Nanny State School Principal Bans Homemade Lunches! Nanny of the Month (April 2011)


This month's slate of busybodies includes the FDA whose agents embarked on a year-long sting operation to bust an Amish company for selling raw milk. And then there are the killjoys at New York's Department of Health who were poised to crack down on "dangerous" activities like wiffle ball and freeze tag.

But time around no one out-nannied the Chicago public school principal who banned students from eating homemade lunches.

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for April 2011: Elsa Carmona!

Approximately 90 seconds.

"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Opening Animation by Meredith Bragg.

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  1. Damn you Jamie Oliver and your twisted cult!

  2. I am still unclear how some fucking administrator can tell parents what they can feed their kids. Why wouldn’t they just tear him a new asshole?

    1. Now that we’ve cleared up this whole Osama thing, we need to start looking at these terrorists…

    2. Because they’re socialist sheep who can’t wipe their ass without help from an authority figure.

      1. ^^THIS^^

        I read “The Vent” every day. It’s in the Atlana Journal Constitution. People write a sentence or two about something that pisses them off. People respond to the previous posts of others. Today’s The Vent made me hopeful.

        A day or so ago someone vented that their shopuld be a law requiring trailer parks to have a tornado shelter on-site because trailer houses are so flimsy.

        Today someone responded by venting that if people want a tornado shelter
        in their trailer park there is no reason they can’t build one. They don’t need a law to get it done.

        1. The law is so that other people get it done for them.

  3. When will this nonsense stuff? I’m willing to bet that more than 50% of Americans oppose the food police, yet the keep getting stronger.

    Socialism Attracts Arabs to the UK.…

    1. Death to the food police!!!

      Try to tell what I can or cannot eat and I’ll tear your fucking heart out and feed it to you.

      1. Well said. And to the sadists who invented “meatless mondays,” I have a proposal, I’ll stop eating beef when I can start eating vegetarians.

        Save the animals? Fine, cook the people! Medium well with pepper, cilantro, spices and BBQ sauce. Yum. 😉

  4. As someone who is into health and wellness and nutrition, I can’t disagree more with this ridiculous notion that administrators can feed children better than parents. I will be a parent at some point and I would absolutely hate if I had to leave the food to the schools. I know I can do better and I know what’s best for my future kids…not someone who can’t even manage to do their job and educate them!

    1. too many fat parents w fat kids clearly show a lack of health, wellness, & nutrition

      1. So because somebody somewhere can’t feed their children the appropriate diet I am assumed to be one of those and have to submit to oversight of my parental habits?

      2. What makes you think it’s any of your fucking business whether somebody’s kids are fat or fit? I’m sick of all this “OUR kids have this problem or that one”. They aren’t OUR fucking kids you collectivist scum.

        1. Yeah, no kidding. How nice it would be if people decided to stop using plural pronouns all together when discussing people.

      3. School lunches aren’t, by and large, a stellar example of healthy food.

        If a parent takes time to prepare her child a lunch, chances are she cares about her child’s eating habits.

  5. Damned bibertarians. I trust my almost certainly better educated and more intelligent judgment to theirs, anyway.

  6. What’s with the fucking Reason commercial prefixed to the video?

    1. It’s called capitalism.

      1. It’s called a waste of my time. I already subscribe, donate and spend time on the site. It’s like the stupid “Follow Reason on the Twitter” bullshit they recycle over and over again. Just put the twitter info on where any normal person would look for it.

        1. I agree with you. I don’t even use Twitter. On the rare occasions when I use a microblogging service it is something using the FLOS StatusNet software. A libertarian microblogging service that uses it is

        2. I used to get real pissed off seeing Comcast commercials every 5mins when I was already paying $200/mo for every service comcast offered.

          I’m just waiting for the day when netflix starts playing comcast commercials. It’s inevitable, there is no escape.

    2. Sales, Mr. McGill, Sales!

      1. haha, great movie.

  7. What’s the difference between what this principal is doing and what the federal government’s doing with health care?

  8. According to the school website 99.9% of the school population is low income and 99.6% is Hispanic. Are we allowed to call the administrators racist for not thinking poor Hispanic people will not eat right unless forced to?…..?unit=2590

    1. Er…
      *not thinking poor Hispanic people will eat right*

    2. The principal’s name is Elsa Carmona and she looks vaguely hispanic. So no, it cannot be called racism because someone from their race is making the rules. Now if she were a 50 y/o white male…

      1. So if a black man stands up in a black bar, yells I hate black people and shoots shoots a black man, that’s not racist? What if he repeats this in the bar the exact same way fifteen more times?

        You think too much like Eric Holder.

        1. Sorry, my sarcasm didn’t come through the interwebz very well.

        2. Oh and Eric Holder? Ouch man.

        3. You’re confused. Let me help. The scenario you offered is not racism, it’s a hate crime. Blacks cannot be racists. The 13th Amendment forbade it. But they can be hateful. That’s why so many of them voted for Obama. The end.

  9. What’s next? The Auschwitz Diet!
    Vant to lose weight? Vee fit for der mother earth? Come to der Biggest Loser Concentration Camp! You vill lose veight, you vill vork out, or you vill die!

    Seriously people, if we’re fat is because we’re prosperous. You think people in crappy villages in Kenya are fat? Of course not! They have to walk two miles to get water! No wonder they’re thin, they live like animals!

  10. The public school system is destroying the bodies and minds of the next generation.…

    Like all government entities, they exist for the benefit of the elite, not of the people. Parents, don’t allow your children to become victims of government schools.

  11. I wonder how much time the kid got in the school gulag for standing up to the administrators.

  12. This is yet another reason to homeschool.

  13. Can’t say that I’m surprised, Chicago schools push the envelope for paternalistic rules every year. The schools are also notoriously not transparent about their reasons as well.…..,_Illinois

  14. Another thing to add to my, “Why I will not have children” list.

  15. I thought it was going to be to avoid peanuts, or something.

    No, it’s just Nanny knows best, or at least better than parents, what a kid should eat. Or that’s what they say.

    Chicago, is it? Maybe we should check to see if the Principal has relatives in the school cafeteria service industry.

  16. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t hxdye them.

  17. I think we have another job for the SEALS.

  18. When I was a kid, I wore camoflage pants to school one day and was told that I could not do so. I didn’t understand much about liberties then, but I did know that it was bullshit.

    So the next day I dressed up like a soldier – I got my hair cut and everything. I had the cap, the boots, a canteen even.

    They tried to tell me that it was a bit much, but otherwise they broke and let me wear it. The next few days I dressed up in other ridiculous garb.

    I give kudos to the kid who started the chant – he took it to a mass level that I never thought of. How will the school enforce the “no home lunch” code if a majority of the students say “No”?

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