Hold on. You mean V was a cop all along?


Friday caption contest:

It's a caption contest, people. My entry is in the title. Yours go in the comment thread.

Actual context here.

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    1. wow, I’m a felon!

      I once outran a cop in my ’68 Firebird. Needless to say, back in ’87 a Dodge Diplomat was not a fast car.

      1. me too whee

      2. my HS buds & I outran the cops once too in my sweet 72 chevelle SS. when we got far enough ahead, we killed the lights & ducked in a drive bet houses until they went by. and we didnt even dump our beers!

        1. I did the same thing in a Ford Tempo.
          Instead of speed I used my knowledge of the windy road to get ahead before I ducked off and killed the lights.

          1. You’ve got my respect for eluding the cops in a Tempo. Were your balls riding shotgun ?

            1. i agree with that sentiment. I was in an 89 LX 5.0 with SouthSide Machine bars, Flomaster headers and H pipe (no cats at all) on a windy road but I was the passenger…My balls were riding inside puckered but.

              1. +t

        2. When I was in HS I used to work in a small neighboring town restaurant on the weekends. Every Saturday evening on my way home I would rocket down the highway in my 76 grand prix. there was a cop who used to sit in the same spot to catch speeders and every time I’d wizz by, he light up the cherries and make a pathetic attempt to catch me.

          He must have realized that I did this at the same time every Saturday so he eventually wised up and got a head start. This time, when I realized I wasn’t loosing him I ducked into a residential area as quickly as I could and zig-zagged through the streets at the highest speed my car could handle. I found a driveway, parked, and laid low.

          A few minutes later, the cop strolls up at about 15 mph, and taps on my window. I asked him “how did you catch me?”, he replied “wasn’t hard, you left skidmarks around every turn.”

          1. Not mention all the dead pets and pedestrians. You want to drive like a moron, stay out of residential areas.

            1. It was different times. People had more children back then… for just this kind of thing.

            2. u musta been the weird kid we all beat-up & peed on

    2. Risk of violence is inherent to vehicle flight,” Kennedy said. “It is well known that when offenders use motor vehicles as their means of escape they create serious potential risks of physical injury to others. Flight from a law enforcement officer invites, even demands, pursuit.

      Maybe they should just make driving a car a felony, as every time someone gets behind the wheel it creates risk and the police are apparently helpless in their addiction to pursuit. Weren’t there places that were trying to outlaw police chases?

      1. This is nothing compared to what happened here in Oklahoma last year. Someone was fleeing from the cops and one of the cops got into a fatal accident. They actually charged the guy with murder!

    3. Threadjack

      That was fast.

  1. “Forget the mask. Why does my head look like an orange on a toothpick?”

  2. V for Valencia

    1. Well. Done.

  3. Police claim they represent the organization’s leadership in Spain and that they directed attacks against the country’s central election board, the Catalan police and the UGT, a major Spanish trade union.

    I think they can also be linked to JFK, MLK, and the Lindbergh kidnapping.

  4. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  5. “Women say the size of your mask doesn’t matter. Here at hugemaskinsevendays.com we know the truth.”

  6. Mustache.
    No mustache.
    No mustache.

  7. Look, I want my eyebrows shaped to look like this.

  8. “Fingermen Finger V”

  9. “You’ll never guess where I’m wearing the tragedy mask.”

  10. “Why don’t you say that to my little friend here? Go on. I dare you.”

  11. En Espana, we say B for Bendetta!

    1. lolololololol

  12. Does wearing a Guy Fawkes mask make you
    (A) part of an elite anonymous hacker group.
    (B) a domestic terrorist
    (C) a virgin

    1. Definitely (C). I have my quibbles with “elite”. Some are elite, others are running scripts and basically providing computer cycles.

      1. (A) part of an effete anonymous hacker group?

    2. You have to admire the English ability to hold a grudge. 400 years and still going strong.

      1. Ahem.

        1. You know, that’s mostly nonsense. They adopted that position recently (picking up an old medieval outlook). During the years when the Ottomans had settled down into their empire, I don’t think there was anything much like that going on. Sure, there were wars and even wars of conquest, but it wasn’t this kind of whacked out foolishness.

          1. But the excuse fueling the cause is still 4 millenia old.

  13. “The video footage caught the suspects clearly. Their faces look exactly like this. Anyone who knows someone who looks like this is requested to come forward”

  14. “I mean seriously, my mom almost turned inside out giving birth to me.”

  15. I’d prefer not to have the actual context. I know this is wrong, but if you drew a cheesy Gallic moustache on Veronique, she’d look just like “V”. Coincidence? I’m really starting to wonder.

  16. “And now that I’ve overthrown the old tyrannical government, here’s something you’ll really enjoy.”

  17. “I admit it. Not only am I the Pink Panther, I was also V”

  18. “In my country, they only have ‘Just For Men’s Eyebrows.'”

  19. S’alright? S’alright!

  20. “Our investigation has confirmed that this mask is a significant source of lulz.”

  21. “Do you think it would be cool to use this mask when we shoot P for Punani?”

  22. “Police chief scolds media for questioning SWAT raid on comic book store”

  23. “This increases my chances of copping a feel from Natalie Portman a thousandfold!”

    1. Yes, actually, it does. That, combined with your other efforts, brings the total odds to…
      Hold on while I carry the 3…

      1. Totally missed a Firefly quotation opportunity. “Let’s see. Nothin’. Times nothin’. Carry the nothin’. Still nothin’!”

  24. I dunno. I think Sony really had it coming with it’s treatment of George Hotz and others. The PS3 was marketed as being able to install Linux. A few years later, Sony puts out an update that removes other OSs from being used on the system, thus taking away Linux.

    I don’t agree with going after user-data, but Sony needed to be taught a lesson.

  25. “Police say their raids turned up software used to make malware and sophisticated encryption tools, as well as a program called LOIC, which the hackers used to carry out DDoS campaigns.”
    That is to say, a C++ or some other compiler and PGP. Holy shit, if your computer doesn’t have these things on it, your doin’ it wrong.

    1. I have the LOIC around somewhere. Shit’s mega funny. Having something and using it maliciously are two different things.

      “Cyber crime” hysteria has quickly become a witch hunt against people who know how to use a computer. As someone who works in the IT field, most people have no understanding about how these magic boxes work, and even less of an understanding about how “cyber crime” and the internet work.


    2. Oh hell, time to turn that doorway degauss coil back on. Go ahead pigs, take w/e you want. Just dont leave through the window.

      1. You read Stephenson, too I see.

      2. Go ahead pigs, take w/e you want. Just dont leave through the window.

        That’s usually how they come in.

  26. “Mission Accomplished”

  27. From the writers of Super Troopers, Steve Martin is Inspector Clouseau in Anonymous Justice, a film by Michael Bay.

    1. I’m sure it will have a lot of explosions.

      1. And special effects by Industrial Light and Magic.

        1. Endless, boring criticism by Episiarch et al.

          1. Bay is a pretty crappy director. You don’t have to be Episiarch to think so.

            1. That’s why I tagged him as director–his films are unintentionally funny.

              1. It’s great having Bay as a director, because I can easily identify movies I don’t want to see.

                1. Still boring.

  28. /b/ is not your personal army

  29. “Look what I can do.”

  30. “Do you still love me?”

  31. “I fail to see how this silly mask has anything to do with libertinism.”

  32. Hold on. You mean V was a cop all along?

    Wait, I’m confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

    1. Plus one.

  33. “I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”

  34. “I am ripping you idiots off for a $250,000 a year pension and I don’t even have to wear a stupid, fucking mask.”

  35. “With this, the internet will once again be safe from teenagers everywhere.”

  36. We didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

  37. “We are looking for a man who lost this face…”

  38. “I don’t like the name Lawrence! Only faggots and sailors are named Lawrence! From now on you’re Anonymous

  39. “The dog was wearing this when we shot it.”

  40. “I’ll pay double if you wear this mask!”

  41. “My country spent billions on green energy and all I got was this stupid mask.”

  42. “Nobody will ever suspect you if you wear a mask that looks just like your face.”

  43. Bet you didn’t think I’d be so fawkesy.

  44. “Finding this disguise confirmed our early suspicions that the suspects are illegal immigrants from outer space.”

  45. “A mask? A stupid mask? This is the best that libertarianism can throw at us?”

  46. Since the public keeps complaining that our S.W.A.T. member’s balaclavas make them look terrifyingly like the Gestapo‘s Stormtroopers (Die Sturmkavalleristen des Gestapo), all hostile entry forces will now wear masks like this.

    The public need not fear thier dog being shot by a frowning or anonymous soldier/policeman again. Everyone must SMILE now!

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