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    1. Between [that] and [this], I’m starting to think maybe the ATF wants guns to go from the US to Mexico to build support for gun control ran by the ATF.

      1. Most likely, as this “American supplies guns to the Cartels!” is nothing more than a red herring. MOST guns used by the cartels were obtained directly from Mexican army armories and police armories as more soldiers and police become henchmen. They also obtain them from Guatemala and from China.

        1. MOST guns used by the cartels were obtained directly from Mexican army armories and police armories as more soldiers and police become henchmen. They also obtain them from Guatemala and from China.

          Shhh. You’re messing up the narrative.

        2. How dare you apply reason and fact to such a story Dr. Goebbles.

        3. the ATF agent-in-charge of the houston area said many cartel guns were purchased here in the US.

          1. Reckon he would know, if he was selling them.

      2. They have to justify their $1.5 billion budget for policing a $4 billion industry somehow.

      3. Wow! Employees of the federal government facilitating criminal activity in the interest of justifying their own existence! I would have never guessed they could do such a thing.

    2. Shit, even the Fark thread on this is anti-BATFE.

  1. The [Loan] Arranger
    … In 2007, the SEIU owed Bank of America nearly $95 Million.

    By the end of 2008, SEIU owed more than $156 Million in total outstanding liabilities. Only six years prior, its liabilities were $8 Million. And we’re not even addressing their debts to other banks, like $15 Million with Amalgamated Bank….

    1. Isn’t that because they took the same hit as they states (and individuals) with their investments? I though some unions managed pension funds, which would put them in a problematic position after the collapse.

    1. He took it to the house.
      He ‘posterized’ his GF.

    2. BYU also just kicked a guy off their team for (admitting to) having sex. One of his team mates said of this *adult*: “Everyone makes mistakes in their life,” Abouo said. “We are reaching out and trying to help him get through this.”

      1. Mormons aren’t humans. They’re Saints, and must be held to a higher standard.

        1. A gold standard apparently!

      2. Perhaps the mistake was violating the BYU Honor Code that he knew about when he enrolled.

        1. Perhaps the mistake was violating the BYU Honor Code that he knew about when he enrolled.

          DING DING DING!

        2. Or in this case, the Honor and Offer code.

          1. I’ll drink to the Honor code:

            To gettin’ honor, to staying on her, and if you can’t cum in her, to cummin’ on her.

        3. Not only that, but the kid was raised in Provo. It’s not like he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

          1. My understanding is BYU is **very** clear when recruiting on the honor code.

            1. Thou shalt keep thy dick in thy pants. Or else.

        4. Perhaps his mistake was going to BYU

          1. If only it had been a polygamous relationship…

  2. Walker did the right thing ignoring the protesters. If he brought in the cops and kicked them out, they would have claimed to be martyrs and the debate would have shifted from the budget to them being pushed out. The best thing to do with them was just to ignore them. They can’t stay there forever. And the more it goes on, the more the crowd is made up of outside agitators and people who are just too crazy to have anywhere else to go.

    1. they would have claimed to be martyrs

      They’re already claiming that. I’ve never seen the left so delusional. They’re panicking while at the same time declaring victory. I watched tiny bits of MSNBC last night and I do believe Rachel Maddow will be joining Ed Schultz in a rubber room very, very soon.

      1. Peggy Noonan had a good column this morning in the WSJ. She points out that the debate in Wisconsin and New Jersey has become about math and statistics rather than emotion. She is right. Either the State has the money or it doesn’t. And the actual cuts in salary Christie and Walker want are pretty small.

        People like crazy Ed and Randy Maddow have spent their whole lives dealing with emotion. When confronted with a debate about cold hard math, it is no wonder they have gone crazy.

        1. The media revel in emotion. It’s easier to report than complicated math, political philosophy, abstract concepts.

          1. they weren’t able to pass the math and science classes in school.

            1. Math … (sniff) … is just … too FRIGGIN’ HARD!!

              1. Apparently, so is spelling, *Barbie*.

                That reminds me. Fwiw, from my samples, the CBS Evening News has about a 0.5 probability of a typo or some other programming screw-up per session. (Not counting the political BS.)

                1. Interesting. I watched the Florida-Kentucky game this past weekend on CBS Sports, and they had a number of errors, ranging from misspelling one of the doubles in double-double to repeatedly adding Florida baskets to Kentucky’s score.

