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  1. My posts on yesterday’s Open Links thread were deleted. I didn’t know Reason even read our comments, let alone enforced any rules (assuming it wasn’t a server hiccup).

    As punishment, no Golden Girls for you today. Reflect on your transgressions against me during your Golden-free day.

    AVENGE ME!!!!!! AVENGE ME!!!!!!

    1. But I will repost the masterbation link.

      Brazilian Woman Wins Right To Masturbate At Work

      1. The pre-story comments were nuked right after you posted that link. Coincidence? We shall see!

        1. It adds an element of danger. It’s a narcissism-nuke!

      2. I guess she doesn’t need this article…..10-SMT-COS

  2. Conservative Sage Charles Krauthammer declares Newt Gingrich’s campaign “over” after attacks on Rep. Paul Ryan.

    I did that yesterday, Chuck. And Newt’s fevered walkback shows he knew he had screwed the pooch as well. He entered into the Republican primary race without apparently paying attention to the previous election results.

    1. Please, all of REASON declared Nucular Titties comapaign over days before it was announced. FOE, Chuck, you’re all way behind the times.

      1. But I’m still ahead of Krauthammer, right?

        1. Sloths stay ahead of Chuck Kraut

          1. Well, yeah, until you hit a downhill stretch. Chuck is hell on wheels then.

            1. *rim shot*

      2. The consensus is clear: He needs to change his name to Newcular Titties. No other option is left to him.

        1. Ah, the newcular option. It’s always on the table.

          1. It’s the only way to be sure.

            1. He’s going to newk this race from obit.

    2. He was like Trump. Just pumping up his brand. He knew from the get-go he didn’t have a chance and yet Reason played along sucking his limp dick at least twice yesterday.

  3. And I see everyone’s posts went away. Doubleplusungood.


    1. Wires

      The song isn’t amazing, but the video’s a hoot.

      1. Any video with Brian Posehn in it is OK with me.

  4. My comment was deleted!

    Remember Gustav Arellano, recently profiled by Reason TV? Here he is proclaiming gangland Mexico a libertarian paradise:…..tea-party/


    1. Somalia!

      Funny every time!

    2. Somalia!

      Is that like a libertarian war cry or something? It’s not very catchy, or even clear what you mean. Just because government relinquishes control over something doesn’t the community will turn into Somalia. In fact, nothing the United States government short of engaging in an all-out nuclear war would turn this nation into Somalia. Every time you type Somalia a Somalian orphan dies. You should be more careful about referencing Somalia in serious adult discussion. For good measure. Somalia Somalia Somalia. There, filled my quota.

      1. pancakes, where’s you friend waffles? Oh, and I think I hear helicopters

        Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia Somalia

        Yeah, TOW missles are a bitch.

        1. You funny too!

          1. The guns’ll come out
            Bet your bottom dollar
            That in Somalia
            There’ll be guns!

            Just thinkin’ about
            Clears away the gov’ment,
            And the taxes
            ‘Til there’s none!

            When I’m stuck in abodes
            With roads,
            And lonely,
            I just stick out my chin
            And grin,
            And say,

            The guns’ll come out
            So ya gotta hang on
            ‘Til Somalia
            Come what may
            Somalia! Somalia!
            I love ya, Somalia!
            You’re always
            A day
            A way

            1. [faints in rapturous delight]

              1. Soon to be a Broadway play.

                1. I love “It’s a Hard-Knock Life . . . Without a Government Provided Social Safety Net.”

            2. awesome

            3. Reminds me of a late 1970’s radio hit –

              “I’ve got too much time on my hands”

              1. Styx transcends all decades.

  5. You can delete my comments, but I know The Truth!

    1. proegg fu yung antichicken?

  6. The only identifying data would be a patient’s photo

    Before or after red-eye removal?

  7. “The Osama bin Laden capture/kill “narrative” changes once again.”

