Blaming the Victims: Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Edition


The website Sociological Images has collected some truly vile Twitter and Facebook responses to the disaster in Japan. Here's a sampling:

Go here for the entire Sociological Images post.

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  1. I thought karma for Pearl Harbor was getting their asses handed to them all the way back to the home islands and then having two nukes dropped on them, but what do I know?

    1. That is correct.

      This is actually karma for Dragon Ball Z and anime in general.

    2. i cant wait for all the hugh-ass new monsters godzilla’s gonna have to fight now.

  2. This makes me want to eat some sympathy-dolphin.

    1. forget dolphin safe, I like my tuna with extra dolphin

      1. Weemsco!

      2. I worked at the grill on a campus restaurant at my college. Whenever someone ordered a tuna melt, I called back to the cook to make a “dolphin melt”. Eco-mentalists were not amused.

  3. Man, I totally pre-empted this with my ‘whales and dolphins’ joke the other day.

    Parody is never as good as real-life douchebags, I guess.


    1. “Gotta nuke somethin’.”

    2. [NUKE THE GAY WHALES], please. It’s been that way since I first saw it in 1970.

  5. I think it’s karma for not opening up with live ammo on those whale-hugging hippies.

  6. Save the Earth! Eat an Environmentalist!

    1. Only problem is that all that self-righteousness kills their meat’s flavor but it isn’t nothing you can’t overcome with the vigorous application of ketchup and Tabasco!

      Just make sure that you use organic and corn syrup free catsup, otherwise those fuckin’ greenies will bitch and moan the whole time they slow roast over your barbecue pit!

      1. Ketchup?! Fucking savage.

        1. BBQ sauce makes everythign taste better.

          1. My dad says that only two kinds of people put ketchup on food; mental patients and Texans!

            1. Don’t be redundant, BNB.

              1. Tomato, Tomatoe!

                Ketchup, Catsup!

    1. My IQ dropped 17 points reading that.

    2. Oh good God.

    3. See, I would actually make a *joke* like that to poke fun at people who think satellite imagery works like it does in 24. It’s unclear to me whether this guy is a dumbass or poking fun at dumbasses: that judgment requires the context of his other postings.

    4. Another fine product of a government education. Damn! Letterman was right – those teachers should be paid twice as much!

      1. Those teachers should be whipped for allowing people like this to graduate.

  7. One thing about all this social networking stuff, you get to see how stupid so many people really are.

    1. A tour of your local college will do just as well…

  8. Wonder what the wackos at Westboro Satanic Baptist Church think?

      1. I’m sure they are blaming it on being America’s friend for 60 years.

  9. Fuckin’ karma, how does it work?

    Not in the way that these people seem to think.

    1. I’ve given up on explaining to people that all karma is bad karma.

      1. Except what’s happening to your hated enemies, which is “good Karma”.

  10. Obviously a false flag operation by conservatives. No environmentalist would ever say anything bad about anyone, especially not an ethnic minority.

    1. *ahem*

  11. Thats just kind of crazy when you think about it.


  12. TONY!!

    1. Don’t you people understand jokes?

  13. Karma is such BS. Right now children sit in hospitals all over this country dying or close to death. Innocent people are hurt every day – a cruel fact of life. Yet, evil people enjoy their day.

    Here’s my disclaimer – I believe life is inherently good – inspite of all of the injustices and flaws of this world. I have become (through practice) an optimist. I guess I believe that no matter what bad ails you, facing the world with eyes up works better that crying and looking at the floor.

    I believe in God (Flame away bitches) – but to the extent there is some form of a final judgment – it is not of this world.

    1. Just a friendly tip – you’re way too mature to be on this site. God bless you.

      Me – I’m all about the Schadenfreude, biatchez!

      1. Me – I’m all about the Schadenfreude, biatchez!

        On the internet, we call that lulz.

    2. Reading your post made me want to shoot a kitten.

      1. I DID shoot a kitten. Twice.

        1. I shotgunned a basketful of kittens.

          1. The chinese restaurant won’t buy my kittens if they have too much buckshot in them. I drown them instead, saves money, keeps yen’s gourmet in business, but somehow less satisfying.

            but I digest.

          2. What did you chase them with?

            1. Harp. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

      2. In a serious mode today. I really hate when the naysayers of the world use the Karma club (or anyone who says god punished, etc). It is a statment to sound more worldly – but really says nothing,
        So, I’ll lighten it up.

        A duck walks into a bar, says to the bar tender, I’ll have some grapes. The bar tender says get out you crazy duck.

        Night 2 – duck returns. Bar tender says what will you have – Duck says I’ll have the grapes. Bar tender (visibly angered) says – Get out now!

        Night 3 Duck returns to the bar. Before the duck says anything, the Bartender (enraged) says, for 2 nights you have come in here and asked for grapes. This is a bar. We have no grapes. So help me, if you ask for grapes, i will nail your feet to the floor. Now is there something I can get you?

        The duck pauses, and says one word – Nails.

        Nails, says the Bartender (very enraged) This is a bar – we don’t have any nails!!!!

        The duck says, well, in that case I’ll have the grapes.

        Enjoy guys!

        1. A string walks into a bar and asks for a beer.
          Bartender says “We don’t serve string in here. Out!”
          The string walks out, goes out of sight, ruffles him end and ties himself up, and returns to the bar.
          Bartender says “Aren’t you that string I just threw out?”
          String says “No, I’m a frayed knot.”

          1. yuck yuck yuck!

            1. A bear walks into a bar and asks for a beer.
              Bartender says “We don’t serve bears in here. Out!”
              Bear says “Give me a beer or I’ll kill that woman at the end of the bar.”
              Bartender shrugs, so the bear kills the woman.
              As he’s picking his teeth with a leg bone he demands a beer from the bartender.
              Bartender says “I told you we don’t serve bears. Least of all bears who do drugs. Out!”
              Bear say “Drugs? I don’t do drugs!”
              Bartender says “Oh yeah? What about that bar bitch you ate?”

              1. Nice.

              2. A panda walks into a bar, orders some food and patiently waits for it.

                After it arrives he devours the meal and then fires a round into the bartender. After that he walks out the door.

                Another patron of the bar is beside himself. “What just happened?? Why the hell did he do that?!”

                The bartender, groaning from the gunshot wound, simply replied, “He’s a panda; he eats shoots and leaves.”

                1. Loved that.

      3. I shot the kitten but didn’t shoot the deputy kitten!

  14. I’m pretty sure most of those are references to a south park episode from last year.

  15. Magical thinking how does it work.

  16. Karma down doobie doo down down!

    1. “….quakin’ up is haaaaaard tooooo do.”

  17. Hey Japan, are you purposely obtuse, or just unbelievably stupid?

    1. What did you call me?

      1. He crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side but standing there in a river in the middle of a thunder storm, I must say that I’m surprised that the newspapers didn’t end up printing “ESCAPING INMATE GIVEN GOD ALMIGHTY’S ELECTRIC CHAIR!”

  18. Also, I will cop to a Pearl Harbor reference on FB, in response to another friend’s post on something. It was clearly in jest. I’m all about the tasteless, “too soon” humor. More of it, and now.

    These posts? Not so sure they’re not teh Sirius…

  19. Go here for the entire Sociological Images post.

    Why? I see the same kind of psychosis here whenever Balko posts a cop story.

    1. I wonder if there’s a difference between an earthquake and a concentrated effort by people to inflict harm and/or cover up their actions to avoid taking responsibility.

      Nah, totally the same.

      1. Law enforcement officers are a force of nature and cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from their actions.

  20. I hate to break it to you morons, but there’s no such thing as karma. Bad things just sometimes happen, and bad things will continue to sometimes happen as long as life exists and we fail to tithe enough to Xenu.

    1. You’re not entirely correct. There was a garage in the early 70’s in San Francisco run by this great lesbian mechanic. It was called…yes, that’s right…”Kar-ma.”

      1. Oh, you are just the worst kind of person.

    2. You just sort of undermined the metaphysical underpinnings of every major religion. Kudos.

      1. So where did hydrogen atoms come from?

        1. Electrocuted water followed by a divorce.

    3. Yeah, right, and I suppose you also want us to think that the bread and wine ISN’T really the blood and body of Christ.

      1. …break your mothers’ back!


  21. Speaking of karma…


    1. iowahawk is hilarious. Jesus Christ, I wish I could write like that…

    2. That was awesome. Nice link.

  22. The Gilbert Gottfried non-karma joke on Japanese technology was pretty vile too.

    1. Let’s see…do you mean Gilbert Gottfried the insult comic? Uh, wouldn’t it have been vile if he hadn’t made that joke?

    2. Where’s the union effort to get his job back?

  23. I’m sure it was very difficult compiling tweets from idiots. What a useful exercise. And then Reason does a post about that post. I was really hoping the Rebecca Black video I had the misfortune of seeing today was going to be the dumbest thing I experienced.

