government to remove other choices.

          Assholes that should have choked on a hotdog on the 4th of July.

      2. They also have a pathological belief in their ability to instruct people in dieting. Most doctors know Jack Shit about advising people how to lose weight. I know. I tried. Look at their success rates and despair.

    5. I worked for a while in the Child Protective Services world (in IT, so indirectly). It is SO overworked already, that I had the sense that as long as gunfire wasn’t regularly exchanged, the social workers would take a wait-and-see approach.

      I have a theory that children raised in the home of people like the writer of this paper impart to their children an unhealthy respect for large criminal enterprises called “government”. These children should be forcefully removed and put in environments where mass violence is not celebrated.

      For the children.

  6. Once you start down the nanny path, forever will it dominate your density.

    1. dominate your density

      I like it 😉

    2. Love it!

  7. Right after they publicly horsewhip ALL government health professionals who have EVER been part of food “policy”.

    They’ve been lying about saturated fats, salt, and Satan knows what else for 50 years now. Fucking scumbags

    1. They know best, dude, even if they’re wrong. Every time. Don’t you get it?

      (They are truly scum, I agree.)

      1. And it is every time. Like a divining rod.

  8. You know what pisses me off…..people who think all slippery slope arguments are bogus. Of course there will be more govt intrusion into how parents raise their kids. One reasonable step at a time. If your smoking, or helmetless motorcycle riding, or obesity, or your fat kid affect my health insurance, then its the goats job to set you straight.

    1. Goats : govt’s

      1. close enough for government work.

      2. I liked goats better.

        1. Three votes for goats.

          And I wish could vote for a goat, come election day.

          1. Yes, but do goats fuck sheep?

          2. If I could, O lord I would
            vote for a goat on a boat in a moat

          3. We have to vote for a goat or the wrong goat will get elected.

          4. You don’t have write-in votes in your state?

        2. I, for one, embrace our new Caprine Overlords.

          1. I live on a farm and goats number among the residents. Goats are among the most sensible, intelligent, hardy and practical of farm animals. To paraphrase William F. Buckley, I’d rather be ruled by the first goat pen at the local livestock auction than by the faculty of Harvard. 😉

            1. Yes, yes, but how do they taste?

              1. According to a Jamaican friend, pretty good.

                1. I can confirm that goat is awesome. My brother and I threw one on a rotisserie, and served it with yellow curry. Slammin’.

            2. All true BUT Goats are also the most destructive, mean, stubborn species known to man.

              1. Except man, of course. Had to throw that one in.

    2. Yeah, people confuse the slippery slope fallacy of logic, with the idea that once people get used to a small amount of something they will approve of more of it.

      Just like the idea that people will stop listening to your arguments if they hate you is not an “ad hominem” fallacy, it’s just the way people are.

      1. The only way the slippery slope “fallacy” is actually a fallacy is if one states, in a logical argument that:

        If X,
        Then y(X) MUST follow.

        The slippery slope is simply NOT a fallacy in terms of objective political observation.

        To say that, in light of historical observation, legislating X indicates we are likely to get more X, and harder, in the future, is simple common sense.

        1. Exactly. The TSA has been like a textbook example of this in operation. Blackmail us by our need to fly into submitting to increasingly intrusive violations of our First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. Just one step at a time.

          It’s happening all over our society. There are things that I did as a schoolboy that were passed off with a slap on the wrist that would now probably get me expelled under the zero tolerance regime. Yet I managed to grow up into an honest and productive adult — zero tolerance could have ruined my life. But now it’s just “the way things are.”

          Being fat is not a crime, and it’s not so bad. There have been a lot of great, happy fat people who lived long, admirable, productive lives. It’s NOBODY ELSE’s business!

          1. So feeding your kid too much is abuse, but allowing your kid to be felt-up by a TSA agent isn’t.

            Jeezzz, what the hell happened to this country?

    3. Of course, if what you’re really after is Thangs that Affect Mah Health Inshurrins, and not fat kids, then you’d better go after people who have kids in the first place (a personal lifestyle choice that can cost $10K a pop at the hospital, not counting multiple or complicated births of course), or the nearly $100 billion a year annually that Americans pay for accidents and sports/athletic injuries.

      Funny how no pucker-faced quacks ever get on TV and start screaming for people to stop playing sports, or fucking around with ladders because they’re too cheap to hire somebody to work on their houses. If it were really about costs, you’d hear that all the time.