    Atleast this one sounds plausible. Mission doesn’t go according to plan. Lots of high energy, freaked out people, women try and protect Bin Laden while he tries to get away, women shoved aside, jacked SEAL pops him twice, then its over.

    I mean this shit happens. The government didn’t care if it captured or killed BL, so they sent the SEALs in with a “most expediant” order.

    1. I guess Bin Laden’s family is lucky they sent SEALs and not cops.

      1. His dogs certainly are.

  8. A Saudi Arabian student who investigators say spat in the face of a Walmart customer after the customer told her she was going in the wrong door was arrested on a hate-crime charge, Palm Bay police said Monday.

    Ironically, she was on her way to buy a Led Zeppelin album because he loves “Fool in the Rain”.

    1. I’d like to slap her face…and see her deported. How dare she come here and suck up the benefits of this country and try to tell Americans what thye can and cannot do? She needs to obey the rules like everyone else, she needs to keep her trashy, germy, spit to herself. I dare her to spit on me!!!! I’ll throw her back to Saudi Arabia and won’t even need to put her ugly face on a plane! GO HOME STUPID MORON! Go back to where all the other ignorant trash just like you hangs out!

      1. I’d have brought my “throwin” shoes.

      2. To Somalia!

      3. On 9/11/01, a Saudi student in one of my classes was gleefully ranting about how you don’t fuck with Arabs. He never came back. I wore my steel toed boots to the next class for nothing. I still regret not kicking his teeth in when I had the chance.

        1. I get the feeling sometimes that the entire middle east is just a bunch of douchy gang members arguing over turf and boasting about how you don’t fuck with the (enter gang name here) from the (cardinal direction) side of (location). EVER.

          Yeah, we get it you losers. If it weren’t for their damned oil I would have absolutely nothing to do with that part of the world. The sooner this happens, the better.

          1. p.s. “losers” there refers to the douchy pricks in the middle east, not Reasonoids.

            1. Our oil under their sand really did further screw things up, but then again so did millenia of occupation and wars between the east and west. Their mentality didn’t just emerge out of nowhere.

              1. Is our oil under their sand or just really, really, really far under our soil?

                Think about it.

                1. No, its their sand unless some island out in the pacific claims it (it could be argued that its really far under Hawaii or something.

                2. Dig deeper.

                  1. Drill, baby, drill.

                    How would they ever know?

                    1. I drink your MILKSHAKE!

                    2. OMG eeeuuwwwwwww !!!

                    3. OMG so eeeeuuuwwwwwwww!!

              2. Their mentality didn’t just emerge out of nowhere.

                Right. It was sent directly from allah’s mouth to mohammed’s ear.

                1. ^^THIS

              3. Check the OT. Semitics like to fight more than drunken Irishmen.

          2. So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people – greedy, barbarous, and cruel.

            1. I just read a new biography about him. Interesting, but he was quite the odd duck. I didn’t know that he enlisted in the RAF after the war under an assumed name. And when I say enlisted, I mean he wasn’t an officer.

              1. he took us like a manly man’s man

              2. —“he enlisted in the RAF after the war under an assumed name”—

                Aircraftman Ross. He was also involved somehow with powerboat testing for the RAF & Army.

        2. I call bs. That’s just a conservative meme that was going around. Like saying Palestinians were cheering in the streets on 9/11. Total lie. Never happened.

          1. LOL you tell em SF.

        3. With any luck, he went on to join the Taliban in Afghanistan and got a JDAM up the ass.

      4. Go back to where all the other ignorant trash just like you hangs out!

        I don’t think the Walmart will let her back.

        1. I can haz traktor pullz?

      5. You know what?

        If we go to any WalMart in California or New Jersey, I predict I can select from the crowds there 5 people of ANY race with whom I can easily start a fight by making an inopportune personal remark.

