Reason Cruise

So How Was the Reason Cruise?


View from the 15th deck

Since you may have reason to suspect my glowing reviews, let's hand the mic over to Dave Price of

Nick Gillespie was very impressive in person, witty and well-read. A better ambassador for libertarianism we couldn't hope for.  Contrary to rumor, he does take off the leather jacket when swimming and dining.

Ron Bailey was tall, craggy, and extremely intelligent.  There was always an interesting intellectual conversation circling around him at any free moment. […]

Very impressive in person. Especially the band.

Shikha Dalmia was very attractive and gave a persuasive presentation on the underrated liberalizing "soft power" of culture, with a lovely sort of Hindi trill to her speaking voice.  I'm surprised we don't see her on TV more, as telegenic and well-spoken as she is.

The Seasteading guys (Patri Friedman, James Hogan, etc) were considerably more serious than we in the audience expected—they clearly have put a lot of work into their project and while it may not take off they certainly have their ducks in a row in terms of defining a legal and philosophical framework for the notion of independent floating city-states (which, it turns out, actually has some modern precedents).  Their next challenge is to attract industry.

So very TALL, these science people

Matt Ridley also gave an excellent presentation on The Rational Optimist, which is on my list of the top 5 books everyone should read.

Those were the people that stuck out, though all the Reason staff were interesting—had a great dinner conversation with Jacob Sullum, whose presentation on the insanity of liquor laws I unfortunately missed.  Oh, and Matt Welch immediately brings to mind Noah Bennett from "Heroes."

Met some very interesting people besides.  It's not everywhere you run into someone who can talk about Anathem, the Singularity, the multifarious intricacies of Japanese language, and Drake's equation while flipping between pictures of their scuba dive of Antarctica (including an underwater iceberg pic) and the bright orange mohawk they had a while back.

We were not gonna need a bigger boat

There was also a trip to the Puerto Rican governor's mansion on the cruise—he is apparently setting about deregulating, privatizing and generally freeing the island's economy.  I took pity on my wife and did not make the trip, but the consensus seemed to be he was very impressive, assuming he wasn't blowing smoke for their benefit.

An unexpected treat: pianist Hyperion Knight, apparently also a libertarian leaner, graced our informal evening receptions with his art and attended seminars when not performing professionally for the ship's passengers.

All in all, the Reason cruise was a great experience, aside from the more mundane pleasures of parasailing and undersea scooters.  I definitely recommend trying to make a future Reason cruise if at all possible.

Speaking of which, expect some related news soon!

NEXT: "They need to know that there isn't a protected class receiving better treatment"

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  1. Matt Welch immediately brings to mind Noah Bennett from “Heroes.”

    Matt actually works for Primatech, his daughter can’t be killed, he works with a Haitian dude, and he has done many morally questionable things?

    1. I thought he was going for a J.J. Hunsecker look?

      1. Maybe; he does write a column, after all.

        I wonder if that movie was Berke Breathed’s inspiration for naming Steve Dallas.

      2. Oh, admit it – you just want him to get someone to plant reefers on you…

    2. You’re right, there aren’t any Haitians on staff.

      1. True… but our butler on the cruise was. Or at least he did hail from “the West Indies.”

        Actually, come to think of it, I can’t remember what my wife and I did on Tuesday afternoon. Uh oh.

  2. Contrary to rumor, he does take off the leather jacket when swimming and dining.

    So happy he put this right at the top. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the headline to this post.

    1. I noticed that bathing was omitted from the list.

      As I expected.

      1. I noticed that bathing was omitted from the list.

        Probably because it was omitted from the luggage.

      2. They outlawed bath salts – what did you expect?

        1. A bath salt ‘freedom bath’ with Kerry Howley?

    2. I saw him wearing it while water skiing on an old “Happy Days” rerun. He was jumping over some fish in a pen.

  3. Meanwhile, at The Onion…..adl,19105/

  4. I’m waiting for a review from the galley slaves propelling the boat.

    1. That’s a myth. They were paid.

      1. Not as much as they were back in the heyday of print journalism.

        1. Interns?

  5. Didn’t Steve Smith go on the cruise? What kept him placated?

    1. The steerage deck. Steve likes raping Irish immigrants the most, and for that, we thank him.



          1. It’s the pronunciation I’m worried about.

            1. Not the pronunciation. That’s what I get for skipping preview.


          IN THE ASS.

    2. As you might have guessed, I wasn’t able to follow through on my earlier promise to go, largely due to my procrastination in signing up, as well as my disappointment in Episiarch not going along. If you are going to go on one of these things, it’s best to sign up as soon as it’s offered, which I will do next year. Seasteading !!!

