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  1. Libya’s rebels report that they’ve signed their first oil deal.

    Ouch, there goes the last of the support from the Left.

    1. Oil? There’s oil in Libya? Why haven’t we been told sooner?

    1. Yeah, that mileage tax is inane on its face and downright scary when you dig into the details. And the maddening part is that they want to spend trillions putting in the “necessary” electronic monitoring devices. It would be simpler to just, you know, read the odometer and subtract last year’s reading, but then you would have neat new electronic surveillance gizmos that could eventually be used to track “criminals”.

      1. The report discussed the proposal in great detail, including the … cons of mandating the installation of this technology in all vehicles.

        I am *so* looking forward to reading the detailed discussion of the cons.

        1. Privacy issues are discussed on pages 19-20 of the report. Don’t worry: “a vehicle’s location could be noted only … along specific routes” or “vehicles’ locations could be determined with medium precision”.

          1. There’s no way in hell a device that regularly transmits current location and distance travelled can be constrained to “medium precision” by device specs.

            1. Chill out Brett, the devices will be built with an interface that prevents jackbooted thugs…err i mean TSA agents, from saving the images….err, i mean locations.

      2. Indeed. If this is only about revenue enhancement, why not just simply raise the gasoline tax?

        1. Too simple. Government thrives on complicated Rube Goldberg schemes.

          1. Who knew Wile E. Coyote, Supergenius, was the patron saint for government bureaucrats?

            1. Meep Meep.

        2. ’cause then they can’t go after all those MILLYUNZ OF PEEPLEZ that are driving around in EVs

          1. Rube Goldberg schemes.

            So you make GM install a gas tank on the Volt, and program the computer to shut down the electric motors if the tank is less than 1/4 full. (the tank won’t have a cap so the gas can evaporate, simulating normal consumption.)

            1. but teh POLLUSHUNZ!!!

              Besides, I’m not sure how well it would go over allowing those vapors to just move about. Besides, sitting in your garage, it would start to build up.

              1. (that’s the joke)

                1. oh, I know it was a joke, but some policy maker might be reading and get ideas.

              2. (well, plus the added weight of the gas that doesn’t actually contribute to the function of the vehicle, thereby pointlessly decreasing mpg, all in the pursuit of more tax revenue.)

                1. (“mpg” should be “miles-per-AmpHour”, d’oh)

        3. Mike

          I remember when the Prius first started hitting the market. There were all sorts of govt officials complaining that cars were getting such good milage that the gas tax was insufficient. They too were pushing for a milage tax.

          You could almost say that they have a point. If their revenue formula was predicated that a car getting x mpg causes y wear and tear to the roads, you you had better collect z to pay for upkeep, then x increases a lot you are in big trouble.

          Of course the solution is to up the gas tax (if it really is a problem) not install thousands of dohickeys to track milage.

          1. Solution: toll roads. With tracking devices! And a gas tax. And a mileage tax. And a car insurance tax. And state inspection fees. and…

            1. Why don’t they just just withhold all of our earnings. They can house us in large shelters and feed us soylent green. That will give them a lot more money for the War on Everything.

              1. Working on it.

        4. EXTERNALILTIES!!!!!!!!!!ONE!1!!exclamation mark

        5. Because they can’t keep track of where you are that way. What’s most scary to me is that this idea has been floating around for a while now and it doesn’t really seem to bother most people. I guess if they think it’s fine for the government to install cameras everywhere, fondle you and take take naked pictures of you, why would they care if you track their every movement. I really f*kin hate people.

          1. Yep. If this was about revenue, they’d just impose an annual inspection, check your mileage and send you a bill. If you sell your old car you have to bring in a copy of the title you sold/totalled/donated with your final miles, and a copy of the new title with the mileage at acquisition.

      3. I can see the websites already – “How to Bypass the Tracker on your Chevy Suburban”. Any electronics engineer worth his salt could modify these for low readings or not even show up at all.

        And then we’ll need a “Mileage Enforcement” department with all the high-paying jobs. 😉

        1. You forgot show trials where scofflaws get 20 to life in the Federal system for tampering with the odometer.

    2. “In the days after Betts’s death, two members of the school district contacted The Progressive about her death, calling it a suicide and saying it was connected, at least in part, to the policies that Walker has proposed.”

      “She was definitely very distraught about it,” said one of her co-workers, who requested anonymity. “She was feeling a lot of stress about the legislation that was going through.”

      Well, there you have it: Getting rid of collective bargaining “rights” causes so much stress it can drive a “sane” person to commit suicide.

      1. That whole article is LOL.


  2. Amazing how this shit comes up time and again in history and every time it does, people fall for it,

    “Those deep pockets were raided to allow Family Radio to launch a high-profile advertising campaign, proclaiming the approaching Day of Judgement. More than 2,000 billboards across the US are adorned with its slogans, which include “Blow the trumpet, warn the people!”. A fleet of logoed camper vans is touring every state in the nation. “It’s getting real close. It’s really getting pretty awesome, when you think about it,” Mr Camping told The Independent on Sunday. “We’re not talking about a ball game, or a marriage, or graduating from college. We’re talking about the end of the world, a matter of being eternally dead, or being eternally alive, and it’s all coming to a head right now.”

    1. Pointing out how stupid this is, and how stupid you’d have to be to fall for it, makes you a hateful bigot.

      We must all avert our eyes from the failure of reality to conform to prophecy, and must never mention it, lest we expose ourselves as being filled with arrogance and hatred.

      1. Your sarcasm is just one more instance of the hate and bigotry that the good christian people of this country bear every day.

        1. I throw my shoe at your “Turn the other cheek.”

          1. who throws a shoe? honestly!

