Stan Lee Resents It When President Obama Edits His Superhero Catchphrases


From Eric Spitznagel's highly amusing interview with longtime Marvel comics boss-man Stan Lee:

What's the formula for a really memorable catchphrase? Is it all about alliteration?
It has to sound good, whether it's alliterative or just the right sounds. To me, a catchphrase is just advertising for superheroes. A superhero's catchphrase should be like a really memorable advertising slogan. It sticks in your head and you can't stop humming it. And let's face it, superheroes are just really selling themselves as products.

At a press conference in December, Obama said something about Republicans realizing that "with greater power comes greater responsibility." When you heard that, were you flattered, or did you immediately call your lawyer?
I just resented the fact that he edited it. It should be "with great power," not "greater power." I thought about writing to tell him about the mistake. If you're going to quote Spider-Man, at least get the adjectives right. But I figured he's busy.

Lee doesn't  ever come out and say he's a transhumanist, but he does declare his intention to never die. Whole thing here.

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