  6. The author was nice enough to not mention the monacles and top hats, I gather, nor the suitcases stuffed with Kochtopus lucre.

    1. He did not want to steal the thunder of the David Weigel review.

  7. How many of you got the norovirus?

  8. All I care about is whether there are any pictures of Katherine, preferable in a bikini. Please, no Nick pics in his bathing suit. I am sure he looks like a Kodiak bear when doing so.

    1. rumor is he was wearing the Borat slinkini.

    2. Settle for the third picture up there, the one of Jerry Brown and how tall he is.

    3. Some women like hairy guys…nothing wrong with that… ::kicks pebble::

  9. So then no pirates, icebergs or ghost ships? No giant rogue waves capsizing you or murder mysteries to solve? Not even a single damn Kraken?


  10. What about the cocaine and prostitutes? This was a Reason cruise, right?

  11. At first I was upset at the total lack of ass-less chaps, bananna-hammocks, and pencil mustaches, but then realized I’d gotten on the wrong damn cruise ship. I did learn a lot about liberty though, so in the end I guess it was a wash.

  12. Have the intern write us up something please – “what I did on my summer vacation” type thing.

    You did take the intern on the cruise, right?

    1. She did not survive the ritual.

      1. There are some things we only talk about in international water.

  13. Let me know when you plan the Reason Beer Tour of Germany, with stops in Munich, Bamberg, Leipzig, D?sseldorf and Cologne.

    1. My mouth is parched just thinking about that

    2. Or the Reason Whisky Tour of Scotland.

      1. Or the reason weed tour of Jamaica.

        1. We could make this the Train to Bangkok.

      2. I actually went to Scotland a couple years ago for the real ale as opposed to the whisky (yeah, I’m a weirdo), but the trip obviously had an effect on me since I’ve managed to buy three bottles of single malt whisky as well as several other distilled spirits after returning home. I aspire to H.L. Mencken’s goal of being ombibulous.

        1. Three bottles of scotch in “a couple of years”? You have a long ways to go.

    3. You know who else toured Munich, Bamberg, Leipzig, D?sseldorf and Cologne?

      1. The Beatles?

      2. David Hasselhoff?

  14. Ron Bailey was tall, craggy, and extremely intelligent….

    The opening phrases of the first four paragraphs read like obituaries.

  15. It’s not everywhere you run into someone who can talk about Anathem, the Singularity, the multifarious intricacies of Japanese language, and Drake’s equation while flipping between pictures of their scuba dive of Antarctica (including an underwater iceberg pic) and the bright orange mohawk they had a while back.

    *Insert Star Wars Cantina Band joke here*

  16. So did any of the reason comment section regulars make it?

    1. Most of us are too cheap to subscribe to the magazine (not me though), so…

      We’d rather just read about the cruise. It’s almost like being there without spending thousands of dollars! Almost.

      1. We prefer to be called The Peanut Gallery.

        1. And no, apparently not.

  17. hahaha, Shika Dalmia is hot and she has a cute ferriner accent.

    Why the fuck did everyone else get complements on their personalities and opinions and she was called hot? And yet you have the balls to wonder why women are rarer than the Loch Ness at anything vaguely Libertarian? Less knuckle dragging might be a start.

    Oh, and by the way, “well-spoken” sounds strikingly similar to “clean, articulate and bright” from another moron we all love to hate.

    1. I’ll stick with the train, thanks.

    2. At least this one isn’t linking to her blog.

      1. Yeah, fuck journalists for having blogs where they publish what they write. I say ban doctors from Pub Med next.

        1. What the fuck are you going in about?

      2. Just give it time, Warty. Just give it time.

    3. Shush! Oh, and by the way, “well-spoken” sounds strikingly similar to “clean, articulate and bright” from another moron we all love to hate. was The One they all voted for and the guy who called him that is nested right behind you on this thread. Plus, you forgot the “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” compliment that is customary in Cosmotarian circles.

    4. Hey, hey, it clearly says her presentation was “persuasive.”

      It’s actually a great piece whose written form was linked at HotAir today. For any libertarians who want an answer to the conservative complaints about not having any serious answers on the GWOT, this is as good an answer as you’re likely to find in libertarian circles.…..-bin-laden

      And yes, guys notice hot girls. Deal with it.

      1. Yeah, this guy noticed a lot about people’s physical features. Ron was “craggy” and he compared Matt Welch to Noah Bennett.

        But calling a woman “attractive” is simply sexist!!!

