Cancun Climate Change Quote of the Day


The Guardian is reporting that the Indian environment minister rebuked rich countries here at the U.N. climate change conference for failing to keep their promises to deliver $30 billion in climate aid to poor country by 2012. As the Guardian reports:

[Minister Jairam Ramesh] said: "The grand bargain at Copenhagen was President Obama telling the four heads of state: do you agree on transparency in return for money which can start flowing to vulnerable countries? The question is: has the money started flowing? and the answer is clearly no."

The minister diplomatically fails to mention that the poor countries are rejecting proposed systems to account for how they spend the aid. So, Mr. Minister; The question is: has the transparency been adopted? The answer is clearly no.

Then he has the nerve to threaten that no deals will be reached in Cancun unless the money is handed over. No deal in Cancun? A lot of citizens in rich countries will think that that's a great deal.