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  1. Are You an Independent Thinker? Try Reason and You’ll Never Think Independently Again!

    1. They can’t control your mind any more if you cut out your teeth, dude. Free your mind!

      1. It was a joke, Warty.

  2. No wonder libertarians get nowhere. Everyone at Hit and Run already knows about Reason. This post is a total waste of your advertising dollar.

    1. Well, to be fair, plenty of us don’t subscribe.

      1. I don’t plan to invest in Reason if they’re going to blow their budget on things like trying to convince me to invest in Reason.

      2. I used to get the 4-6 months “free” subscription from the blow-in cards when I was younger and changed addresses frequently.

        1. I am the God of Waffles.

          1. May I have a waffle, please?

            1. Hey!

              1. I have eaten waffles and pancakes and become their new avatar. Behold!

  3. I believe whatever the poster above me believes.

    1. And I get my thoughts directly from Lyndon LaRouche. Or, alternately, Oprah.

      1. ah but now it’s ProLib

        1. I dare you to post after G Smith ;-:

        2. I never thought I’d say this, but threaded comments don’t count. Also, I just regained the position.

  4. I am an independent thinker, that’s why people tell me I’m wrong all the time.


    1. Have you figured out why people call you a racist asshole all the time?

      1. I am not a racist asshole, do you even know what a racist is? Do me a favor, unless I call you the n-word, don’t call me a racist.

        I am politically incorrect, that means I treat minorities the way society treats the majority. Spike Lee says “White Men Can’t Dance?” I say “Black Men Can’t Stay Married.” See? It’s funny, and it’s also true since 70% of black babies are being raised by single mothers.

        Yet because of jerks who yell “racist” like you, most people are afraid to tell the truth.

        So screw you, race baiter, I’m going home.


        1. “Black Men Can’t Stay Married.”

          Wrong. They were never married in the first place!

          [rim shot]

        2. “I am politically incorrect, that means I treat minorities the way society treats the majority”
          but only when amongst those of the same ilk eh? another interwebs tough guy

        3. Monkey Dust “The Cyclists” (1 min. 18 sec.)

  5. Or save your lips and just send us a donation! We love donations.

    1. Honeykins, come up from the basement and give Mommy a donation.

      Bring the Astroglide from the cupboard, too.

      1. Ha ha ha, oh man, that’s wrong.

  6. hey can’t control your mind any more if you cut out your teeth, dude.
    thank you for your share

  7. I never thought I’d say this, but threaded comments don’t count. Also, I just regained the position.

  8. Actually, I might subscribe now. I need some bathroom reading material. And just so you know, coming from me, that’s a compliment. Much heavy thinking done on the throne, yes sir.

    1. If you hear crickets chirping in hear, check the time stamps. I came in myself because I wondered how this re-post could get so many comments so quickly, and got a dose of deja-vu before I realized Reason had re-posted the old comments as well. Doh!

      1. hear = here

      2. Haunted by my inanities.

  9. A yearly subscription to Reason magazine is only $14.97 for an entire year.

    I recall paying about $18.97/year fifteen years ago. Now I feel cheated.

    1. That was back when Virginia Postrel ran things.

      1. Less pop culture filler back then.

  10. Reminds me of the South Park where Kile wants to join the Goth kids.
    He asks “How do I be a nonconformist like you guys”
    The response “All you have to do is dress like us and listen to the same music as us.”

    1. Actually, it is Stan who joins the Goth Kids because he was bummed that Wendy left him for Token…

      /Southpark Geek

      1. Did I at least remember the conversation correctly?

        1. You just missed the parts that had nothing to do with the joke.

  11. Are you a bit slow on the uptake and find the world more comprehensible when seen thorugh the prism of a simple-minded ideology? Send a donation now!

  12. (CHORUS):
    So don’t delay act now supplies are running out
    Allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive
    And if you follow there may be a tomorrow
    But if the offer is shun you might as well be walking on the sun…..hesun.html

  13. Are you an arrested adolescent whose priorities don’t extend beyond sex and drugs and being allowed to stay up past your bedtime? Subscribe to Reason now!

  14. Tired of analysis that focuses on viable presidential candidates? Do you often wonder just how some odd-ball conspiracy nut with a history of publishing racist diatribes is doing in the race for the Republican nomination? Do you like the idea of making reality fit your pet theories? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, uou’ve come to the right place. Sunscribe to Reason now! Or better yet, just send us a donation. Do it fucking now!

    1. Sunscribe? Is that someone who takes notes for the Sun? Or some sort of high priest of sun worship?

      1. Max reminds me of the “straight” guy who ‘only frequents gay sites to see what those gays are up to’. He may as well subscribe to Reason if he doesn’t already.

        1. Sunscribe.

  15. Geez, what a morom…

  16. Someone has to pay for Nick’s leather jackets and Lord knows the free market isn’t getting the job done!

    I mean seriously, did you expect the Koch’s to cover the whole load?

    Since the magical hand of capitalism continues to shove it’s middle finger up Reason’s arse you guys who babble on in the comments section need to pick up the slack.

    1. I don’t understand this meme. Isn’t advertising subscriptions part of the free market?

      1. No! The free market is stealing from old women and laughing as they starve to death on the street and giving huge amounts of money to corporations to rape babies!

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