Watch the Whole Special Declaration of Independents-themed Episode of Stossel


On Thursday, June 23, the great Fox Business Network show Stossel devoted its entire hour of programming to discuss the ideas and themes of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America. In addition to interviewing co-authors Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, host John Stossel also brought on sociologist Grant McCracken, media activist/stuntman Andrew Breitbart, music/film reviewer Kurt Loder, and one-named libertarian funnygal Kennedy of 1990s MTV fame.

Now the whole episode is available on the YouTubes. You can watch it below:


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  1. I saw that and Kennedy was soooooo hawt!

  2. and one-named libertarian funnygal Kennedy of 1990s MTV fame.

    She was a libertarian?

    No, better question: Was she ever funny? Because all her jokes landed flat on the ground, were stepped on and left to fester under the sun.

    1. Her jokes fell flat because the audience were stiffs.

    2. Huh? Seems like she would be a laugh riot to hang out with. Her boyfriend thing was funny.

      It’s a shame she’s a libertarian. The rest of this show was very misguided, which is too bad. G-darn.

      No, actually, these are some intriguing ideas. This book might be worth reading. Good show.

    3. And the “women can’t drive” was funny. Funny, I tell, ya.

  3. Hey! The AG’s a nig…
    [Clock bell chimes]

  4. “I get to wear a black leather jacket at work, always!”

    Well, I wear polo shirts on fridays! Yep, I can be a rebel, too!

    1. Welch in his sharply pressed suit and intellectual glasses and of course……”the Jacket”! People we have the makings of the blockbuster action/buddy pic of the summer movie season……“One goes by the book…the other plays by his own rules….when they get together LA, politics, and culture will never be the same!

      1. They are not that different.

        Both of them are sleeping with french women.

        1. Is it the same woman?

  5. Kemmedy?

  6. It’s not the same without the FoxBiz commercials. How will you know what awning to buy or how to get your hanging plants down to easy watering level or who to sue for your mesothelioma?

  7. I don’t get Fox Business, but I can’t wait to see it on FNC late Sunday night!

  8. Threadjack:

    Chavez has now confirmed that he has undergone cancer surgery.

    Now, if he dies while under Cuban medical care, my schadenfreude will be complete.

    1. He’s a dumbass not to come here. You know, to actually get cured rather than to make some political statement.

      1. Makes it all the sweeter, eh?

        1. I hope Venezuela can return to something resembling a free society again–don’t really care what happens to their jefe.

    2. This is our great national opportunity for another war. STRIKE NOW AMERICA!!!!

      Venezuela is weak!!

  9. It’s not the same without the FoxBiz commercials.

    Shitty ads = integrity. Those join-a-lawsuit and garden-gadget spots are bought without runtimes, so the advertisers wind up with no editorial leverage against the shows their ads air in. Big corps won’t buy those, no matter how low the price, because they’re just as much in the market for the network as for its eyeballs. Shows with sponsors are made in terror of them, like a guy with a crazy jealous girlfriend who planted a keylogger on his laptop.

  10. Like Matt’s wife, I dislike baseball – and unlike Matt’s wife, if I must pay taxes to support other people’s entertainment, I demand a government-funded donkey show, at least weekly.

    1. As a compromise would you consider donkey basketball?

      1. It would be an improvement, but I’ll only accept a compromise if it’s women’s donkey basketball, and I get to design the “uniforms” and some of the other, um, “equipment”.

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