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  1. Why buy the loaf when the slices are free?

    1. For some things I much prefer having the actual dead tree magazine. If I am drinking coffee in a cafe I much prefer the paper format. If I am en la playa, which there is plenty of where I live, I much prefer the paper. If it gets wet not as big a deal as if my laptop gets wet. Also paper is just plain easier on my eyes long term.

      1. Reason.com sucks the lifeblood out of my browser. What should I do?

        1. Stop using Internet Explorer.

          1. I use Firefox 4.

  2. Who is that girl with the giant gun on the magazine cover? Damn that’s hot. Get me a name and number, I’ll subscribe twice.

    1. I’ve never understood the whole “chicks with guns” thing as being hot. I love a hot chick just as much as (if not more than) the next guy; having her hold a gun just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t see it as sexy. In fact, it strikes me as a bit odd, and perhaps slightly disturbing, to find a gun a sexual turn-on, whoever is holding it.

      I love me some guns, and I love me some hot women – I just don’t get the whole “damn, check out the babe holding the gun, now that’s hot!” thing.

      1. I know, man: they can shoot you if you get too “frisky”.

      2. I’ve never understood the whole “chicks with guns” thing as being hot

        What’s not to get about a hot chick holding a rock hard cylindrical weapon that might fire its load if you cock the trigger……….it’s a penis, the gun is a metaphor for a penis.

      3. Honestly, I was just mentioning the gun in context of descriptive rhetorical device. Frankly, the girl is too done up for the cover. She should lose the gun, and lose those clothes. And lose the macro shot, I’m thinking more 18-55 with no zoom from five feet away. Again with no gun…or clothes.

        Then I’ll subscribe five times.

  3. OK, your constant advertisement has convinced me to subscribe.;-)

  4. After just a little exposure to this goony libertoid shit, both political parties will seem refreshingly normal and sane. Try it!

    1. Goony? Like Mikey, Chunk, and Mouth?

    2. Hello Shit Facktory!

      (With apologies to whoever it is that used to do that (I’m having a senior moment right now)…)

    3. Max,

      If you hate this site so much, why are you here in the comment section so much?

    4. Max has made his last post|6.28.10 @ 1:31PM|#
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      1. Go suck ron puals dick, morons.

        Talks like an undergrad, stupid like an undergrad, spells like an undergrad.

        See you after the summer…say hello to Mom and Dad when they pick you up from the dorm.

    5. ARF! YIP! SNAP! NIP!

      1. Addled by thoughts of Bran Peuool’z Koch.

  5. I have a big sore on my lip from the last time I tried reason. No thanks.


    1. Or if your a real libertoid dimwit, just give a donation and save your lips.

      1. Dimwit, go back to grammar school.

      2. You really must have a pathetically dull and lonely existence. You profess such hatred of everyone and everything here, yet you continue to come back to spout your puerile, loathsome horse shit.

      3. Max has made his last post|6.28.10 @ 1:31PM|#
        Max|6.24.10 @ 3:29PM|#

        Go suck ron puals dick, morons. You peeple are fucking retarded. I`m done coming to this wingnut sight. this is my last post.

  7. There are only two parties? What happened to the Libertarian Party?

    1. Last time around they nominated Bob Barr. That is what happened.

      1. Oops.

    2. Stoned anarchists do not a political party make.

      1. Now you tell me!

  8. Reason gave me crabs! Thanks Reason!

  9. Its really very good information. Thanks for sharing this info.

  10. This is like a hooker asking for money for the blow job she gave you for free a week earlier.

    FREE CONTENT (online)

    Show your gratitude by buying the paper product.

    1. the paper product

      Dude! The cool kids call it “dead tree media.” Get with it.

      1. If you don’t subscribe, REASON will start printing the magazines upon the bleached skulls of spotted owls. You like owls, dontcha kid? Huh? HUH?
        *taps you in the forehead*

        1. Now that I would buy.

  12. Indiana says shitting on the constitution isn’t enough.
    Court overturns Magna Carta

    1. I would like to say I’m shocked, but it was really only a matter of time.

    2. HOLY CRAP! How come this hasn’t been posted on Hit & Run yet?

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  15. No, Im tired of moral equivelency. A right-lib coallition would be 1000x better than a lib-left one.

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  17. Off Topic: Would anyone care to explain what IceTrey was bitching about in the comments on “The Joke is on Stephen Colbert”?

    1. vagina + sand = what IceTrey was bitching

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