Michael C. Moynihan on Red Eye Talking Libya, Twitter Envy, Female Pilots & More!


Senior editor of ReasonMichael Moynihan appeared on Fox News' Red Eye. Topics included the U.S. military air-strikes on Libya, the value of a liberal arts degree, envy through twitter, Charlie Sheen, and the lack of women pilots. Air date: March 22, 2011.

Approximately 41 minutes. 

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  1. Who’s the hot, leggy chick???

    1. Ohhh, S.C. Cupp!!!!


      1. Hot but annoying as fuck.

        1. only if u dont mute

        2. Re: Silent v,

          Hot but annoying as fuck.

          Annoying? More annoying than Caroline Heldman??

            1. No, not as annoying as Caroline Heldman and certainly not as annoying as Coulter.

      2. She forgot to wear her skirt. Not that I am complaining or anything. SE Cupp is seriously underrated hot. I love the glasses.

        1. SE Cupp? I thought she was more like a C cup, but it’s so hard to tell what the camera does.

        2. Have you seen her when she wears boots with that short skirt? Redeye is fun to watch, but even if it sucked, I would watch it just for her.

          1. No. I will have to DVR it sometime.

    2. Her legs make wigwam straighten.

      1. Call me crazy, but I prefer the other chick on the show. She has a few things going for her, more of the cute than hot thing (think Maryanne vs. Ginger), as well as a bit more of an exotic look.

    3. hubbla-bubbla va-va-va-voomsky

  2. In other news, Vault-Tec shares rise in late trading.


    1. My vault’s evil experiment is going to involve giant rad-lice. What about yours?

      1. Gonna release a virulent strain of bacteria that destroys everyone’s left eye and diminishes vision in the right. They’ll HAVE to wear monocles.

    2. >for up to one year

      What? Only a year? Maybe stocking a bit more food would be appropriate? If I was as paranoid as these guys, my Withstandinator would have all sorts of dehydrated food and as large a supply of water as I could manage.

  3. So is it some kind of rule that Red Eye has to have an attractive leggy chick on each episode? If so, I say kudos to Greg for landing that job.

    1. They must have a dress code. None of them ever wear anything longer.

      1. Unfortunately, that includes broomstick-legged Ann Coulter…

        1. I’m with you on this, OM. Everyone seems to think she’s attractive, but I think she needs to eat a damned cheeseburger.

          1. that would shut her mouth at least. ok, maybe not…

          2. If a woman is slightly above average looking and wants to be viewed as smoking hot, they need to immerse themselves in a sausage-fest industry like right-wing politics, sports, or gaming (see also Munn, Olivia or Andrews, Erin)

            1. I don’t know who Olivia Munn is. But Erin Andrews has a hell of a body. Her body alone makes her smoking hot. And just what woman who has immersed themselves in left wing politics is as hot as Andrews or Cupp for that matter?

              What Emily Baylzon? Lefty women are generally ugly as sin. The reason why right wing women seem so much hotter is that women who have been involved in politics and punditry in the past have generally been left wing and really fucking ugly. Sorry but Elinor Cliff doesn’t qualify as hot.

              1. http://celebs.icanhascheezburg…..-my-mouth/

                I think Olivia Munn is pretty delectable myself, and I normally have a strong preference for blue eyes.

              2. “I don’t know who Olivia Munn is”

                that’s too bad. seriously

          3. I have not met a single person who claims to find Mann Coulter attractive.

        2. Coulter is nasty looking. Someone needs to explain to her that she is too old to have her hair just long and straight and that being that skinny is not fucking attractive. She looks like a scarecrow.

        3. Skanky really. She obviously thinks she’s hot, but I get an urge to go bet at the track every time I see her.

  4. Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79


    1. And the hagiography will begin in 3…2…1…

      When it comes to Elizabeth Taylor, only this matters. Greatest picture of all time.

      1. Perhaps people will go overboard on her bio. But the fact is, she was smoking hot as a young woman, and was a pretty damn good actress in her heyday. She did leave a bit of a stain with her faghaggery, agreed.

      2. In fairness, there was a time when she was wildly hot. She was one of the hottest women in the movies at a time when women never looked better in movies.


        1. Sorry, dudes, but she never looked very good, at least in my opinion. I remember watching The Taming of the Shrew and wondering why Burton bothered.

          1. She didn’t look fabulous for that long. By the time she made Taming of the Shrew she was already pilled up and drinking too much. Watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Butterfield 8 sometime and tell me she didn’t look that good. In the 50s she was fucking spectacular.

          2. Look at the pic in the link. How can you say “she wasn’t that great”?

            1. I thought you randomly linked that. If that is your idea of great, your tastes and mine live on different fucking planets, dude.

              1. I guess so. There is no accounting for taste. But unless you go for cheap bimbos with fake boobs, I can’t understand how any straight guy wouldn’t find Taylor, circa Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, running around in her slip hot.

                1. I hate fake tits, John. And Taylor looks mousy. Believe me, I am as skeptical of your tastes as you are of mine.

            2. She looks like Stockard Channing in that pic.

              1. You guys are nuts. Stockard Channing is a fucking guy. No, Taylor never had a dick.

              2. Yes, good point…which is not a thing in her favor.

                1. She just aged so badly. She was 12 when she got into movies. she was playing adults at 17. Hell, she was her early 20s when she made Raintree County and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She was only in her mid 30s when she made Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf. And she looked like she was 50 in that movie. She could really act. That is a great movie. By my God her looks faded quickly. She must have lived a life that made Keith Richards look sedate.

                  1. See, John, all you had to do was say some names like Ava Gardner or Gene Tierney, and I’d be with you. But Elizabeth Taylor, or, god forbid, Katherine Hepburn, and you lose me.

                    1. But…those pants. And a sexiness only a Hartford girl could muster.

                    2. Gay narcissists are hardly the best judge of female beauty.

  5. Re: lack of female pilots

    What a self-fulfilling discussion.
    Look, girls and women hear this sexist stuff all the time. Your daughters are internalizing all this constant degradation, hearing all the time that they are too stupid and too silly to learn math or engineering or aeronautics or anything serious. And then you bitch about them becoming silly little art majors rather than pilots or builders?
    Completely idiotic.

    1. Yes, that’s what everyone says these days. You’ll often hear that in polite company without rebuke or scolding.

  6. I’m really disgusted about how eager these people are to jump on the war wagon and how “show of strength” and “not appearing weak” are justifiable excuses for mass murder and massive theft from taxpayers to fund this latest idiocy. That’s why as much as I’m disgusted with non-classical liberals, the fact that conservatives will support any war/military action once it starts makes me want to puke my guts out (and hesitate to affiliate with them). Ugh!

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