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  1. Hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam is found guilty of insider trading.

    We found our fall guy.

    1. And.. *looks around suspiciously* his name sounds foreign.

    2. He’s not a fall guy. He used Goldman Sachs secrets to make money that Goldman Sachs thinks should have gone to Goldman Sachs. Interfering with Goldman Sachs profits is the highest crime possible in the United States of Goldman Sachs.

    3. Are the people who gave him those tip up for prosecution now that he has been found guilty?
      And will there be investigations of those companies as well?

      1. Haha, no.

  2. Yay!

  3. Texas Passes Bill to Make Some Fish Tales a Crime

    A bill that would make it a misdemeanor ? and in some cases a felony ? to misrepresent the size, weight or provenance of a fish in a fishing tournament arrived on Gov. Rick Perry’s desk on Wednesday, after passing the State Senate in a unanimous vote on Monday.…..h.html?hpw

    1. Well, it’s about time!

    2. I cannot form an opinion on this until Hank Parker weighs in with his thoughts.

    3. Wouldn’t that be covered under “fraud”?

      1. Like rolling back the odometer on cars or adjusting the deli scale to weigh .8 lb as 1.0 lb.

        1. Do men really know what six inches looks like? Shouldn’t this be covered under ADA?

          1. I swear, I thought that fish was more than 4 inches!

    4. a felony?? Really?

      1. There is fairly big money at play in some of these fishing tournaments. Not just the prize money, but endorsements and sponsorships are on the line. Yes, it should be covered by fraud and civil penalties.

    5. This is legislation that is common sense, necessary, and timely. Billy has been bragging for far too long about the bass he caught last summer at the shoo fly pie festival and fishin contest. And that rat bastard stole my girl!

      I wonder if we can extend it to misrepresenting how many points on your buck?

    6. But the fishing contest is on the same day as the tractor pull.

      How is man to choose??? MNG, I need your council!

      1. I call bs. Choice is just a conservative meme.

    7. It only covers fraud in fishing competitions but not in tractor pulls? Elitist bastards!

      1. Tractor pulls have their own way of “correcting” cheaters.

  4. Is Anything More Sad Than A Person Whose Glory Years Were High School?

    This is prime prom season, the time when teenage girls spend hundreds of dollars for what they hope will be the perfect night. But in an increasing number of cities those teenagers searching for their prom gowns are brushing elbows with grown women, some at least double their age. Adult proms have already taken place in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Beverly, Mass., this year. Others are planned in Decatur, Ga., and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.…..l?_r=1&hp;

    1. Is Anything More Sad Than A Person Whose Glory Years Were High School?

      Yes: a person whose glory years were junior high school.

      1. Oh, to relive the halcyon days when I ruled the playground in elementary school…I peaked at age 12.

          1. I used to be king of my castle but eminent domain is a bitch

            1. King of the castle, king of the castle, I have a chair.

    2. Someone who never had any glory days?

    3. Adult proms. ADULT PROMS? REALLY? Jesus fucking christ, that is some fail right there.

      Adult proms? Seriously? No, but really – adult proms?

      1. But, Almanian, just think of the adult *themes*!

      2. It is the death of “adult culture”. They used to have adult proms. They were called balls. People used to belong to social clubs and do adult things. We have apparently lost the ability to do that. So instead we remain teenagers forever.

        1. Yep, as a country, we’ve lost our balls. And a lesser place it is because of that.

          PS Adult Proms? REALLY?

          1. To call it a “Prom” is pretty pathetic. What is wrong with doing what they do in New Orleans and have “Crus” that throw big formal drunken bases every year?

        2. I’m glad you placed quotation marks around “adult culture” because I would have otherwise thought you were lamenting the demise of something that was once a noble thing that really existed. Anyway, why be so dismissive of it? Perhaps there is a segment of the population that never got to experience prom in their teenage years for various reasons?

        3. I was going to say you can still have that whole fancy ball if you wanted. Calling it a prom makes me think you have to chug forties in a parking lot before arriving, and then trying to get a blowjob in some random bathroom on another floor.

      3. They still have a definite black tie charity season in many large cities. If you want to do that sort of stuff the American Heart Association or the United Way probably throw one in the nearest metropolitan area.

        1. Good point. So why the hell have a prom?

          1. Because those black tie dinners are likely going to cost $500+ per plate.

      4. I thought wedding receptions were adult proms.

        1. You may be right. Illicit & excessive alcohol consumption, funny clothes, furtive groping, regrets in the morning. A wedding reception has all the earmarks.

    4. Suki, will you go to the prom with me?

      My mom will let us use the mini-van.

      1. The shaggin’ wagon!

        1. “If this van’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin’!”

      2. Sorry, washing my hair that day but thanks for asking!

    5. Teenage girls and pr0n dresses! w00t! What? prom dresses? Nevermind, not interested.

    6. I scored 3 touchdowns in a single game!

    7. Unspiking the drinks at one of these things would be a lot of fun. Replace all the booze with colored water.

  5. John Demjanjuk convicted over Nazi camp deaths at trial in Germany…..story.html

    I don’t know the facts of this case, but I always am skeptical of repeated attempts by multiple governments to convict an elderly person of a crime decades old…

    1. Yeah – this has been a weird one. Turns out he actually worked at the complex I work at in the Cleveland area. We’ve had a number of inquiries over the years from various governments – creepy.

    2. Sorry but some crimes have no statute of limitations. What he and others like him did were so bad that they deserve to be hounded to their graves.

      1. Agreed, but the delay here certainly creates difficulty for a defendant. Documents have been lost or destroyed, alibis witnesses could be dead or senile, etc.

        I suppose that’s all for the jury to consider, but it’s a sucky situation.

        1. “”I suppose that’s all for the jury to consider, but it’s a sucky situation.””

          Germans don’t do Juries, Judges decide

          “””There was no evidence that Demjanjuk committed a specific crime. The prosecution was based on the theory that if Demjanjuk was at the camp, he was a participant in the killing ? the first time such a legal argument has been made in German courts.”””

          So a guy who was captured by the Germans and who was in danger of being executed himself is sent to a camp as a guard and he is guilty of all crimes committed at that camp?

          1. Will Soros be next?

            1. Like the democrats would allow Soros to be extradited.

              1. I’d pay to be on the Soros jury.

                “THE MUTHAFUCKA’S GUILTY!!!”

