Dissent on Libya


Tim Carney on Libya:

Setting aside the wisdom of the intervention, Obama's entry into Libya's civil war is troubling on at least five counts. First is the legal and constitutional question. Second is the manner of Obama's announcement. Third is the complete disregard for public opinion and lack of debate. Fourth is the unclear role the United States will play in this coalition. Fifth is the lack of a clear endgame. Compounding all these problems is the lack of trust created by Obama's record of deception.

To see Carney expand on those points, read the whole thing. As far as the wisdom of the intervention goes, I'm happy to see some figures who ordinarily are allied with Obama, such as Josh Marshall and Andrew Sullivan, pointing out the problems with America's latest war. Sullivan's piece, in particular, may be the best thing he's written since the last time he lost his passion for a president.