Instapundit talks with Urban Theorist Joel Kotkin; Wisdom Ensues


Out on the West Coast in LA, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit talks with demographer and urban theorist Joel Kotkin about car haters and more.

Kotkin's a great voice on how cities either flourish or die depending on how easy they make it for people to live there. He was a great presence in Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey, speaking up in defense of places such as Houston, which despite its enormous success in attracting people, is often pooh-poohed as ugly or awful or sprawling etc. Rather than building "Edifice Complex" structures such as sports stadiums and largely unused light-rail systems, Kotkin says cities do best to keep taxes and regulation low and consistent and provide a reliable backdrop against which individuals can plan and build their lives. Watch the final episode of RSC, "Bring the People Back":