                Of course, that would get me tossed off the jury…

      2. When are we going to start going after all those old commies?

        1. The commies have been forgiven, they were just Agrarian Reformers who let their enthusiasm run wild.

    3. I don’t see where the Germans have jurisdiction. The guy is a Ukrainian and the crimes were committed in Poland. While at the same time there are plenty of Germans who worked as guards during WW2 who haven’t been convicted of anything.

      Sounds like the Germans just wanted to convict someone to show they cared and a Ukrainian guard satisfied that while at the same time avoiding convicting a German

      1. You know who else targeted Ukrainians and Poles while letting Germans get away with murder?

        1. Stalin?

        2. Catharine the Great?

          1. Taras Bulba?

            1. Hilarious. Stalin? Catherine the Great?….. Taras Bulba?!? Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh.

        3. Jason Mraz?

    4. In my opinion, if you send your kids to Nazi Camp you deserve whatever happens. Don’t blame the counselors.

  6. I fought the law and the law…hey, maybe it won’t win!

    I give this guy credit for fighting the state of Mich on principle. It cost a shitload more than just caving in and loving Big Brother…but he’s so fucking pissed he’s taken them on.…..nds-needed

    “Taylor recently told a reporter for The Detroit News he considers the disagreement to be a matter of principle, and that state wetlands regulations ‘are so convoluted and arbitrarily applied that I disagreed with them and ignored their request for my applying for a permit.'”

    PS Morning Kochtopussies! That’s my new name for “Reasonoids” – I like it.

  7. This whole no sex in public thing could really disillusion Tom Friedman. He might actually stop generating textual fellatio for the ChiComs. . .

  8. the Kochs tried to sue a youth organization for mocking them and parodying their website? honestly, how libertarian-minded is that?

    1. Defending your trademark is perfectly “libertarian”.

      1. Yeah, because nothing says non-agression principle like using force to make people stop using a symbol you say is yours.

        1. Trademark infringement is a form of fraud.

          1. Show me the victim.

            1. The consumer.

              Thought you had to demonstrate a likelihood of consumer confusion between your mark and the infringing mark in order to prevail in a case of TM infringement.

              Not sure how parody wouldn’t apply as a defense here though, as it does in cases of copyright infringement. And I’m too lazy to RTFO.

              1. Of course, the headline is a pretty good clue that the court agreed with me on parody…

              2. How is the consumer harmed in this case? You need TANGIBLE harm to have fraud, not just mistaken belief.

        2. Trademark infringement is fraud. I don’t believe in “intellectual property” but using someone else’s established trademark is like forging a signature or falsely labeling a product.

          1. Uh, no. The (extremely gullible) person who is made to think this is the Koch website suffers no tangible harm, so it is not fraud.

            It is funny to see doctrinaire libertarians try to identify noncoercive things they don’t like as “fraud” and “trespassing” though.

            1. Getting a glass of Pepsi at a restaurant when you order a Coke isn’t “tangible harm” to the diner but it is to the Coca Cola Corporation. Particularly under US trademark law where failure to vigorously defend the mark can lead to losing it.

              1. Getting a glass of Pepsi at a restaurant when you order a Coke

                In that case, the person ordering the Coke is being defrauded, and the harm is the loss of the money they paid thinking they were getting a Coke. So, not analogous to the Koch case.

                Particularly under US trademark law where failure to vigorously defend the mark can lead to losing it.

                Begging the question.

    2. I thought the same, sounds like the Koch brothers need to grow up a little bit…

      1. You know I heard they have pills for that now Matt…

    3. Trademark law is “use it or lose it”.

      1. Which is why trademarks are defended in seemingly “trivial” cases.

  9. Re: the Koch suit and “cybersquatting”:

    I took a shit in cyberspace once.

    1. I tip my hat to you JL – I wouldn’t have believed there were this many articles about the GG’s written in all of HISTORY – much less currently – if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

      You bring it strong, brother – *hat tip*

      1. Awwwwww……

        1. ^This. Why the Chinese banned public sex.

  10. The Wall Street Journal called Romney “Obama’s running mate” today. Ouch.…..on_LEADTop

    1. Oh, snap! That is a LOL

    2. “Let’s go to the data, all of which are state-reported, in search of evidence of Mr. Romney’s “success.””

      Wow, the WSJ really just crapped all over Romney’s candidacy.

      1. He is never going to overcome Romneycare. The fact that he thinks he can without even admitting he made a mistake, shows how arrogant, sheltered and unfit for office he is.

        1. […]how arrogant, sheltered and unfit for office he is.

          True, not that that’s ever stopped a politician before.

        2. shows how arrogant, sheltered and fit for office he is.


    3. And then we threw another shrimp on the barbie.

      1. Raaaaaaacist!

    4. “That money, along with extra federal Medicaid dollars under a special waiver, would subsidize lower- and middle-income residents.”

      See this is what I’m worried about in Vermont. RomneyCare is able to not totally fall down in part becvause of a federal subsidy. If vermont is subsidized by the Obama HHS granting is a waiver of some special funds, they can keep it going and claim how well it worked.

    5. Read some of the comments. It is absurd how people fawn over that guy. Many of the posters consider Romney to be the “best hope” that Republicans have of beating Obama. Really? We’ll just go from Bush 2.0 to Bush 3.0? Is that really what we, as a country, want? I hope not. We’ll just be burdened with more government intrusion into our lives and more debt we can never hope to repay… that is, unless Congress gets taken over by fiscally conservative, socially liberal individuals… that would be preferable to a Ron Paul presidency with this fiscally liberal Congress.

      1. Romney just seems so slimey, smarmy and creepy. He makes my skin crawl. Yecch.

        1. Hmmm…yes.

          So, I guess he’s a shoo in for the nomination.

      2. Romney just seems so slimey, smarmy and creepy. He makes my skin crawl. Yecch.

  11. I really don’t want to use “not a real libertarian” insult towards Koch, but I don’t know man. This, combined the FSU economics department thing, they’re kind of acting like douchebags.

    1. Kochtodouche – has a nice ring to it

      1. Q: What’s the difference between a rooster and Almanian?

        A: One says “Koch-a-doodle-doo” and the other says “Any Koch’ll do!”

        1. *snort*

          Now that’s funny right thar, I telluwhut.

          1. I keep rading “Koch” as being pronounced “coke”, like my buddy’s name. Is this not correct? Is that why the jokes in the blogs and comments sections of articles appear so lame to me. I’m like “wtf is so so funny about a coke-to-pus?