            End times proclamations are sexy stuff. But I am a firm advocate of the uniformity of nature. My pragmatic God of the universe can’t have physics broken by the venging god of the evangelistas. Bring on the day of judgment, bring it.

            1. Good luck at the cosmic quantum infarction or whatever the hell happens.

              1. Just have faith.

        2. good christian people

          …can quote the verse saying that no one knows when that day is.

          Im not saying I qualify (Im at least 2 of the those 3 descriptors), but Acts 1:7

          He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authoriy.”

          1. authoriy

            Little known fact: Jesus couldnt pronounce the T in authority or planetarium.

            More well know fact: I suck at typing.

      2. What does Pat Robertson or James Dobson have to say about it?

        1. Let me be clear.

          There are some who say the world will end on May 21.


      3. I am not hateful.

      4. Pointing out how stupid this is, and how stupid you’d have to be to fall for it, makes you a hateful bigot.

        Or someone that has gotten all the way to Matthew 25:13 with their own Biblical research.

    2. But he used math to prove it! You can’t argue with math!

    3. Will he give me all his money on May 22. Hell, I’ll be sporting and let him keep a million.

      1. The top of the question mark on the first sentence is apparently a millenialist.

    4. Apparently, the Guardian has scooped up some Onion talent:

      “Mr Camping’s argument has convinced Adam Larsen, 32, from Kansas. He is among scores of “ambassadors” who have quit their jobs to drive around America in Family Radio vehicles warning of the impending apocalypse. “My favourite pastime is raccoon hunting,” Mr Larsen told CNN. “I’ve had to give that up. But this task is far more important.” “

    5. There are over 220 failed end of the world predictions recorded on this website alone. Comforts me to know how often people have been wrong and how regularly.

    6. Funny, I thought it was just the end of my world on the 21st. By that I mean I will be getting married on May 21, scary…

    1. It never occurs to the taxers that eventually the wealthy will just get up and leave.

      1. We’re also The Trackers.

        1. Hold on there, Timmy, the mileage rate thing is still a wet dream. . .so of course the gub’mint will fuck it up.

    2. to be “entitled” to a government benefit is to be obligated to accept it.

      Um…anyone want to buy the judge a dictionary?

      1. Seriously.

      2. Liberals are too nuanced to be bound by dictionary definitions, you literal-minded insectoid.

    1. CPS: “We’ll get you! We’ll get you… next time, my sweetie!” *Cackle* *Cackle*

      1. CPS is working hard on that reputation of being less attractive than the abusive guardians they are supposed to protect against. Although, I do like the judge making the specific agent and supervisor write a report detailing their understanding of the relevant statute.

  3. “He says the world will end on 21 May, because that will be 722,500 days from 1 April AD33, which he believes was the day of the Crucifixion. The figure of 722,500 is important because you get it by multiplying three holy numbers (five, 10 and 17) together twice. “When I found this out, I tell you, it blew my mind,” he said. ”

    What no gays?

    1. you get it by multiplying three holy numbers (five, 10 and 17) together twice

      Blasphemy! Everybody knows you have to multiply them together *seventy times seven* times, not twice!

      We have plenty of heathen carousing left.

      1. I am looking forward to reading what other “holy numbers” our reprobate family here will nominate. Over to you Sugar…

        1. While waiting, I’ll nominate 46 and 2.

        2. 722,500 divided by 69 is 10,471. 1+0+4+7+1=13. See? SEE?

          1. I have an old mimeograph machine in the basement; I think it’s about time to dust it off and get the WORD out!

          2. When I found this out, I tell you, it blew my mind.

        3. 42 is my holy number

          1. That jersey’s been retired. Pick another.

            1. Never knew Jackie was a Douglas Adams fan.

    2. I’d like to be there with him on May 21st around 6pm or so.

      1. Did he specify the time zone?
        Or will this be a rolling phenomenon?

      1. I do believe it’s spelled “psych.” Unless, of course, you’re referring to a small stream that frequently dries up in the summer.

    3. As everyone knows, God always throws a random factor of 2 into his calculations.

      1. its not random, its designed

    4. because that will be 722,500 days from 1 April AD33, which he believes was the day of the Crucifixion.

      He put April Fools’ Day as the date of crucifixion? Magnificent trolling there.

  4. [Proposed passport requirements include: the] name of your mother’s natal doctor and the dates of her appointments [and the] names of those in attendance at your birth

    You can’t fool *me*. That’s from The Onion.

    1. The government thinks that, after you gather all the information, this should take you about 45 minutes to complete.

      Better? See, we’re reasonable people.

    2. hehehehehe

      1. Considering your citizen proof isnt absolute, you got a nice list of questions to answer there.

  5. This is pretty bizarre, coming in the middle of an article about war crimes:

    “Before the military found itself short of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Morlock was the kind of bad-news kid who the Army might have passed on. He grew up not far from Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska; his sister hung out with Bristol, and Morlock played hockey against Track. Back in those days, it seemed like he was constantly in trouble: getting drunk and into fights, driving without a license, leaving the scene of a serious car accident.”

    Gratuitous hit piece on Palin? Seems like it.

    1. Well, since Palin made her family life into a TV show, this seems to me to be an acceptable exercise in scene-setting.

      If the kid had grown up in Beverly Hills, you might make an Aaron Spelling reference to help paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Gratuitous hit on Spelling? Nope.

      Those references actually are the shortest and most effective way to establish in the mind’s eye what the kid’s childhood was like. I can actually see it perfectly now, thanks to the writer and to Palin’s show.

