Busybodies, Babes, and Bacon—Presenting the 2010 Nanny of the Year!


They touch our lives in so many ways, and now acknowledges those who tell us that if it looks good, tastes good, or feels good, it should be illegal.

Live (to tape) from the fourth floor of the Sepulveda Center in Los Angeles, California—it's the 2010 Nanny of the Year Awards!

Over the past year, has recognized plenty of busybodies who relish minding other people's business, but who deserves to succeed 2009's winner (Meddlin' Mike Bloomberg), and take home the 2010 Nanny?

Will it be the heartland mayor who sacked the Lingerie Football League? The Peach State pol who sued a man for growing vegetables in his own yard? A member of the food police?

Remember, it's a dishonor just to be nominated. So get your awards season started off right, and tune in to the only black-tie ceremony that delivers busybodies, bikini babes, and bacon!

Approximately 1.53 minutes.

"'s 2010 Nanny of the Year Awards" is written and produced by Ted Balaker, who also hosts. Animation: Austin Bragg; Camera: Zach Weissmueller and Hawk Jensen; Voice Over: Rin Palmer

Click here to learn more about our nominees and to watch more Nanny of the Month (and Year) videos.

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  1. But Nurse Ratched wouldn’t let them watch the effing World Series!

  2. Piss on her effing rules.

  3. Some of you may be wondering how “Nanny” became the hot new Libertarian epithet of the latter part of the decade. Let me explain.

    Basically, with the GOP in the command role for most of the torture, murders, war crimes, kidnapings, illegal surveillance, etc. under Bush-Cheney, the punk-faux Republican voters who call themselves Libertarians needed a new excuse for voting for deficit-financed tax cuts for our glorious captains of industry. Because no way are they about to side with the Democrats who are marginally better on civil liberties and equal rights for ordinary Americans. Sacrilege!

    So, they set about making the “nanny-state” into the big bad bogey-man of the era. Never mind waterboarding, police militarization, the incarceration-industrial complex, the war on medical marijuana, dignity for gay families, etc. No no no, the REAL GREAT BIG threat to our nation’s legacy of freedom is smoke-free zones and the removal of soda pop vending machines from our public schools.

    So go out there and do your part against the “Nanny” state — proudly pull the lever for your GOP cohort, and say F*** YOU once more to the weak, marginal and despised people in this society who are actually feeling the brute force of the government’s police powers.

    1. Hello Shit Facktory!

    2. We seriously need some better trolls here. You’re in Dave K. territory.

      1. Someone mentioned troll try-outs today. I doubt this one makes the team.

      2. Anyone still post at /.? We need more links from there to here. Should bring some quality trolls. And some not-so-quality ones, but you have to take the bad with the good.

        1. What a pathetic prick you are, Danny.

          1. I’m not Danny, but thank you. Also, could you tell his parole officer to stop calling me?

            1. Damn threaded comments.

    3. “Never mind waterboarding, police militarization, the incarceration-industrial complex, the war on medical marijuana, dignity for gay families”

      Let me be clear, I have ened medical marijuana raids once and for all. I have repealed DADT. I have disbanded the prison guard unions and have released all of the prisoners in Gitmo.

    4. Says Danny the Nanny.

      It shows promise, but you’ll have to work harder to be a really good troll.

    5. I guess you really hate Obama then, because he doubled down on all that.

    6. Yet another dumbass who is incapable of reading the archives. Fuck off, you TEAM BLUE moron.

      1. Who you calling weak?

    7. Danny, your angry Democrat mob of would-be Maoists continue to loot the rich, escalate the wars, destroy the economy, abuse the poor and decimate the middle class. You are one to talk.

    8. Steal a sense of humor you fucking squall bag.

    9. Gabriel Daniel Martin Ciociola was born in 1971 in Wilmington Delaware. He graduated from Boston College in 1992 with a B.A. in Philosophy. In 1996 he received a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School. After clerking for state and federal courts in Boston, he worked for five years as a civil litigator in private practice. He is now a Staff Attorney at the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. He resides in Salem, Massachusetts.

    10. Reason never talks about police militarization? Really? Because Balko has made a whole career out of that. If I’m having a bad day, I read a Balko piece, because then I can say “Well, at least I’m not this guy who lives next door to someone who a random criminal fingered as a druggie.”

      Fuck off troll. It’s one thing to criticize libertarian economics, it’s another thing to lie and say we don’t talk about war and police and prisons in addition to Happy Meal bands and trans fat laws.

      Freedom matters everywhere, and it needs to be defended on every front.

    11. My Gawd, what a moron. Is this Danny guy for real?

  4. “”but who deserves to succeed 2009’s winner (Meddlin’ Mike Bloomberg), and take home the 2010 Nanny?””

    I say he’s a two time winner.

  5. I’d go with Michelle Obama for biggest mammy of the year.

    1. I lol’ed out loud.

  6. I like to watch Bloomberg TV

  7. It seems so many of our public figures are nanny-state advocates these days. Wouldn’t be easier for us to name a NON-NANNY OF THE YEAR?

    1. Which would also result in drawing attention to someone actually worthy of it.

  8. Finally a video I want to watch. Nick you have nothing to be ashamed about; you should take off your jacket more often

  9. Wonderful! I would add Gov Christie for his petty tyrant attitude about New Jersey’s medical marijuana law. But thanks for the laugh!

  10. Finally a video I want Wonderful! I would add Gov Christie for his petty tyrant attitude about New Jersey’s medical marijuana law. But thanks for the laugh! to watch. Nick you have nothing to be ashamed about; you should take off your jacket more oftenlt in drawing attention to slaw. But thanks fow. But thanks for the laugh! to watch. Nick you have nothing video I want Wonderful! I would add Gov Christie for

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  12. I find it interesting that the same people who are in favor of the nanny state are also praising me for exposing? how inept and corrupt the government is.

  13. Until Danny and other Democrats realize that the well-intentioned and centrally planned policies they push to “help” the poor and weak are actually the policies that hurt the poor, they will continue to fail. Miserably. The moral righteousness of “progressives” never ceases to amaze me, especially when they caught with their pants down while shackling the poor with the chains of poor government that magically will somehow, someday, become more “efficient.” Democrats use the poor as a political football without ever having to be held accountable for their failed policies. In short, go fuck yourselves New Conservatives.

  14. LOL, this was awesome. Well done. Bravo.

  15. Banning pet stores in San Fransisco? I bet there’s an exemption for gerbils.

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