            1. *reading

            2. Your pronunciation is correct. Pronouncing it “cock” makes for more jokes, though.

    2. Yep. Its pretty douchey to tell someone up front that they want their donation spent a certain way, take it or leave it. Like those douchey sports boosters who want their money spent on getting a great coach.

      1. A sports team is private though, Florida State is public. To encourage a certain type of thought in a public academic facility seems kind of sketchy to me. Weren’t people complaining about NPR’s political bias a little bit ago?

        1. I was very specifically talking about the FSU sports boosters. Gifts to universities come with strings all the time. Its a total non-story when someone gives the Ed Department $1.5M to continue the statist status quo.

        2. No one is donating to private sports teams, the donations implied here would be to a public/private university. happens all the time.

      2. Universities need to be free to pursue truth, in all endeavors. If donors don’t like that and would rather direct where research is done, they can donate to think tanks or other institutions instead.

        1. If universities feel that way, they can turn down the money. Why is the whore more noble than the john?

        2. While I agree wholeheartedly, someone needs to tell this to university professors.

      3. But what if it’s the Woody Hayes Chair in National Security Studies?

    3. As a grad of the FSU Social Sciences department, I’m totally fine with it. They are getting a say in a small portion of the school somewhat relative to their donation. No one had to take it and no one is going to be forced to take classes taught by their selections.

      So what if the university is public? There are taxpayers of all political stripes in the state of Florida who contribute to the school against their will. Sometimes you have to get involved in government run organizations in order to fight against them.

      That said, I think the Kochs rightly lost their lawsuit.

      1. You are no fun Jesse

        1. Depends on whether you know any humans who are animals but not persons.

      2. From Florida law: “the word “animal” shall be held to include every living dumb creature”. So the Florida Senate only outlawed sex with Florida State Senators and other animals.

        1. So you gonna fuck that African Grey?

        2. Plants are still okay though, right?

        3. So dead animals are still OK, right?

      3. the word “animal” shall be held to include every living dumb creature

        I can still see how that would be open to interpretation, especially in Florida.

  12. if two-thirds of the states collectively find a federal law or regulation abhorrent or misguided, they should have the power to repeal said law or regulation. The law would then be sent back to Washington for further consideration, at which time Congress may choose not to act again

    That “back to Washington” business is a probable weakness. At the moment the last state “signs” the law should be void. Of course, all kinds of devils in the details …

    1. A simple retort would be that two-thirds of the states don’t necessarily hold two-thirds of the US population. And since smaller states tend to vote Republican, I doubt Democrats will sign on to it.

      1. One of many devil-details.

        It’s a *lot* simpler to require that all laws and regs automatically expire after, say, five years of enactment.

        ** laughs bitterly, stifles tear **

        1. Does Kevin Brady still introduce the Sunset legislation every new congress?

          1. I believe he does.

            And, dammit, one of these times it’ll be *law*!

    2. “At the moment the last state “signs” the law should be void.”

      Isn’t that what “repeal” means?

    3. There is already an amendment clause involving a constitutional convention in the constitution. This would probably be used as much as that. The ol statists flock together thing.

  13. Inhofe describes the Bin Ladin “Moe Green” pictures.…..t-bin.html

    1. We’re not smiling, we’re stifling laughter.

    2. I’m not that old but I seem to remember a time when it was considered trashy to wear sweatpants outside of the gym/home.

      I’m not a guy that’s hung up on convention or appearances, but goddammit when did it become fucking appropriate to leave your house in you peejays.

      Now get the fuck off of my lawn.

      1. Sweatpants = trashy

        Sheer, skin-tight yoga pants = win

        1. + a million kajillion

        2. Only if they look good on the wearer.

      2. I’m older than you and I never got that memo. Really? How can shorts be OK but sweatpants not?

    3. Woman chasing after garbage truck: “Am I too late for the trash?”

      Garbage man Sanitary engineer: “No, Lady, jump right in!”

    4. Most Jezebel articles are just ranting about the “Ewww, that creepy guy eye-fucked me / Why won’t that hot guy eye-fuck me?” dichotomy these self-important bitches have foisted upon themselves. I think that’s all she wrote.

      1. Her last request of “Call Me” rendered the rest of the rant meaningless.

    5. I thought jezebel was supposed to be a feminist website? Everything in this article is basing the writer’s self-worth on whether or not she’s wearing make-up.

    6. And while perhaps the male gaze is what has shaped our perception of what is attractive to begin with…


    7. Perhaps you shouldn’t leave your home if you don’t want strangers to look at you. What a bizarre column.

      1. Maybe a designer burqa? It would allow her to look like crap underneath, avoid the dreaded “male gaze” and let her express solidarity with oppressed Muslim women.

    8. If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl — but not that bitch in the sweatpants.

    9. The one thing I always love to get women to admit in conversation: It’s not men who judge them super harshly, or who they dress for. It’s OTHER WOMEN. Which is why the whole patriarchy thing is a bunch of crap.

    10. “Stop judging me by my appearance!”

      “Your reaction to my appearance is all wrong! Why aren’t you repulsed by my lack of makeup!”

    11. I’m as educated as empowered as the next woman ?

      yep, she sure is

  14. New housing codes mandate raising new homes above the 100-year flood plain. Most victims in Tunica had no flood insurance, and couldn’t afford raising their homes.

    Pepper Bradford, the Tunica County planner and flood plan administrator, told residents that those “whose homes are determined to be substantially damaged will have to comply with current elevated building codes if or when they are rebuilt, but residents will be allowed to return if they comply,” the Appeal reports.

    Pepper Bradford: Queen of Your Soggy Castle

    1. You sexist bastard!

      Pepper is a man.

      1. It’s a man, baby!

      2. Eileen Tudalefft|5.12.11 @ 9:36AM|#
        You sexist bastard!

        Pepper is a man.

        Doesn’t mean that he’s not a queen.


    Weekend at Bin Ladin’s. “He is practically campaigning with the corpse”. Snap.

    1. Obama/Corpse of Osama in 2012!

      1. It’s still an upgrade over Biden.

        1. This.

  16. Texas teachers not allowed to stop student from attacking student for fear of worker’s comp claims/actually having to earn living.…..-in-class/

    Includes video of bully on fatty violence.

    1. Where is Zangieff Kid when you need him?

    2. That is one time I actually side with the teacher. In more civilized times, an adult male teacher would have intervened and knocked the living snot out of the little bastard. If that happened now, the teacher would end up in jail on a felony abuse of a minor charge. So what are they supposed to do?