      1. I don’t like Palin, but I smell a rat. As if the atual truth wasn’t bad enough.

        1. Re: Tim,

          As if the a[c]tual truth wasn’t bad enough.

          The “actual truth”?

          1. Good point. (Hits self in head)

      2. Maybe. Somehow I think it would have been edited out if he was Obama’s next door neighbor or something, as being unfair to Obama. But I’m sure that’s just my cynical side talking.

    2. Andrew Sullivan will call for Trig’s vagina to be investigated for war crimes.

      “Vagina dentata! It’s what inside’s me. The doctor said so. A hero has to come and conquer them!”

      1. Trig has a vagina?

        It just gets worse and worse for that poor kid.

        1. There are lots of people who are born with vaginas, and some of them go to live surprisingly productive lives.

          1. Box,

            It isn’t that I hold anything against them, but it sucked when they tried to mainstream them into my classes.

            Luckily the engineering department didn’t allow itself to be browbeat by the PC crowd and was able to offer me class after class free of those people born with vaginas.

            1. This is full of awesome and win.

        2. I thought it was Trig who was on Dancing with the Tards?

          1. No, it was Bristol in Dancing with the Tarts.


    3. It’s an interesting coincidence that he grew up down the road from the most famous failed vice-presidential candidate in American history, but I don’t think they’re trying to say that all Alaskans are blood-thirsty cannibals. I’m sure if her were Jack Nicholson’s first cousin, we’d hear that too.

      1. Sure we would. Sure.

    4. THe paragraph you quote says nothing negative about Palin. I think that is sort of required for something to be a hit piece.

    5. Wait, Sarah Palin is a morlock?

    6. Yeah, I saw that too. Why does it matter that he played hockey against Track and hung out with Bristol? Are they implying that is what made him a sadistic, murdering fuck?

      If the allegations are true, those guys are some sick bastards. Blew up a 15 year-old boy just for shits and giggles.

  6. You know what?

    I really hope that Qadafi loses in Libya.

    But I can’t be the only one cringing a little bit at the blatant dishonesty propelling our mission there and its enabling UN authorization.

    Apparently the UN is very concerned about the potential for civilian casualties when Qadafi is on the offensive, but not concerned at all when the rebels are on the offensive.

    Tanks roll out of Sirte – bombs away! Rebels roll into Sirte – yay rebels!

    Like I said, I hope the rebels win, but it’s offensive that we don’t just say, “We’re intervening to destroy Qadafi’s forces from the air so the rebels can advance and take over the country,” but instead insist on dressing the process up with absurd lies that insult everyone’s intelligence.

    1. “We’re intervening to destroy Qadafi’s forces from the air so the rebels can advance and take over the country and provide us with direct access to the oil fields.


      1. That’s stupid. We already had access lots of companies operate there. Anybody who believes that America invades places for oil is a an idiot.

        1. Lots of places have oil. Even more places have idiots.

    2. The war that dare not speak its name.

    3. dressing the process up with absurd lies that insult everyone’s intelligence.

      Aside from the fact that we are now apparently providing close air support for Al Quaeda under the transparent fiction of “protecting civilians,

      The US is also providing around 90% of the actual military assets and an unbroken chain of command from the President on down, under the transparent fiction that this is a NATO operation.

      1. Of course, if he didn’t, he’d get criticism for placing US troops under a foreign command. You can’t win if you’re in charge.

        1. And yet you can’t lose if you’re smart enough not to get involved in fuckall conflicts that we can neither afford nor have any strong national interest in.

          1. It didn’t exactly work for Ron Paul.

          2. Actually, if he didn’t intervene, it’s likely the GOP would be excoriating him for doing nothing.

  7. I’d like to see Rolling Stone Magazine publish those Mohamed cartoons. Oh wait, I forgot that liberals only like pissing on their own country.

    Questions for Women Suing Wal-Mart.…..-mart.html

    1. Re: Gregory Smith,
      I guess you’re not feeling even a modicum of outrage regarding how American troops treat the bodies of the people they just shot. The image of an army made of Jeffrey Dahmers comes to my mind…

      1. That’s a broad brush you’re painting with. But yeah. This is not something that should be glossed over by blaming the messenger.

      2. Gee, when it comes to Muslims people like you are always ready to reminds us that most Muslims are peaceful people even though more than 50% of them support Jihad.

        But when it comes to US soldiers, all of them are bad guys just because a tiny percentage of them, probably 0.001%, did something bad.

        If you’re looking for bad soldiers, check out the UN, those European “peacekeepers” love raping little girls in Africa.

      3. Shit happens in war, besides, the exception doesn’t make the rule.

        1. Re: Gregory Smith,

          Shit happens in war, besides, the exception doesn’t make the rule.

          I grant you that: really ugly shit happens in war. How does that excuse or justify the acts of those soldiers is beyond me – I hope you’re not turning into a “justify-all” Progressive!

          1. He’s a fuckwad Republican pretending to be libertarian on the internet. G. Smith would suck Bush’s cock in Times Square at high noon if he had the opportunity.

            1. Oh yeah? And you’re a fuckwad progressive pretending to be a libertarian, you’d lick Obama’s ass if given a chance.

              1. Your lack of knowledge of my political leanings only accentuates my point that you are nothing but a team red sycophant.

                Go play at

                1. Well, YOUR lack of knowledge at my political leanings also makes me question if you’re really a libertarian.

                  1. Well, YOUR lack of knowledge at my political leanings also makes me question if you’re really a libertarian.

                    And I suppose you’re the arbiter of what it means to be “libertarian” and who gets to be one, right?

              2. The fact that you come back with a retort featuring Obama, when there is ample record in the past 2 years that JW and a number of other posters here despise Obama, just goes to show how far down the Republican shaft you are riding.