      My cubemate at work is your classic example. A mountain climber who averages two significant injuries a year (and shows us her MRI films as proof), she’s at the doctor and physical therapist more times a year than I, a fattie, have been in the last ten. But of course, I’m the evil glutton who’s costing you money, right? I’m the scourge of humanity, not the middle-aged triathlete who’s in PT three times a week and continues to write checks his/her body can’t cash.

      This isn’t about costs. It’s about hatred. It’s about the poorly-disguised revulsion of elitists who equate body fat with “ignorant underclass,” and just itch to punish people for enjoying consumption of The Wrong Things?.

      As long as you enjoy consumption of The Right Things?, you can cost your neighbors as much as you like. You can be a Canyonero-driving asshole whose beachfront house has been patched up by FEMA flood insurance ten years in a row, whose octuplets are all in the neonatal ICU, and who fucks up his shoulders, hips, and knees heli-skiing and competing in Ironman, but as long as you’re not fat, hey, it’s all good.

      1. That’s fucking Shakespeare.

      2. I’m Jim Fixx and I’m dead now, and I don’t know how the fuck it happened. I jogged every day, ate nothing but tofu, swam 500 laps every morning and I’m dead.

        1. +1
          Bill Hicks is always appropriate.

      3. God damn right on.

      4. I am a sports and exercise-a-holic and I agree with you 100%. Well said.

      5. Well, we can’t hate faggots anymore, and all that hate has to go somewhere. What do you want us to do?

    4. what pisses me off

      Them’s fightin’ words.

  9. Surely parents who don’t educate their children in the right way should lose their children, too.

  10. People wonder why I look like Mike Douglass in Falling Down every other afternoon. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

    1. Poor little snowflake. Hug?

    2. I hope you’re not wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a tie.

      1. Awesome. It’s amazing when you see a professional that wears that; I feel like asking him if he’s the manager of the Sears hardware dept (NTTAWWT).

      2. And those glasses – they make the outfit.

  11. I don’t have the first clue why anyone would have kids in this country. It’s just an open invitation for the government and citizen busybodies (MADD, CSPI) to run and/or ruin your life.


      TOTALLY worth having kids, just for that moment.

      /not really

      1. The day my daughter saw me mowing the lawn, went inside, got a beer, opened it, and brought it outside was the culmination of my achievement as a parent. She was 6.

    2. Evolution doesn’t give a shit how many predators you have to deal with, just that you fucking deal with them. Buy a gun, learn to use it without getting caught.

  12. My inner elitist says that having children is not a right and should only be by license.

    Then I reflect on the fact that the people controlling the licensing would be the very people whose own parents should not have had children.

    1. If they knew they couldn’t just keep shitting out kids because the government wasn’t going to support them, it would probably help.

    2. My inner elitist says that having children is not a right and should only be by license.

      How progressive of you.

      1. How literal of you.

    3. I’m fairly sure you are not being very serious, but just in case: If anything is a fundamental right, then having children (according to one’s ability and desire) has to be one.

      1. While I was being sarcastic about licensing people to have children (hence my second sentence), there is a question about what demarcates the point at which a child should be removed from the custody of its natural parent.

        There are parents who are truly abusive and neglectful of their children.

        I once went to a house where there was cat shit literally everywhere on the floor – you had to look for spaces that you could put your foot down so that you didn’t step in cat shit – and two of the three children in the house had visible smears of cat shit on their clothing, hands and faces. By any reasonable standard, that woman should not have been allowed to keep children.

        1. Oh, sure. There are definitely situations that children should be removed from over the objections of their parents. But since the alternative is often not much better, I place the bar for such actions very high.

  13. Surely the Headline should be “Should Families Be Removed From Their Abused Children For Their Own Good?

  14. Raising a child without a passing understanding of the function of advertising is pretty abusive.

    1. My kids (young boys) love commercials and don’t understand why we fast forward through them. Education as to their purpose is ongoing.

  15. all your fat kids are belong to us

  16. I’m not fat you motherfuckers! I’m big boned.

    1. Don’t you mean festively plump?

    2. Are you going to finish that pot pie?

    3. Aren’t you people supposed to be jolly?

  17. Should Fat Kids Be Removed From Their Unfit Families For Their Own Good?

    Let’s ask the king of should: MNG.

