Reason Nominated for Seven Western Publishing Association "Maggie" Awards


The Western Publishing Association, which is comprised of weeklies and magazines and websites headquartered west of the Rockies (though not Rock of the Westies), has announced its annual finalists for outstanding journalism. Like last year, Reason nabbed seven nominations. They are:

Best Magazine
November issue
We're up against Mother Jones, Ode, and Sierra.

Best Cover
November issue

Best Web or Digital Edition Article
"A Drug Raid Goes Viral," by Radley Balko

Best Regularly Featured Web or Digital Edition Column
Radley Balko

Best Feature Article
"The Forfeiture Racket," by Radley Balko

Best Signed Editorial or Essay
"Scary Monsters," by Matt Welch

Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column
Greg Beato's column

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