                I have nothing against you posting here; in fact I appreciate alternative view points. But when you are not outraged about a 15-year old boy being set up to look like an insurgent after he is killed and still continue to call yourself someone who promotes freedom for ALL people… then I have a fucking problem.

                You disgust me.

                1. sorry J sub… read it the first time as “JW” posting. Either way the sentiment remains.

                  Go choke on one of rectal’s pickles Greg

                2. Hey generic brand, instead of focusing on a few dead Afghans, why not focus on the millions of Afghan women that are getting an education, serving in the government, and having lives the Taliban would have never let them live.

                  When it comes to the military is always the negative with you people.

                  1. So we should not be pissed when the military does somethings badly because they do somethings well?

                    When it comes to the military it is always the positive with you people.

                  2. No when it comes to the military overstaying their welcome it’s always negative with us. I was gung ho about going in, toppling the Taliban (or Saddam) and then getting the fuck out. But now we’re there 10 years later playing police officer. And as we’ve seen over here, when there are too many police officers and not enough “real crimes”… well they decide to have their own fun.

                    That’s what disgusts me; and you can’t seem to get off your high horse long enough to see that there is no reason for us to be there anymore.

              3. LOL you are clueless. The scariest thing about partisan asswipes (like yourself) is how readily you compromise your moral principles in order to justify your team’s stance on an issue.

          2. Who’s excusing it? Didn’t one of them get sentenced to 24 years in prison? Jesus Christ, people like you make excuses for partial birth abortions, for cop killers, for illegal aliens that break the law by coming here illegally, yet when it comes to the military, you wipe your ass with the flag just because a tiny minority of military soldiers did something bad.

            Well, unlike you, I love my country, and I’d rather err on the side of the military than on the side of the Afghan enemy. Remember, they did 9/11, they protected Osama Bin Laden, they brought this upon themselves.

            1. And, unlike you, we love liberty, and would rather err on the side of principle than on the side team red, or team blue for that matter.

            2. Re: Gregory Smith,

              Well, unlike you, I love my country, and I’d rather err on the side of the military than on the side of the Afghan enemy.

              Loving your country means excusing bad behavior? I don’t think so.

              [P]eople like you make excuses for partial birth abortions, for cop killers, for illegal aliens that break the law by coming here illegally, yet when it comes to the military, you wipe your ass with the flag just because a tiny minority of military soldiers did something bad.

              If you have ever surfed this site a little bit, you should know by now that I do not excuse bad acts, certainly NOT abortion (for any reason), or killing police officers. I am against people committing heinous and despicable acts, even if committed by your beloved military or police officers.

              Whether you like it or not, those Afghan combatants are fighting for their land. Their ideology may be despicable (there was certainly no lost love between me and Islam), but the main reason for their fight – to expulse an invader – is not. Out yourself in their shoes and imagine that it is a foreign invader posing with your dead kid – think Red Dawn.

              1. Sorry: “Put” yourself in their shoes.

              2. OM: I seem to recall a study done within the last year, and it’s results showed that the overwhelming majority of the people we are fighting hadn’t even heard of 9/11. You can just imagine the mindset of some shepherd if someone he knows is killed by a foreign invader, for (as far as he is concerned) no justifiable reason.

                Every time some Afghani becomes “collateral damage” they leave behind friends and family that are deeply affected by their death. It’s readily apparent what sort of effect that has on the population of the country.

                1. America has never lost a war because of collateral damage and indeed killing civilians en masse was very good for us in WW2. That said, at least Morlock should be executed by firing squad.

              3. “Loving your country means excusing bad behavior? I don’t think so.”

                —Who’s excusing it? If I simply choose not to write about it doesn’t mean I’m excusing it. Besides, the soldiers have already been convicted, so what’s your beef? You want them executed? Tortured in public?

                “I am against people committing heinous and despicable acts, even if committed by your beloved military or police officers.”

                –So am I, but before I focus on the despicable acts committed by a few soldiers in my military, I focus on the enemy and what they do.

                “Whether you like it or not, those Afghan combatants are fighting for their land.”

                —So was the Hitler Youth in 1945, yet neither the soviets nor the Americans had any reservations in shooting them. Hitler started the war, Germany deserved to pay. It’s the same with Afghanistan, after all, you can’t bake an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

                “the main reason for their fight – to expulse an invader – is not.”

                —If they don’t like invaders why did they host Osama Bin Laden as one of their own? Why not kick out that terrorist guest?

                Americans spent a fortune arming the Afghans when the soviets were occupying them, did we not? We help them liberate themselves from the commies, and thanks to their own stupidity, they allowed the Taliban to rule them in a way that’s worse than communism, which is rare considering how evil communism is.

                So don’t cry me any crocodile tears about those poor freedom fighters, as far as I’m concerned, we should have let the soviets annihilate them. Sadly, we can’t go back to the past, we can only fight in the present.

            3. Well, unlike you, I love my country, and I’d rather err on the side of the military than on the side of the Afghan enemy.

              The events in the photos are real.

              Therefore, no one is doing anything wrong by publishing the photos.

              There is absolutely no moral difference of any kind whatsoever between your statement here and, “We must not reveal to the public that Dreyfus is not guilty, because that will undermine public confidence in the military of France.”

              You’re angry at Rolling Stone for publishing true facts. That makes you an enemy of the truth and makes your cause the cause of liars.

              1. I’m angry that they’re never fair and balanced, that they never have anything good to say about our military, and that they think it’s “irresponsible” to publish offensive cartoons about Mohamed but not pictures that will rile up the terrorists.