          2. Emotion is the logic of the left. That’s why it is so difficult to form a common understanding. The left mindset is “I feel that teachers deserve more”. This is the basis of their argument. Any appeal to the logic of “public school teachers make more in total compensation than most comparably educated workers, often much more” is completely non-sequitur to them. In fact, it makes them violently angry because you are denying their feelings.

            The interview with Rand Paul and David Letterman was a perfect example of this. He feels that teachers are underpaid. Paul confronted this observation with facts about their pay and the budget shortfalls. Letterman’s response? Well, we ought to double it.

            No rational person would say such a thing at that moment in the conversation if they were working from a rational logic basis. But from an “emotional logic” basis it makes perfect sense.

            Lefty: “I feel that teachers don’t make enough money.”

            Some Guy: “Actually, teachers are very well compensated, often making over $100k in total compensation after a few years on the job.”

            Lefty “Well, then they should double it..”

            He can respond this way because his facts are 1. I’m certain teachers are underpaid (because that’s how I feel), 2. Someone opposed to paying them more says they make X dollars. Therefore fair compensation would be 2X dollars.

            1. Spot on. It’s a toddler mentality. Two-year-olds are still in the concept-formation stage of learning, and they get frustrated and angry when thwarted. Lefties (and many Conservatives) are stuck in the same intellectual cul-de-sac. Observe how the Wisconsin protesters attempt to shout down and obstruct FOX News reportage of the event, and how the Democrat senators, rather than attempt to influence legislation through reasonable debate, simply take their marbles and go home. It’s childish behavior disguised as principled opposition.

            2. Emotion is the logic of the left.

              This is true; however, to be fair, logical fallacies are what sways people to a certain point of view. Emotion is what wins at the ballot box, regardless of how sound or unsound the detached logic of a certain decision might be.

              Case in point: The election of Barack Obama. Almost every reason for this man’s election was emotional. Even among the Reason staff that voted for him: “He’s not Bush! We must punish the Republicans! He’s cool, hip and black! The racial wounds will heal and the anchor will drop in the sea of tranquility!”

              When looked at objectively, Barack Obama should not have been elected POTUS based on the inductive reasoning alone.

              1. Both Hillary and McCain, his two main rivals, would have made lousy Presidents. But nothing compared to this.

                The only rational argument you can make for him being President is that he is so thoroughly discrediting the Democratic Party and liberalism that his failure might spur the kind of fundamental change we need. But that is a pretty weak argument. And none of the Reason liberaltarians were making it.

            3. “emotional logic”

              emolog forshort.

              1. I thought an “emolog” was a Goth kid’s turd – so thanks for clarifying that!

        2. whoops – the teachers agreed to the economic concessions so its not about the money.

          1. teh childruns, then?


      2. Even the New York Times has officially gone completely around the bend. They actually put out an editorial the other day saying that everything in America is wonderful and there are no fiscal issues to worry about.

        1. They actually put out an editorial the other day saying that everything in America is wonderful and there are no fiscal issues to worry about.

          Well, that’s because the right people are in charge, and not that awful Chimpy McBusHitler with his horrible 5% unemployment and $300 Billion deficits.

          1. dont leave out invading the wrong country, authorizing torture, & the largest economic crash since the great depression.

            1. Thankfully the current president is not only continuing these wonderful policies, hes makeing them more awesome. Fuck you, San Diego!

      3. On the news they showed union protestors in the Ohio capital holding hands and singing the civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome.” How ironic, when you consider the lousy education Ohio’s inner city students receive in public schools.

        1. The one smart thing Marx ever said was that history will repeat itself first as tragedy and then as comedy.

          1. Groucho sure had a way with words.


            1. Lulz.

            2. Je suis Marxiste, tendance Groucho.

          2. history will repeat itself first as tragedy and then as comedy.

            I see plenty of tragedy lately, but the happy ending is much less luxmetrical.

          3. Marx was also right about people trying to grabs the reins of government for their own benefit; however, he devised the worst “solution” possible.

        2. You know what really irks me about that?

          I’ll bet that if I were one of those teachers’ students and I used the word “feminazi” in class, those teachers would scold me for equivocating feminists, even the radical ones, with the genocidal Nazis. Yet these same teachers have no problem calling the governor “Hitler” and chanting Civil-Rights-Era songs. So, the man who orchestrated the deaths of six million Jews (as well as the war which consumed 60 million lives) and the era in which Blacks were lynched almost daily and were essentially second class citizens…are of the same odiousness as ending public employee collective bargaining rights and requiring those employees to pay six percent more of their salary toward their pensions?

