Nick Gillespie, Jeff Flake on Stossel, Talking Government Redundancy & Waste

| editor in chief Nick Gillespie joined Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Stossel to discuss the irony of the federal government not knowing the cost of a program that teaches financial literacy and how we could prioritize what government should be doing. Airdate: March 17, 2011.

Approximately 8.14 minutes.

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  1. To talk about Government Redundancy and Waste is being redundant.

  2. As a balding 30 year old, I respect Mr. Gillespie’s ability to grow a shocking main of hair. However, I think he’s taken the look too far.

    Three cheers for a haircut for Nick:

    Hair, Hair Cut Away!
    Hair, Hair Cut Away!
    Hair, Hair Cut Away!

    I mean, he’s looking like a parody of himself.

    1. He got some nice sideburns going. He should keep those and ad that handle bar mustache that he had a few weeks ago. that would be bitchin.

    2. Why must you drag Nick down with you, Baldy?

  3. The color scheme of the set goes well with The Jacket.

  4. Bernard von Nothaus, the man behind the Liberty Dollar coin, was sentenced today by in Federal Court on two counts: trying to do what the government does every day (i.e. counterfeiting) and intending to do what the Fed does every day (i.e. intent to defraud)

    Disclaimer: I did not agree with the idea of the Liberty Dollar as it allowed too much arbitrage between the price of silver and the indicated value, but still, the Feds made him a political prisoner despite the fact his business was entirely voluntary and legal.

  5. Wouldn’t it be kinky if Flake showed up with a leather jacket and Nick showed up shirtless?

  6. Let’s make a list of people in power at the federal level that really, truly believe in cutting gov’t (which necessarily includes entitlement) spending:

    Jeff Flake, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan**

    That’s all I can think of. Flake did mention that 14 members were supporting Ryan’s Roadmap.

    **yeah, I know Ryan voted for MC part D, but I think he’s redeemed himself lately.

    1. He also voted for the bank bailout.

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