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Obama's presidential legacy


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  1. Are you trying to be unfunny? Are these anti-jokes?

    1. Think of it like Jim’s Journal.

      1. Carter, Bush, Obama: from Dumb, to Dumber, to Dumbo.

        1. He’s hovering unseen in the background.

    2. Finally funny. Once per century.

    3. I laughed, for once.

  2. He’ll be lucky if we think of him as favorably as we do Carter.

    1. No kidding. Carter for all of his faults, did deregulate the airline and oil and gas industries.

      1. He also said no new spending or new social programs until the ones we already have are being paid for.

        The idea was, of course, flawed. But the Democratic Congress made sure it was never tested as they kept piling on spending as fast as they could shovel it.

        1. I actually gained new respect for Mr. Carter after reading Cadillac Desert. He was actively trying to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from continually building new dams for the sake of building dams. And, of course, his buddies on Team Blue hung him out to dry.

          Today, he would probably be considered one of the crazy Tea Party/Libertard/Freeper/Militia members.

          1. I still consider him crazy.

            1. Selective Service resurrected.

          2. if global warming finally ever happens you’ll be wishing all those proposed dams had been built.

      2. …and BEER!

        1. Yeah, Im wondering what is wrong with John, skipping Carter’s #1 achievement.

      3. didn’t he also create the Dept. of Energy and the promise of freedom from evils of foreign oil…

        1. Yes, and even worse the Dept. of Education.

          And in spite of promises to do so, no one in three Republican administrations since has even tried to abolish them.

          One of Carter’s major flaws is that he is a genuine goody two-shoes. he really believes what he spouts. Another is that much of what he believes is nonsense.

          1. When Obama’s an ‘ex’, he and Jimmah will be fighting over who gets to suck the cocks of tin-pot dictators around the world.

            1. Carter will have a lot more free time from the job than either Nixon, Reagan or either of the Bushes.

          2. “a genuine ‘anti-Zionist’ goody two-shoes”

            1. What’s wrong with being an ‘anti-Zionist’? The Israeli Knesset and American Jewry is full of them.

              Do you have your bags packed ready to give up your land to the Indian tribe that lived on it less than hundred years ago.

              In the Palestinians’ case, it was a question of being asked to give up their land (much of it having written land titles going back five hundred years or more) to a bunch of people that had a highly questionable claim of having lived there two thousand years before.

              1. i think you’re a little “highly” yourself…

      4. Carter is also the only President in our history to seriously think about dialing back drug prohibition. This was at a time when public support for marijuana legalization was polling just a bit above 30%. Now it’s essentially 50/50 and Obama laughs at us.

      5. … and trucking

    2. Is that who that is in the mirror? I thought it was Bilbo Baggins.

      1. Are you calling Obama a burglar? Racist.

        1. I thought it was Don Knotts. Seriously.


    3. Habitat for Humanity is the main reason John Q. Public thinks ever fondly of Carter.

  3. Let me be clear, this is moderately funny.

    1. I thought this one was pretty decent, myself.

      1. by Reason Friday Funny standards this one is an A+
        But that’s one hell of a curve.

  4. Is that supposed to be H. Ross Perot in the reflection? If so, much funnier than if the reflection is Jimmy Carter. Then it becomes depressing as it’s so true.

    1. Anyone can clearly see that the reflection is Woodrow Wilson.

      1. At first glance I thought it was W.

  5. I thought that Reagan was supposed to be the left wings anti Christ, why on Earth is he now trying to look like Reagan ? Surely Roosevelt or Peron (Argentina) is what he should be trying to emulate.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering this myself.

    2. Actually the new thing on the left is to talk about how Reagan was really a redistributionist who was economically to the left of modern Democrats, let alone the GOP.

      1. Reality-based community, indeed.

        1. imagine that…
          from the party that brought us rainbows and unicorns

        2. Yeah, sorta like how the constitution was “destroyed” by security/defense policy from 2001-2009, then suddenly everything was quite reasonable and prudent without a single change in security/defense policy.

          1. The GOP distresses and offends me mightily, but they simply do not have the delusions of the left. Their errors tend to be the usual about valuing power more than principle and in having some poor assumptions, but they don’t have the utopian bug. Which is why the whole “reality-based” meme was such a fucking joke.

            1. they don’t have the utopian bug.

              Wilsonian imperialism for $500, Alex.

              1. Yes, that’s true. I was thinking of that sort of thing being more based on faulty assumptions, but it does have some utopian stink to it as well.

                1. I’m slightly more sympathetic to the neocons on the right than the loonies on the left, though that still means not very sympathetic. I can understand the world viewpoint of needing to be vigilant and ready to blast the crap out of people that want to do us harm. The problem is that it seems everyone wants to do us harm in their world view. Which makes the rest of them want to hurt us, which makes us blast the crap out of them again… least with them I can keep my babies i.e mah guns.

                  1. The cons care about defending your right to own a gun about as much as the libs care about defending my right to smoke a little grass. Which is to say, not at all.

  6. Racist.

  7. Does Henry pay you guys to run these cartoons? Because he ought to.

    1. Just because you pay people to read your dumb ass blog and your rewrites of the Sherlock Holmes novels, doesn’t mean everyone does the same.

      1. Isn’t it great how despite a half a dozen posters mock this as terribly unfunny John lashes out at the one that he sees as a liberal. Rage, rage oh kulture warrior!

        1. Is it time for the daily John / MNG cat fight?

          Can you two just have sex and get it over with?