          To those particular teachers: FUCK YOU

    2. Anyone care to guess what the reaction would be if 1,000 Tea Partiers took over a state capitol rotunda for even overnight?

      1. The National Guard gets mobilized? Air strikes?

        1. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      2. I had tea once with Merlin Olsen.

    3. If you thought American labor protests were tough:

      Fired Workers in India Burn Executive to Death

      1. The comments are better than the article:

        I could definately see where it would be tempting to do that.
        -Domewars, 18 votes

        All I have to say is, “Go India!”

        Good job.
        -Holocaustic, 4 votes

        When you see executives firing a group of people and then giving each other a high five for saving money and getting huge bonuses, well then logically I can see where this comes from. American CEO’s need to watch videos of this before they layoff dozens and sometimes hundreds of people while getting a fat bonus. As Chris Rock says in his standup, “I am not saying its right, but I understand…”
        -charleyfarley, 22 votes

        You know, if union folk did that to our CEOs every now and then, perhaps we wouldn’t have the kind of corporate culture where CEOs are so gung ho about laying off thousands, shipping their jobs overseas, while giving themselves obscene bonuses.
        -Khalid-2395974, 29 votes

        We should start this tradition in the United States …… Teabagger Walker of Wisconsin and his overlord Masters the Koch bros. should be first in line

        1. Yep…because cold-blooded mob-murder (Great band name, fyi) is the proper, scientific, ratoinal, and socially responsible solution to layoffs. I suggest everyone who shares this sentiment, start stabbing and mugging your boss every time he does something you don’t like. I’m sure that will go over well with no reprucussions whatsoever because rich executives don’t have children just waiting for an excuse to become Batman and/or the Punisher. .

        2. Sounds like hate speech to me. Maybe the Southern Poverty Law Center should investigate that…oh, wait…

  3. http://www.longislandlawyerblo…

    Since Balko isn’t here, have a kick in the nuts.

    1. Saw this this morning – frightening. I’m amazed that this isn’t getting more MSM play but in the end, the cops are union guys (apparently first and foremost) and thus aligned politically – so please sweep it under the rug.

      I hope that town has to schuck out at least the $70 million and all the cops involved lose their precious fucking pensions – but something tells me that won’t happen.

      1. IT is amazing what automatons cops are. No common sense or anything. Act like everyone is the same level of extreme criminal.

      2. What happens when the [copsuckers] realize the cops they worship are public union govt workers?


      * All of the alleged facts discussed in this article have been taken directly from the court documents filed in this case.

      Then why are the facts “alleged”? They are either true or false.

      1. They are alleged because they have been asserted, but not proven?

        1. They are alleged because they have been asserted, but not proven?

          Yet everyone here (except me, apparently) seems to treat these allegations as proven facts. It’s an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction, a form of confirmation bias. Not that this kind of behavior is unique to H&R.

          1. Yea. Too bad she or one of her sons didn’t have an app for that.


          2. Who is “everyone”? Talk about “conformation bias”.

            1. I thought the same thing. Proclamations of fallacies and absolutes in same thought are a sure fire way to receive a foot in the mouth.

              1. I’ve read enough Balko threads here to know that confirmation bias runs rampant. It’s a shame that critical, objective, individualistic thinking is at such a premium here. Not unlike most political blogs, the herd mentality rules. Shocking and dismaying for a site that calls itself “libertarian.” I know: “Drink!” It’s funny every time.

                1. So being libertarian means we are emotionless robots, capable of producing only logical conclusions?

                  There’s nothing wrong the common knee-jerk reaction. If we allow that prejudice to cloud our judgment after reviewing all of the evidence, then we are no better than TEAM RED/TEAM BLUE.

                  It’s not individualist thinking to side with the cops in this one. There are only so many viewpoints available. I really don’t understand what point you are trying to make.

                2. Are you suggesting that libertarians are generally opposed to State power?


          3. You don’t have to assume that every allegation she made is true in order to be outraged.

            She was interrogated for hours, arrested for trespassing when she was on public property, and was forced to leave her property at the scene for no good reason.

      2. I would guess, and I am not an attorney, that the facts are alleged because they haven’t been properly challenged, yet, in a court of law.

        1. Not challenged, proved. “Alleged” facts are essentially meaningless until proven in court.

    3. “While still in her car, she took a picture of the decorative helicopter shell with the intention of posting it on her personal “Support Our Troops” web page.”