                1. Maybe if the military didn’t do shit like this Rolling Stone wouldn’t be able to publish it…

                  Fucking logic, Gregory, how does it work?

            4. illegal aliens that break the law by coming here illegally

              Comedy gold.

              1. It’s not a joke when a family member you love gets killed by an illegal alien that didn’t get deported because in his “sanctuary city” the cops are not allowed to call the INS.

                1. I had a friend in highs school killed by someone born in the United States.

                  Fucking government didn’t abort the bitch. It’s their fault.

        2. That is one of many reasons why a wise leader and populace avoids going to goddam war unless it is absolutely fucking necessary. I’m talking to you team red (Iraq, Afghanistan*) and team blue (WTF, Libya?** How stupid do you think I am Barack?)

          * We achieved all reasonable objectives (punitive expedition) after three months. We’ve been pissing away treasure, lives and goodwill since.

          * Intervening in a civil fucking war when you know not a goddam thing about the “leadership” of the side you’re supporting is not a good idea. It probably pumps up those poll numbers though. Am I right Barack?

        3. Shit happens in war, besides, the exception doesn’t make the rule.

          Exsqueeze me? American soldiers willfully, intentionally and wantonly murder innocent civilians – who they ostensibly are there to protect – including at least one young (15 year-old) boy, without provocation and for no reason other than sport, and your response is “shit happens”?

      4. My baloney has a first name
        It’s T-I-M-M-Y…

    2. +1 for irrelevant sexism

    3. Do the photos represent events that actually occurred, or not?

      If the photos depict genuine events, then you might want to try being angry at the people who are pictured in the photos instead.

      “Wah! How dare you relate actual events to me! Wah!”

    4. to smile with a 15 year old boy like he’s a goddamn whitetail is subhuman.

      were they caught only because there was so much photo evidence that they freely distributed?

      1. They were caught when a private in the patroon reported drug use and problems with this gang of soldiers to a sergeant he knew. The gang found out and beat the shit out of the private, and warned him to keep quiet. He informed investigators instead, and told them that he suspected that some of the soldiers might have been killing civilians while on patrol.

        1. Did I really type “patroon?” Obviously that should be “platoon.”

          1. that private is definitely no poltroon.

          2. Expecto patroonum!

  8. The Greens win an election in one of Germany’s richest states.

    It’s all part of this postwar German self-loathing.

    1. The self-loathing would certainly explain a few things, like scat-porn.


      1. What war?

      2. +2 for Faulty Towers reference. and while on the subject of British comedy, fuck netflix for taking Yes Minister off instant queue.

  9. Rolling Stone publishes the “Kill Team” photos from Afghanistan.

    I guess we won’t be seeing any new interviews with master Obama in RS anytime soon.

    1. You mean the “literary genius”?

    2. It’d be delicious to send the cover of him from 2008, plus a copy of the Kill Team photos, over to the RS editors and say “You wanted Obama, and you sure got him!”

      1. What’s stopping anyone from doing this? Besides the necessity of buying two issues of their hideous mag.

        1. Bingo–why waste the beer money?

  10. Wisconsin pols disagree on whether Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law is in effect.

    If only polls were as relevant when it came to tax laws… or regulations. I guess they are only relevant when it comes to collective bargaining!

    1. Pol[itician]s, not polls.

      1. Re: Trespassers W,
        Ha ha ha!! I have to turn on my “txting” mode!

        1. Actually, the abbreviation predates “txting” by about 50 years.

          1. Re: kbolino,
            But, kbolino, I was not even born 50 years ago…

      2. eh, it still makes sense.

  11. “It is time to change Canada’s direction. Time to get us on the right path,” Mr. Ignatieff said in a speech on the motion. “After five years of Conservative government, it is time to say ‘Enough is enough. Enough of the politics of fear. Enough of the politics of division. Enough of the politics of personal destruction.’ The politics of failure have failed. It’s time to get them working again.

    1. Canada lurches from one type of insignificance to another. Good luck Hosers!

    2. wait… politics works?

    3. We must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling towards freedom!

    4. Opening the door to the greatest possible prime minister. . .The Shat.

      1. Leibniz argued that there are worlds in which The Shat is prime minister, and that the culmination of natural philosophy would be the creation of a portal through which we could emigrate to that world and submit our wills to his Shatty goodness.

        1. Truly a world with the Shat as prime minister would be the best of all possible worlds.

          1. Unless you wear a red shirt.

            1. It’s true, the Mounties are in trouble under a Shatnerian government. But it’s a sacrifice we non-Mounties are willing to make.

            2. Wait, what do you mean by that?

    5. The politics of failure have failed. It’s time to get them working again.


      1. Sounds like standard political boilerplate to me.

        1. Abortions for some…miniature American flags for others!

  12. State of the world. Just got this from one of my suppliers in China.

    “I am very happy to meet you on facebook. It’s really a very nice social network but here in China there is no access. Hope everything goes well with you in the new year.”

  13. Proposed: an absurdly detailed passport application.

    That’s nothing. Try going through an application for a B1 tourist visa. You will THEN know the true meaning of “Hell.”

    1. Wait, you need a visa for Hell?

      When I found this out, I tell you, it blew my mind.

      1. They don’t let just anyone in.

        1. I’ve decided to become a true believer for the sole reason that I can know that Chuck Schumer and Anthony Weiner will have a painful eternity. If the cosmos doesn’t have an actual Hell we should make one.

  14. How many dupes fell for the “Biden Thugs Imprison Newspaperman” meme from the Right Wing NewsTattler-o-Sphere over the weekend? My faves were the usual “OMG the liberal MSM is ignoring this story.” Yeah, because it’s misleading and innaccurate…That darned liberal bias!

