Cancun Climate Change Quote of the Day


The Guardian is reporting that the Indian environment minister rebuked rich countries here at the U.N. climate change conference for failing to keep their promises to deliver $30 billion in climate aid to poor country by 2012. As the Guardian reports:

[Minister Jairam Ramesh] said: "The grand bargain at Copenhagen was President Obama telling the four heads of state: do you agree on transparency in return for money which can start flowing to vulnerable countries? The question is: has the money started flowing? and the answer is clearly no."

The minister diplomatically fails to mention that the poor countries are rejecting proposed systems to account for how they spend the aid. So, Mr. Minister; The question is: has the transparency been adopted? The answer is clearly no.

Then he has the nerve to threaten that no deals will be reached in Cancun unless the money is handed over. No deal in Cancun? A lot of citizens in rich countries will think that that's a great deal.

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  1. The reason I’m not too concerned about all this nonsense is that everyone knows the score even though they’re making all these noises about the environment. It’s all just a lot of posturing and positioning to get an advantage over your rivals.

    1. Except for those of us in California who have AB32 fast approaching. Sadly, the nonsense took concrete legislative form here.

      1. Is it the relatively high concentration of Japanese in CA that is causing it to commit seppuku?

        1. Less seppuku, more bukkake!!!!

          1. That’d be the bondholders once Sacramento shrugs its shoulders and sez, “no hay dinero!”

            1. Quiet Desperation|12.7.10 @ 3:08PM|#
              “Except for those of us in California who have AB32 fast approaching. Sadly, the nonsense took concrete legislative form here.”
              Pretty sure Prop 26 means it isn’t going anywhere.

  2. no deals will be reached in Cancun unless the money is handed over.

    Where I come from, its deal first, then money.

    1. in the un … money first then… meh

      1. In the un- what? Uncertainty? Unsettled situation? Unthinkable? Uncola?

        1. UN-accountable.

        2. Not un-responsive?

  3. The Grauniad hacking a story to cleave to their preferred meme? I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you!

  4. What also remains unsaid was that the U.S. was supposed to get the World Cup.

    1. *And* a pony (for one of the Obamakids). Where’s our pony, huh? Huh?!

    2. They’re going in alphabetical order now. Qeqertaq, Denmark gets it next.

      1. What they should’ve done is awarded it to whatever country could host it on the Moon by 2022.

        1. That would make it the Happy Fun Ball? World Cup.

        2. I’m sure the Italians and Brazilians protested, as their diving would be too obvious at 1/6g.

        3. Fucking Russia in 2018? That will be the only tournament in history where the hosts will have more drunken hooligans than the visiting fans.

          1. The Moon makes more sense than Russia. Or Qatar. The only question is who gets to host. Which, of course, will be answered by who can build (1) the infrastructure for getting everything there and back and (2) the necessary facilities, hotels, and restaurants in time for the 2022 World Cup.

    3. Speaking of the World Cup, I’m sure that the Qatari plan to have massive outdoor air conditioning in each of the newly built stadia is going to be great for CO2.

      1. I’ve read that Qatar promises to make its World Cup carbon-neutral. Presumably, by buying carbon offsets. They are not stupid, they must have founded a carbon offset company long ago.

  5. I like this comment from the other Cancun thread:

    “That means the rich countries owe the poor countries $4.1 trillion for their overuse of the atmosphere.”

    Fine, if we’re going all collectivist here, pay us for modern medicine, electricity, computers, and every other invention your shitty, backward countries have benefited from. Until then, STFU please.

    I’d only add that we’ll deduct an equivalent amount of all past foreign aid from this shakedown amount as well.

  6. What we have here is a stalemate of stupid.

    Sounds like the perfect solution to me.

    Now if we can just get India to nuke Pakistan and let them kill each other instead of us spending time over there fucking with them we will be in business. No more shitty customer service.

  7. What we have here is a stalemate of stupid.

    I’m stealing this.

  8. I cannot wait until The Warming? has occurred, and we have this conference in New Cancun, Michigan (formerly St. Ignace).

    “Welcome to lovely Lake Superior. Water termperature – perfect. Fishing – excellent. It’s a fucking inland OCEAN. We have FOUR of these around this state, plus Lake Ontario’s close by. Suck it, Saudi Arabia – water’s the new oil!! Woooo hooo!!

    Enjoy your stay in New Cancun – Meeeeeshigan.”

  9. The minister diplomatically fails to mention that the poor countries are rejecting proposed systems to account for how they spend the aid.

    They say: why start now with that?

  10. Fuck it, we should put all the money in a giant metal cylinder and slingshot it to them from the moon.

  11. The climate change scheme:

    WikiLeaks and Claim of Warmest Year On Record, Expose Climate Criminality – by Dr. Tim Bell


    Politicians are involved, but most control and duplicity is by national weather agencies. They’re the majority of the IPCC people and dominate conferences like the travesty in Cancun. Politically biased scientists and environmental groups support them. They know the public is not buying the science any more (Figure 1). They’ve switched to exploiting fear, but that exposes them even more as temperatures plummet. Some are so desperate to achieve their goal they’ve openly abandoned the sinking science ship and revealed the real redistribution of wealth agenda. “Last week the German newspaper NZZ Online quoted German economist Ottmar Edenhofer, who is co-chair of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change, as saying, ‘The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.'”