        This girl would never have spit on me, because I would never have stopped to say, “You can’t go in that door.” You know why? Because A) I don’t give a shit, and B) I got monocles to buy and poor people to oppress, and I can’t stop hustling long enough to talk to anyone in public.

        1. Cheap Chinese monocles, at that.

        2. I call bullshit, fluffy. First off, I doubt you’ve ever been in a WalMart. They don’t even carry monocles, and their moustache-wax department is certainly lacking.

          I always thought you would only shop in a specialty store that imports it’s monocles from India, where they are made with glass blown from bags of sand hand carried from the Gulf of Aden by 7 year old conscript labor. Their moustache-wax is hand-packed into little tins by Chinese girls discarded into wells by their unwanting parents, and the top hats are made from silk hand woven by retards sold into slavery by family members from Somalia

          1. Only if the moustache wax is made from oils pressed from the flesh of spotted oils and right whales.

          2. Chinese girls discarded into wells by their unwanting parents

            There’s a Mouse Army for real? Somebody should write an AI with the purpose of mobilizing them.

            1. Only if it’s in the form of a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer.

  9. Al-Doaifi also spat at another customer because he got too close to her, but he managed to stay out of range, police said.

    Saliva guns! Get your saliva guns!

    1. You know, saliva guns can easily be modified to go full auto…

    2. from the article;
      Al-Doaifi told officers she was spitting on “white people” because of the way her people are treated and that a “higher authority” made her do it, an officer wrote.

      Look, lady, stop blaming this shit on me. You’ll KNOW when I make you do something.
      *goes back to watching p0rn*

      1. I just found religion

  10. Is that like a libertarian war cry or something?

    Try to keep up.

    That lion won’t tow itself, you know.

  11. TOW missles

  12. A Saudia Arabian student in Central Florida has been charged with a hate crime for spitting on white people outside a Walmart

    Some people really hate them some tractor pulls.

  13. The father told officers that Al-Doaifi spat at an FIT professor two or three weeks ago, they said. The school’s dean notified the Saudi Arabian Embassy, which counseled her, Martinez said.

    Counseling the the SA Embassy? Why not kick her out of the fucking school like they would have anyone else?

    1. I assume that the SA punishment for spitting is cutting out the tongue, correct?

      So counseling may have helped.

    2. Saudis pay full tuition in cash, up front. She could spit on the faculty and not get expelled.

      1. If the Saudi embassy held to their core beliefs, why didn’t they lop off her right foot for driving in the gate?

        And as far as a woman getting educated? I’m shocked they didn’t perform a lobotomy right then and there.

        I guess they’re making progress.


    20% of obamacare waivers go to businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district.

    1. Reason SugarFrees links with apostrophes, I take it.

      Here you is.


    Philadelphia’s finest. Unionized fucking scum sucking assholes.

    1. that story has been floating around for a while and my impression hasn’t changed. The guy was asking for it. Yeah yeah, open carry, 2nd ammendment, blah blah blah. If you open carry in Philadelphia you are expecting and inviting harassment. You are willfully stupid to think otherwise.

      The fact that he had a recorder just bolsters this argument. Ask and ye shall receive. Still, he shouldn’t be charged with anything and the police should be forced to train for dealing with legally armed citizens. Big meh.

      1. You are saying the same thing that Bobby kennedy said about the freedom riders in May of 1961: “They asked for it.”

        I do agree that this case is not unusual as the goons who wear Caesar’s clown costumes do this type of thing every day.

        1. The founding era was rife with contempt for those who sought a lifetime of “public service”. Being one of the king’s men was not to be lauded.

        2. Bit extreme huh? Fighting to wear a glock on your hip rather than in a concealed holster seems rather different than fighting racial segregation statutes. However, I am disgusted at how quickly the police draw a weapon on this man. That is reckless escalation of a non-situation.