    MNG, should “society” decide where fat kids are to be raised and by whom?

    Better question: Wouldn’t the parents of the fat kids be part of “society” as well? So how can society “decide” against part of “itself”? How does that work?

    1. If society would be better off with the forcible removal of fat kids from their families, then society can, nay, should, forcibly remove fat kids from their families.

    2. MNG can’t answer right now. He’s busy watching the tractor pull event of the special olympics.

      1. Is that where they drive the short tractors?

        1. They call those “lawn tractors”

        2. I’m not sure. I’ve never watched. Special people are icky.

  18. That it’s not considered a Swiftean satire is chilling.

    1. I’ve asked this before: How does humor survive when the world has gone beyond parody?

      1. The blogosphere has been loving this story today. The Jezebel fail-whale did a huge belly flop on it.

        They had the temerity to complain that anorexia girls are removed from their parents’ homes.

        And they, of course, continued to ignore the fact that overeating is an eating disorder.

        1. The Jezebel fail-whale did a huge belly flop on it.

          I lol’d.

          1. Ditto; funniest thing I’ve read all day.

      2. We laugh because not laughing is too painful.

      3. “How does humor survive when the world has gone beyond parody?”

        Snark and vicious insults? And I always get a chuckle from the phrase “post-reductio America”.

        1. vicious insults?

          That’s how I roll, but I guess it works for humor in general.

      4. I keep it safe in my plan.

  19. Every time some public official says there’s a bullying problem, I see an article like this that shows the bullying comes from the government sector.

    Further, the two people who wrote this JAMA commentary are clearly raising a generation of bullies, and as such are unfit to raise children. Take their kids away from them.

  20. …and other aspects of modern society…

    This is why I was raised in a purely hunter-gather environment. Kids these days can’t cave-paint for shit. More parents should pay closer attention to the beginning of the move 300. *That’s* how you raise a kid with a serious set of abs = regular beatings, wolf-stalking, killing helots…

    1. In my day we had to wolf-stalk in 2 feet of snow, uphill both ways.

      1. and we had to carry our onions, we didn’t have a fancy belt to tie it to

    2. fucking ^^THIS^^

      GILMORE = threadwinner

  21. So CPS is going to take fat kids away from their parents and make them not fat.

    You know who else took people from their families and sent them to places where they lost a lot of weight?

      1. and I LOLed

    1. The Founders?

    2. W Wilson?

    3. Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    4. The Catholic dad in “The Meaning of Life”?

  22. Ubiquitous junk food marketing, lack of opportunities for physically active recreation, and other aspects of modern society promote unhealthful lifestyles in children.

    Sonny, in my day, *pauses for a sip of mint julip and adjusts lap blanket* we had plenty of opportunities for physically active recreation. Mom liked to call it, “Here’s $10. Get the fuck out of the house and be back before dark.”

    1. Letting kids play outside unsupervised? Why not just put a giant sandwich sign on them that says “Pedophile Come Take Me”?

      1. I think the kids would be safer with Casey Anthony than with these public health goons.

    2. Your mom gave you money? You had it good.

    3. Around my house, it was “Go outside and play, you walking headache factory, or else.” Bribery, sadly, was not on the table.

    4. Mom only gave me $5. I KNEW she liked you better!!!


    5. Mom liked to call it, “Here’s $10. Get the f— out of the house and be back before dark.”

      Sounds like you had it easy. If I wanted ten bucks, I had to dig up earthworms and sell them to passing fishermen for bait, or order greeting cards and attempt to sell them door to door to people who apparently didn’t appreciate the convenience of buying a year’s worth of greeting cards in advance, hand-delivered to their doorstep.

  23. I like fatties. The bigger the cushion, the sweet the pushin’.

    1. The wider the waistband, the deeper the quicksand, or so I have read.

      1. I did a fat chick once. There were like tits all opver the place.

    2. My baby fits me like a pink tuxedo.
      I want to sink her with my flesh torpedo.

      1. Talkin’ ’bout mud flaps!

    3. Fat chicks are like mopeds, fun to ride, but you don’t want your friends to see you. Disclaimer: I’m a fat chick.

  24. As long as the costs associated with obesity are borne by tax payers and the insured- like me — the answer is “maybe”. A better solution would be fines and tax hikes on those parents to cover the costs I would otherwise bear….

