Reason Writers on the Tube: Katherine Mangu-Ward on Glenn Beck Talking Wikileaks


Reason Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward debates Leslie Marshall on the case for Wikileaks, Assange, and the cost for government transparency with Judge Napolitano substituting for Glenn Beck on Fox News. Airdate: December 16, 2010.

About 6.30 minutes.

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  1. This is Leslie Marshall’s overall arguments:

    “Yes, I want to know what my government does but I don’t want to know what my government does.”
    “Yes, there should be transparency but not too much transparency.”
    “Yes, it’s important to report but it’s important not to report.”

    She’s one logically consistent gal.

    1. That is pretty much the argument of all the big government conservatives I speak to, or when I read their posts on-line.

  2. The Supreme Court has told us what the Constitution requires in order to prosecute people like Assange, i.e, those who publicize others’ private information (including government information) after it’s already “out”: There has to be a governmental interest “of the highest order.” What’s more, the existence of that interest has to be substantiated. If the government’s functionaries could stifle expression by merely “asserting” such an interest, then the First Amendment as a check on governmental power would be effectively dead.

    The focus in cases like Assange’s should therefore be whether there’s sufficient evidence of an interest (of the highest order) that requires and justifies suppressing or punishing the publication.

    1. “governmental interest of the highest order” exists. And, of course, national security(TM) requires that the details remain secret.

    2. I still can’t figure out why everyone keeps debating whether the US government can prosecute Assange in light of the first amendment. How about debating whether the US government can prosecute him for publishing secrets that he received in a foreign country, published in a foreign country and oh – he’s a citizen of a foreign country. How the heck did he violate US law? Some US citizen sent him a bunch of data. He didn’t contract the guy to do it on his behalf. I can’t see how his actions fall under US jurisdiction.

  3. The Judge is baked.


  5. John, keep your hands above the blanket.

  6. The Judge has a a whole Easter Island head thing going. Or maybe an Aztec statue look.

    1. Re: Extended Warren T,

      Or maybe an Aztec statue look.

      That would be “Olmec” statue look.…..ead.01.jpg

      1. That’s it! Thanks Geezer Beaner.

  7. I think that what Wikileaks has done so far is not a good thing…


    I’m getting a bad feeling this guy is being given more attention than your average low-end sex crime suspect. I’m also against prosecuting him for the leaks (especially since he’s not Wikileaks, but rather the face of it.)

    I would rather the government put it’s attention on a) the person who stole the docs and b) the idiots that set up security so that the person in a) could be successful.

    Attacking Wikileaks or Assange is a wasted effort (see Obi Wan’s explanation to Darth Vader for specifics.) Better to look at security policies instead.

    1. really? Because of Assange, Clinton will never, ever be president. I think this is a good thing ™.

  8. I think the focus ought to be on the government agents who were caught breaking the law and acting reprehensibly, not on the whistle blowers who exposed them.

    Besides which, the United States does not have jurisdiction! My God! how arrogant Americans are that they assume their laws apply to foreign nationals in foreign countries!

    1. the government agents who were caught breaking the law

      Who would that be?

  9. Wow, I had no idea Katherine Mangu-Ward was such a hottie.

    I mean, good Lord.

    1. Intelligent, libertarian hotties are the best hotties.

      In part because they are so rare.

      in b4 max says that is because intelligence and libertarianism are like oil and water

    2. All Daves love KMW; TallDaves, ShortDaves, DavesThatClimbOnRocks.

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