          1. My reading of the Constitution says:

            1. This guy is totally entitled to “ask for it”

            2. When he does, the cops get to shut the fuck up and like it.

            If I stick a tape recorder in my pocket and walk into the Permits Office and get the guy there to solicit a bribe, I “asked” for that, too. And that was kind of the whole point of the exercise.

          2. If it’s a non-situation then why was he “asking for it”? Shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt down an alley, huh?

      2. She was asking for it. Did you see what she was wearing?

  16. A Saudia Arabian student in Central Florida has been charged with a hate crime for spitting on white people outside a Walmart

    This would have never happened in a mom-and-pop store.

    1. I had the opposite thought. My take was how can mom-and-pop stores expect to compete if Walmart brings in cut rate overseas crazy spitters to harass the customers?

      If you are Mr. Small Business Owner, you are gonna have to pay a lot more $$ to bring in a Klansman to do your entry hating on the customers and then he will probably go after the black customers only. Stuck with higher costs and less effective mistreatment of my customers, I have no way of competing with the big boys.

      1. Maybe if they didn’t have to hire through Hatespitters Local 263. Fucking unions.

        1. LOL.

          And “Hatespitters Local 263” might be an OK band name.

        2. Say what you will, but there is no worse picket line to cross than the ones run by Hatespitters Local 263

    2. “Saudi student beaten in Walmart parking lot.” Coulda been.

      1. Warty would still hate her.

        1. You’re not very smart, are you, anonopussy?

  17. Union whistleblowers allege beatings, threats after outing union bosses

    One member of Communications Workers of America Local 1101 said that after he reported a time-sheet padding scheme, a thug beat him so badly his spine was injured.

    Another says he found a dead rat in his locker, while a third said a union officer warned that suspected informants should be brought off company property and “taken care of.”

    1. I call bs. Never happened. This is just a conservative meme that’s been going around. Coal miners mumble mumble child labor grumble.

        1. Libertarian Rule #1: the government is incredibly inefficient and unreliable.

          Libertarian Rule #2: except when it comes to cracking down on businesses that violate the National Labor Relations Act, at which point it turns into a combination of George Patton and Henry Ford. This is why people working to unionize workplaces don’t ever end up being fired “for cause” after years of positive reviews.

          1. Who cares why they’re fired?

            To me, all economic transactions involving a sale are fundamentally equal.

            If I’m buying soda, I can make up whatever absurd reason I wish to choose a brand of soda. I buy Coke because I like the Santa Claus on the can. I can buy Moxie just because I want to see if it still tastes bad. I can stop buying Pepsi because the bottle of that Pepsi made with cane sugar was flat. I can use whatever criteria I want, and nobody can say shit about it.

            And if I give Coke years of positive reviews, but then stop buying it because a Coke truck cuts me off on the highway, there’s no National Review Board Coke can complain to and say, “Wah! Fluffy stopped buying our soda and he shouldn’t be allowed to DO that!”

            1. Employers are free to be assholes. Most people are. But if the employee is good, they will find another job and the asshole employer will be worse off without a good employee. Happens all the time.

              Bad shit happens. No amount of unionization or government effort is going to change that. People get unfairly fired by craven asshole employers and kids get cancer. Life sucks. Make the best of it.

            2. Fluffy: I can buy Moxie just because I want to see if it still tastes bad.

              You’re dead to me.

              I’m now going to lobby my congressman to get a law passed that forces people to buy Moxie. Interstate commerce and all that.

              1. Moxie tastes good after you drink two cans of it.

                It’s those two cans that are the big problem, though.

                1. True of any alcoholic beverage.

          2. Libertarian Rule #2: except when it comes to cracking down on businesses that violate the National Labor Relations Act, at which point it turns into a combination of George Patton and Henry Ford. This is why people working to unionize workplaces don’t ever end up being fired “for cause” after years of positive reviews. Except when it comes to busting shit up. They’re good at that.