    The Right Wing NewsTattler-o-Sphere, covering half of the news with half of the fact checking, in a half-ass way. Producers of O’Keefian and Brietbartian Analysis and Drudgian Reporting! Brought to you by the Koch Brothers!

    1. What are you on about?

    2. How many dupes fell for the “Obama-is-a-genius” meme?

      1. Fell? Most seem to still be falling.

        1. +1

      2. Re: Lord Humungus,

        How many dupes fell for the “Obama-is-a-genius” meme?

        You mean the “literary genius” that did not write either of his two books?

        1. You mean the “literary genius” that did not write either of his two books?

          You promised you wouldn’t talk about that. RACIST!!!!!!

    3. Well, yeah! Sure it was a nonstory and I don’t really care so much about Biden’s crew hiding the reporter. Anyway you slice it, the reporter played along with this idignity. So nonstory.

      Any chance to point and say “teh librul media” will not be abandoned even if nonstory. Still can be fun to get all huffypuffy over a nonstory. So they do.

      1. the reporter played along with this idignity. So nonstory.

        I disagree. That just makes the story how useless and supine the legacy media is.

        1. but how can the legacy media report on how useless and supine the legacy media is? Paradox!

        2. Do you have any flerking idea how many indignities people have to suffer in the free market in order to get a deal done or keep their jobs?

          Please. You guys jumped on this story like a starving squirrel on the last acorn on Earth, despite the extreme lack of detail about what actually happened. Just drop it now before you embarrass yourselves (and your more careful fellow libertarians) further.

      2. the reporter played along with this idignity. So nonstory.

        The homeowner didn’t object to the illegal warrantless SWAT invasion of his home. So nonstory.

        FYI, Oxycontin doesn’t dull intelligence as much as the stupid pills you apparently take.

        1. Oxytocin does. I’m in love!

          and maybe instead of conflating swat raids to a pussified reporter you could see that I can point out how insignificant the story is while still condemning Biden’s thuggery.

        2. Except for the fact that a SWAT raid is coercive and being denied access to a cocktail party on someone else’s private property isn’t, that’s a swell analogy.

      3. The reporter had no choice: Either leave and get NO story at all, or put up with being herded into a fucking closet for no good reason.

        This is just as much bullshit as anything Bush did to reporters or anyone herded into free-speech zones.

        1. The reporter had no choice

          And at the first sign of an opportunity to score some punches on Team Blue, libertarians throw their principles to the four winds.

          Considering libertarianism says it’s not coercion to fire an employee for no reason and force him to leave the property without talking to any other employees on the way out, I’m having a hard time seeing where the coercion angle comes from.

    4. don’t be cruel MNG!

      Poor little red chief missed the
      $500-a-plate fundraising lunch

      1. My blog is a big hit in Japan! USA Today and the NY Times linked to my website recently! You sexist assholes just want to keep us larger women down! FUCK YOU HELLE!!

        1. You sexist assholes just want to keep us larger women down!

          Lard-asses! United! Will never be defeated!

      2. I think you missed your calling. Marketing is the place for you. Shilling other people’s shit, maybe Sham-wow or Slap-Chop.

        I’ll be astounded if three people click that link.

        1. Interesting but 103 have

          1. 9,054
            views all-time107
            views today

            1. I would rather pierce my scrotum with an agave needle; I would rather pour hot molten parafin wax on my navel; I would rather stare at arc welding for an hour, than read your blog… rather.

              1. I would rather pour hot molten parafin wax on my navel

                hmm, so would I

          2. Of course, 102 of them were just curious what kind of asshole would read it. Silly buggers.

    5. I prefer the alternate presentation. “MSM Reporter Meekly Accepts Whatever Scraps Liberal politician will give him.” Also, imagine if you will that Sarah Palin attended a fundraiser at a rich supporter’s house and her staff did this. Would it be a nonstory on MSNBC and CNN?

    6. How many dupes fell for the “Biden Thugs Imprison Newspaperman” meme from the Right Wing NewsTattler-o-Sphere over the weekend?

      …said the only person to have mentioned this at all so far.

      1. ^^THIS^^

    7. Biden didn’t apologize enough for this, MNG. There was no valid reason to shuffle the reporter off into a closet.

  15. “Do we do gas tax?” Conrad asked

    Yes, yes you do.

    1. I think the rationale behind this draconian tax is to go after people driving EVs, since they don’t pay the gas tax. But they will still impose it on everyone else using gasoline/deisel in their cars.

      1. I hate to “give them ideas” — but how about a *huge* tax on TIRES?

      2. They could just repeal CAFE standards.

    2. Bring back the horse tax…

  16. Glen Greenwald bares his claws for the nasssty Kochses

    I normally like ‘ol Glen in his role of liberal constitutionalist, but he overdoes the “ZOMG!” tone in today’s installment.

    1. You SF’d the link.

      This is related, though:

      Free Enterprise vs. National Socialism

      1. OK, now I SF’d the link:

        Free Enterprise vs. National Socialism

    2. I really don’t get the point of that piece.

      It appears to be saying that everything the critics of the Koch brothers say about them is false, and that the idea that the Koch brothers are motivated by personal profit is absurd, but Glenn still doesn’t like the Koch brothers because…they complain when people lie about them and harass them?

      That’s pretty stupid, Glenn.

      On that basis no one who participates in public life can ever have any basis to complain if anyone lies about them or harasses them, ever.

      He doesn’t mean that, of course. That rule only applies if you’re rich. Because being rich is so awesome that you don’t get to complain about being treated unjustly. Or something.