      Obviously a terrorist…

      1. Google her, and you’ll find many sites lauding the cops for taking appropriate action against the (alleged) teabagger/Glenn Beck fan.
        Stay classy, Team Blue.

    4. This makes me want to bring my sketch pad and pencils to a “sensitive” government building that’s also open to the public and start drawing. I wonder how security would react. I can make representational renderings like a motherfucker.

      1. How, exactly, does a motherfucker make representational renderings?

        1. Very carefully.

          1. Take a tape measure and a note pad and just start measuring the building and watch everybody go nuts. I guarantee you the people there would lose their minds.

            1. “Calm down everyone, I’m just measuring for when I move in and redecorate.”

    5. That is seriously fucked up. If the story is all true, she deserves every penny of $70 million. And the people who did it to he deserve to be locked up forever.

      1. she deserves every penny of $70 million

        Gee, thanks. Why not $71 million? Or hell, an even $100?

        1. Seriously. I’d be all happy if they took the life-savings of the officials involved, but these huge settlements and fines against municipalities are just coming out of the hide of the taxpayers.

  4. # The Wisconsin Senate orders the arrest of 14 absent Democratic lawmakers.
    Is it an arrest? I thought the legal semantics was the same as being found in contempt of Congress when ignoring a subpoena to appear before Congress and that the subsequent fetching of the individual didn’t carry the same legal weight or semantic meaning as an arrest.

    Either way the Illinois Governor won’t extradite them, so this is just another measure to compel them to go to work.

    1. Damned Fleebaggers!

    2. Can they be detained and moved to the state border with Wisconsin?

      1. Come on, OM, that was the most sensible post rectal has ever made!

        1. Damnit should’ve refreshed

      2. Rather’s best post to date.

    1. Best thing you’ve said EVER, rectal.

      1. Damn you, gB!

        1. Jealous bitches 😉

          1. Hello Shit Facktory!

    2. You’re like a little furry Buddah.

  5. Barack Obama stays out of the NFL’s labor dispute.

    I guess the WH is out of beer

    1. That is actually funny. People need to stop trolling under Rather’s name.

      1. Please don’t feed the…oh, fuck it.

        1. I sure as hell ain’t gonna “fuck it.” Or feed it for that matter.

          1. Two things about me Hmm

            I. don’t eat possum

            2. I’m afraid of anyone who watches Deliverance and thinks it’s a love story

      2. John, can’t you say something nice? You must have a lot of ‘nice words’ practice begging your wife for a blowjob

        1. You shouldn’t take credit for you spoofer’s humor.

  6. Obama: “I’m a big football fan, but I also think that for an industry that’s making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way. My expectation and hope is that they will resolve it without me intervening, because it turns out I’ve got a lot of other stuff to do.”

    OK, someone needs to explain why POTUS would even consider the possibility of intervening (whatever that might mean) in an NFL labor dispute. What does this remotely have to do with him? Those jokers could dispute for the next decade and it would have no particular significance to the state of the nation.

    1. I laughed when I heard him say that, then I realized he was serious, then I threw up in my mouth a little.

      1. Was he really serious? Reading it, I was just thinking that’s a pretty good joke on his part.

        1. I think he’s seriously joking. Making light of it; but when this is the same guy that talks about getting involved in a NCAA football playoff system you can’t take anything he says lightly.

          1. The threat to “do something” is definitely implied in his comments. It’s nice that he found time to assure us that he’s just too darn busy to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, not that he wouldn’t, if only he could find the time.

        2. Are you serious? Are YOU serious?


    2. It is his world…we are all just guests.

    3. He probably didn’t want to have to name any players from his ‘favorite’ football team.

    4. “[…]but I also think that for an industry that’s making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way.”

      Price system… economics… profit/loss test… return on investment…

      The college professor sure looks clueless…

    5. Jeez. The dude did the right thing. Instead of giving credit where credit is due, you nitpick his wording in telling them no.

    6. The NFL Player’s Association is AFL-CIO. Need I say more?

    7. OK, someone needs to explain why POTUS would even consider the possibility of intervening (whatever that might mean) in an NFL labor dispute.

      The NFL Player’s Association is an AFL-CIO affiliate.

      1. I saw some female union teachers in Madison protesting. They should have gotten back to blocking for Aaron Rogers.

  7. I’d loke to know who was suggesting that the president get involved with the NFL labor negotiations? I give some credit to Obama for realizing POTUS has no legitimate role in an entertainment industry dispute, no matter how visible that particular industry is.