          3. You sound like someone who used to come here. Someone intolerable.

        2. A broke-legg’d stumble down memory lane for those you say to miss joe’s torrent of utter bullshit.

          1. *who* say. Stupid mumble mumble. Grr.

      1. Weekends SF. Weekends

        1. Ah, yes. I forgot that weekends only exist because of unions. The Gregorian calendar before the 1880s was just a corporatist plot.

      1. Non-story is a non-story.

        How an one get a waiver for that that has been ruled unconstitutional?

    1. but the liberalz story-line is “these waivers are necessary so O-Care can be correctly implemented. There is nothing political about them at all. Really!”

  18. A Saudia Arabian student in Central Florida has been charged with a hate crime for spitting on white people outside a Walmart.

    Doesn’t anyone else find it suspicious Obama continued to read to those school children for several minutes after being informed?

  19. Those rats were interfering with the harmonious relationship between labor and management.

  20. Nearly 1 in 5 Obamacare waivers go to restaurants, nightclubs, hotels in Pelosi district……..ncy-pelosi‘s-district/

    1. Missed it by that much!

  21. Saw your union thug story, but the nydailynews has one better, could not resist.

    Weight loss blogger deemed ‘too fat to fly’ by Southwest; Woman offered Cokes, vouchers, apologies…..z1McJenPL6

    1. Umm, while I think Southwest’s policy is good for us which fit in seats, some of their “subjective” weight deciding people can be a bit extreme.

      Obviously she wasn’t too fat to fly is Southwest apologized and offered her vouchers, but to those of us that don’t want to be crushed by the whale that decided to take our flight, I can appreciate the need for airlines to make these decisions.

    2. Those of us who regularly subject ourselves to Feministing were already all over this shit.

      Seriously, why have the feminists gotten all into this fat pride bullshit lately?

      Hey, I’m a big guy. Some of that is my metabolism, some of that is body type, some of that is I like beer. When I work out, I don’t get six pack abs- I get more of a dockworker physique- thick arms, thick legs, thick torso. But you don’t see me going on and on about how unfair that is- it’s life, I accept it and move on.

      1. Because the essential, core belief of modern feminism is that women are entitled to preferences but men are not.

        It’s really that simple.

        Since most men do not prefer fat women, that makes it necessary to regard fat women as “oppressed”, because they are suffering from the existence of male preference.

        1. Because the essential, core belief of modern feminism is that women are entitled to preferences but men are not.

          Needs to be posted again.

    3. If you want to fly commercial, weigh less than 280 pounds. What is so fucking hard about that? It blows my mind that any woman can get that fat.

  22. Back at the White House Situation Room, word was relayed that bin Laden had been found, signaled by the code word “Geronimo.” That was not bin Laden’s code name, but rather a representation of the letter “G.” Each step of the mission was labeled alphabetically, and “Geronimo” meant that the raiders had reached step “G,” the killing or capture of bin Laden, two officials said.

    Custer aside, you won, U.S. Military. Stop falling all over yourselves apologizing. To indicate they were on their way home, the team signaled with the code word “Hitler”, but you don’t hear the Hun pitching a fit about it.

    1. The typical phonetic is “Golf” but I suppose if they had radioed GOLF Obama might have taken it as a personal insult.

      1. See, I wondered about that too. I wondered how many people heard the code name “Geronimo” and thought: “Does that start with a J or a G? Operation J means that we’re headed to the officer’s club for scotch and bourbon.”

    2. Yeah, I thought that was stupid, too.

      How about just saying, “Geronimo was extremely hard to catch, too, dude,” and let it go at that?

      1. I don’t get it either. Geronimo was one hell of a worthy adversary. So much so that a hundred and some odd years later, the US Military still remembers him and refers to their worst adversaries with his name. How is that insulting to Geronimo or Indians? People just get offended because that is just what they do. It no longer even has to make sense.