    1. Ha! Just wait ’til Friday!

  24. These posts? Not so sure they’re not teh Sirius…

    Some of them are trolling, a good number of them are plumbing the depths of stupidity.

    Sirius-ly, you can tell with around 90% accuracy by the profile picture whether these folks are saying it’s karma for Pearl Harbor:

    All people showing off their biceps or camo are retards, all people with “ironic” photos are getting trolled hard, and all lonely-looking women are posting Faith Hill lyrics.

    1. All people showing off their biceps or camo are retards


      1. Showing off camo is counterproductive to its purpose.

        1. I only wear camo when I’ve got out MY GUNS!

          You want a ticket to the gun show? THEY’RE RIGHT HERE!

          [flex] … [sound of panties dropping]

          1. If your panties fall down when you flex, I’m pretty sure you’re flexing the wrong part, SF.

            1. That’s the risk he took by wearing granny panties!

    2. wuts a bicep?

      1. It’s a shoulder thing that goes up.

  25. It amazes me how quickly people turn on innocent victims like this. It’s a horrific and sad event, and the victims need support, not condemnation for unrelated issues.

    Japan is a liberal society and a great ally of ours. Screw the haters.

    1. You know, victim blaming is part of our rape culture. Some would say Japan was asking for it.

      1. Well, yeah, I mean, look – they built all those houses and shit right there near the water – I mean, their whole country is an island! Not only that, everyone knows they’re on the “Ring of Fire.”

  26. Since when is it news that there are lots and lots of stupid people on the internet? Did you guys see the twitter updates that went alongside the live stream Fukushima coverage. Every fourth tweet was about how HAARP created the earthquake.

    1. but…I read it was caused by all the underground North Korean nuke tests — are you saying it wasn’t???

  27. If the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear combo is considered proper karmic payback for either Pearl Harbor or dolphin-munching, my American self is terrified to ponder the karmic payback for things like “Killing the native population so we could take their land” or “purchasing millions of slaves kidnapped off another continent.”

    1. So, what you are saying is that Michael Bolton was not enough. We have to suffer more?

    2. I thought we paid off the karmic debt on the whole slave thing by killing hundreds of thousands of Southerners. I’m pretty sure some of them actually owned slaves, which has to be bonus points.

    3. Nah we’re good. The ghost of George Washington fights off the karma.

    4. Supervolcano. It’s coming, give it time.

    5. “Killing the native population so we could take their land”

      Well, Japan did that too. See: the Ainu.

  28. My religion only has one hymn. It is sung by Zager and Evans. We have many wonderful years ahead of us.

  29. How much of our population is actually descended from the people who did that? My family didn’t come here until the 20th century, and I’m not taking responsibility for that shit.

    1. Reply to Jennifer. Bleh.

    2. How many of the Japanese killed or made homeless last week are descended from either dolphin-hunters or the architects of the Pearl Harbor attack?

      1. Just enough to show me that I failed at sarcasm class.

    3. My family didn’t come here until the 20th century, and I’m not taking responsibility for that shit.

      I know ol’ great-great-Granpa Penguin was hunting beaver up in Canada in 1604. I don’t know if he killed off any “First Nation” people, but the beaver karma has been hitting me hard recently – I haven’t had any for weeks…*rimshot*

      Seriously, though – the idea that anyone should be held responsible for the actions of another is reprehensible. I recently watched Harlan, about a filmmaker who collaborated with the Nazis. A lot of his children were angst ridden about it. While I can understand that, I was most impressed by one of his granddaughters who said something like ‘it would have been great had he been in the resistance. But either way, it still says nothing about me and who I am.’

  30. Anyone else notice there is a direct relationship between the number of black people and the amount of looting in any given disaster area?

    1. Never noticed. I’ll certainly have to keep an eye out for that.

      1. Katrina. Lots of blacks, rampant looting.
        Midwest tornadoes. Lots of white rednecks, very few blacks, hardly any looting.
        Riots in black neighborhoods, rampant looting.
        Fires in affluent white areas of California and Colorado, no looting.
        Earthquake and tsunami in Japan. No blacks, no looting.

        Just sayin’

        1. Black people hate niggers!

        2. I think this has more to do with ghetto mentality than race. I bet the Irish would loot like crazy after a disaster. Filthy stinkin Micks.

          Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

          1. I resemble that remark!

          2. I resemble that remark!

          3. Not sure about looting, but plenty of drunken destruction of private property.


            1. It’s like looting but easier cause you don’t have to carry stuff.

        3. You left off that whole Rape of Nanking deal. I think that in addition to the raping, there was some looting too.

          1. Don’t forget the mass murder.

          2. They weren’t looting their neighbors like blacks do.

            1. So what you’re saying is… Iraqis are black?

              Im afraid im missing something.

              Or, they’re like, “sand black”?

          3. There was no looting.

            But the Japanese did find quite a couple things.

    2. Nope, could you provide some examples?

      1. ^^

    3. I think it has more to do with the political indoctrination than with color of skin. If you’ve been sold a bill of goods by your “leaders” that contuinually decries “the man” then you mihgt feel “justified” to take some stuff that doesn’t belong to you.

      I doubt it has anything to do with race.

      1. Then they should steal from “the man”, not their neighbors.

        You do have a valid point. Thanks to Democrats and their handouts inner city blacks have no respect for themselves or their neighbors because they’ve never earned anything in their multi-generational welfare lives. If they were encouraged to do things for themselves instead of being coddled by liberals and their soft bigotry of low expectations, they might be less prone to looting.

        1. I’ve been saying this for years, but you’ll never get anywhere preaching to these idiots. A blind man could see that the dumbocrats are the cause of ALL problems in this country, and putting them in permanent minority status (too few to filibuster) is the only way anything will ever be fixed.

          The GOP is the only party that represents true freedom.

          1. Cthulhu > GOP > Donks

            1. I don’t need a gun, I’ve got a Donk!

  31. Trigger Warning: These comments are hateful and vulgar (and in pretty large font if you’re at work).

    I thought triggers were only something for rape victims, or people who wish they were. Have they expanded when we weren’t watching?

  32. Really, spam filter? Really?

  33. “Asia deserves this. They treat citizens like shit.”

    Fucking magnificent.

  34. That’s just silly. What if all libertarians suddendly got lock jaw? Would that mean that the logic gods were taking revenge on them for all the nonsense they’ve been blabbering ad nauseam? Well, maybe.

    1. Libertarianism is nothing more than a political philosophy that potheads gravitate towards because it justifies their disrespect for the law.

      1. well, uh, yeah. Um, but like, I don’t need laws to have disrespect for pot, man. And even if this were true we should open our eyes to the inherent recession of free thought in the system which is totally stacked against us.

        1. I’d venture that somewhere between 99 and 100 percent of libertarians currently smoke dope or did in the past, and learned of libertarianism through NORML.

          1. Over 50% of Americans have used illegal drugs, so I’d venture that over fifty percent of the Republican party currently smoke dope or did in the past…

            1. I doubt that. Republicans often tend to be “drugs are immoral” types. I’d say less than 50% of them smoke or smoked.
              Democrats, the liberal ones anyway, are just a bunch of unprincipled hypocritical liars who will pledge fidelity to the law as they pass the joint to their smelly hippie buddy.

              1. the repubs i knew in the south drank their asses off…behind closed doors natch

              2. Well, at least we know the standard bearer for the repubs from 2000 – 2008 never did drugs, since he was the face of their party…oh wait a minute…damn.

              3. If I may speak on behalf of my people, most of us don’t give a rat’s ass about drugs. Many of us like to throw a few back (or in my case, quite a few)and I’ve heard rumors that some of us fornicate.

                1. Can I watch?

          2. Like Clinton, (probably) Bush, Obama, those sorts of libertarians?

            I’ve never smoked marijuana, so there’s one against.

      2. Never, ever used pot or any other illegal drugs and have been a libertarian since a fairly young age. I know several other libertarians of that variety.

    2. Yeah, I mean like, it would be like if you suddenly got explosive diarrhea because of all the shit that you’ve spewed out of your mouth.

  35. Here’s the page for everyone!



      1. I like that it links to the Led Closs

  36. So, I like how the link says “The Tsunami in Japan and the Minds of Americans”, since it sort of suggests that a feature on the dumbest shit they could find is representative of American thought in general.

  37. Dude how about YOUR DAMN COUNTRY’S ON A FAULT LINE?!? Seriously the island is a ticking time bomb, everyone knows it. To claim this is “karma” or an “Act of God” is an assertion of pure idiocy. I doubt that fault lines give a crap about saving the whales. It’s called geology, geniuses.

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