      1. I know some people who work at one of the scarier middle schools in Houston. One girl I know was physically picked up by a student and moved, and was told that nothing could be done. (This girl is like 6’2″, but skinny.) One woman got cuts and a ripped shirt.

        Make the school like prison and the students will start acting like prisoners, I guess.

        1. It goes back to making school mandatory and then making it impossible to kick kids out of school. It used to be that if you misbehaved you were kicked out of school and that was it. That meant the real criminals were not there or if they were they knew better than to do that. But now every school must allow every kid in no matter what. That produces a total breakdown in discipline.

      2. I agree to a point. Try to imagine if the second punch broke the chubby kid’s orbital bone, or perforated his eardrum. Even a broken nose happening on youtube video while you stood by would look bad, with the blood and all.

        After that first assault he should have at least gotten in the middle of the two.

        But what do I know? I’d punch a kid in the throat for wearing that fucking hat inside my classroom.

        1. Total breakdown of civilized society. It used to be that parents and the community would never tolerate this kind of behavior. Now, if someone does something about a bully the bully’s parents rather than being ashamed will sue.

          1. Yup. This illustrates what I call the responsibility side of libertarianism.

            When you take responsibility and choice away from the individual placing it in the hands of central authority, while also making the punishment swift and severe for acting independently these are the consequences.

            1. double posting is irresponsible

              1. Quick, punch him in the throat!

                1. AAACHH! GARGGLE!

              2. I’m trying to work through this, and your negativity isn’t working. I had 60 days of no double posting, but now I feel a binge coming on.

          2. Yup. This illustrates what I call the responsibility side of libertarianism.

            When you take responsibility and choice away from the individual placing it in the hands of central authority, while also making the punishment swift and severe for acting independently these are the consequences.

            1. The government crowds out civil society.

              1. But an idiot friend of a friend (on Facebook, no less) told me taxes are the price of a civil society. I’m so confused. He swore he was right!

                1. He’s mistaken. Taxes are the price we pay for “civilization”, which should be taken as a euphemism for “empire”, (e.g., bringing “civilization” to the benighted peoples of the world).

          3. Did you see the kid who got punched? He stood there like he was waiting for execution by firing squad. I was looking for the blind fold and cigarette.

            Who the hell raises their kid to just stand in one place, while someone else beats on their face?

            “No Joey, remember, just let the mean old bully punch you in the head, over and over again, until he tires himself out.”

            Please, be a responsible parent by teaching your child how to kick some serious ass.

            1. I thought the same thing. That video looked like a training video…for punching bags.

            2. He was just trying to be a good witness like he was told to.

            3. Hey, don’t be so rough on the victim. That kid is the Ghandi of fat pussies.

            4. This brings me to another thought. Does being a good libertarian mean learning how to properly defend yourself, and making sure you family can do the same.

              I don’t want to depend on the cops, or other authority figures, for the protection of myself, my family, or my property. Shouldn’t liberty, and the ability to defend your liberty go hand in hand?

              1. Imagine you are a burglar : would you rob the NRA stickered house or the one with the Volvo out front that has the “arms are for hugging” bumpersticker?

              2. To a certain extent, sure. But face it, girls will almost always be vulnerable to boys. There will always be places where you can’t take guns. Reliance on authority or the kindness of strangers will have to be part of the game.

                1. I would hope that the adults would step in. Raising children to respect adults would help too.

                  As far as girls being vulnerable to boys, that depends on the age. It’s not until Jr High, that the physical separation becomes enough to give the boys a clear advantage. Girls aren’t typically taught how to fight. If we did teach our daughters how to defend themselves, I’m not saying that they would win in a fight with a boy, but they would at least have a chance.

              3. You could be a total pacifist – that seems compatible with non-initiation of force. Otherwise, I think seeking a measure of self-defense ability does follow from libertarianism.

              4. I’ve driven it into my kids’s heads: Don’t EVER let the aggressor have the last punch.

              5. I don’t want to depend on the cops, or other authority figures, for the protection of myself, my family, or my property. Shouldn’t liberty, and the ability to defend your liberty go hand in hand?

                Depends on what you’re planning to defend against. Lone burglar in the middle of the night, drunken guy on the street threatening people as they walk by, yes.

                Mafia assassin squads, rioting mobs, no. There will always be bad guys you can’t hope to defend against on your own, particularly if they’re professionals. You’re ultimately dependent on the force of the state whether you like it or not.

                1. And ninjas. Don’t forget ninjas.

                  I agree with what your saying. No level of training will guarantee your safety in every situation. Their is only so much a person can do against overwhelming odds. But training will at least increase your odds of successfully defending yourself.

                  And it’s not just training, but preparedness. A gun is useless, unless you’ve practiced using it. Having a plan on how to respond, if someone ever breaks into your home.

                  In the situations you describe, law enforcement is useless, because they aren’t going to respond until after the crime has been initiated. In a “professional assassination” attempt, the only good the authorities can do, is try to catch the person who committed the crime, but they won’t stop it before it happens.

                2. Or you’re just SOL, Tulpa

                3. “There will always be bad guys you can’t hope to defend against on your own, particularly if they’re professionals.”
                  You forgot SWAT teams.

                4. There will always be bad guys you can’t hope to defend against on your own, particularly if they’re professionals. You’re ultimately dependent on the force of the state bad guys wearing uniforms and toting guns, who you can’t hope to defend against on your own, who are professional bad guys, whether you like it or not.


        2. The teacher just stood there, like a spectator with his mouth shut. From what I could see, he didn’t utter one word in protest. The teacher wasn’t on his phone, calling someone to come intervene, or getting someone else to come assist. A real piece of shit if you ask me.

          In a way I understand not getting involved physically. These two kids looked pretty wimpy, but have you seen the size of some of these kids these days? Still, he should at least have moved in, and tried to talk them down.

          1. True. But that is the mentality that we have produced.

      3. This subject came up in conversation this morning. A mother I know (not in the Biblical sense) was talking about an incident where a couple of kids (11-13 y/o) were fighting outside the local movie theater and no one intervened despite the younger one clearly being out-classed. It ended when the bigger child’s friends warned him someone had called the police and they left.