        1. In their defense, a great deal of effort is put into attempts to convince everyone that our enemy of any particular moment is TEH MOST EVIL EVAH so when you call your target “Geronimo” they think “That guy thinks Native Americans are as evil as Osama bin Laden!”

          Within all militaries there has always been a tradition of admiring the tenacity or cleverness or bravery of enemies, because that increases the honor gained by taking them down, in a phenomenon familiar to fishermen and hunters everywhere. But the mentality of seeing Geronimo and bin Laden as similar in the sense of being challenging prey is alien to the politically correct mindset.

  23. Science Fiction Writers Talk About Their Favorite Science Fiction Novels, Mostly.

    Only book mentioned twice? The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester.

    1. Never read it. Heinlein is my homeboy. Although he got kinda wierd later on.

      1. What’s weird about mom-fucking, underaged clone-fucking, adopted daughter fucking or getting a gynecological exam from your dad?

        Don’t be such a prude.

        1. Heinlein was down with all of that?

          1. Yeah. Time Enough for Love, has, I believe all of those elements in a single volume. If not, Number of the Beast gets anything he missed.

            1. TEFL has the first three, the forth is from To Sail Beyond The Sunset.

            2. Have to read that sometime.

            3. Just rereading TEFL, and I hadn’t read Orphans of the Sky before the last time I read TEFL so was delighted to recognize the story of the Vanguard when Lazarus describes finding it and backtracing its path. That story alone could make for a good “new” Lazarus Long (or Aaron Sheffield, or whatever) adventure.

          2. And more!


    >However, majorities of Democrats approve of two of the law’s principal provisions: requiring people to produce documents verifying legal status (65%) and allowing police to detain them if they are unable to verify their legal status (55%).

    1. This just in: both Republicans and Democrats are authoritarian fuckheads.

  25. Obama’s Bin Laden poll bounce already gone.

    Just a measly little five or six point poll bounce for killing Osama freakin’ Bin Laden, and that’s it? That is really pathetic; it tells me that it’s virtually a lock that he’s going to lose.

    1. well, if he can keep killing boogeymen every 2 weeks for the next 17 months, he’ll be a shoo-in.

  26. Fighting to wear a glock on your hip rather than in a concealed holster seems rather different than fighting racial segregation statutes.

    Actually, no. “They just make me uncomfortable” was an extremely common excuse for keeping blacks (or Chinamen) out of “respectable” places.

    1. The other funny thing is that one big reason people open-carry is because concealed carry is ILLEGAL without a permit it’s damned near impossible to get.

      How about this? Get rid of CC permits and then all these people can stop making you feel so uncomfortable.

      1. In Philly, you have to have a CCL to carry openly.

        1. I thought you needed a firearms license to open carry, not a concealed carry license.

          Or are those the same license in PA?

          1. The same. In Allegheny county it took 5 days to be approved and receive my LTCF. In “cities of the first class” which is a city over 1 million people you need the LTCF to open carry as well as conceal carry. That said, in environments where police are not familiar with open carry it is prudent to conceal. This isn’t about rights, it’s about sense. The IT guy is not Rosa Parks.

            If the guy had his weapon concealed there wouldn’t be a story. If the cop hadn’t drawn his weapon there wouldn’t be a story. But when you cross an arrogant IT punk with a hotheaded cop (both with teh gunz) I’m just really happy noone got shot.

          2. You don’t need a license to open carry on foot in most of Pennsylvania. You need a LTCF to 1) carry concealed, 2) open carry in your vehicle, and 3) open carry in Philly.

    2. And last I looked there wasn’t a hierarchy of rights in the Constitution. The same people who think the mere presence of a police officer at a polling place is a violation of people’s right to vote worthy of a federal investigation, think that cuffing and stuffing someone with a legally owned weapon is just great. Fuck that.

      1. True that. As a mental exercise, imagine if the cops’ sensibilities were offended because the IT guy was holding hands with another man.

