25 Years Ago


"Pollsters continually find [baby boomers] exhibiting markedly more liberal attitudes than the general population on social and lifestyle issues such as abortion, the Equal Rights Amendment, and legalizing marijuana. At the same time, baby-boom voters are more likely to hold 'conservative'—that is, free-market and anti-interventionist—economic views."

—Bill Kauffman, "Making Republicanism Cool" 

"Part of what makes Playboy so extraordinary is its willingness to say that you don't have to choose between intellectual interests and sexual interests, as a full human being, and that a magazine can reflect that range."

—"Reason Interview: Christie Hefner"

"Many cities and historical districts have tried to outlaw the dishes, ostensibly as eyesores. But some of these bans were a response to pressure from local cable TV operators who want to maintain their monopoly on pay television."

 —"The FCC Dishes Up a Morsel of Competition"

—June 1986