        She was shocked/disappointed that no one else in the immediate vicinity wanted to interfere (including herself, but I left that insaid). I remarked to her that I could totally understand why a man wouldn’t want to get in between that. There is a risk of physical harm to yourself, a risk of physical harm to the child, and a risk of legal sanction. If the 13 year old aggressor decides to turn on the Good Samaritan and the Good Samaritan subdues him, what is the risk that the parents will seek action against the Good Samaritan?

        At this point I don’t think less of other men for deciding that the risk to themselves and their well-being just isn’t worth the effort to help or rescue people in certain situations. IMO society is poorer that failure to rescue to a perfectly rational decision.

        1. even as a child of the 70s/80s, we were scared shitless by adults.

          1. Yup. When I was a kid if Mr. D or whoever up the block cracked me, I didn’t want my dad to find out because then my dad would have really kicked my ass for being such a fuckup that Mr. D up the block actually had to crack me one.

        2. That is disappointing, but a poor excuse for doing nothing.

          Their are other ways to intervene, with out getting physically involved. A responsible adult could have simply yelled at the kids to break it up, and then threaten to call the cops. To go one better, call the cops, then get the fight on video.

          1. Uh, someone did call the cops. Yelling probably won’t work (but someone should have tried).

            1. I understand that, but after how long. The woman telling the story stated that she was disappointed that no one in the immediate vicinity wanted to intervene.

              This suggests that a bunch of people were standing around, doing nothing. Had they all spoken up, or all reached for their phones to call the cops, maybe the outcome would have been different.

        3. I’ve worked with the youth population. Interestingly, I have intervened in two youth streetfights by yelling at the kids, and scaring them off. I was prepared to get physical if they did, but my Quasimodo-esque looks did the job.

          In schools where I worked, I had to follow guidelines on physical restraint or get fired. The policy on physical restraint was: wait for the school police offier, if he comes at all.

          At one point, an autistic kid attacked me for 20 minutes, and no one would intervene. He finally went for a bite, and I did a subtle bite release (tip: don’t pull your arm from a bite, shove it down the biter’s throat).

          The kid was shocked by the pain, and calmed the fuck down real quick. I wasn’t caught, but could have lost my job for it.

          I filled out applications for law school not long after that.

          1. The proper response would have been a no brainer, if the kid wasn’t autistic.

            If your being bitten by an attacker, another tip – tell them you have the AIDS.

            1. Well, I do now.

              Thanks, autistic dick.

              1. I was only suggesting, that it may be more difficult to decide how much force to use against an autistic kid, compared to your every day, random punk.

              2. Thanks, autistic dick.

                Bite or rape? Or rapebite? Biterape?

                1. BITERAPE?

    3. Layer upon layer of stupid & fail at that link. 8-(

    4. But Cops can use tasers on toddlers for throwing temper tantrums??? I’m confused by our society’s social agreement on when violence may be used on children by adults.

      1. […]when violence may be used on children by adults.

        By citizen = never.
        By Cop = whenever they feel like it.

        1. Police Chief: “That angry toddler full of rage could have become violent if we didn’t stop him, we had to put him down.”

          School Admin: “That violent teenager could have become full of rage if we tried to stop him, we can’t afford to step in.”

          SWAT Team Member: “That dog had a look in his eye.”

    5. What is the world coming to?

      The only time a teacher (actually the football coach) was around when I got in a scuffle in school in Texas, he picked me up by the scruff of my pencil neck to prevent me hurting that other bastard.

      It was remarkably effective.

  17. From the link: (capitals mine)

    Mr Cheng’s lawyer, WANG Zhenyu, said the aim of the exhibition was to ridicule the over-commercialised nature of contemporary art and to showcase the beauty of the act of love-making – elevating it to a level where it is not dirty, ugly and evil.

    Read more:…..z1M8tVITYC


    Darth Vader says Obi Wan Kanobi is dead.

    1. So you missed the whole thread about this yesterday.

      1. Yes I did. Damn. I love the scifi pop culture geek threads.

    1. It’s a good thing I don’t play farmville.

      1. Farmville is a lot like prison rape… it seems like a lot of it happens and it gets talked about often, but I never, never, ever want to be involved in it in the slightest.

        1. At least you’re doing something when you’re involved in prison rape.

        2. this is a quality comment

    2. She signs on to weird promotional deals. I think Gaga is the official spokesperson for Polaroid.

        1. A camera technology that was popular at the same time as disco. Which makes sense that Gaga would promote it, considering that she apes the lowest aspects of disco herself.

          1. This reminds me of the “footnotes” in the five volume “The Complete Bloom County” I recently acquired.
            They feel it necessary to explain such phenomenon as floppy disks, Hill Street Blues and Caspar Weinberger.
            I’m a fucking dinosaur.
            (But it’s a really nice set. I recommend it to all my fellow dinosaurs.)

            1. I misspoke. Volume 5 has not yet been released.

          2. You can be such a catty bitch. No sweetness for Gaga?

            1. I accept the anti-wisdom of crowds… anything that beloved of Jezebel, must utterly suck.

          3. I thought Polaroid went bankrupt 10 years ago. Is someone still using the brand?


    Greater than expected damage seen at damaged Japanese reactor. Just what did they expect and unless the place has melted to the center of the earth, how could it have been worse than expected?

    1. The drapes and carpeting were water damaged. You can’t get out salt.

      1. Wait, what are we talking about here?

  20. Interesting review in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago of a book called The Company Man by Jackson Bennett. Has anyone here read that one or the author? It looks wildly interesting. And the review contains a nice discussion of the whole steam punk movement. It is sadly behind a pay wall. But if you are a subscriber, here is the link.…..steam+punk

    1. I thought femfisting was a ghost town, do people even comment there? Are you sure there’s any sign of life or is it just a bunch of banhappy moderators humping the shit out of their dead community?

      1. I said this on another thread but will say it again. Every leftist endeavor eventually degenerates into a miniature (or sometimes not so miniature) version of the French Revolution and the great terror. I am sure feministing started out with high hopes of liberty egalitarianism and fraternity and creating an open, diverse and large community. But once people started having unapproved views, it quickly degenerated into a ban fest and is the ghost town you now describe.

        1. “liberty egalitarianism and fraternity

          It was sexists like you who ruined it for them.

      2. proegg, 5 comments on this and 7 on the other post on it. But yeah, that’s pretty low.

        The weird thing is that there’s a NY Times interview with the feministing founder from a year or two back where, at 600k unique hits, she claims that feministing is the biggest feminist site on the net.

        Gotta wonder how many of those hits are just us, laughing our asses off at them.

        1. 600K a year or a month?

          1. A month. I know Jezebel has it beat, but I’m sure Feminsting editors would point out that that site concentrates on things other than being a joyless fuck.

            1. How is this sites name pronounced? Is it Femin-isting? Femini-sting? Is it a play on words that I’m not getting?

    2. “This strikes me as a macrocosm of the microcosm of how envy effects our psychology?when we are jealous of someone, it’s easy to flatten our their identity (neglecting the complexity of their stories, struggles etc.) and even feel hatred towards them. Much like how we as feminists feel towards men.”

      I might have added the last line myself.

      1. I can tell because it is the only sentence that isn’t psychobabble. Also, “macrocosm of the microcosm”? Put down the fucking thesaurus and back away from the keyboard.

        1. Macrocosm x Microcosm = Cosm?

  21. Women would rather be blind, depressed than obese.

    If someone misses the obvious joke here, I will be so disappointed in HnR.

    1. I guess being obese would make them super duper super depressed, which is worse than severely depressed.

      1. Nope, that’s not it.

    2. Well, if they’re blind, how do they know they’re obese?

    3. Guys, I am surprised in you. The correct joke was:

      Tell my wife that!

      Really, go get another cup of coffee or something.

    1. The problem is added to the fact that many employers require a college education. Heck, some places require a bachelors for a $25k/year job. Don’t even think about what social workers go through, requiring a master’s degree and getting at most $35k/year.

      I know, some do it for the non-financial rewards of their career, like satisfaction in helping others. But the problem is that their degrees cost so much to obtain, that it really is a huge liability for such meager pay.

      1. Does someone have few minutes to explain to me what the course of study looks like for a MSW?

        I’m just having a hard time wrapping my weak little brain around that.


    Garden Grove, California is banning nudity and gambling in it’s coffee shops. I am really sorry I missed going to a coffee shop in Garden Grove.

    1. Not predictions, but rather prescriptions.

    2. I don’t mind renting a house, but I hate not being able to really make it “me.” I cannot STAND apartments. For one, every little peep I make gets me yelled at, and I tend to get stuck next to noisy people, which do nothing to silence themselves.

      I need to crank my stereo up when watching movies and yelling at the top of my lungs when watching Football or playing video games.

    1. This is a big deal in all those rust belt towns like Pittsburgh where the so-called eds and meds economy has taken over. UPMC owns like half of the city, but pays no taxes.

    2. Read this little tidbit.

      graham hart uk
      “Charitable status is the biggest tax avoidance scheme ever. It should be scrapped.
      In a civilised society the government should provide for all the most basic needs of ALL of its citizens.
      Charities should be an optional extra.”

      Yeah, he’s from the UK (if you believe it). But that attitude has been infecting America.

  23. Garden Grove, California is banning nudity and gambling in it’s coffee shops. I am really sorry that I have never visited the coffee shops in Garden Grove. They must be happening places. Would give the link but the idiotic spam filter won’t take it.

    1. even with the nudity and gambling, there is probably a lonely dude reciting his poor poetry every Thursday night which is reason enough to stay away from all coffee shops.

      1. Or some douche with a guitar who only knows power chords and three shitty songs.

        1. I don’t play in coffee shops.

          1. Me either. And I only know two songs.

            1. One song, one chord, beat that.

              1. Is that “Set on You” by George Harrison?

                1. Every wannabe band plays Hotel California. I worked a bar and grill once where we had a monthly pool on the worst rendition.

        2. Don’t dis the whole Ramones discography in a single sentence man.

    2. What about in the Crystal Cathedral?

    1. Also, weirdest thing about Collins? NY Times commentators find her ha-freaking-larious. Seriously, check out the comments on any of those conversations-y things she does with Brooks. If you can stand to lose a few points of IQ, that is.

      1. It is the same people who think David Sedaris is laugh out loud funny and will pay money to hear him read out loud one of his books that they have already read.…..d-sedaris/

        1. I think Sedaris is laugh-out-loud funny. But I wouldn’t pay money to hear him read. I think that puts me squarely in the Kochtopussy demographic.

          1. Agree.

            Not sure about this whole Kochtopussy meme you guys are trying to start though.

        2. Yeah, I love my sister dearly, but even she admits that’s she a walking, “Stuff White People Like” poster.

          1. Everyone, even a hard core gangster from the inner city likes at least a couple of things on that list. I am not sure how many you have to like before you hit douche status, but it is more than two or three.

  24. the aim of the exhibition was to ridicule the over-commercialised nature of contemporary art and to showcase the beauty of the act of love-making

    See, he had nothing but the best of intentions! He should get NEA funding!

  25. Hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam is found guilty of insider trading.

    Does anybody else find it “interesting” that they excused one of the jurors after several days of deliberation and almost immediately got a “guilty on all counts” verdict?

    1. P Brooks, they HAD to dismiss that juror. They were in the pocket of the Kochs.

  26. You know what’d be great?

    1) Texas is engulfed in a sudden wave of constitutionalism/libertarianism.

    2) Texans elect a constitutionalist/libertarian legislature and governor.

    3) The Texan government mobilizes the full power of its National Guard, raises a million-man citizen militia, arms the population at large/calls for all citizens to arm themselves, violently deports all federal agents and officials (agencies, et al) from the state, and declares its intention to secede from the Union.

    Try to hold back the urge to joke on this one – I want to know what you guys actually think about this/what would happen as a result.

    1. I’d move to Texas.

    2. Here’s the thing. The document securing statehood had provisions for legal secession. Provisions were acted on during the Civil War. Technically, Texas was reintroduced by conquest and their treaty of statehood is just a cool thing to learn about. Also, you do realize that Ft. Hood is the largest FEDERAL Army base in the country and sits smack in the middle of the state, right? Are you going to toss 1/6th of the US Army forcibly? I’m thinking not.

      1. It’s a lot easier when you wait for a division to rotate out to Iraq or Afghanistan, as they do from Ft Hood every six months or so.

      2. I’m thinking (or hoping, God damn it) that the United States Army refuses any possible orders to act against Texas. I hope sincerely that our military is not a legion of jack-booted, blindly obedient thugs.

        Either way, this is a hypothetical. Just asking.

      3. If the damn Taliban can hold off the full weight of the US military, think of what a bunch of angry, Texas rednecks can do.

      4. In all of my internal “War Between the States” scenarios they almost always result in the Dakotas pulling off the upset when they realize that they’re sitting on all the nukes.

        In the alt-history universe where your Texas scenario happens though, I think it would be interesting. Assuming that enough of the Guard and stationed-in-Texas Federal forces go along with the rebellion to provide a cadre to the uprising and armed citizenry it would be a difficult fight. I think the biggest problem would be a establishing air superiority. There is only one fighter wing in Texas and no carriers are based out of Texas. Without being able to control the airspace the Texas Rebellion is not going to succeed.

        1. If Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina got on board, it would be a different story.

        2. Washington and Georgia have their share.

        3. Come and take it.

    3. I’m still waiting for Texas to split into 4 states and grab 6 more senate seats.

      1. Right after we do the same for California dude.

        1. Can’t do it. Texas has a clause in the act admitting it to the Union that allows it to do it. No other state has the right.

          1. That clause existed in the original ratification document, not the one that readmitted us to the Union. So no, we can’t split up into separate states.

            1. Whoops

            2. Oh well, IF you dumb asses hadn’t joined the Confederacy you would still hold that power.

              1. They did have to depose the governor to get out of the Union.

          2. It’s questionable whether that’s constitutional anyway (though it’s moot as Capt. Smartass notes).

        2. Splitting up would fuck California city budgets even more. They would become tiny welfare island states. Texas could do it without destroying itself. Wait, would this be allowed? If there’s gonna be another civil war you can bet Texas will start it.

        3. MNG, you ignorant slut.

      2. And while we are at it we should consolidate the Dakotas into one state along with Wyontana and Utaho.

    4. I don’t recall their last secession being so great for me.

      1. It resulted in a civil war and your bondage being ended there dipshit.

        1. Well, if the secession ends with the feds putting it down like the last one then maybe I’d be for it, because my bondage wasn’t ended by the independent republic of Texas.

          1. YEah because Texas wants to leave the union to re-establish slavery. Just keep bringing the stupid son. You seem to have a gift.

          2. Except slavery was only a secondary cause and context for the War Between the States.

            1. I grew up in TN but my parents were from Pittsburgh. We were often corrected that the Civil War was actually the War of Northern Aggression.

              1. Conveniently ignoring Fort Sumter, I suppose.

            2. From the Union POV it was about keeping the US together (at first).

              From the Confederate POV it was clearly about preserving slavery.

              1. Suffice it to say that I’m not neo-Confederate, or anything of that sort. I’m trying to picture the expression on a League of the South member’s face when they’re told the Confederate Constitution was a copy of the United States Constitution, but with a few slavery-related clarifications and additions, and a portion(s) about regulating waterways.

          3. Is there a large movement in TX to reinstate slavery that I don’t know about?

        2. By that logic Israel should celebrate Adolf Hitler because the Holocaust generated the sentiment that led to Israel’s creation. Emancipation happened despite, not because of, Texas’s aims in the Civil War.

          (Not that a modern secession attempt would have anything to do with slavery.)

    5. I don’t remember the last time they mobilized the militia to work out that great for me…

      1. Another thing that’s important to note is that we don’t live in a time where the citizenry is generally willing to defend its liberty by force – people flowing into the streets, packing their weapons, organizing militias, and preparing for war. I hope to God I’m wrong about this somehow, but I don’t see Texans arming themselves against the federal military, for example. I understand all the deficiencies in my hypothetical. I’m still interested in your thorough opinions, though.

    6. If multiple Southern states gave the boot to the National Guard, which is really just an extension of the US Army and Air Force, and then established a true state militia, you might be on to something.

      Southerners make up a big share of the armed forces. I wouldn’t surprise me at all, if most of them broke ranks if the shit ever hit the fan.

      1. Texas is good to the Armed Forces. They have some sort of college deal for veterans and it’s one of the state tax havens for active duty guys.

      2. Don’t forget the armed citizenry – the main skull-fucker in any such potential conflict. Unless you’re a Democrat (or faux-Republican) – then you curl up in a corner and kiss the sheriff’s shoe.

      3. And yeah, the state National Guards are only nominally independent of the federal military – it’s pretty funny how so many people still think otherwise.

  27. I don’t get all the Kochpocalyptic hysteria on the left (I guess it’s a counterpart to the Soros hysteria on the right). But I do like the idea of them as public faces for GOP rich person faves since they made their fortunes the old fashioned way: tumbling out of the right vagina.

    1. Wait, does this mean that when the Koch kids get married, it will also get wall to wall coverage on CNN?

      I mean, that’s how it worked for William: Tumbling out of the right vag.

    2. Good thing everyone on the left never gained anything from having the right surname, amirite?

      1. I agree with this.

        1. Ditto!

      2. Indeed.

    3. Or being penetrated by the right penis.

      1. Yeah.

        That really worked out for me.

  28. I certainly wouldn’t mind the GOP poster boys being compared to monarchs.

    1. Butterflies? Why?

      1. No, silly… The Monarch.

        1. That choad she’s with, that’s Phantom Limb. When he was in college, he was a scrawny little wuss. In a desperate attempt to be cooler than guys like me, he had his twelve year old roommate create a machine that speeds up the muscle building process. The machine worked so well that every molecule in his extremities was accelerated to the speed of light. There were two side effects. One: He can mess up a guy just by touching him. And Two: He became a humorless dick!

  29. Locus Award finalists, announced.

    Science Fiction Novel

    Surface Detail, Iain M. Banks (Orbit UK; Orbit US)
    Cryoburn, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen)
    Zero History, William Gibson (Putnam; Viking UK)
    The Dervish House, Ian McDonald (Pyr; Gollancz)
    Blackout/All Clear, Connie Willis (Spectra)

    Surface Detail should win, but I don’t think Lois McMaster Bujold has won anything for, like, 20 minutes, so it will go to her.

    1. Do they just have to put Gibson on the list? Or is Zero History any good?

      1. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t much go anywhere, like Pattern Recognition and Spook Country. Haven’t read the Bujold book (fool me once–actually thrice) or the other two. Both have put out good work in the past, even if they are equally over-praised for their reach and excused for their grasp.

        1. Thanks.

    2. I am reading “Heir to Power” by Michelle Poague. I really like it so far.

    3. Is Surface Detail any good? Trying to force myself to slog through Matter, and having a hard time. Loved Weapons, Games, and Phlebas though.

  30. That Gail Collins piece was so chock full of stupid I couldn’t even find an extra-special nugget. I really liked her spluttering dudgeon over the “guest opinion” piece in the Columbus paper; I’ll wager the august New York Times has never stooped so low as to offer an interested party in a piece of legislation a forum to cheer for their side.

    1. If I were less sleep deprived this morning, I would say, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!”

      But alas, I must leave it to you, good denizens of HnR. Take up my burden.

  31. 4) re-institute Teh SLAVERIEYZ

  32. In case you’re wondering, I have been given additional activities to employ my time with at work. I will be pretty much absent for a while, but alive and well.

    1. Work? I always figured you were lounging on a hammock strung between two saguaros, with lovely ladies fanning your brow as you posted. Stay thirsty, my friend.

      1. Goddamnit CN. Now, whenever I try to picture Old Mexican, I’m always going to think of the Most interesting man in the world.

        That’s probably who OM is, and he just has to go climb a mountain or some shit now.

        1. I usually picture Ricardo Montalban.

  33. How is the Ron Paul candidacy going? Is he getting money from the John Birch Society?

    1. Max, if he wasn’t supported by the John Birch Society, how would we know he wasn’t secretly a commie?

      1. Good point.

        1. Max complimented me on a point!… I’m scared. Very scared.

    1. That sucks. How dare Brown stop slaving away on that show for mine and his other fans’ benefit and enjoy his millions. Bastard!!

      1. At least you understood exactly what I was getting at.

        1. Can’t we have a draft and just force him to make shows? What the hell am I going to watch during dinner now? I can’t do Iron Chef or worse the Next Food Network Star. The cruel inhuman bastard.

          1. Pretty much done with the whole Food Network once he goes. Good Eats was the last show I watched.. Fucking nitwits that can. not. cook. and reality shows ruined the whole thing.

            I hear the Cooking Channel is better, but our cable doesn’t offer it yet.

            1. Well. I will always have Nigella. But yeah, you pretty much described it.I will say that the food truck show last year was pretty good, although a lot of its appeal rested on the Nom Nom girl being so damned hot.

              1. I like to watch cooking more than food “culture.” Show me how to do something; don’t parade things in front of me that I can’t have right then.

                1. Honestly, the best cook of the lot is Ina Garten. That fat woman can cook.

            2. I don’t get CC either but what I have seen of it looks like nothing more than Food Network with poorer production values and less talent.

              1. The worst are those motherfucking cake shows- THEY DON’T EVEN TASTE THE MOTHERFUCKING CAKE, THEY JUST LOOK AT IT FOR DESIGN!!!

                1. ^This

              2. I get the Cooking Channel, but it’s not in HD, so my remote doesn’t travel that way too often.

                From what I have seen, it’s basically is the Food Channel of old.

            3. Fucking nitwits that can. not. cook. and reality shows ruined the whole thing.

              Yup. It is now just big gaping maw of suckage.

    2. Goddamnit. I love AB so much that I could start a cult dedicated to him.

      We best see him on something other than Iron Chef… and soon.

      1. I’d just start making guest appearances on cooking shows with hot hostesses.

        1. Well, that would mean he’d have to leave the Food Network…

          I kid. I’m actually going to go out on a limb here- in the right light, Rachel Ray is kinda cute.

          1. I think Rachel is very cute, annoying voice and all. And I don’t care is Sandra Lee does cook everything out of a can, she is hot.

            1. And I don’t care is Sandra Lee does cook everything out of a can, she is hot.

              She’s also banging Andrew Cuomo, so sloppy seconds and all.

          2. Giada?

            1. Xenocles|5.12.11 @ 10:25AM|#

              I don’t know – when she smile she looks like she’s about to eat your face.

              1. Keep your eyes focused lower, duh.

          3. Rachel Ray is one of those people who by all objective measures should be quite attractive, yet I don’t find her particularly attractive at all.

            1. Yep.

      2. How about Next Iron Chef?

    3. Oh, bother.

  34. Max Baucus is hunting wabbits witches!

  35. considering that she apes the lowest aspects of disco herself.

    The SPLC shall hear of this!!!!

  36. http://www.realclearpolitics.c…..09829.html

    Don’t pray for your soul or for sick people or anything that matters. Pray for that dumb fuck to decide on whether to run for President. What a fucking clown.

    1. “Together, let’s pray for God’s mercy on America.”
      I’m for this. If it works, Huck won’t be running.

      1. Yes. Sadly I think God has bigger things to worry about than whether he gets to be President. So I don’t think God is going to save us. That man makes my flesh crawl.

    2. Is God willing to prevent Huckabee, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh Huckabee? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

      1. God wants to test us WARTY. He therefore sends Huckabee. And besides we all know you created Hucckabee, afterall it was you and me.

        1. God wants to test us WARTY. He therefore sends Huckabee.

          You can not appreciate good without the presence of evil.

    3. I hope everyone here sends Huck a really special prayer.

  37. Has anyone seen this yet? Seems like it could cause trouble:

    Ron Paul wouldn’t have approved Osama bin Laden operation

    Although I suppose he does make a good point about not dropping a helicopter into the middle of London if OBL had been there.

    1. Wow, that will totally kill his chances of getting the GOP nomination. What a gaffe.

  38. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.

    Be gone, pesky logician!

    1. Hume is playing games with the meaning of omnipotence in that quote. Just because a scale can’t weigh itself doesn’t mean it’s not a scale.

      1. You only think God’s malevolent because it isn’t given to Men to see the full grandeur of His mysterious Plan.

      2. Ah. It all becomes clear. Tulpa is actually a Libratarian.

  39. Wow, that will totally kill his chances of getting the GOP nomination. What a gaffe.

    And he was doing so well.

  40. Senatorial butthurt on display.

    “Un-American? US? You dare to judge US, PEASANT?”

    What a fucking clown show.

  41. Bernanke says, “Don’t take my credit cards away, Mommy!”

  42. Something tells me if you could get the CEO of Conoco to tell you honestly, he would say “I wouldn’t hire that moron Bob Menendez to mow my lawn.”

  43. P Brooks posting random sentences with no links.

    1. He’s gone to the next step beyond rejecting threads.

  44. Re: Repeal Amendment.

    They can just add “states” into the part of the Constitution that gives SCOTUS the power of judicial review.

    ^Sarcasm, in case it’s not clear.

  45. No dogs shot here.…..ays-family

    1. This story is insane.

  46. P Brooks posting random sentences with no links.

    Or, perhaps, “live-blogging” Bloomberg news as it drones in the background.

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