Nanny State

Baylen Linnekin, Executive Director of Keep Food Legal, Will be Guest-Blogging This Week at Hit & Run


I'm happy to introduce Hit & Run readers to a special guest blogger for this week: Baylen Linnekin, the executive director of Keep Food Legal, a nonprofit that argues in favor of "culinary freedom," the outrageous notion that individuals should be free to produce and consume whatever they want. For more information on KFL and to join or donate, go here. Full disclosure: I'm on the board of KFL.

Baylen is a regular contributor to Reason magazine and Read his whole archive, including his epic tale of New York City's "lobster underground" and eyewitness testimony from something called "the testicle festival," here. A former employee of the Drug Policy Alliance and a lawyer specializing in food-related issues, his blog entries will emphasize nanny state issues related to food and prohibition.

Here's Baylen taking with Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch about raids on raw milk farms: