Declaration of Independents

Advice Goddess Amy Alkon: "Think of it as a political alarm clock"


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Syndicated advice columnist, evolutionary pysch enthusiast, and fierce political independent Amy Alkon pledges alleigance to nobody, thank you very much:

I'm A Neither

I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican, but somebody who knows that the parties are corrupt and that politicians are mostly self-interested sleazebags. Law-stretching, law-bending and law-breaking sleazebags. […]

Matt Welch, editor-in-chief of reason, and a guy and a thinker I have great respect for, quotes from the book he and Nick Gillespie wrote to set people straight on the crap America is being served by both parties (no, that isn't the smell of bread baking):

This book intends, in part, to document the fact that the two major parties are not what they say and that you are right to be angry with their false claims about core beliefs. It is a shock to tender ears, we realize, but by any meaningful yardstick, Democrats do not care about free speech, and Republicans do not care about free enterprise. They are much more concerned with convincing you that the other guy is a Nazi than they are about relaxing government's control over activities it has no business meddling in.

The book: The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America. For some reason, I thought the title was "You're a libertarian and you just don't know it," but I think that's basically what the book's about.

Think of it as a political alarm clock.

Whole thing here. Check out Alkon's interview with below: