Reason Writers on the Tube: Radley Balko Talks Cops and Cameras on FreedomWatch


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  1. Of course that video is cropped but cheese whiz! If you cut me off in traffic and jump out with a gun…

  2. You know the world is really upside down. Cops believe that they shouildn’t be video taped; and of all people, Lex Luthor is standing up for the citizens.
    Sorry, Radley – great work on the show.

  3. Even though I’ve seen all these incidents plenty of times before on this site, it still is a nut kick by Radley.

    I keep forgetting to take BP medication before clicking on a Radley Balko link.

  4. Only three responses? Are all The Outraged on Christmas break? I see more comments on Feral Genius.


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