"Americans are skeptical of both political parties, and that skepticism is justified—especially when it comes to spending."


Rep. Paul Ryan has released a short preview of his State of the Union response speech. The first line from the teaser clip is encouraging:

Americans are skeptical of both political parties, and that skepticism is justified—especially when it comes to spending. So hold all of us accountable. In this very room, the House will produce, debate, and advance a budget.  Last year—in an unprecedented failure—Congress chose not to pass, or even propose a budget.  The spending spree continued unchecked. We owe you a better choice and a different vision. 

Lots more from Ryan's response here

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  1. Skeptical is an understatement. Between Paul “Mr.TARP” Ryan, Michelle “The Subsidy Queen” Bauchman, & Obama, The President is the least hypocritical, full of shit of the three.

  2. I won’t be watching the community-organizer-in-chief but I will fllow this blog.

  3. WEell DUH! All of the politicians and lawmakers are bought and paid for!


  4. so where is this live blogging BS?

    1. I’m just glad The Weigel isn’t here.

      His live blogging made me want to poke out my eyes!

  5. I wonder how many times Ryan’s voted to raise the debt ceiling. Not that his criticisms of Obama wouldn’t have merit, but not supporting an extension on America’s credit card would have gone a long way to establishing some credibility.

  6. I wonder if Ryan’s gonna spell out how his budget plan is to tax the middle class more and the rich less.

    1. Actually, it’s to tax everyone less. But why quibble with actual facts?

      1. He wants a national VAT. While giving the top 1% an average of a $280,000 cut apiece. Middle class pays more, rich pays less. That’s fact.

        This is in addition to slashing medicare, medicaid, employer-based healthcare, and social security. All while making the national debt much worse.

        Why do you people bother hanging onto this horrible nonsense? There’s just nothing to defend.

        1. Well it goes without saying that slashing medicare, medicaid and social security could only make the national debt much worse.

          1. I propose cutting defense too, in a real Pyrrhic move. The debt would skyrocket.

          2. The debt increase comes from his generous welfare program for the rich.

    2. Tony|1.25.11 @ 8:36PM|#
      “I wonder if Ryan’s gonna spell out how his budget plan is to tax the middle class more and the rich less.”
      I wonder if you can post without lying, asshole.


  7. Both political parties? I am skeptical of the average Americans actual desire to reduce spending. These dip-shits don’t get voted in by osmosis.

    1. They get voted in by dip-shits.

  8. Don’t you heartless bastards know how hard it is to reduce spending to levels last seen in 2008? That’s only two years ago! Armageddon!

  9. “The first line from the teaser clip is encouraging:”

    His first lines are always encouraging!

    The WSJ is reporting that he’s calling for a five year spending freeze!

    …on a portion of federal spending, but an increase in spending on education and research.

    See? The first line is always encouraging!

  10. I can’t wait to skip both the State of the Union and Ryan’s response.

    1. My 16yo daughter’s boyfriend bought her a box-set of Glee DVDs for her birthday. Whether I watch it or not, it’s will playing on my 52″ Visio TV.

      Get some perspective.

  11. I propose a 5 year budget freeze…at 1950 levels!!! How about that for a freeze?

    1. Seriously, he’s supposed to call for a 5 year spending freeze…

      Just not on everything! Only some things. Spending will still go up–of course.

      …but it’s a five year spending freeze!

      1. “…but it’s a five year spending freeze!”
        On new furniture for the waiting room.

      2. Is that the new five year plan?

  12. Give the guy some slack! Obama is the best president we’ve had since Bush (PATRIOT act, medicare expansion), who was the best president we’d had since Clinton (3 strikes law, mandatory min. sentence increases for minor offenders), who was the best president we’d had since Reagan (massive increases in funding for War on Drugs, war with communism, war-on-Latin- American-dictators-who-are-not-pro-American-in-favor-of-Latin-American- dictators-who-ARE-pro-American).

  13. I would not hesitate to hire Paul Ryan to be my accountant. I have a slight preference for Roman Catholic accountants over Jewish accountants. I am pleased with the work my Jewish accountant does, but he talks too much.

    If Paul Ryan leaves that alone or just adds one or two more paragraphs, he’s done.

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