Red Eye Redux: Nick Gillespie Talks Biden, Wikileaks, Gov. Christie, Jenny McCarthy, Less-Big Gulps, & More!


Last week, during the height of what some (read: none) are calling "The Great Handlebar and/or Fu Manchu Mustache Miasma," Reason's Nick Gillespie appeared in all his hirsute hairiness on Fox News Channel's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

Topics included Joe Biden's attempts at humor, New Jersey governor Chris Christie's presidential chances, 7-11 mislabeling their Super Big Gulps, and Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccine crusade. Air date: Jan. 6, 2010.

Approximately 43 minutes. 

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  1. I am lovin’ the ‘stache

  2. Now, you just need mirror shades and the right bass.

    1. I have one just like it (except with a chrome pick guard and Telecaster tone/volume knobs).

      We used to call it the “Geddy Lee” model. Had it for…35 years. It would look good on The Jacket…

      1. Yeah, Geddy played a black one in the 70’s. I was thinking of Lemmy (re: the mustache), but Lemmy actually plays a Fireglo one.

        1. Yeah, I know.

          “THE ACE OF SPADES!!!! THE ACE OF SPADES!!!!!”

          Lemmy rules!!

          1. I freaking love the bass part he plays in this version of Motorhead, although I can see why he had to change it to be able to sing at the same time.

        2. Also, last time I saw Motorhead, Lemmy was playing a Fender. WEIRD! Of course, Geddy Lee does now, too.

          Fuck all of ’em – I’ve never played anything but Rickenbacker (bass – I have Fender six strings). Once you’ve had black…

          1. Wow? Fender P’s? Or Jazz Basses? The last time I pulled (a new) one of those down in a store, the frets dug into my hand. I couldn’t believe they wanted $1000+ for such obviously shoddy craftsmanship. That was a few years ago, though.

      2. Personally, I wanted one, but @ $1,500 or so, I’d have a hard time justifying it at this point.

        1. *used*

          $400 đŸ™‚

          1. Yeah, 35 years ago. You’re a libertarian, I don’t need to explain inflation to you…

  3. No, libertarians aren’t right-wing. They just happen to appear on Fox News, Fox Business, and Putin Today exclusively.

    1. I’m pretty sure Russia Today is somewhere to the left of MSNBC.

      1. Didn’t Matt and Nick write an article for the Huffington Post not so long ago?

        1. Oh yeah and Parker Spitzer is on CNN.

          1. When Welch appears on the Rachel Maddow Show, I’ll know the End Times are upon us.

    2. Go get yer fucking shine box, troll.

    3. Smith attempted to read the vessel’s damage assessment on the screen in front of him, but after a few minutes he sighed and realized that it was pretty much a waste of time. His ship, the SS Nonix, was probably doing well to be in operational condition at all considering the massive bombardment it had endured just a few minutes ago at the hands of the Mildrenian pirates. Never mind that Smith had used almost the entire fuel reserve executing the wormhole jump that had allowed for their escape. They were probably safe for the moment, but the ship was stranded and the Mildrens don’t give up easily. The Nonix would soon be found, and Smith knew that the next time there would be no way for him to prevent the pirates from boarding the ship. And it was also generally accepted that suicide was a preferable option for his crew compared to what the Mildrens like to do with their victims.

    4. That’s not because libertarians are right wing.
      It’s because American liberals are even more totalitarian than conservatives (and that’s saying something) and have no tolerance for libertarians.

      But it is funny that liberals, when in power, never actually give equality of rights to homosexuals, stop the drug war, stop the ‘actual’ war, or defend Julien Assange/Wikileaks against sickening nationalist tendencies of calling for indictment or assassination for the “crime” of revealing the truth about a warfare state.

      So much for liberals being “progressive”.

    5. Hobie, it’s not because libertarians are right-wing; rather, it’s because the leftie progressives on the other networks can’t tolerate having on guest speakers whose opinions and statements don’t align with their own. They who market themselves as so tolerant and accepting of all are, in fact, the most intolerant people I’ve ever met.

      1. Maybe it’s just that libertarian viewpoints are as marginalized in the MSM as right wing viewpoints used to be (and still are to some extent, barring Fox). Fox made its fortune by catering to an underserved market.

  4. those red eye folks have to be some of the least funny people in the world

  5. That still photo looks like Nick is personally challenging every member of the Elmira Jackals to a hockey fight, and if they’re not game, then he’s challenging their fans to get themselves an ass-kicking straight from the school of knowledge that’s been hard-won as a minor league lifer.

  6. I think you guys mean January 6th.

    1. This ^^ I watched this episode

  7. It’s almost like a Lemmmy thing, but you gotta grow out those chops.

    1. …and grow a humungous mole

  8. Great seeing Nick as always, even if it meant sitting through several minutes of Gutfield (aka the LEAST FUNNY MAN ON EARTH), minutes which I’ll never get back…

  9. The kitties were great, by the way. Suggestion: just have Nick, the blonde and the kitties, and send Gutfeld/Levy back to “Good Morning Steubenville” or whatever…

  10. Can we get back to talking about that thing on “The Jacket’s” face? It frightened me when I first saw it.

  11. “With these hands I can give you the greatest pleasure you’ll ever know or I can kill you. Your choice.”

  12. At least now I know, if I ever see Paul Mecurio in any context again, to not have any expectations of laughing.

    Otherwise, enjoyed the show.

  13. Am I the only one that got serious douche chills watching that Biden clip? I don’t know if it was the creepiness that did it or just that he used that TERRIBLE joke again and again. At least change the wording some, you hack.

  14. When I grow up, I wanna have a `stache, just like The Jacket’s.

  15. There needs to be more caption contesting for the still image on the front of the video

    1. “I do, and I do, and I do for you kids – and this is the thanks I get…”

    2. “You ask where did I attend college?
      Watsamatta U!”

  16. or get a mohawk.

  17. Is he tossing gang signs there?

    1. The Apple Dumpling Gang, maybe…

  18. I missed your beard, Spock.

  19. Channel’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

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