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Not enough politicians are crying. Please help us make more politicians weep.

Since 1968, our hardcore libertarian journalism, policy analysis, and commentary has exposed government waste, fraud, and corruption.

Your tax-deductible donation to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Reason magazine,, and will help us make more politicians cry.

For just $100—far less than your share of the $1 million earmark for the Central Kitsap Wastewater Treatment Facility Methane Recapture Improvements in Washington state—you'll get a year's subscription to Reason magazine, one of six books, and your choice of a Reason t-shirt.

If you can't afford $100, then give what you can here.

Because not enough politicians are crying. Yet.

Note: Today is the last day of our webathon! Please give generously at whatever level you can. Go here for details.


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  1. It’s obscene for tentacles of the Kochtopus be begging for my nickles.

  2. So if I donate $0.25, 100 times under 100 different names, do I still get the free subscription? That would really help your torch thermometer over there.

  3. Why don’t you just go sell another little piece of your soul to the Koch Brothers? They’ve got like, the whole Bildeburg group or something under their little, fat, capitalist fingers. I heard it on MSNBC last night…you can’t fool me.

  4. I think Matt played the “Lobster Girl” card WAAAYYY too soon.

    1. How much do we have to donate to get new pics of Lobster Girl?

  5. Everyone thinks that anyone with a brain must agree with them–liberals, conservatives, libertarian–you name it.

    They are all equally convinced that anyone who disagrees with them is a worthless excuse for a human being.

    Any participation on my part won’t change the political system in any way or how others choose to participate.

    Why should I care about politics at all?

  6. I think the libraltarian purge has taken its toll on this years webathon.

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