    1. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

    2. Seriously? And the costs of your existence are borne completely by you?

      1. Well, I have been quite successful in my career so, yes, I have not only covered my own costs but the sum total of the taxes I have paid (amounting to a rather disturbing seven figure sum) has also borne the costs of probably a few other people as well…..

    3. Re: I, Kahn O’Clast,

      As long as the costs associated with obesity are borne by tax payers and the insured- like me[…]

      So (by God!) let’s make sure the costs are kept being borne by you, the insured, so that your paradigm regarding the role of intrusive government does not change!!

      Why, who wants a party pooper in our midst, right???

    4. Or, and I’m just fucking spitballing here, you could just stop giving them money, rather than forcing “charity” on them and then using it as an excuse to control them?

  25. Here we go!

    I have four children, each of which is being trained to have a profound distrust of government. While three are too young to have strong political beliefs, the 18-year old is skeptical of anything with the government stamp. While he lacks sophistication on these issues, perhaps, the appropriate, entirely American distrust of government is firmly entrenched.

    In other words, I think we libertarians should breed like fecund rabbits who got into a Viagra stash and breed cadres of new libertarians. Until cloning is available, anyway.

    1. You go right ahead, buddy. I’ll just keep having sex without breeding, tyvm.

      1. Then the statists have already won.

      2. And your approximate location is…?

        1. Approximately the last place any self-respecting libertarian would want to be. But then again, I don’t have much self-respect.

          1. “I don’t have much self-respect”

            I love that in a woman!

            1. That’s what I was thinking. From her description, it sounds like she’s working for the DMV in San Francisco. I’ll try there first.

              1. I’ll try NYC, and if neither of us find her it’s time for the ol’ pig on a spit in DC.

                1. I’m guessing DC.

    2. What I fear about that is The Alex P. Keaton Effect. I don’t want a child the opposite of me because they would be insufferable fuckstains.

      1. All joking aside, my wife and I actually have this concern. We are terrified of having a dumb kid, then having to pretend that we give a shit about/love it.

        1. Us too. I just couldn’t work the variables. And I didn’t want to run the risk of ruining my wife’s looks.

          1. Breed! Now!

            1. Seems you and I are the only ones pulling our weight in that regard, Pro L.

              1. two children and four grandchildren.

                One of my greatest moments as a parent was helping my daughter fillout out a 1040 form the first year she worked full time. Her outrage at not getting any money back from the Feds was delicious.

                1. I hate getting money back from the Feds. It’s already my money to begin with, and I’m kinda resentful of giving out an interest-free loan to a bunch of overspending fuckups. Especially when they charge me interest if I’m late paying up.

                2. kinnath,

                  I get a little of that joy because I’m there when most of my student workers get their first pay-stub.* The feminists call it a “teachable moment.”

                  *Seriously, do kids not have jobs before college any longer? It’s been the case the last five or so in a row.

                  1. When you’re a teenager, your income is so low, that you always get all of it back. In fact, you call fill out a form so that nothing is withheld. Filling out the 1040EZ is merely a formality each year.

                    Then they grow up and get their first real job with real withholding. And then they find out that the feds keep almost every penny that has been withheld.

                    It’s a glorious sight to watch them the moment Quicken says they aren’t getting anything back from the Feds or the state.

                    1. Well this isn’t true, you still have to pay SS and medicaid which does add up even on a small summer paycheck. Seeing how much they stole from me on my first paycheck at 15 was the moment I decided entitlement programs should be abolished.

                    2. Well yes, I was speaking only of the income taxes which you file a 1040 form of some sort about, and I was not speaking of the payroll taxes.

            2. I have this little, back of the mind, belief that because I had a child I should be punished. Not because of Teh Gaia or being a poor role model but precisely because I am a libertarian. I KNOWINGLY brought an innocent life into this fucked up shit. How fucking cruel am I? And all jokes aside this was a topic of discussion before the little “Sonic Destroyer” came along. For me the benefits are great but thinking of her 20 years from now she may just look at me and say “Thanks asshole!”

              1. Well, I was going to go all into how proud I am raising three kids who all work more than one job and are well adjusted and going to college on their own (i.e. w/out me and Mrs. Almanian paying for it) and one’s getting married next month to a very nice guy who I sold my ’93 Mustang to cause I like him so much and we all drink together and have fun….