    James Taylor of the Heartland Institute provides further evidence.

    The UN-sponsored climate talks underway in Cancun are living up to ? or down to ? expectations. Proving once again that global warming is more a political issue than a scientific one at the UN, and that wealth transfer rather than warming mitigation is the true goal of UN action, Professor Kevin Andersen of the UK’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research has submitted a paper saying “rich” nations such as the U.S. should halt economic growth over the next 20 years while allowing developing nations such as China and India to continue their explosive growth and emissions growth. Enforcement of economic growth restrictions in nations such as the U.S. should be enforced by World War II-style rationing, according to Andersen.

    1. When is that fucker Assange going to be arrested?

  12. Did you guys read that article about how Climate Change as a topic has declined in popularity, and an increasing number of people now believe that it’s overhyped as a problem. Also, it mentions that because some researchers have been so successful at suggesting that climate change is “irreversible” that many people and organizations are now looking at ways to adapt instead of reverse?

  13. Nobdy here see the irony in the same country that wants to kill Assange blackmailing other countries to get transparency?

  14. This is just posturing. India is not interested in reaching any accord over climate change, it is more interested in fast and quick development of the country which, surprise surpise, is energy-intensive.

    But it doesn’t want to be blamed over the collapse of the talks, and so it is raising the issue of funding to shift the blame away from itself.

    I read the report from the Chinese Academy of Science (or something like that) demanding $100B/year as reparations in the same light.

    But I do have sympathy for the Chinese position — We don’t really care about climate change as much as we care about our progress. So if outsiders want us to retard our progress (for the sake of solving a “problem” which they created), they should sweeten the deal for us.

  15. This might just go away if the damned Brits weren’t literally dying to get some Global Warming.

    1. So the meeting should have been held in London? Perfect!

  16. First let me state that I believe that Global Warming is a problem and will cause major disruptions to humans in the next 50 years. With that said, exactly why should the developed nations spend all the money and the developing nations receive all the money? When we industrialized we had no idea what the effect would be on the planet. OK, we are sorry. Who stands the highest probability of being harmed by Global Warming. Gee the developing nations, particularly China and India. Again, sorry. But to fix the problem is going take investment from the party most likely to be harmed. And those parties, India and China do not want to pay. Once they want pay, then we will both play and pay. Until then, well, we can wait.

    What these buggers agree to is what their C.I.A. masters dictate and how many hundreds of millions of dollars bribe the C.I.A. gives them. India cannot “enforce”anything on the U.S. but this will give the U.S. another pretext to invade and subjugate India. Until the per capita emissions of the U.S. come down to India’s level, India should not make any commitments of any kind. India must demand, for example, that SUV’s be banned in the U.S. and India should reserve the right to invade the U.S. to enforce the ban. I am India’s expert in strategic defence and the father of India’s strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. In my blog titled ‘Nuclear Supremacy for India Over U.S.’, which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, I have shown how India can have the military and economic strength to start doing this to the U.S. immediately, not just in environmental issues but in all areas. This move on the part of the U.S. is meant to throttle India’s economic and military strength. As I have shown in my blog, this will not be allowed and nor will numerous other things these buggers have agreed to which grievously injure India. It will require the nuclear destruction of New Delhi followed by the coast-to-coast destruction of the U.S. by India with 10,000 thermonuclear warheads and extermination of its population. This is the only thing — extermination of the United States’ population by India — whose environmental effects matter. For one thing, it will end all emissions generated now by the U.S. population. This so-called conference takes no account of this all-important factor and is, therefore, worthless.
    As I have shown in my blog, after British rule, India has been under C.I.A. rule. This government has no legitimacy and no agreements it makes will bind India in any way.
    This ‘legally-binding’ commitment by India regarding emissions has been pushed by the U.S. in support of the nuclear deal which fatally injures India’s defence and economically loots it in numerous ways; see my blog. The U.S. is saying that if you use coal to generate electricity instead of buying nuclear reactors from us — which, besides looting India, cripple its nuclear weapons program, we will invade you and enforce this. As I have said (see my blog), this requires the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States by India.
    This ‘legally-binding commitment’ offer from India was pre-arranged by the United States with Jairam Ramesh and Manmohan Singh (several days before the conference, after I wrote that the combined population of the 28 white countries in NATO, which assert a right to invade and occupy the Indian subcontinent — that is, India — at will, does not equal India’s and India must refrain from touching them or sitting near them or at the same level with them militarily or economically and my blog above shows how India can start doing this immediately, the United States said India can play a very important role at the Cancun conference, that is, propose this ‘legally binding’ commitment as a proxy for the United States because, first and foremost, it cuts India’s own throat and gives the United States a pretext to invade India if it does not accept the slavery of the nuclear deal) but was kept secret even from the Indian delegation to pre-empt any opposition to it in India and spring it as a surprise and a fait accompli. This is treason of the most brazen kind. Satish Chandra

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