  27. Should be interesting to see how that all turns out.

    1. All what, Fog Fee?

  28. Make sure you horndogs check out Madcow’s high school photo in The Daily Caller Krauthammer link — WOW!

  29. What’s weird about mom-fucking

    Pur sang, baby.

  30. New Yorker expose’ on NSA wiretapping and resulting whistleblower prosecutions…..rentPage=1

    Read it and weep.

  31. Why Teachers Form Unions

    The Fairfax County school district said Monday evening that it was standard practice to transfer a teacher out of his school in “any case involving a serious disciplinary proceeding,” and that teacher Sean Lanigan could “seek reimbursement of his legal fees from his teachers association.”

    The statement was issued in response to a story in Sunday’s Washington Post outlining the ordeal Lanigan endured after being falsely accused last year of molesting a 12-year-old girl. Though a jury found him not guilty of all charges, the school district continued to pursue disciplinary actions against him, transferred him to another school and is refusing to pay his $125,000 legal bill a year after his trial ended.…

    1. Isn’t this “teachers association” a union? A lot of good it’s doing him now.

    2. It is worth noting that “not guilty” does not semantically have the same as “innocent”.

    The thieves pulled the iron bars out of the windows, outsmarted the motion detector that would have triggered a burglar alarm and did not give the safe or cash register a second look.
    Instead they went straight for what was most valuable: human hair. By the time the bandits at the My Trendy Place salon in Houston were finished, they had stolen $150,000 worth of the shop’s most prized type, used for silky extensions.

    The break-in was part of a recent trend of thefts, some involving violence, of a seemingly plentiful material. During the past two months alone, robbers in quest of human hair have killed a beauty shop supplier in Michigan and carried out heists nationwide in which they have made off with tens of thousands of dollars of hair at a time.

  33. A wink of the monocole to anybody who can find an “outsider’s look at the bizarre American justice system that’s keeping an Important Man in a scary jail with Common People” for my amusement.

  34. Even the Chron admits HSR is STUPID!…..DMEYER.DTL

  35. Nothing about the fuck head bircher today?

  36. the school district continued to pursue disciplinary actions against him, transferred him to another school

    So, he still has a job.

    Fuck off.

    1. Wow, you’re obsequiousness towards employers really does know no bounds.

    2. The guy was railroaded, his wife lost her job, and he can’t do what he loves anymore with his career prospects destroyed. All because some little twat spread told a lie and faces no consequences.

      But go figure a submoron like yourself would ignore all of that.

      1. This incident is unfortunate, but why is it his employer’s responsibility to pay his legal fees?

        Are you saying, MNG, that if you owned a business, and a customer accused one of your salespeople of punching him in the face, if the guy was cleared you would consider it your responsibility to pay his six figure defense bill out of your own pocket?

        And that if he was cleared of criminal charges, you wouldn’t still ask the guy about the incident, to see if maybe some element of what happened would lead you to not want him to be a salesman any more?

        1. Maybe MNG is saying that, but I’m not. I’m saying the school district kept punishing this guy even after he was cleared. If my employer did that, I’d haul their asses into civil court, along with the parents of the accuser.

          And no, if someone was cleared of charges, I wouldn’t ask any other details. He’s legally innocent, and it’s none of my business (or yours).

  37. If the guy had his weapon concealed there wouldn’t be a story.

    I believe the F A said something about a “nice day”. Maybe he didn’t feel it was necessary to throw his fucking overcoat on to run down to the store on the corner, just to assuage the feverish imagination of his local beat pig.

  38. you’re obsequiousness towards employers really does know no bounds.

    Get a grip, Fido. “Society” does not owe anybody a guaranteed job for life.

    Fuck the union parasites who have wrecked the school system.

    1. More accurately, they have perfected the school system–you just misunderstand the purpose of the school system.

  39. The death of hate crime laws will occur when white Christian heterosexual men seek prosecutions based on them.

    1. Never. Gonna. Happen.

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