    1. Well, football is the most popular sport in the US, so anything he could do to resolve the dispute would help his image and maybe boost his poll numbers.

      1. I’d like nothing better than to see that particular sports mafia go down, but it’s all about money, and in the end dollars will win out over principles.

    2. Burble burble Interstate Commerce burble burble!

    3. I’m sure there’s some way we can tie the doings of the NFL to interstate commerce…

      1. The NFL is a legally protected sports monopoly with friends in very high places. That a thee-hour game with 11 minutes of action has so brainwashed America is astonishing, but they’ve duped the people that matter spectacularly.

        1. I’m just glad that my hobby is more beloved than yours, only because it pisses you off.

          1. You’re in the NFL? What team do you play for? How are the negotiations going?

            1. My hobby is watching football. Watching football is what is beloved, not so much football itself. Football players aren’t eating and drinking beer while they play in 30 degree temps. The hobby of any of these sports is in observing others while increasing caloric intake Europeans can’t handle. 😉

        2. Re: 11 minutes of action. It is extraordinary what you see when you actually pay attention to what you are watching.

          Five seconds of action is followed by an eternity of the following camera shots:
          a) players walking back to the huddle
          b) players walking to/from the sidelines
          c) the facial expressions of various coaches
          d) players standing on the sidelines/sitting on the bench

          That’s it. I’ve nothing against football per se, aside from the fact that it is a horribly twisted and corrupted form of rugby, but I have to agree that it is astonishing that so little actual televised athletic activity has so enthralled so many.

          Now, if they replaced at least some of that nonsensical camera footage with shots of the various cheerleaders, I’d be more amenable to the whole product.

          1. They should have a pic-in-pic option with a camera always on the cheerleaders.

            1. They should have a pic-in-pic option with a camera always on the cheerleaders.

              This is the only way I’d watch consistently.

          2. Rugby needs to be twisted. Any “sport” that outlaws blocking and the forward pass has issues.

            1. Have you watched a match? Rugby has 1/10 of the stand around time and the players actually play significant portions of the match without sitting on the sideline sucking down Gatorade. I hate to say it, but it’s like soccer for real men. (god I just compared rugby to soccer, I need to go shower.)

              1. hmm, agreed – my daughter, son and future-son-in-law play rugby. OUTSTANDING game, fun, lots of action.

                Esp girls rugby – they’re mean as hell and tough. Very fun to watch.

            2. The reason the forward pass is outlawed is because otherwise Rugby will become a sport where one sees 10 seconds of action in a two hour game. Just like that silly American offshoot.

              1. There is no “action” in rugby. It is a completely silly sport that consists of a bunch of drunken yobs running around beating the shit out of each other. It is just a low form of football. Kind of like what the slow kids play because they don’t have the mental capacity to understand the rules of football.

                1. Any neutral observer will see that American football is basically the battle tactics of two opposing cavemen clans being practiced in the modern world.

                  Also Rugby is traditionally the sport of the upper classes while the yobs play football. American football players on the other hand, perhaps paleontologists should stop looking in African digs for the missing link.

                2. It take real genius play game of football.

            3. Sticking your finger in the opponent’s butt is a common tactic. Take that Wes Mantooth and your silly no frills football games.

          3. The 11 minutes of action is bullshit. While I grant that players in the huddle isnt action…from the moment the huddle breaks the action has started, NOT when the ball is snapped.

            Which means for no huddle teams, there is almost constant action.

            And in baseball, the “action” starts when the pitcher takes the rubber. Not when he releases the pitch.

            1. Both unique American sports, baseball and football have a sense of timing and anticipation. Foreigners don’t get that. They think any sport that doesn’t involve people running around aimlessly for 40 minutes is not a sport.

              Odd that the whole “11 minutes of action” charge is never made at Tennis, which has a ton of breaks as well.

              1. Foreigners don’t get that.

                Ahem, you have heard of cricket and curling? How about hockey, or is that just soccer on skates?

              2. I agree with your observation re: baseball – which is why I don’t get bored watching it.

                On tennis – honestly, who effin’ cares? I’d much rather watch golf.

                1. speaking of interminable games with only about 70 seconds of actual action..

              3. That’s probably because nobody watches tennis. Kinda like how nobody complains about all of the commercial breaks in Inuit reindeer herding (IRH).

