Talking About The Declaration of Independents and Libertarianism with Robert Ringer, author of Looking Out for #1 & Restoring the American Dream


A few weeks back, Robert Ringer, the author of the classics Looking Out For #1 and Restoring the American Dream, interviewed me about the rise of unaffiliated voters, threats to liberty, and my forthcoming book with Matt Welch, The Declaration of Independents: How libertarian politics can fix what's wrong with America (go here to pre-order from your favorite online bookstore).

It's a lively, wide-ranging 20-minute conversation. Go here to listen or download. And check out Ringer's site for podcasts with other notables such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), former Gov. Gary Johson (R-N.M.), Judge Andrew Napolitano, Walter Williams, Andrew Breitbart, and many others.