Charlie Sheen Unfair to Warlocks


In describing himself as a "Vatican assassin warlock," Charlie Sheen has royally pissed off the nation's warlock minority, reports fair-and-balanced, Gog-and-Magog Fox News:

"If he made that comment against the Christians or Jewish people, there would be outrage," he told "But here we are, a legally-recognized religion and we get slammed by an obviously disturbed actor."

Most offensive of all, said Day, was Sheen's mischaracterization of warlocks. Day said Sheen set the impression that a warlock is some kind of raging, warlike individual "out for blood."

Luckily for Sheen, pissing off warlocks will lead to nothing other than noogies from the great beyond.

"Warlocks are peaceful and enlightened," he said. "They have the ability to communicate with the dead and learn from it. They have nothing to do with aggressiveness and anger."…

"We want Charlie Sheen to get better," he said. "But he shouldn't get a free pass to insult a religion he obviously knows nothing about."

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We got your "E Pluribus Umbrage: The Long, Happy Life of America's Anti-Defamation Industry" right here.

As far as I'm concerned, it's Julian Sands what has everything to answer for when it comes the warlock hate that is about the land like a plague upon the oxen.