                1. Kinda like how nobody complains about all of the commercial breaks in Inuit reindeer herding (IRH).

                  Sniff, I guess I’m the only one…I tire of all the breaks in the action.

                2. Nobody watches tennis? Shit, I thought I was somebody.

                  1. ? You’re nobody till somebody loves you ?

            2. rugby, soccer, basketball have near constant action.

              American football and baseball are about as action packed as golf. Okay maybe not golf, but these two are definitely not action packed, especially when live.

              Commercial breaks at a live fucking football game, dumbest bullshit ever.

              1. rugby, soccer, basketball have near constant action.

                I have an issue with the basketball claim. The last thirty seconds on the clock can take a half hour to get through. It’s annoying and needs to stop. Not that I watch it anyway…

                1. True, but up to there it is fairly constant action. Rugby has its moments as well and so does soccer, but in comparison to baseball and football those three are leaps and bounds ahead of the any scale of constant action versus inaction.

              2. Yeah, soccer with the near constant action, like a goalie taking a leisurely stroll to get to the ball for a goal kick (when his team is ahead, of course).

                And really, is passing back to the goalie “action”?

                I played soccer in HS. I love the sport, but just cause guys are moving doesnt make it action.

                1. I played soccer in HS. I love the sport, but just cause guys are moving doesnt make it action.


              3. “rugby, soccer, basketball have near constant action.”

                Near constant, relatively meaningless action. Of the three soccer favors the defense so much that very little important actually happens on any given play. Basketball favors the offense so much that any particular score is relatively meaningless. Just because the ball is near constant motion does not necessarily mean what is happening is compelling.

                1. Football has mostly to do with strategy which is why the coaches and quarterbacks are the most important men on the field. It is like chess which also have very little movement per minute.

                  Baseball is more of a hand/eye coordination game where athleticism is less important but accuracy is key.

                  Soccer is about endurance and defensive strategy, playing keep away by passing and then strike quickly to shoot or draw a foul. The diving, whining, and corrupt officiating in soccer is there to prove American exceptionalism on a sporting scale.

                  Basketball is about position and quickness.

                  Boxing is about power and stamina.

                  And hockey rules because it takes all those things and does it on ice with sticks!

    4. Commerce Clause, bitches.

      1. Rats, Rabid Lefty beat me to it.

  8. Retiring, Mid-western Corrupt Authoritarian: “You’re all a bunch of fucking Whiners.”

  9. These education budget cuts have gone too far! Missouri teacher (a she) arrested in prostitution sting.

    1. That link is useless without pics.

      1. or video

  10. Can someone please explain Gresham’s Law to Utah.

    1. I would like to see Utah prove or disprove Gresham’s Law.

  11. Ten-year-old singing sensation Maria Aragon of Winnipeg performed with her idol, outrageous chart-topping singer Lady Gaga, during a sold-out concert in Toronto on Thursday night.

    The grade-school student, who caught Gaga’s attention after posting a cover of Born This Way online, sang the American pop star’s hit single with her about an hour into the show at the Air Canada Centre.…..ragon.html

    1. Thank you Some GaGa, now some important updates from Panda Watch!

  12. The resolution does not call for their extradition from another state.

    Alrighty, then.

  13. [Manning’s] clothing was returned to him Thursday morning, after

    it had been thoroughly checked for leaks.

  14. NASA is wasting so much time now on the man-made global warming fraud that they can’t even design a fucking rocket that works properly anymore.

    1. The Taurus is a private company’s rocket, the launch of which was purchased by NASA. You can tell it’s not a new NASA rocket, because private rockets are made of aluminum alloys, whereas new NASA rockets are made of powerpoint slides.

  15. Libertarianism and baseball converge.

  16. Obama on Thursday dismissed any suggestion he would get involved in the labor dispute between NFL owners and players

    Oh, we’ll just see about that. Do the words “Commerce Clause” ring a bell?

  17. Protesters in the Wisconsin capitol will no longer stay overnight.

    “The place smells!”

    1. You said it, Brother!

      1. But only because the Wisconsin Democrat Senators took a dump in there. The bastards!

        1. The question is, has Sandi taken a shit there? She seems fairly indiscriminant where she leaves her calling card.

  18. Legislators in Utah and other states flirt with alternative currencies.…..01b032.jpg

    1. I wonder how much Monopoly? money is floating out there these days?

      1. None, the Citigroup Eye of Sauron handles the banking now.

        Besides, the game of Life has the $100,000 bills (if I remember correctly), and they’ll probably be needing those.

