Sell Off the Post Office! Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano

|'s Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie joined Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch to discuss the inefficient and tax-payer burdening United States Postal Service and whether or not it can be sold off. Airdate: May 11, 2011.

About 4.10 minutes.

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  1. Get rid of the Post Office? What’s next, outlawing apple pie? The pledge of allegiance? The lottery?

    “Lottery in June, crops be heavy soon.”

  2. Nick’s new years resolution must have been to learn how to use a razor.

  3. “Sell off the Post Office”

    Not that I have any philosophical difficulty with that, but isn’t the USPS constitutionally mandated?

    Also, where are you going to find a sucker investor who would be willing to buy it?

    1. Constitutionally authorized, not mandated

  4. who is gonna ring twice?

  5. With no more kids in my bucolic neighborhood who is my dog going to bark at if the mailman doesn’t swing by daily?

    1. Off topic: Is your name a tribute to Kansas’ lead singer?

      1. Nope, just the name given me by my parents, but your guess is a good reference. Trust me on this, there is no shortage of people named Steve Walsh in the world, so it might as well be anonymous.

  6. Instead of just selling it off outright, the gov. should quit bailing out the post office and get rid of the anti-competition restrictions on other carriers. As with everything else, let the market decide.

  7. I wonder what that IPO would look like if the post office was be sold with no monopoly privileges.

    1. Unfortunately, Lehman Bros is no longer around to give it a “Strong Buy” recommendation.

  8. Nick forgot about that other great contribution of the USPS, the term going postal.

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