Four Reasons to Watch This Week (In Addition to Today's Release!)


If you're an obsessive reader of this site (and if you're not, you ought to be!), you've already checked out's latest release, "Is Wikileaks a Force for Good? Four Experts on our Wiki-Future." If you haven't, then do so now by scrolling down a bit. We can wait….

…waiting…waiting…waiting…and…you're back!

Here's what we've got in store for the rest of the week:

Tues: The budget chef (played with Ted McGinleyesque intensity by yours truly!) takes a butcher's knife to federal outlays (also played with Ted McGinleyesque intensity by a big hunk of pork) in the warmth of Julia Child's TV kitchen. Hilarity—and a balanced budget—ensues!

Wed: Anne C. Heller talks about her best-selling Ayn Rand and The World She Made, just out in paperback. The book is a great gift idea—though Miss Rand would doubtless disapprove of such an altruistic gesture.

Thu: Why free speech matters. Q&As with Megan McArdle, Gov. Gary Johnson, Andrew Breitbart, John Stagliano, and more, all from Reason's recent free speech event at NYC's notorious club The Box. 

Fri: It's's Nanny of the Year! Last year, the nod went to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who tried to ban everything that makes New York worth a damn. Who will be crowned this year's biggest buttinsky?

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And in case you missed last week's big hit video, here's Obama getting foom-fahmmed on MythBusters! Make sure you click on the link at the end of the vid to go to sources for all claims.