    5. Beat me to it, Tanya. But remember that those comments were not from a Reason writer or commenter.

      1. Thankfully Gillespie and Welch are classier. But they still published it.

        @TallDave I’m well aware that guys notice hot girls. Calling them out in print as such is out of line and demonstrates a clear lack of social graces and a touch of misogyny, all wrapped up in one cute little bundle.

        @joshua corning If that’s the case, then this movement is going nowhere fast by isolating half the population.

        @Bob Did he mention any of their lineages? Or just Shikha’s?

        1. How the hell is it misogynistic to call someone attractive? That’s actually the opposite of misogyny. It’s not like he said “Damn, I’d like to bang that chick!” He said she was “attractive”. Go back to Jezebel and complain about how the mean libertarians don’t respect you for your “great personality”.

          And god forbid someone mention someone’s background. The color-blind thing has really run its course.

        2. Just for the record, I’d totally do Shikha.

          What were we talking about?

        3. 1. No, actually, calling someone of the sex you’re attracted to attractive in print doesn’t show any lack of social graces, especially in the context of noting they would be good candidates for TV, but becoming offended over it does indicate you’re fucking crazy.

          2. Fortunately, half the population aren’t lunatics.

          3. No one’s lineage was mentioned.

          1. 1) Calling someone hot (in print and otherwise) completely undermines their qualifications as a professional. This really isn’t up for debate.

            2) You think women are crazy? Um, there’s really nothing to say to that. You’re obviously single. You’re probably bitter that women graduate from college at higher rates than men do.

            3) Try to read, moron. He cites her “lovely Hindi trill”.

            These comments – other than Joshua Corning and Tom – just serve to reinforce the notion that women are not welcome at Libertarian gatherings because the knuckle draggers outnumber the Joshuas and Toms.

            1. No, we totally welcome hot chicks. Dudes, too

            2. 1) It doesn’t say hot, it says “very attractive.” No, being notably attractive does not undermine one’s qualifications at all, and thinking so tends to indicate you’re fucking crazy.

              2) No, I think YOU are clearly crazy. Other women, such as Shikha Dalmia, are quite sane and speak/write persuasively, as well as being very attractive.

              3) Hindi is a language, not a lineage. Not that whether her lineage was stated matters should matter to anyone who isn’t fucking crazy, esp given her name very obviously indicates her heritage.

              4) Please refer further questions/comments to STEVE SMITH who is more on your sanity level.

    6. Why the fuck did everyone else get complements on their personalities and opinions and she was called hot?

      One word:


      1. Because everyone else was ugly?

        1. You know who else singled out people based upon their backgrounds…

    7. I was going to comment on the fact that he gave a physical description of each of them, but then I decided it was not really important enough to mention. Thanks Tanya for bringing up this obvious and trivial point.

    8. Sorry, but if it wasn’t for that ‘attitude’ there would be no one on the planet.

    9. Yes, women don’t want to be libertarians because they don’t want to be called hot.

      You, madame, are a moron.

  18. It’s not everywhere you run into someone who can talk about Anathem,

    …ahh, the far-lesser-known sequel to Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem’, where the isolated libertoid utopia is attacked by Giant Mutant Ants…

    1. Incorrect, GILMORE. That is Antathem. Anathem is a wonderful book about a utopia where all Michael Bay films are anathema, as are all Roland Emmerich films.

      1. I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark,
        When he made Pearl Harbor.

        I miss you more than that movie missed the point,
        And that’s an awful lot girl.
        And now, now you’ve gone away,
        And all I’m trying to say,
        Is Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you

        I need you like Ben Affleck needs acting school,
        He was terrible in that film.

        I need you like Cuba Gooding needed a bigger part,
        He’s way better then Ben Affleck.

        And now all I can think about is your smile,
        And that shitty movie too,
        Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you


        Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
        I guess Pearl Harbor sucked
        Just a little bit more than I miss you.

  19. The real question is how many people did Balko hit in the nuts?

    1. I refuse to use the acronym “LOL” as a matter of principle, but that actually made me laugh out loud.

  20. aside from the more mundane pleasures of parasailing and undersea scooters.

    I first read that as “undersea cooters.”

  21. Not bad if you like hearing meth freaks, Balko fellators and assorted liberturds rant incoherently while wiping Paul splooge from their chins.

      1. More like just a boy.

      2. Normally I’d warn someone when Rectal wants to mount them desperately, but I’m pretty sure Max likes dumb whores with sour cunts.

        1. or “pickle cunt” is what we call it ’round these parts.

          1. I think I know that, considering I invented the meme…

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