                Then I read Cliche’s comment.

                I think I’ll go kill myself now…

          2. Jeez, man, you guys have no faith in your genes. And time and gravity will take care of your wife’s looks, anyway.

            1. 1) My genes are a bag of shit.

              2) I’ll probably dead or blind before she gets too bad.

          3. Yeah, me, too. I couldn’t love anyone with an I.Q. below 200.

      2. SugarFree|7.13.11 @ 2:36PM|#
        What I fear about that is The Alex P. Keaton Effect. I don’t want a child the opposite of me because they would be insufferable fuckstains.

        I thought you said… opposite?

        Me, I’m spreading the genes around and just playing the odds that one of my illegitimate children will be some kind of genius/ savant /superstar /millioniare who i can mooch off of into retirement.

        The trick will be denying paternity of the other 99%…hmmm. Maybe should have thought of that earlier…

        1. My thought was always to attempt a rope-a-dope: Being an overbearing irrational authoritarian asshole until the kids got out of high school, then tell them it was all in an effort to not raise bootlicks.

          Worked for my parents. Accidentally, at least.

          1. Oh yeah, me too, more or less. Dad was an ex-marine… ex-DI marine. Sort of a cross between the Great Santini and the guy Jack Nicholson plays in A Few Good Men. Mornings involved having the covers ripped off the bed and a spoon whacking a frying pan next to your head. Then we’d have to take navy-showers: get wet, turn water off. Soap up. Rise. Out in 2 minutes. etc. etc. For Christmas we got socks and underwear. He was one of those types who thought stitches, dentists, etc were unecessary luxuries. Most things he’d be like, “shut up and walk it off”. Thank god my teeth turned out ok.

            Actually he never did the part about eventually saying that it had some larger purpose. Although when I got out of college, he bought me a beer and said, “Today is one of the happiest days of my life: I never have to spend any money on you, ever, ever again”

  26. “(there will come a time when you won’t
    even be ashamed if you are fat!)”

    Frank Zappa, where are you when we need you?

  27. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    We need to tatoo this on the forehead of every bastard that issues a report like this.

  28. ” … failing to model a physically active lifestyle, ”

    Good god. Reminds me of this:

    “Winston had disliked her from the very first moment of seeing her. He knew the reason. It was because of the atmosphere of hockey-fields and cold baths and community hikes and general clean-mindedness which she managed to carry about her. He disliked nearly all woman, and especially the young and pretty ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”
    – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 1

    1. The silver lining? He boned her anyway.

      1. Haha, very nice.

    2. He disliked nearly all woman, and especially the young and pretty ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

      See even in Winstons world…….

    3. “swallowers of slogans”


      1. Slogan for swallowing “Come and get it!”

      2. Hey baby, you want a load of slogan?

  29. Those goddamned Puritans are at it again. Harvard has a nasty habit of telling its students and faculty that they are anointed by god to rule over the Untermenschen.


  30. Yes, Sasha and Malia should immediately be taken away from the Obamas for their own good. Their mother pigs out on way too much junk food, and their dad smokes cigarettes.

  31. The fatties will be taken away w/o gov’t intervention, by the sweet, sweet bliss of an early death.

  32. Back in my day, we used to beat the fatties and mock them until they cried and didn’t want to come to school. Then they’d complain to their parents who told them they were ashamed of their cowardly fat assess, and the kids would be depressed for like 10 years and develop a drug problem and gradually lose the weight.

    So, it was a self-regulating system, really…

    1. So, basically you were Henry Bowers.

      1. Actually i was more on this tip

        (for those at work)

        Egg: Let me tell you a little story. A story about a little fat kid who everybody made fun of, and nobody liked and he had a twin brother, and everybody said he never looked like his twin brother, but he wanted to…

        Raymond: Egg, where you that little boy?

        Egg: No! No! But I used to beat the shit out him! “Why are you so fat? Why are so ugly?” Aaagghh!

        But nice reference nevertheless!

        In all seriousness, the ‘bullying’ that went on in my childhood was more often done *by* the fat kids than to them.

        I was abused because i was far too attractive and intelligent. I bear the emotional scars to this day.

        1. I hope you get the emotional support you need.

          1. …nah, but the self-abuse is working out great.

    2. See, in Texas, we respected the fatties. They were future offensive linemen, after all. Couldn’t be too big, as far as we were concerned.

