Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on Obama's Destructive Immigration Policy


In her latest column for The Daily, Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia observes that President Barack Obama has found his inner Machiavelli when it comes to immigration policy. As Dalmia observes, the president has devised an enforcement approach that at once disarms conservatives, delights labor unions, and minimizes bad feelings within the Hispanic community. This might help Obama with his reelection campaign, she writes, but it will ultimately hurt businesses and kill jobs.

Read all about it here.

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  1. so is the writer implictly advocating that businesses hire illegal aliens w/o repercussion?

    1. How dare she advocate changing fucked up laws and politicized enforcement.

      1. the writer claims that. doesnt make it so.

        1. That’s what I’m advocating.

          Show me in the constitution where it says I can’t hire whoever I want to mow my lawn or babysit my kids.

          Show me in the constitution where it says it’s an entrepreneur’s responsibility to enforce federal immigration law.

          There are only a few people in this country that are really hurt by immigration (legal or otherwise) and that group’s mostly made up of high-school dropouts, alcoholics, meth heads and union members–and I don’t really give a shit about any of them.

          1. I mean…

            Do you have any idea how much better off our country would be if we could deport native born, fat, lazy labor union members to Mexico–and trade them for hard working Mexican immigrants?

            We have a lot of problems in this country–too many hard working people who are willing to work cheap isn’t one of them.

            If too many hard working people who are willing to work cheap–is a drag on the economy? Then China must have the slowest growing economy in the world.

    2. There takin’ are jerbz!!!1!1!!1!!!!elevnty!1!!

    3. Obama is taking the French approach: make sure that your undocumented immigrant population remains severely underemployed.

  2. But … but … but … he’s not Bush! It’s all Bush’s fault!

    And if you criticize Obama on ANYTHING it just proves how racist you are!!!!

    1. its not boosch’s fault that obama is enforcing the law. the writer is axe grinding

      1. Teh law is teh law!!!!!111!!!!

        1. estalker u need waterboarding w faygo while being sodomized

          1. I have no argument!!!111!!!!

  3. So both Democrats and Republicans hate immigrants now. One side because of unions and “They too our jerbs!” and the other because of xenophobia and the “CULTURE WAR!” Oh well, maybe someday I’ll be able to cross the Mexican border and back without being subjected to police the fed’s police state-style border fetish.

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