U.S. Military Aid to Egypt Still Flowing


You put your right hand in, and you shake it all about

As Egypt was temporarily knocked out of the headlines of American papers yesterday, Tahrir Square saw the largest crowds since the unrest began two weeks ago, with potentially larger protests scheduled for Friday. Doubts about Omar Suleiman's committment to true reform have been leaking out of the Obama administration, and some are calling the official negotations "a regime tactic to co-opt the more moderate opposition parties, while leaving the youth protesters out in the cold." Even the Egyptian military, which the Obama administration has been counting on to lead the transition and was welcomed by the protesting masses early on, has now been accused of torturing protestors.

And yet, with Egyptian protestors literally sleeping under the treads of tanks, the flow of U.S. military aid to the regime shows no signs of letting up. Earlier in the crisis there were signs that Congress would oppose the administration's requests for continued aid, but no longer, as the Los Angeles Times reports:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) had earlier said "all options are on the table," including aid cuts. But in an interview Tuesday, he said that now "is just not the right time to threaten that."

McCain said he was concerned that a reduction in aid might affect Egypt's willingness to cooperate with Israel.

Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, declared last week that he would not vote for aid to Egypt, adding that he knew no lawmaker who would. 

This week, however, Leahy appeared to soften his position, saying through a spokesman that he would oppose any new aid "until the situation is resolved."

White House officials said earlier in the crisis that they would review the aid if the Mubarak government didn't move promptly toward political reform. But within a few days, officials clarified that they weren't considering cuts to aid.

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  1. Even the military, which the Obama administration has been counting on to lead the transition

    Hoping for a military coup?

  2. And yet, with Egyptian protestors literally sleeping under the treads of American tanks,

    They aren’t American tanks. They are Egyptian tanks. Built, I believe in Egypt. Crewed by Egyptians.

    American design? Sure. But that doesn’t make them “American” tanks in any meaningful sense.

    Just sayin’, is all.

    1. IT’S ALL OUT FAULT!!!

      Stick to the narrative RC.

      1. I meant “OUR” fault.

        Stupid typo.

    2. To be fair, they were paid for with American money.

      1. We should just lease. That way, we don’t like the client government anymore, we just send our repo men to get them back.

        1. Emilio Estevez that desperate for work these days? At least is honorable enough to avoid the path his brother has taken.

          1. A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.

            1. “That’s why there ain’t a repo man I know who don’t use speed.”

              1. You like music, listen to this. I was into these dudes before anyone. Wanted me to be their manager. I called bullshit on that. Managing a pop group is no job for a man.

          2. Hookers and blow? Dishonorable? Hand in your decoder ring!

            1. Hookers and blow are totally fine. It’s that Two and a Half Men BS I’m talking about.

              Perhaps it’s better that you didn’t even think of the reference.

              1. Dude, how else is he supposed to finance his lifestyle?

                1. A valid point. I can understand it, but I don’t have to respect it.

                  1. Nor does Charlie expect you to. He accepts the money and the ability to play himself without a script and is grateful. Ashamed, but grateful.

            2. There are young men that now worship him as a god.

              1. Charlie will be embalmed with all his organs removed and stored in jars for his use in the afterlife.

      2. Egypt has a $50 billion a year budget. We give them $2 billion in aid per year. I find it hard to believe that the tanks were only bought with “American Money”.

        1. That’s no reason not to make shit up and pretend it’s true.

    3. According to the lazy man’s favorite reference work
      1005 M-1s, yes.
      1435 M-60s, no.

      1. Yet they’re still using T-54s.

      2. The protesters are sleeping under the treads of M1s

    4. Another thing to consider was I think the “tanks” that they were sleeping under were actually M113 APCs (at least that is what I saw in the pictures). I doubt those were built in Egypt, as America had about 8 billion of the things before they started getting phased out. Those are usually the vehicles that get given as surplus to those mouth-breathing sherrifs who like to pose with them to show how tough they are.

      1. In the small town of my youth, they used to roll M113’s down Main Street during the 4th of July parade and spray the ooh-ing and ahh-ing crowd with blanks! I really thought it was cool!

    5. So, we aren’t responsible for giving them weapon designs?

  3. This and the multitude of other wasteful spending is why we are on a freight train to nowhere. Oh, I know – aid to egypt is like .000001 % of the overall budget… But the amount we send overseas, the TARP money to the banks and all of the other giveaways –
    I start to question why not a direct redistribution – you know instead of all of the “programs”, “subsidies” and “studies” – every household received – 5,000
    or maybe just a lottery with really good odds.

    I know – I am against those things – but after a while…

  4. “…or maybe just a lottery…”
    Damn! Israel, Egypt, GE and Lockheed-Martin all won again! What are the odds?

  5. So we pay Egypt a tithe less they attack Israel?

    1. I think a better question is shouldn’t Israel be able to defend itself by now?

      1. Have you seen what happens when Israel tries to defend itself?

        Thousands of rockets are fired at Israel, and when it responds, the International Community goes batshit.

        Can Israel defend itself? Sure. Is it allowed to? Not so much, no.

        1. Israel is the regional superpower — they could take on the whole Mid-East AND southern Europe if they had to.

        2. I don’t mind Israel defending itself.

          I do mind when Israel obliterates giant swaths of civilian housing in Gaza and then prevents building supplies from entering the region, to the extent of raiding ships in international waters.

          1. One of those ships was full of weapons. You’ve got to read past the front page of the mainstream newspapers, Tulpa. is a good source.

    2. Egypt also got the Sinai Peninsula as part of the peace deal. If Egypt attacks Israel, will Israel get the Sinai Peninsula back? That threat could deter Egypt without us having to shell over a billion each year to Egypt.

      1. The Sinai penninsula was part of Egypt before the war, so I doubt it automatically reverts to Israel in the event of a resumption of hostilities. Now, whether Israel can take it back by force is another issue.

        1. Egypt started hostilities both of the times Israel took the Sinai Peninsula. If you insist that a nation cannot loose land after starting a war, you eliminate a major deterrent.

  6. Obama looks like he’s just about to administer a backhand.

  7. I do enjoy reasonable’s STEVE SMITH easter egg.

  8. McCain said he was concerned that a reduction in aid might affect Egypt’s willingness to cooperate with Israel.

    Since Israel is such a successful free market democracy, maybe Israel should be sending them aid.

    Oh wait. Israel is another of our welfare queen “allies”.

    1. Carter brokered the deal. Maybe you should complain to him, Tulpa.

  9. U.S. Military Aid to Egypt Still Flowing

    Of course it’s still flowing. It’s basically bribe money to support Israel. The ONLY reason Syria is still ‘anti-israel’ is because we are not bribing them.

    1. Think of Israel as the ‘short-bald-middle-aged troll with a lot of money’ (like me) and think of Egypt, Jordon, and the other ‘friends of Israel’ as a 22yo gold digger just waiting for the OLD FART to keel over.

      1. I actually think of Israel as a short, hairy, hook-nosed creature that wants to grabble up all my money, thank you very much.

        1. ‘I need ti-pi 4 my bung-hole’

  10. Not strictly related to the OP, but I’m quite enjoying reading Steve Smith’s posts on here. This is one of the better internships I can recall.

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