      2. All of it? As far as I know, every currency is a fiat currency these days, after all.

        1. The Euros like to think of their currency as more of a “BMW” or “Mercedes”, as opposed to “Fiat”, OM.

          But you know how the Euros are…

  19. Qaddafi pal Hugo Chavez offers to mediate the Libyan civil war; Libya’s rebels say “no.”

    Seems like the rebels know something about Chavez that Danny Glover doesn’t know….!

    1. Or the great thinker Shit Penn. Opps, Sean.

  20. NATO helicopters gun down 9 children, spawn 200 more terrorists:

    More than 200 people gathered in Nanglam on Wednesday to protest the boys’ deaths, witnesses said. Waving white flags, they shouted “Death, death to America!” and “Death to Obama and his colleagues and associates!”

    [Sorry, no link as it is for subscribers only. Darn that NYT!]

    1. “Death to America?” come on, Sister Golden Hair was a pretty good song.

      1. What about Horse with No Name? I like that one too!

    2. “Death to Obama and his colleagues and associates!”

      I’m going to throw the bullshit flag on that. I seriously doubt that “colleagues and associates” is an accurate translation of what the people were shouting.

  21. legislation that would make it a misdemeanor to protest within 500 feet of a cemetery, mortuary, church

    See our website for bullhorns, weather balloons, oversized signs, and all your other protest needs.

  22. Mayor back-pedaling: Red meat is good for you, after all!!…..sease.html

    After years of worrying that tucking into red meat could lead to a heart attack or cancer, you can relax and enjoy the Sunday roast, say researchers.
    A report demolishes the ‘myths and misconceptions’ about the meat, saying that most people eat healthy amounts which are not linked to greater risk of disease.
    Modern farming methods have cut fat levels, which can be even lower than chicken, while red meat provides high levels of vital nutrients, including iron.

    In other news, “Heart Attack Grill” owner dies – of pneumonia.


    1. beef is the best meat around

      1. beef is the best meat around

        Have you tried my pork sausage?

    2. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with saturated fat from red meat.

  23. Jim Palmer, head of the 11,000 member Wisconsin Professional Police Association, called it an “unreasonable abuse of police power.”

    I wonder what he considers a reasonable abuse.

    1. I wonder what he considers a reasonable abuse.

      Anything that flies just below Radley Balko’s radar.

    2. Good catch. Considering he is a cop, I would say dog shooting, arresting people for taking pictures at public places, and kicking down innocent citizens’ doors and terrorizing them in wrong address raids.

      1. Don’t forget fleecing hookers for free sex, intimidating witnesses with cameras, and harassing people with exceptional skin pigmentation. Driving or otherwise.

  24. I also think that for an industry that’s making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way.

    Fucking Capitalism- how does it work?

  25. Accused cablegate leaker Bradley Manning is left naked for seven hours.

    “Do you expect me to talk?”
    “NO, Mr. Manning, I expect you to die!”

    1. Never ever get sent to a Navy or Marine Corps Brig. The guys I have seen go to Army prisons come back fat dumb and happy after a few months. The ones who go to Navy and Marine Corps places come back skinny and aged.

      1. Before I made the worst mistake of my life [going to law school ;)], I was in the USMC. Drove past the brig (at Camp Lejuene) on my way to the rifle range one morning and saw the prisoners breaking big rocks into little rocks. Seriously. It was awesome.

        1. I used to think everyone was lying about the breaking big rocks into little rocks bit until I passed the brig at Lejune myself. The dude I shipped to bootcamp wound up in that brig for going UA and being found at the sunset motel with a shitload of coke and a 3 dollar whore.

      2. My dad (career navy) alway said that this is where they send you when you are too mean to kill people for a living. 🙂

    2. Man has climbed Mount Everest. Gone to the bottom of the ocean. He has fired rockets at the Moon. Split the atom. Achieved miracles in every field of human endeavour… except crime!

      1. Achieved miracles in every field of human endeavour… except crime!

        You know where you are posting, correct?

      2. “Achieved miracles in every field of human endeavour… except crime!”

        Excluding the US Congress, then yes.

      3. Does D.B. Cooper count as some kind of miracle?

      4. My only question is can those cute little rovers on Mars see the Flag Neil Armstrong left?

  26. OK, that looks like it might actually work! Wow.

  27. Achieved miracles in every field of human endeavour… except crime!

    Oh, I dunno. We just watched the biggest crime in history go down, with trillions of dollars of bogus mortage-backed securities sold, and then the issuers and buyers bailed out by the state. Total banksters indicted so far: one (1), as far as I know.