          1. I guess you don’t see the irony in accusing others of homosexual urges and your handle from a Jack Kerouac character…

            1. Come on MNG! I’d by tickets to that show-Helle could be my date when he gets over being mad at me

              1. I know! I’s great to be me! It’s all about ME ME ME-The world is so rectal-centric!

                1. are you still mad at me little boy 🙁

                  1. rectal. Just go choke on your dad’s cock and get it over with. Your pickled cunt is tiresome.

                    1. speaking of tiresome, your insignificance bores me-I had to incif you

                    2. Hahaha rather using incif… that’s ironic!

                    3. Wait how do you incif people?

                    4. will just take over, rectal. You’re soooo self-absorbed. You’ll be back to check, and comment on this, too.

                      It’s amusing, your small, meaningless, cloistered life, you pickled cunt.

            2. Sorry, it’s Hollywood’s fault. We’ve been trained to assume that whenever any two people bicker and argue with each other as much as you do, you’re about five seconds away from abruptly transitioning from yelling to making out.

              1. No and I’d rather slit my gut, rip-out my intestines, and feed them to sugarfree-does that make it clear?

                1. you’d be back. Pickled. Cunt. Hurts, doesn’t it?

        2. Who sees Vennamen as a liberal? I always thought of him as an all purpose douche. I have no idea what political views are.

        3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  8. Racist.

  9. To quote a review of “The Love Guru”, that wasn’t just not funny, it was anti-funny. It was so unfunny I was left wondering if I’d ever laugh again.

  10. Is Jimmy Carter holding a piece of paper under his arm with “Jimmy Carter” written on it?

    1. No. And since Obama needs a piece of paper to remind him of his own name, thereby bringing into question his intelligence:


      1. Payne thought just someone might confuse his rendition of Obama with Mubarack.

  11. Jimmy’s looking a bit Chinese-I wonder if that was a subtle reference about opening up U.S.-China relations.

    1. The only relationship of the US to China is as servile underlings. They’re beating us in EVERYTHING.

      Also, teh Trainnz!!!!!1!!

      1. Almanian, think of the fantastic Chinese food we will get when they take over all of the US 😉

        1. I’m thinking of perfecting my pico de gallo for the illegal alien overlords that will soon control this great land.

          “I for one welcomes our illegal alien overlords….now go clean my pool mr overlord.”

  12. Anyone seen the video of the retired CIA-analyst who was beaten by security guards at a speech by Hillary Clinton? A speech in which she lambasted foreign despots who stifle free speech?

    A collection of stories on it:…..d=0CCoQqAI

    Hopefully it’ll make the Morning Links.

    1. “Anyone seen the video of the retired CIA-analyst who was beaten by security guards at a speech by Hillary Clinton?”

      Is this a sequel to Burn After Reading?

  13. Oh, I get it!

    Obama, aboard Submarine One, looks out the window to see a Carteresque gremlin chewing on the sub’s hull(ala “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” the Twilight Zone segment). But he is so stoopid that he has to carry around a piece of paper with his name on it, because he’ll forget otherwise.I’m thinking ‘Hey man alert the captain to the gremlin gnawing on the hull’. He’s insane though, he thinks that he’s Reagan, and doesn’t even notice the impending doom. I cannot wait until next week to see how this all plays out; maybe you could do a backstory that explains why Obama’s arm is out of its socket hole…

    Dang Payne, you really brought the funny this week!

    1. The part of Barak Obama is played tonight by William “The Shat” Shatner.

      1. Please… letmebe… CLEEEEEEEEAAAAAARR!!!

  14. Silly me, there was no Friday Funnies last week, and I actually thought maybe they finally put Payne out of his misery.

  15. Better Friday Funny — big fat woman labeled “Wisconsin Teachers” reclining on a couch. Another person labeled “Wisconsin Taxpayers” is hand feeding the fat woman grapes.

    The caption: FEED ME!

    1. ^^what Hades brought^^

    2. Sounds like Hedonism Bot.

      “I apologize for nothing!”

      1. Jambi! More chocolate icing!!

    3. Needs the cop union pointing a gun at the taxpayer.

  16. That’s the worst caricature of George W Bush I’ve ever seen.

  17. Wait, I thought it was Don Knotts in the mirror.

    1. That’s a lousy thing to say about Don Knotts!

      1. No, Eric Holder looks a lot more like Don Knotts than Carter does.

  18. What’s the point of the pad with Obama written on it. Does Obama forget who he is?

    1. I thought it was a reference to Reagan’s alzheimers

      1. I really thought it was a reference to me and my menopause-because I’m everywhere and it’s all about MEEEEEE!

  19. I don’t get it, he turns into Dennis Kucinich? Where’s his hot firecrotch wifey?

  20. Once the Ascended One imposes wage and price controls, Payne can put Richard Nixon’s mug in the mirror.

  21. As sage would say,


    1. Hey, that’s my line!

      1. No, it’s not

  22. Payne sucks and Reagan was a lousy president.

    1. “Did you take blue tights again?”

  23. Must remain calm…

    1. I just saw your show on RTV, and I was wondering why you didn’t just take some sort of medication to control your temper.

  24. Jimmy’s lovin’ Barack more and more each month for making his 4 years look better and better by comparison.

  25. Selective Service

  26. I agree, Obama is a lot more like Carter than Reagan, which is a good thing.

    Carter was a moral, capable president. Most of the problems of his administration were beyond his control.

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