      1. I grew up in the midwest & everybody assumed I was destined for football. WTF?! I couldn’t give a shit about football if I tried.

      2. Kind of like Japan. “Oh yeah, that one’s gonna be a sumo.”

        1. Sumotori. Sumo is the sport.

  33. Clearly the unintended consequences of ripping Chubby from his happy home couldn’t POSSIBLY outweigh the problem with his weight.

    Nearly five decades on this planet and I still cannot get over being amazed that there are people who think like this, who so immediately see the strong arm of the state as the solution to any problem, and who are so willing to use it to impose their view of how the world should be.

    It’s a truism that the more willing a person is to use the power of the state to coerce another, the more deluded that person is; no person with a clear grasp of reality could possibly be so sure of himself to trust himself to direct that power over others.

  34. Problem is obeisance.

  35. This is America?

  36. Over a hundred posts and not a single comment on the Salute Your Shorts/Donkey Lips picture? I’m greatly disappointed in all of you. Were none of you born in the early to mid 80’s?

    1. I’m still amazed by the fact that people born in the 80s are old enough to drive. I probably need to get over that.

    2. best show evar.

  37. FWIW, I actually bought the JAMA article and read it, along with the article it references for diagnostic criteria. Discussed here.

  38. Hey, wanna know who I bet won’t support this? Jezebel, what with their talk of fat phobia and such… let’s check.

    Oh, wait, they’re total statist fucks who also believe that poor people don’t have choices? THEY ARE!!!

    Seriously, as comedian Adam Carolla, who grew up poor put it: Buy some fucking rice and some fucking beans. Those are not too expensive.

    1. Evil Carbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    2. You gonna check out his new Car show on Speed TV tonight? 10:00 Eastern

      I’ll be overeating Mexican food while watching tonight

      1. Not a huge car guy, but for Carolla, I may DVR it.

  39. I’m sure traumatizing the kids by yanking them out of their homes will convince them to stop overeating.

    People always respond to traumatic emotional experiences by dieting and exercising a lot right?

  40. I used to joke about “The Auschwitz Diet” but it’s coming, people! If progressives get their way having fat kids will be a crime and the poor little bastards will be sentenced to progressive concentration camps.

    1. Gregoooooooooooo!!

    2. You know who else promoted the “Auschwitz Diet”….

      1. Read “Liberal Fascism,” not only is mandatory physical activity for children one of the written principles of national socialism, but Hitler and his allies were enthusiastic about organic food.

        Frankly, I can see the reincarnation of Hitler running a health food store in Berkeley. Yup, just picture Hitler with flip flops telling people about evil agribusiness and why they should drink more wheatgrass.

  41. I once had my two younger children removed from my home by the state. The core issue was my refusal to force them to attend school on days when they didn’t feel like it. One of them did, in fact, have a doctor’s note that covered a multitude of sins, but that was hardly the point. The real issue was that, when dragged into court over this, I was able to show, using the school system’s own data, that according to every standardized test administered by the state and city, both kids were at least one year above grade level. The social workers asserted that school attendance provided crucial socialization, which I disputed, and it was on that basis that I was found to be negligent and unfit. They were placed in a foster home with obese parents, obese biological children, and a surfeit of junk food.

    The unintended, and positive, consequence of policies like the one proposed here would be a precipitous decline in the number of approved foster homes.

    And yes, I got my kids back with a minimum of ass kissing.

    1. Dayum…you got some serious nuts! Hats (and monocles) off to you!

    2. That’s some big cojones in action there – Respeck

    3. Unfuckingbelievable. Lose your kids for truancy?! Right now, I am desperately trying to get the state of Ohio to remove a five-year old boy from his homeless, heroin-addicted, prostitute mother who is tricking him out to get a place to sleep and her next fix. They have deemed her a fit mother. It makes me want to puke.

      1. Dude, heroin-addicts don’t raise threats to the State.

  42. Glad to know that the social workers must have been fresh out of cases of actual abuse to work on.

  43. The cause cannot be the cure as Einstein said: “We cannot fix a problem with the same thinking/mind that created it!”

    The gov’t; who not only promotes mass media driven economic growth, but forces people to be enslaved to this system of propaganda by making laws all in the name of economic stability – IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!

