Reason Writers on the Tube: Katherine Mangu-Ward on Sharia Bans and Junk Food Rules


Reason Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward appeared on Russia Today's The Alyona Show to discuss the various topics of the proposed anti-Sharia bill in Tennessee, new federal guidelines for marketing food to children, and the arresting of a facebook-ing teenager for 'disorderly conduct.'

Approximately 6.28 minutes.

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  1. When someone provides a setup, you don’t try to guess the punchline. You allow them to deliver it themselves. It’s better for everyone.

    Did they always do these interviews from behind martinis? Or is this just the first time I noticed the happy hour motif?


    1. Yes they will be. But they will lose their heads to brown people. So it is okay.

    2. love alyona to death, but that was so painful.

  2. It’s a running joke in the Reason offices that KMW’s screencaps always catch her mid-word, right?

    1. I noticed that two. The freeze the camera with her having the most unattractive facial expression possible.

      1. …Too easy, so I won’t do it.

        Besides, there’s a reason why KMW doesn’t post on the H&R as much as she writes on the print issue. No reason to shit in the pool.

        1. I hope what you said made sense to you because I doubt it did to anyone else.

          1. no worries, I’m used to saying things that make people think I’m insane.

  3. I would gladly sacrifice MNG’s life just so I could lick Katherine’s ankles.

  4. I think my grandmother had that blouse.

  5. I’m noticing something about Katherine Mangu-Ward when she is on the air. She gets defensive standing up for her small-government views: “Not to get too pocket constitution…” or “Not to sound too much like a libertarian…” As if it were embarrasing to hold libertarian views. She’s always defensive about being a small-government liberatarian.

    I don’t see that with people on the left: “not to sound to left-wing” or “not to sound too progressive…” or “too big government.”

  6. It is an outrage that those are merely prop martinis. Look at the air bubbles on the olives. Look at the low viscosity of the liquid as it giggles. An outrage I say!

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