25 Years Ago


"French fashion designer Pierre Cardin has signed a contract to make designer clothing for a nation of gray-collar workers. 'It is my dream to dress all 280 million Soviets,' gushes Cardin. Could 7-11s be far behind?"

—Mark Edward Crane, "Brickbats"

"Neocons cease to be amusing when they leave their ivory towers and start wielding political power. Voluntary exiles from the real America (rarely is one sighted outside the New York-Washington-Boston axis), these intellectual heirs to FDR are determined to use your tax dollars to fund the further adventures of Uncle Sam, the bloody-nosed world policeman. Thankfully, the American people have too much sense to actually elect neoconservatives to public office."

—Bill Kauffman, "The Neocons' Newest Con"

"Securities regulation may be an institution that would instantly be torn apart by an angry mob, but no one can ever find enough people who really understand it to make up a decent-sized mob."

—Craig Michael Collins, "Money Talks With the Stock  Cops"                                                                              —March 1986