Attention Nashville-Area Reasonoids: Happy Hour This Week With Liberty on the Rocks and Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko


The Nashville chapter of Liberty on the Rocks is hosting a happy hour this Thursday evening with Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko.


Thursday, February 17


Mafioza's, 2400 12th South Ave., Nashville, TN.

Two-for-one beers happy hour special.

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  1. Is wearing a cup required, or just recommended?

    1. I was thinking hockey goalie gear.

  2. We all know Balko is only going to Nashville for the Ozzy Osborne concert on the 16th.

    1. He lives there.

  3. Woohoo! Nashville Libertarian nerd meetup!

    I’ll definitely try and be there, and you can bet your ass I’ll be wearing a cup if Balko is coming.

  4. Niether the menu nor the wine* list lists their beers. How do I know if I want to show up for 2 for 1 beers without a list?

    *yeah, I checked. It happens sometimes.

    1. Mafioza’s has a pretty decent beer and wine selection. They have Guiness on tap, if that tells you anything.

      1. They have Guiness on tap, if that tells you anything.

        Nope, not much at all. That doesnt even begin to approach a decent beer selection.

        Now, if you had said they had Bells or 3 Floyds or Stone on tap, that might tell me something.

      2. At this point, is there any restaurant left in the universe that doesnt have Guinness on tap?

  5. They have a beer selection that meets most beer snob standards:

    Fat Tire, Sweetwater 420 and most things in between. It’s not like they have 35 taps or anything, but the offer is two for one so hedge your bets and there’s still a fair wine selection.

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