Does Penn & Teller's Teller Lend Out His Copy of Atlas Shrugged?


From the NY Post's always-inneresin' "In My Library" feature, here's Teller of the great Penn & Teller. Snippets:

"I stopped speaking on stage because I was intrigued about the idea of lying without speaking," says the silent partner of Penn & Teller, who sent away for a magic set advertised on TV's "Howdy Doody" more than 55 years ago, when he was 5.

Among the books in his arm's reach:

Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

The fable that clarifies everything about the importance of the individual, and how a smart person can do tremendous good in the world. One of the terrible things I've seen happen is that we're adopting what Australians call "the tall poppy syndrome": If you stick out, your head's lopped off. We deride Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, when the benefits they've provided us are so vast.

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Speaking of Atlas Shrugged, when the porn version—Atlas Fugged—gonna be made? went on set at the recently filmed movie version of AS:

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