    If that isn’t the criminal equivalent of landing on the moon, and finding it populated by shapely and scantily clad green-skinned moon maidens, I don’t know what would be.

    1. We just watched the biggest crime in history go down

      Obama has already racked up two bona fide impeachable offenses. He still has two more years to go. And if he gets re-elected…

    2. Anywhere with “shapely and scantily clad green-skinned moon maidens” is a place I’d like to check out.

  28. Florida Senate passes SB6; teachers shit their pants

    “The bill ties half of a teacher’s pay to student test scores. It is also eliminates multi-year contracts for annual contracts. School districts that don’t set up this new evaluation system are financially penalized and would have to turn to a local tax to recover the money lost.”

    Also, don’t try debating with anyone on facebook about this. Here was the best response that I got:

    Dave _______ You have to remember: Rick Scott’s goal is to ruin public education by defunding it, under-manning it and letting all students fail so that parents can then steal public money to send their kids to private schools where they can all march about in their schoolyards donning Swastikas on their armbands . . .

    1. No, this is true. Scott wants to create a serf class to work the fields of the nobility, who will come from the ranks of those with net assets in excess of $10 million. He’s also Hitler.

    2. Wow, if that’s the best response that you got I’d hate to see the worst.

      1. Well “funniest”
        There were definitely far more crazy posts, as well as a few mild-mannered posts. But no one really cedes ground anymore. It’s not about winning points in an argument, because no one goes into an argument open-minded anymore.

    3. Tell douchebags like this that public school teachers send their own kids to private schools at twice the rate of parents nationwide.

      1. This is true.

    4. You know who else donned swastikas on their armbands?

      1. Prince William? (for that costume party)

      2. People who play Nazis in Hollywood movies?

    5. so that parents can then steal public money


      Oh, that person was serious. In that case let me laugh harder, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  29. Rick Scott’s goal is to ruin public education by defunding it, under-manning it and letting all students fail so that parents can then steal public money to send their kids to private schools where they can all march about in their schoolyards donning Swastikas on their armbands . . .

    It’s worth a try.

    1. If only politicians on our side were that smart and devious.

    2. Surely, if he was that smart he wouldn’t pick a swastika for a symbol. Personally, I’d pick whatever they call the yin-yang symbol. Hippies would love marching around schoolyards with that armband.

      1. Personally, I’d pick whatever they call the yin-yang symbol.
        I believe its called the ying-yang symbol

  30. I see David Harsanyi is leaving the Denver Post for a position in the Glenn Beck media empire. (Or at least that’s what his Facebook page says.)
    I hope he’s making a shitload of money, but I’m sorry he’s leaving a mainstream publication, where his views are needed, to enter the Dark Beckian Realm.

    1. At least he’s managed to keep his posts to one page lately.

    2. He wasn’t my favorite Reason author, but maybe he’ll bring a little sanity over there.

  31. It’s a shame that critical, objective, individualistic thinking is at such a premium here.

    Concern troll is, you know,


  32. Unless Rupert Murdoch bought the Denver Post and I didn’t hear about it, I’m surprised Harsanyi lasted as long as he did. Based on what I remember from reading the Post in the before times, I’d say he has been swimming against a pretty strong current.

    1. People ask me how to become a newspaper travel writer. I say, “Piss off enough editors as a newspaper columnist.”
      Worked for me.

  33. Accused cablegate leaker Bradley Manning is left naked for seven hours.

    Team Finland

  34. On Thursday, however, the military said that it [aiding the enemy] instead referred to any hostile forces that could benefit from learning about classified military tactics and procedures.

    I’ve always that this rationale was a little odd. I suspect that the “enemy” knows all about these tactics; after all, they’re on the receiving end.

  35. This just in, Zombie Dogs are the new craze sweeping the Nation! Here is Tits McGee with more.


    Truely a great moment in letter writing.

    1. awesome. thanks for that link

  37. Some police – many of whom have marched alongside protesters against Walker’s plan to effectively end collective bargaining for public workers – have already objected to the arrest resolution. Jim Palmer, head of the 11,000 member Wisconsin Professional Police Association, called it an “unreasonable abuse of police power.”

    Since when did cops start giving a fuck about abusing their power?

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