      1. The rule only applies if you are rich and disagree with Glenn Greenwald. If you are rich and feed Glenn’s sacred cows, it is just fine to complain about someone slandering you.

        1. Not really, because he seems to think Soros shouldn’t complain either.

          This is a good example of Greenwald being a dick. [I know you believe I don’t think such examples exist.]

      2. Glenn still doesn’t like the Koch brothers because…they complain when people lie about them and harass them?

        Sounds a lot like the lefty hate-fest for Palin after the Loughner shootings.

        1. Yes. It’s pretty much exactly like that.

          Left: “There is blood on Palin’s hands!”

          Palin: “Um, not really. And your statement is unfair for reason X.”

          Left: “It’s not all about you! Can’t you have some respect? You always act like everything is all about you! Even a tragedy! How dare you act like this tragedy is all about you, just because we loudly declared that it’s all about you!”

          In this version, we have:

          Left: “The Koch brothers are engaged in an evil conspiracy to spread deliberate lies so that they can make more money!”

          Koch brothers: “No, we actually think this stuff and are just articulating our sincere beliefs like everybody else. So it’s kind of shitty of you to try to demonize us and lie about our motivations.”

          Greenwald: “The Koch brothers actually think all that stuff and are articulating their sincere beliefs like everybody else. BUT ONLY I MAY SAY THAT! How dare the Koch brothers defend themselves by saying exactly what I just said in my column! Fuck you and your billionaire self-pity! Just go bathe in champagne somewhere and twirl your monacles!”

  17. Among the young, the question appears settled: 68 percent of voters ages 18 to 29 support same-sex marriage rights.

    Same-sex marriage “rights” exist now. People can marry each other as they see fit. They just don’t necessarily get the state to hand them the bag of goodies that come with recognition.

    (No one else seems to be commenting on that link, so I figured I would put the needle on my broken record one more time.)

    1. They don’t exist, at least in the sense that the issue is settled. The trouble with having 68% of “the young” on your side is that the lazy fooks don’t vote.
      30% of seniors, on the other hand, will pound either of our two great parties into submission.

      1. The nice thing about seniors is that they die and are replaced. They’ll probably always fight for SS and Medicare, but social attitudes will change pretty quickly in the near future, I think.

      2. That, and astonishingly enough, by the time “the young” become “the seniors”, their views amazingly change. Try looking at a sample of polls from the 1970’s and you’ll be led to believe you should be living in a very, very different world then the one you actually live in.

        I’ll buy this when I see a state actually get a referendum passed. I won’t be holding my breath.

        1. GET OFF MY LAWN!

    2. But that’s just not enough for those power-hungry homos is it? They won’t rest until we are all stuck under their faggy thumbs of queer oppression.

      Full disclosure: A gay man cut my hair this weekend. It looks swell.

      1. I’m not an “It.”

        1. Me neither!

    3. Well, there’s a scratch on it, for one thing, and secondly, whaddya expect putting a frikkin CD on a phonograph player?

    4. “This horse ain’t dead ENOUGH, let’s beat him some more!”

      What are these “goodies” you speak of?


      I actually was rootin’ fer the broons last night, and they came through.

      Tuesday: Bring the Hate.

      1. + 87 … hopefully soon.

        1. Did you check out the water bottle destruction video, pretty awesome.

        2. saw that. i’m hoping he’s cleared for practice this week. ideally get him in a game or two before the playoffs.

          1. Crosby’s return is going to throw off the whole dynamic of the team. I think he should stay on the bench through the first round of the playoffs at least until he learns the new system.

    5. The bigger question is why you people all hate single people and polygamists so much? Why can’t we file taxes jointly? Why can’t we get automatic custody rights and courts devoted to our messy breakups? Why can’t we get social security survivor benefits? If you prick us, do we not bleed, and then need someone to tell the hospital on our behalf that it’s okay to put a band-aid on it?

      Full disclosure: Not that getting branded a homophobe gets at all old, I have to say here that I support gay marriage as much as I support any marriage. I have nothing against it.

      The stink off my dead horse smells much like that of something that doesn’t believe expanding an exclusive entitlement club to include just a few more but still excludes others is advancing equality as much as doing away with the club altogether.

      1. This. There is no good reason why people shouldn’t be able to appoint whoever they want to do all the things that go with marriage.

      2. Why can’t we get social security survivor benefits?

        And even married people don’t get survivor benefits unless they’ve been married “long enough,” as my mother recently found out. There are all kinds of convoluted rules. She found out only several months after her husband died, and after being told that she didn’t qualify, because they had been married only a very short time when he died, that she in fact DOES qualify, because they were both senior citizens – or something.

  18. So, is the gub’mint also proposing handing our free security clearances with every successfully completed long form passport application? Cause they sure didn’t ask that many ridiculous and inane questions on any of the background crap they made me dig up ancient history about. No, I still have no idea if any of my second cousins had a dog that ever bit anyone. Sheesh.

    1. (knock, knock)

    1. These are people who conflate racism with bigotry, I would expect no less.

    2. Good grief, listening to the media over the weekend you would have thought that Ferraro was Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher rolled into one.

      OK, so she was the first woman selected to be on a major ticket. Big deal. She was no more special of a politician than Sarah Palin is.

      1. I would say, on current evidence, she was less of a pol than Palin. I seem to recall she married a bunch of money, which is always helpful in boosting a political career.

        And I can’t recall her having an impact after she lost. Unlike Palin.

      2. “Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher rolled into one.”

        That is one fucked-up 3-way.

