Reasoners on the Tube: Radley Balko, Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch tonight, 8pm ET


Reason's Radley Balko and Nick Gillespie will appear on Fox Business's Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. Balko will be discussing out-of-control drug raids, and a reportedly (and thankfully) mustache-less Gillespie will be part of the show's Freedom Fighters panel discussion.

Go to the show's site for more info.

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  1. Nick doesn’t have a mustache. It is an optical illusion from when he shaves his unibrow.

  2. Thank God that stache is going. My 15 year old daughter said “did he grow that on purpose or was it some sort of terrible shaving accident?”

  3. Yeah, that ‘stache was pretty atrocious.

  4. “and a reportedly (and thankfully) mustache-less Gillespie”

    I guess it tickled 😉

  5. We have a two things in common, I wrote on this
    on out-of-control police, and I’m shaved too 😉

  6. Drug Raids Gone Wild Vol. XVIII!!!!

    AVAILABLE NOW! Mailorder only, credit cards or COD accepted! Act now and get the bonus DVD “Drug-Sniffing Dog Heroes – 2010”!!!

    Void where prohibited. Must be age 18 or older. Side effects may include elevated heartrate or palpitations, uncontrollable bleeding, “Sudden Dog Death Syndrome”, sore wrists, facial scrapes, and pant-shitting.

    Drug Raids Gone Wild Vol. XVIII!!!! Get your copy NOW!!!!!

  7. It’s never enough, is it?

    The singer from Motorhead cuts most of his hair, but even then you can’t leave his moustache alone.

  8. I just assumed he grew it either to disguise himself out of embarrassment of appearing on Parker Spitzer, or some kind of obscure joke on Spitzer by looking like an out of work porn star to bring himself down to his level. Lol.

    Either way, thank goodness it’s gone.

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