Reason in the Air: Tim Cavanaugh Gets Between the Sheets with Baltimore WBAL … Now


Can a state with round-the-clock mattress delivery finally admit that fitted sheets are a human right? The labor supergroup Unite Here demands that fitted sheets shall be the law in California. 

Can we check out any time we like? Can we ever leave?

Reason senior editor Tim Cavanaugh is talking with WBAL radio, right now.

To listen with your crystal set radio, tune in to WBAL at 1090 AM.

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  1. Did Sugarfree suddenly get editor privileges?

  2. Tim Cavanaugh Gets Between the Sheets with Baltimore WBAL

    I tuned in at 1:05PM but it was already finished.

    Boom! Sex joke.

  3. The labor supergroup Unite Here demands that fitted sheets shall be the law in California.

    I seriously didn’t understand this at first.

    No, wait. I don’t understand it now. I read the Press Release, and I understand less than I did before I even read the headline.

    If “bending over” is dicriminatory abuse, I think every American could claim restitution to politicians who’ve been reaming them in the rear for their entire lives.

    I did enjoy the rhetorical swipe that White People suffer many fewer back injuries while working as hotel cleaning staff…. because, well… apparently they can’t find any white people doing that job.

    You might as well say, “Compared to hispanic Females, Mongolian Professional Wrestlers suffer significantly fewer back injuries while working in hotels”

    I personally want the job as Sheet Inspector when the State finally mandates that all sheets be fitted.

    My ‘inspection’ will involve rigorous testing with my lovely assistant, then a gratifying nap of course.

    After a few years of Sheet Inspection, I will also appeal to the government for restitution, because of how my rigorous testing of sheets brought about lower back pain. And unwanted children.

  4. This is going to make the top sheets very uncomfortable.

  5. From the link:

    Hotel housekeepers frequently clean bathroom floors on their hands and knees, an unsafe and degrading practice…

    So, every time I scrub the bathroom (or kitchen) floor, I am ‘degrading’ myself?

    1. Obviously, you’re working! Those jobs need to be left to the Kitchen Cleaning Union and Bathroom Cleaning Union.

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