        1. Hag on Hag pr0n. Thanks to the intertubes, there’s a market for it, so don’t knock it.

          1. Rule 34 sucks, sometimes.

    3. Most recently, Ferraro got much media attention for her racist comments about then candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign when she was working for the Hilary Clinton campaign. She continued to lose favor by vigorously defending the comments even after she’d stepped down from the campaign. This media splash was a glaring omission in the NY Times obituary I quoted above.

      In this “up is down” world, stating the obvious is being “racist”:

      Ms. Ferraro, the former congresswoman and vice-presidential candidate who backs Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, told The Daily Breeze, a newspaper in Torrance, Calif.: “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

      I’ll go further and say that if now President Obama had tried to enter into politics with the name of “Barry Dunham,” he would not have been accepted to Columbia: The man writes like crap.

      1. You forgot a couple of commas.

        “The man writes, like, crap.”

      2. I’ve argued with my girl (who is/was an ardent Obamaphile) that the Obama presidency represents peak affirmative action. This is the pinnacle of of selective bias and in the future we will see the waning of such superficial idenity politics.

        She agreed. I hope I’m right.

        1. Re: waffles,
          Just how incidious Affirmative Action is cna be seen by how it cheapens the achievements of truly brilliant minorities, as theirs will always be taken as (precisely) the result of bias in their favor and not their talent or hard work.

      3. Fucking dictionary definition of “racism”… how does it work?

        1. I’ve tried to use the dictionary definition of racism to show that we don’t have “racism” anymore. Suffice it to say I was scolded for using the dictionary definition of racism.

          1. we’re all racists – unless you’re not white. Then…

            1. Liberals think it means “what we WANT it to fucking mean” when they use it…

  19. Proposed Legislation to affect Federal Employees

    As a Federal employee, I do not see much of a problem, but some of these overlap.

    Some are worried about a reduction-in-force (RIF). But that will likely result in many people retiring now or retiring early, considering more than 50% of federal employees are eligible to retire in the next 5 years if not already. A RIF will not likely affect those not near retirement too much. Besides, they usually go after the newbies if they need to reduce further. They may also demote people down a pay grade or two while maintaining their current pay for 3 years.

    A pay freeze through 2015 is a bit excessive. But I’m sure it could be amended if they see the need, especially if cost-of-living goes up.


      Apparently, the link didn’t work right, so here’s the article

      1. Why is a pay freeze through 2015 “excessive”? What about the joys of “public service”? Shouldn’t such joys be enough?

        1. Because cost of living is not taken into account, which is should be. If cost of living and consumer goods stay the same price along with taxes, then I not hesitate. But considering those things won’t happen…

          1. Why should it be taken into account? Will hordes of federal employees quit and be irreplaceable due to the pay freeze? If not, then they are overpaid already and no cost of living adjustment needs to be taken into account. It’s that simple.

            1. Will hordes quit? Right now? Doubtful, considering the job market is very poor right now. Many of us do not mind tightening our belts to ride this out. Others, who blame everything on the Republicans, will bemoan their fate but will not leave for a while.

        2. It’s excessive because it limits how much money he’ll get.

          1. Doesn’t affect me much. I have few expenses because I have housemates, and I don’t have much debt, except what I can pay off after a paycheck or two. I have no wife to steal my entire check or kids to take care of. I have more than I need. But many do have families to support. With the price of gasoline going up and the price of food and utilities going up, there’s less money to use in other places if your pay stays exactly the same. So imagine if you never saw a dime increase over a 5 year period, but your day-to-day expenses went up by over 12% during that period? It would hurt.

            These pieces of legislation don’t seem to affect step increases, which can happen yearly for steps 1-4, every two years for 5-7, and three years for steps 8-10. Once you go to 10, which takes about 18 years in the same grade, you will not see another increases except maybe a COLA (which is what these legislations are targetting). There are many older folks that are step 10s. Today, such is by choice. But with a RIF and no new hiring, there will be extremely limited opporunity for advancement or mobility. So, many will be stuck with no pay increase but seeing the cost of living going higher and higher.

            1. So imagine if you never saw a dime increase over a 5 year period, but your day-to-day expenses went up by over 12% during that period?

              I would *gasp* find a different place to work.

    2. If a pay freeze through 2015 brings pubsec pay back into line with real economy pay, I don’t see how its excessive.

      Of course, any kind of early retirement RIF is pure sham unless it includes a prohibition on simultaneously cashing pension checks and working for the government as an independent contractor.

      Retired is retired. If you’re still working for the government, you aren’t retired.

      1. They should really do an apples to apples comparison on federal salaries, by comparing people to their private sector counter-parts instead of lumping all jobs together and doing averages. In some cases, yes, federal employees are compensated way more than their private worker counterparts. But, the federal government does not have many janitorial jobs or fast food jobs. Most of those types are contracted, and likely don’t get counted into the pool of government workers.

    1. Maybe you should move to France.

      1. Indeed. He should.

  20. Ugh. After seeing those pictures, it remains beyond me why anyone would sign up to go to that hellhole.

    Poking disembodied and mutilated heads with a stick? Not my idea of a good time

  21. Gregory Smith|3.28.11 @ 1:07PM|#

    I’m angry that they’re never fair and balanced, that they never have anything good to say about our military, and that they think it’s “irresponsible” to publish offensive cartoons about Mohamed but not pictures that will rile up the terrorists.

    Godammit listen to yourself. All I hear from you is “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, big meanies are saying mean things about my favowite peoples”

    It’s bad enough hearing that from “progressives” now that the man is in the White House, it’s really sucks to hear it here where I come to read something reasonable.

    Just grow up and quit bellyaching.

    I’m also pretty sure that “publish[ing]…cartoons about Mohamed” is kind of one of those things that “rile up the terrorists.”

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