    People only do what they are taught to do and what they are taught is socially acceptable behavior – if the places that exacerbate addictive behaviors were not supported by the gov’t for economic growth we wouldn’t need a gov’t – neither would we need an economic system – but who has eyes to see?

    Everything they “see” as necessary for our survival is what they made and their sales pitch: “it will provide all our needs” is a flat out lie – if the economic system IS justified as a means to supply ALL our needs then why is over 80% of the world living in impoverished conditions?

    It is the abomination that causes desolation and desolation is what we can NOW see throughout all of the world. But out of fear of a better plan, and man’s need for security, he clings to it like a security blanket! Who is willing to let it go?

    The entire education is sold to mankind as a means to be a pawn in this game – the promise of a high paying job – means you are its #1 pawn – yet the question of “what is knowledge” remains an unanswered paradox

    – why is there so much suffering in the world?

    The answer is quite simple:
    everyone has known a “know-it-all” in their day, that you can’t say anything to, because they believe what they know is true – and you who know what they are going to do; based on this knowledge will lead them into trouble, should be able to discern that acting upon knowledge that isn’t true in any given situation = pain and suffering.

    Therefore IF the world is suffering it can only be because the knowledge man sells as knowledge (btw education is mans biggest economic contributor) isn’t knowledge! Perhaps if man knew the truth it just might set him free!

    Of course the mockers will mock for lack of understanding and fear of losing their security blanket: knowledge that isn’t knowledge. “Oh, it’s just another religious fanatic”, will be their cry. Mock away if you must but if you have understanding then prove what I say is not true!


    1. Yet, it will be hard-pressed to find anyone to prove what I say is wrong without falling into a tautology that gives the blind eye the appearance of truth hidden under the guise of validity.

    2. Realize this “work” is doing the same thing over (everyday like clockwork) expecting a different result (financial freedom, a life in paradise, a new ipod, car, house, bling bling ? pizza and beer ? a PhD head honcho authoritarian wise guy

    3. Rhonda, I like you better when your were called Herc.

  44. But God said if you eat from this tree of “knowledge of good and evil” (value, equal and opp effects, judgment, choice, FREE WILL

  45. update: dead former NFL star’s two kids have been arrested and charged. Note the account of incident is NOT according to police, it’s according to HOSPITAL SECURITY (to anticipate the – “it’s the cop’s account so it is automatically a lie” response)

    A son and daughter of former NFL player David Lee “Deacon” Turner — who was fatally shot by deputies over the weekend — were arraigned Tuesday on charges including making criminal threats and participation in a criminal street gang.

    Both Ahmod Turner, 25, and Whittney Turner, 24, pleaded not guilty and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 26.

    The charges stem from a confrontation at Kern Medical Center after David Turner was pronounced dead early Sunday morning. Hospital CEO Paul Hensler has said that, according to reports from security officers, family members became angry and someone in the group told hospital security there was a gun in the parking lot.

    Coroner’s officials called law enforcement, and the first deputy to arrive was “rushed” by family members, said Hensler, who was provided the security reports. The deputy drew his weapon but didn’t fire, more law enforcement arrived and Ahmod and Whittney Turner were arrested.

    1. So, judging only by the information in your post, the children were extremely upset at what happened to their father, and acted irrationally.

      Is this supposed to shed some sort of doubt on the underlying case of the initial shooting?

      1. no, i just find it amusing.

        the initial shooting is justified IF what the officer said is true. if not, then not. the facts haven’t been vetted yet.

        we had a shooting in our agency where a guy shot THREE of my partners (same unit) in one incident before we shot and killed him, then his son ended up trying to take revenge on another cop and got shot

        it’s not uncommon with family members.

  46. I know of at least one case of this happening in Pennsylvania in the past decade.

  47. Eugenics by any other name…

  48. Seriously I just cannot get over this:

    ” failing to model a physically active lifestyle”

    Are you fucking kidding me? You cannot go further down the slippery slope than we have already gone.

    1. Yes, you can — just look outside of the U.S. last century.

      I only hope that I and my family survive the fun parts that are coming, and live to see these fuckstains exiled or slaughtered.

  49. If only we had some sort of national youth organization that all children were required to be enrolled in. Something with a focus on physical fitness that instills a strong sense of discipline and duty, possible.

    1. They could also be taught to spy on their parents and report any illegal, unsavory, or anti-state behaviour.

      1. and wear earth tones

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